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Free Burma Rangers

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 22, 2020 5:00 pm

Free Burma Rangers

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 22, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu Interviews Tom Van Dyke about the new movie Free Burma Rangers, in theaters February 24th and 25th only. Learn more at

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This is the Truth Network bloodshed, turmoil, warfare, genocide, and this is being slaughtered. Friends, this is happening right now this was happening. Decades ago when a man with a heart for God and a heart for helping people named David got excited about it and what you do, he proposed to his fiancée or he proposed his future wife of the game is Beyoncé. They had small kids and they moved to Dharma house like a honeymoon in Burma. Wow Tom van Dyck is here on your part is amazing new feature film movie comes out very soon called the free Burma Rangers you get super excited about this. Don't stop. Yes, I am very excited about and able to share the story with the people all over the United States one until enough of the story several listings get excited and go to this movie shall be blessed and touched. It'll make a difference in your life but also we want tell you not to spoil it. We want to do everything right Tom but did give a little different framework. How did you get involved in this what your background little bit your testimony for Christ. Well, I was when I can. I like to call a kinda Christian when I grew up I went to church but I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus and it in middle-age about the my 38 or so I had a whole in my spirit and I didn't know what was then. I remember getting Aaron from Dave in the alumni newsletter said Rev. Dave Eubank is doing humanitarian relief work in Burma and I hate to admit I had to look up Burma on the app but I know what yeah and so I wrote a letter he wrote me back and said you just got to come see what we're doing over here and so I went on the spring break. I was professor at the time and they took me to the border when it snuck across on boat in the middle the night when I got out they handed me a small ice chest of vaccines and M1 carbine.

The guy said step writing my steps.

Be very careful and quiet as we got to go through a minefield. This was my introduction to allow the free Burma Rangers and the literal minefield on the line for and I walk through the jungle and late at night that we came upon a clearing and there was Dave and his beautiful wife Karen and their little baby Haley, who was still in diapers there in the jungle in the war zones Obama and that we traveled through many burned villages and met a lot of the Karen Christians were being oppressed at the time and through them. I found Jesus Christ and I was baptized in the river by Dave in an river in Burma.

While she found the Lord by this you're going over Canavan humanitarian terms and things and yet you see Jesus real over there yes can hear the gospel, the Karen people have lost everything that means literally the third, I would have been burned had nothing left but they were so kind and generous that they would give you the shirt on their back. Even if they only had one shirt in this movie tells the story of how Eubanks initially got involved they the whole this, the whole thing about this time that really blesses me just as it is a is a Velcro brother in Christ and encourage me everyone out there is here you have a family that they ran to the fire.

There is a sound shot they ran to it, as opposed to running away from it, much like first responders in the sense the gospel calls us to be like first responders not to avoid the warfare not to avoid not to. You said you were in you the other. We are in the world and yet we want to get out here you know if we wanted isolate ourselves, inoculate ourselves and with a bunch of other sayings as opposed this, you know, in a course you have to have that fellowship with but instead of going to where the gospel needs to go. While I think the in the gospel in Dave's namesake David when he was confronting Goliath.

It was he ran to the front and ran to the front. She yes and that always remind me of my friend Dave Eubank because that was him. He was like he had just walked to the front. He ran to the front and when he started heat he took for rucksacks of of medicine and walked across the border as the refugees were flooding across into Thailand. He walked by himself towards the sound of gunfire and any found bodies he found some stuff in the in the book is got like actual footage taught by this is a pretty of the movie.

The movie this is.

This movie has actual footage of the stuff the visitation is running.

Yes, this is not a re-creation is no Hollywood stop all of the video and this is shot by our people in the field on missions while to show the rest of world that there has been a bloodied genocide just absolute slaughter me this is Francis Chan, author crazily upset about this movie.

I really believe that this was my favorite film of all time. All Kaiser Christian leaders are coming out celebrating giving just say wonderful things about this movie free Burma Rangers subtitle a family brings hope to the front lines professionally was grounded until yes it is and I think used hit on it when you said talk about first responders that's that's with the free Burma Rangers do they are the combat medics for the civilians were caught up in these tragedies around the world. So many Christians complain including myself. I wanted it put my hand up to high hear about all the trash in Hollywood about the evil about the movies that are just in a completely objectifying women and this and that but here you have a movie everyone including me.

That's glorifying God but is also showing a real tragedy is going on a world that you can do something about, and it's in the big screens right just for a brief time right Tom two days only an 800 theaters across the United States.

Only two days. February 24 and 25th in nest in the year 2020, and you might hear this show in 2021 you might have a show in the summer of 2020 is or is a reply, but but you can get the DVD by then. I'm sure but if you do hear the program in timeout longer, but are dozens of affiliates, the wonderful friends that care. This program the carrier this podcast everyone the downloads it marked the date and take your family get some popcorn and in a and a soda pop and go and watch this movie or bottle water you will have your watch this movie and be encouraged as the goal is one of this movie, the goal of the movie is to not show what we do, but why we do it God's love. God's love has compelled us to go and we want that message to get out so early. This is a dangerous business that you're tangled up in here. Tom but it's interesting how the gospel is a dangerous notion there's death involved. There is blood involved. Right there is adventure involved. It's a rescue mission and thank God he came to earth to rescue a sinner like any man, but he shed his blood. There are over scars. There were wounds. The Savior was pierced for our transgressions so we could be healed and I can think of a better image of that than this. This free Burma Rangers movie the Eubanks family, sacrificially and me could of been making a lot of money to a lot of things in the states this and that but he and he takes his family and small kids to the middle of the war zone to minister medicine to minister the gospel to save lives and he's training up in Army there right now is never in the right thousands of been raised up. Yes, we have trained thousands of medics over the years and also served over a million people in four different countries.

While that is something a reminder that Steve Some People Want to Live in the Sound of Chapel Bills but I Want to Build a Chapel Right There at the Gates of Hell and Let's Go. Let's Let's Let's the Scope, Rescue the Perishing, Care for the Dying and That's What He's Doing. The Free Burma Rangers Movie Now Is There a Website You Can Watch Little Little like One of Those Little Trailers on This Thing. I See That the Trailer Alone and Affect Her Studio Audience Arteries Are You the Trailer Alone Is Just Pretend It's Staggering and It Yes You Can Go to W WW F BER FPR Which Is Remembering That the Army Army… Come in There You Can See the Trailers and There's Also a Link Where You Can Put in Your ZIP Code and It Will Show You the Nearest Theater Okay You Can Order Tickets Final Organelle in Order to Just Take Your Church's Youth Group Make a Statement by the Way, When You Buy a Ticket to Movie or Voting. A Vote for Something That's Licentious That's Immoral. That's Decadent for You to Vote for Some Is Redemptive. That's Encouraging While Evan Are Watching Chariots of Fire Recently Were That Meant a Great Movie Encouraging Everyone to Watch the Movie the Sound Are Not Given Using It on My You Know We Got Alanna Yeah but but When You Buy a Ticket to a Movie like That You're Making a Statement, Hollywood Hey We Want More of This in, or Voting Free Burma Rangers Movie Is Just That Tom, Thanks for Your Testimony. Thanks for What You're Doing, Man. Why, Thank You for Having Your Rallying the Troops. Manilow Literally Occurs in Many Labs Have You Back on Again. The Free Burma Rangers Movie.

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