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Moving Through Tragedy with Faith

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 29, 2020 5:00 pm

Moving Through Tragedy with Faith

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 29, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu and Randy Shepherd of Crossfire Ministries talk about coping with the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant through their faith.

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This is good Truth Network.

What if you found out that today was your last day on the planet, how would that change how you lived by now you've heard and for some units, even old news, but the tragedy occurred recently in a terrible horrific helicopter crash in Southern California. The claim the lives of Kobe Bryant is daughter and seven other souls passed away and went into eternity as we been talking about it and we been praying through it and we've been watching all the news and the talking heads and we as believers have our hope in Jesus Christ and one of my friends that's big in basketball and he's big and sure Jesus is Randy Shepard. He's agreed to come on briefly disease a one of the busiest guys I know we can spend all these balls shares Jesus. I was just with him recently. You came to was called all the schools and let all these teams and any any any invites you will come to Christ and dozens of guys young men and women came forward receive Christ. Such an incursion.

Randy, thank you for taking time to talk about the whole thing going on in our culture and in the end of the passing of Kobe Bryant in these these others it passed away the tragic helicopter crash and know your phones been burning up. Great talk with tears well appreciate what you do you know the Lord you call me. Went so I deftly believe in use in the media and iPod like you're doing the lobby real to share with you a little bit of experience that I had just certain you had experience, yet she share the gospel with Kobe Bryant and I want to read your clip before I read this clip just tell everyone listening for those that haven't met you yet what is crossfire ministries that you know that is is been going on for some time. You and your buddy Jamie have just been in stadiums all over the world sharing Jesus, I just you been an inspiration to me. I've seen it. I've got all kinds of friends and I met people to come to Christ through your ministry of people to play with you. I've I've been it. You know in it with you and in just just so encouragement also crossfire's real quick and I want to read this clip that you posted on social media opponent of mine in junior high glycolic got by Gardner Webb University template unit. The Asheville and the Lord letter in 1993 to start crossfire ministries a basketball ministry using the platform of basketball share the gospel reply college and universities like prison become military bases.

We go internationally, the Lord allowed us to go to the eight countries and 46 date where the basketball camp started is just a dream of one boy and going to God would say 21,000 young people come. 20 years we will share the gospel Street will share the gospel in a nursing home albeit inner-city school today in Miami. Being a rescue mission tonight felt we try to use all me possible to share the gospel and down the street in South Beach right now witnessing a little bit you heard the horn blow in the background.

Wow, what a blessing I would oppose someone read what you posted on Instagram and then also on Facebook and it's kind of gone viral. A bit MM funny. It's funny when other people I read this I liked it. I shared it, but other people.

I did share with our sending it to me so this is really buddy but your you know that this what I love about Randy and Jamie in their heart with crossfire ministries there. They're trying to point people to Jesus while they still have time and this is what you said exactly what you said in this post, you said some people have, to have texted me this afternoon to ask if we ever had a chance to witness to Kobe Bryant. Jamie and I met and talked to him. Kobe briefly in London England in a hotel lobby at the Summer Olympics we said to Kobe, quote have you ever accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior and put your faith in Jesus.

He said yes and we gave him a crossfire testimony gospel card. He took it graciously and took a picture with us. Which by the way, is posted at your your Facebook and Randy Shepard, crossfire, and at your Instagram I or I never heard them talk about it or never heard him say he was a Christian, publicly. I pray he did know the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior, Lord, if you don't know Jesus today.

I pray you will repent and receive Jesus. The Bible says, what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul praying for the Bryant family and friends of Kobe today.

There was a post on the Randy Shepard crossfire Instagram page just literally a day or two, or literally just moments not you know that within probably a few hours after the world was shocked by the news of the helicopter helicopter crash. Randy, thank you for deferred maybe not focusing as much on that you know that the, the, the victims and in their eternal state is much as reminding people living what are you doing with Jesus, that such an important message as it man. You know, unfortunately we can't change anything with any of our loved one brand very Kobe Bryant now because the Bible and come to death and then the judgment and if we know the Lord that the BF body is to be part of the Lord. Yes, we gotta think about those of us family members and loved one. Does it work around that God would bring into our lives that we could be at encouragement and share the gospel with no still, I had a blessing to meet Graham about a year or two before he passed in as a young evangelist always wanted to baby my bed up around – you can't but it never really got to spend any time within, but he gave me a statistic and wanted to share this that 95% of those of us that know the Lord will never lead once told Christ. That's a tragedy, but calls that we go to a ballgame.

I'm guilty. Nothing wrong with this we cheer for our favorite team Super Bowl coming up will be cheering for our favorite team and be 18 college team and people go crazy when a basketball goes through a hoop or a football crosses the goal line and the world calls that a fan but we get excited for Jesus were concerned about someone so and we share with them the world calls that a fanatic of course, the Bible tells us that Christ was persecuted. Obviously will be made fun of it persecuted two so I hope it you of an opportunity for folks to internalize and think about their life. They do know the Lord that they would think about those around him to begin to pray asked the Lord for opportunities to present the gospel. Amen Randy your your your your running your hustle and you got so much when I was so grateful you took a second to talk to us, and in a really your message of you know we we all praying for the families surviving of the survivors. The families that that were not there and that helicopter that the that the children Kobe's other children. Kobe sadly Toby so wife obviously is is is no doubt going through tremendous trauma. All the family members. His parents, and we were still living. You also have all the families of the other. The baseball coach and and in his wife and little girl on that thing, but he has other kids and the other folks involved have other family and they're just in a deep seas in the morning so we all need to be praying like seriously praying when you see their pictures and you hear the stories are to come out about all these folks and everyone has a unique story and everyone is special in God's eyes. God made everyone. God knows they man were to come in.

God knows the moment working to die. He's in full control. I heard my friend Pat Williams this morning on Fox and friends share that inner love how he didn't speculate about the deceased.

He's talked about you now. And do you know chance have you received Christ the Randy that we want to be in in in prayer want to mourn with those who mourn, like the Bible talks about what your challenge of those enlightened people are hearing you right now wherever they're hearing you talk what your challenge those about the severity the seriousness of life and death, and how Jesus Christ is the resurrection and what we will trust him same challenge that I give myself every day I pray Lord direct and I pray in Proverbs it talks about the right folder the line and we have different personalities. Obviously, but I think the most introverted friends of mine that have asked the Lord to give them both about the gospel and they share the gospel and went on talking about the people over the head of the gospel were trying were asking the Lord to give us open doors to give us the right words to say but I will. Christians also know that unfortunately the gospel is offensive and you can do it in the most loving way, and some people will still reject you.

Some people still you know they don't think they want to talk to you block out the famous athlete that might even be more famous than Kobe that I've been sharing with for years and they respect me.

They appreciate what I do. They say good job but they really don't look around because the cause of the Lord in the and if they reject us.

They're not rejecting us the rejecting the Lord and now the men think about it one time and I'm sure you work so I think we need to pray for baldness when you type courage and I would say that we all want to be wise in Proverbs either when assault is wise.

I would just encourage folks to know 30 years ago been hard for me to talk anybody. While one but I tell kids it's just like shooting frequent.

You learn the Roman road which is Romans 323, Romans 623 Romans 58 Romans 10 on it can commit that the memory and when I go to church is that hey if I came back next Sunday and I challenge you to memorize those four verses that you did it and I gave you $100.

There would be some Scripture memory going on this week is right, but money should be our motivation is fact that our sins are forgiven you, Lord has given us the ultimate play with you is going share the gospel. Not if you want to go like a coach if he said hey go out there and shoot the ball when you're open. Not if you want a student but you the ball so we have to follow the play and that takes the Lord do it through.

If you're not willpower, but denying ourselves that would be much challenged asked the Lord to give you baldness. The final opportunities learn the Roman road maybe get a gospel tract which explains the gospel in we want to just jam in somebody's basement. They read this you know you're going to hell… Reached hey this message changed my life and you know I'm not perfect but I'm forgiven and would you consider the claims of Jesus Christ. That's how I try to do it. I have learned that from mentors in my life try to pass it on to others.

Amen Randy and Jeannie all the world across our ministries.

They spin basketballs.

They played serious basketball man's it like 43 three-pointers in a row and they use it as a way to share Jesus and reveal Christ in you had a really awesome moment with Kobe Bryant. Not too long ago at the Summer Olympics in random just encourage that you know instead of being so wowed by Kobe.

Instead of saying hey we sign always autographed my knees sinus had sinus jersey and was to pictures you put out a gospel tract and you share Jesus with them and in the course. Only God knows what happened, his heart and what what what took place after that. Only God knows but you did your duty. Jesus Christ is so real in your life. Any so amazing in your life. It's such good news that you share the good news with an NBA legend now NBA Hall of Famer is there an induction Hall of Fame. They just announced this morning is already thanks for using that tool to witness Werther's it's a kid on the street to Haiti in the letter Christ or an NBA great God is no respecter of persons. And when your day comes, no matter how it didn't matter how many rings you have any millions or billions of dollars you have or what you own. When your day comes, it's all about. Do you know Jesus Christ that's a question for everyone out there listening and if you do. Who were you pointing to the Savior, the one who conquered death.

I don't have any answers for all the stuff going on up there, but let me tell you who does Terry landed Randy Sheppard to Jamie Johnson that they're leaving their introducing people do every day. His name is Jesus Christ the Lord of lyre and he will take you to heaven like you took that wretched thief on the cross in his last many cried out for salvation. Jesus took a right to heaven with him today will be with me in paradise. Never too late to trust the Savior trust him today and bring others with you and invite people into this amazing eternal relationship with Christ.

Randy God bless you man appreciate your partnership in ministry and not say what you will do their radio. Keep up the good work brother yes and less place bossing the courier shows young guys was about. I'm afraid your big man bring buddy I'm afraid we're on the same team is over I'll just go down the AI can still post you to clean up outside and in. Plus literature crisis in guys most important. That's the most important thing you know you did an interesting when you go share Christ in the massacre with some guys after plan, you forget about the points you forget about how you dominated your five games in a row and you drop threes induct on people you forget about that and what and what I remember is you had a chance to share the good news of Jesus and pray with someone was hurt and point them because what what what matters is what is he is is Jesus Christ and attorney bless you, Randy will have you on again, thank you so much for you to a crossfire minister someone Google and look them up. Check out his cool stuff online.

He's on my Facebook page of my Instagram pages well – broke great. Take care always a special thank you to one of the partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

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