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Radios for Africa

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 7, 2020 5:00 pm

Radios for Africa

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 7, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks to the Trans World Radio team about their newest mission. Call Trans World Radio to support with a donation at 888-988-5656

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This is the Truth Network. How has your life been impacted by Christian radio. The word of God going out to speakers to features. I just got a Facebook message from a mom who says her six-year-old son listens to this radio station every night to go to bed. She does not understand why six-year-old has to have the radio on to hear gospel preaching every night.

But she says I'm so excited as you and I gimme some cool insights into what programming the stairway from and what the Blake but how encouraging that the word of God is impacting a six-year-old word of God is impacting six-year-old 93 would imagine being in a country of 200+ million that doesn't have the word of God that does have access to Christian radio. But you can give them a radio and that's were talking about right now. You're to be so encouraged. I believe by what trans already was doing and I wanted Dylan John several come on, we got John and Annie. These guys are both men of God with the ministry. Tell us what God is doing with treasury of this new initiative where our listeners can give a radio to someone in Africa they could change a life forever. Africa needs Jesus and as Andy and I had the opportunity to be in Malawi, just back in December we saw that firsthand where people are excited to be getting a radio we were having the opportunity to handout radios there and we did three different places. One was at a blind school and two other places were at different churches where they invited people who had no radio, no cell phone to come in and get a radio and from there what we saw was the overwhelming gratitude to these people who are receiving the radio because now they can hear about God's love for them via the airwaves and when that's possible. You know were God's word goes, it does not return void is going to return to him with everything that he is purpose to four the power of the word. You can be a part of this Andy they can hear this on this radio holding one of my hands right now will put a picture up on social media. You are saying that this radio here people can hear it in her own language and meaning over Africa. There's lots of dialects or tribal dialects as regional dialects is a whole lot. There's Christian Muslim.

There's it's it's it's it's a really a hodgepodge of your your mystic religions of voodoo.

Such a source over but this oversold ordinate, absolutely because that's what DWR does. Depending on where were talking about around the world.

230 languages in 190 countries.

So let's take one of those countries. For instance, and that would be Malawi, where we just came from Malawi uses either four or five different languages on the air so someone listening in a certain part of Malawi on the way out in the field somewhere even if there's a cloud overhead because these are wind up radios to be working in the field wind up the radio and listen to God's word and be impacted by a particular Bible teaching program like maybe a J Vernon McGee with the through the Bible.

Okay, that's what were talking about the word of God going out to solid Bible teaching, like so many that listen to this program on whatever outlet you're listening to. You've heard these great speakers and you hear the sermon and your excited before the show, in turn, are really gifted communicators.

God's word. But imagine not having access to that.

Imagine, maybe not email you churches your persecuted, but someone graciously gives you the radio $75 on Somerville. I can write a check to trans already at $75 and was really righted the Lord is your in the name of Jesus going on get on these awesome radios there wind ups not depend on solar is not dependent on batteries there wind up the logo and the whole village or at least all home and in a good listener this thing and be blessed. The why we talk about wind up radio, and the reason is because in many of these parts of Mullally and other parts of were going to in Africa like Ghana and Mozambique in Kenya and other places.

Electricity has not arrived in those villages yet or batteries are just too expensive and so wind up radio like you would wind up a clock. Wind up a toy you just wind up the radio and that powers this radio.

It gives them the ability to be able take that radio wherever they go. Like Andy said if they're working out in the field or if they're working in the in the shops when the great things as we were walking through the marketplace at the lunch time and you could smell the foods that were being cooked. You could see the vendors that are many of them had radios in their shop and were playing trans will radio again. We went up to this this one shop small little vendor listening to DWR and then she said wait a second I saw someone over there and I know that guy and I believe he's listening.

We went across the street. Sure enough someone else listening DWR yet.

Imagine you go through him in the US the mall right in your walking into a store and you keep hearing Truth Network over and over in the shops. That's basically what were talking about lots of people are hearing it in its guys uses to bring people to faith in Christ, especially people that there they're being persecuted a lot of violence, a lot of it's diverse I know, but they can just turn on the radio hear the word of God and hear the gospel well and we know is your listening today to Truth Network. We know how much this station. This network impacts you think about someone in Africa God can use radio in their life in the same way we can make it happen that the transmitter is sending out the signal. The question is, do the people have radios to be able to hear the message of what region are these radios going to exactly in Africa but were talking about God. Over time, I'm allowed to talk about Mozambique Kenya. Many of these countries that have the opportunity so were talking about West Africa central Africa were talking about Southern Africa is as we hit this were to be having about 10 different countries.

In total, and what were looking at is $75 radio that radio that $75 sounds like a lot for radio. But here's what it covers. It covers the radio itself the shipping to the to the country. It covers the taxes to get it out of customs then and I can that can vary very dramatically from country to country and then it also covers the distribution cost to getting into the hands of people just like you heard us talk about earlier. You know if you would like to give a radio right now.

I would just encourage you give a radio give radio and give hope and when you do you can do that by calling AAA eight 988-5656 again AAA eight 988-5656 that's a toll-free number to call trans Royale links everywhere were yelling up a Judge got bit, you know Africa needs a great website but the key is there another can do something you can do 1/4 radio and human failure 25 muscle test know three lattes right so go go do that. But what's in it happen is is literally these are getting that $75 gets the radio is the radio shipped this the taxes paid on me. This is all kinds of red tape yet to go through these Third World countries and they can plug your phone and they likely don't have a phone them. You know it's it's it's really way back radios come a Long Way in America.

Tons of it was to listen but we have other ways of listing we have all these apps we have all these mobile web over there, man.

It's just it's back in the 1940s really and so this will radio any can go a long way to bringing people up in Christ, getting them plugged into a good local church here in the word of God and in and in all kinds of languages they can listen to it in absolutely. And when we think about the cost of the $75 delivered into their hands. They many of these people cannot afford anything close to that for radio okay in Mullally, the currency is watcher now. Believe it or not, the minimum wage is 25,000 Quach a month 25,000 Quach a month okay what is that translate in terms of what is that convert to in the US I'd like extra like $50,000 $34 a month, while 34 actually to be specific, $34.20 a month to the best ballplayer me doesn't quite do the math was never my strong suit. Unleaded when it was like you know my neck was 11 minutes to the bottom line is, unless someone like sound like you listening today unless we step in with the radio. How are they getting here.

God is so practical you get to get us radio they just are whining it everyone can do that there they're already very aggregated, very they're very active that you know there were there hear you whining right now and then you go AM/FM sort way and you can hear the word of God and we got it we got to take a break here, but the number that there's a toll-free number you can call give a 75.payment you want to give you our goal. By the way networkwide. All of our affiliates. Everyone is a part of this this ministry, this podcast it. Where have you listening this only different forms is to give 100 radios to 100 families. It could be 100 churches it could be 100 individuals so they can hear the word guy just like you're here right now and so if you please consider a gift that would buy a radio by 10 radios for 750 bucks $75 buys radio whatever you can do.

Jonathan, can you get the snow is all right, absolutely we want to hear from you because God is put this big vision for putting 10,000 radios in Africa and Truth Network wants to do their part by doing hundred radios for us today and $800.08 988-5656 as AAA 89885656 Africa needs Africa needs give the gift of a radio that could change a life forever. Think of how its impact your life. God bless you were so excited for what God is doing a Transworld radio almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow.

I love my pillow. I sleep better. What was give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products.

I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all your products right now. I gotta do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thanking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors.

Africa needs Jesus what we doing with all the amazing wealth of knowledge of learning and honestly I heard it said before, the poorest person America is the wealthiest person over in Africa. Treas. radios do some about.

I am tickled that the be with my friend John, mother, friend, Annie, who is also recording this.

I met the road having your Hickerson care North. I love coming here to such a spirit or because everyone here is excited about regional world with the good news of Christ and that's why would this program the right. It's all about reaching people for Jesus Christ. And that's why we're so excited to be handing out these windup radios to people in Africa said they too can hear the good news of Jesus, just like you're doing today.

As you turn on your menu and your listing right now that's a believer is a believer because somebody had the compunction to reach them. Someone said hey y'all, until my near buckeyes. I would tell them about the stress radio station. I would invite them to church and they found the Lord and now God wants us to take the next step to tell a lot of other folks that ever that's exactly right. God chooses to use the church, the body of Christ to tell others about the gospel. It's our responsibility in here were not talking about just sharing Christ with a neighbor. But we can actually be missionaries to someone in Africa a country like Ghana or Malawi or Kenya and working to do this to through radio policy three $75 radio units, and you and worry only getting to that the partakers of that through Transworld radio. You guys have we have these powerful signals right the blast all over. These countries were talking about Malawi were talking about gone in Nigeria central Africa West Africa and all you gotta do is have a way to receive that the vet have a way to cheer these powerful message about Christ in all these different languages and that's where this little windup radio comes in a country that doesn't have ever structure we have. We take things for granted. Right.

We all have cars, radios, saws, and Allison to our phones become radio because we got the true zapping a lot of you downloaded Truth Network app is free and you listen 24 seven. We have some of the only no place to plug your phone if it dies. So this little windup radio John Sommerville this buddy can get into someone's hand, they wind it like it is this easy and year that I whining right now and then they can crank it on and next thing you know there's were not exactly right.

You know why windup radio because electricity is not available in many places batteries well there just too expensive and so windup radio makes perfect sense and that's why we want to put these in the hands of people and handed I just had the opportunity to be in Malawi Malawi in southeastern Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world and we had the opportunity to put a radio in people's hands.

This was an opportunity that I I've never experienced before seeing the humble and gracious way that they they just took this radio and it became their first time intact. Here we are were in Malawi just to show you TW R has such a grand, great, great, listening audience that 18 million people across Malawi is the population, and they expect they think that 6 million people listen everywhere we go, usually enjoying the view across the street so excited I got a very young to Minneapolis everywhere like celebrities everything I learned orthomolecular.

These guys really I think your report and and and maybe your lesson today in your say I've never heard a Transworld radio. The trends already rebroadcast the gospel in 230 languages around the world were one of the largest radio broadcasters around the world and even though were not well known in the US people in Malawi all over intact. One fun story is as anti-are getting picked up at the airport I Ralph this were getting picked up by the teat. If you are Malawi VN and on. It has teat of you are Malawi on the side of it and is worth putting our luggage in the back of it. We look around the corner and their two people taking a picture next to the TW are Malawi then there so excited that there seemed to be our lives there. Also the radio that there just waiting to hear from you we say eight God loves you baby I don't all roll preach the gospel so that this our listeners can give them a radio career 75 bucks. It's a radio purchased a call on hold right here durable quality. It's got no power generator, you wind it so you want to wear to plug in any of the word out solar for the cloudy day, you're in trouble got a flashlight on it.

It's got shortwave, AM/FM, everything they can posit, listen to and they get this little bad boy here in the word of God comes right through it that I think I design and and one thing I want to bring out also which John and I were so impressed with this were not talking about standing on a street corner in an African country and saying hey come get a radio, no this this was so carefully done in Malawi where the director of TW are Malawi contacted pastors in certain regions.

The pastors identified people in their churches that did not have radios that were too poor to be able to buy one. Then, when they come to receive the radio. There is a sheet of form a contract they have to sign that says I do not have a radio. I do not have a cell phone. I have no other means of listening to TW R and I promise to take care of the radio.

I promise to let TW R know if for some reason the signals off the air. Suddenly you have listeners ambassadors are people so excited who were then also spreading the word of God. So your your your arming them yet. I just to bring them to Christ. But arming them with materials as they listen I can you come over here this in the end there's radio listening parties houses.

I guess the whole house he also knew around and in the living room and or the hardware that Livia would turn the radio on and I were driving down the road are our Malawi director Victor says hey I want to stop at a and a place Random House nominal value, but I don't stop at Random House is when I arrived in the United States. We stop at this house and he asked them.

Do they have a radio now and they are so excited it's TW are coming to visit them and we end up getting this family who has a thatch roof homemade brick house. There is no running water. There's no electricity. This family's very excited said how did they know about Transworld radio. If they don't have a radio now is my logical question and they found and what we found out was they listen to Transworld radio off their neighbors radio when they're working in the field. Now they were going to have their own radio to be able to listen to Transworld radio in their own home and you can give someone a radio right now. It's as easy as calling the 800 number they got godly dear saints, that man the booth. If you get the voicemail just leave a message of whatever you want to pledge the number is 888-988-5656 all repeated 888 988-5656 and the website which I love this website.

Africa needs because Stu needs Jesus and he needs Jesus, Johnny's Jesus and because of what he's done in my life.

I'm on the radio. Now this I would start as whole thing and treasure radio are also partner so we can send the love of God to places all over Africa were hundreds of millions, you will live many remember the gospel so we can give a radio $75 sitting give a $75 gift. It will give one radio it will ship it there.

It will pay all the taxes all the handling didn't there in the hands of someone Africa.

Who's going to be here in the word of God who people are devoutly praying for these people ahead of time before you get the radio and even give 10 for $750 you give them percent of $500 will try to write or try to get 100 radios from our listening audience donated and what a blessing is to be to give a radio give hope cripple eight 988-5656 give a radio can't help website Africa needs

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