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Stay Healthy! Water or Toilet Paper?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 21, 2020 5:00 pm

Stay Healthy! Water or Toilet Paper?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 21, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks to Brock Agee of Le Bleu Water

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This is the Truth Network toilet paper.

Lysol your ex-wives wipe it down. Wash your hands.

Social distancing what it we come to folks this is real in this virus is not to be messed with.

I'm Stu Epperson and I'm so glad your listing were also giving hope and encouragement. First Timothy chapter 1 says God is not given us a spirit of fear but of power to the sound mind so we don't walk in fear. We walk in faith but also God is given us a sound mind to use our mind not to be dumb not to cough on people not to shake hands.

I'm a handshake or him a hug or a guy in here without 100 million times. I did notice guy forever and he has been a partner with. This year the Truth Network in on my show and on so many Christian radio stations around the country for years and I'm so glad he's here because he has in the middle of this in his own industry, Brock AG, with little blue ultrapure bottled water with mighty musket I'm Brock. It's an interesting time to be alive. Could a guy say it that way and it is very interesting. Stay but let me thank you guys hear truth for doing exactly what you did grounding us in the word of God and our faith that holds us true every day and my wife reminded me last night that we gotta praise him in the middle of the storm so we praise him. We think the Truth Network for doing what you guys do both thank you yes and your wife is spot on. I'm telling you this is of kind of a weird time. Everyone's life is been upended. People are home people are listening to us through the Truth Network. After listening to us through streaming. Now there listing to us to their home radio were so glad. I believe radio listenership is never been higher because fear is a near anxiety is in the air and people are turning to something for hope and what I love about a Christian own company like the blue like mighty musket nine is you guys are giving hope in the form of the best drinking water on the planet and I'm not exaggerating.

And this amazing health product. The musket nine grape mighty musket nine, which was really on a lighter side, all the toilet paper, jokes, and maims in and you know I I saw a picture yesterday. That's kind accrued it says don't talk about bitcoin talk about but coin and he held a federal toilet, the rough and you know all these things you know you got pictures of the supermarket right and you've got the empty shelves were once was Lysol spray and toilet paper completely empty but then over here the produce section the vegetables.

The vitamins and summaries aren't even the best vitamins there just very to synthetic or whatnot and there, but they're all no one's buying and those like they are. This other stuff so Brock you're trying to bring some common sense with water in with with musket nine tip tip for people.

They wake up.

Maybe boost your immune system take care of her body. During this time.

Well exactly stated in one note when a quick paradigm shift that we had. We might've been thinking about spring break these other things activities with the family and then all of a sudden everybody goes into survival mode and like you said you see the weirdest thing. Who would've thought this would've caused a polyp paper shortage, but it has, but we really do need to think about other than our faith and build up our spirit man to build up our bodies at a time like this and be focused on health and your right with with low Bluewater you're getting the ultimate in hydration and what the other thing is coming to light for us right now is the fact that we been doing home delivery here in the Carolinas for years and in reaching grocery throughout the nation. But here in the Carolinas, we can deliver this direct to your home and let me tell you the difference in that supply chain that you would have first of all, you would have the ultimate in steam distilled water. So we do not rely on just filtration where heating this water up to over 212░ and we've been saying this for years it's been on our marketing virus free and you would think.

Well, there's no viruses and water will now wow you know to have a water that you can know is completely safe and when you get home delivery. It goes direct from our very clean and sanitary bottling plant and come straight down your door that I had learned all the other Dave figured you guys are wearing gloves the right everything's white down sanitized so that is there is no contact with anything that could be potential leave inflaming or causing you no more problems correcting it. So it it's a it's the best way to get deliveries right now versus that going into 1/3 party warehouse and like you said you don't who's touching it so you guys have it so so what you're saying thereto, and in I know your you're here as a spokesperson for this whole industry. Home delivery. Be at medicine Butte water. Like the blue do such a good job of across the East Coast, Carolinas, Virginia, you know Internet that footprints really growing is really neat to see people finding out that you you we were the religious broadcasters convention. I carried a bottle of blue and therefore I went and people were shocked at this bottled and an expiration date on What way to say it.

This bottle is pushed out expiration date on it was real and is all you always do, but there's something special could you guys go to these five steps below. This patent pending process to really get everything out of this except for the water to do it by God's designů Set this up here in a long time. He set it up in creation. And that's what works and when we came up with this process. Our founder Jerry Smith over 20 years ago 25 years ago now the replicated nature. So stay when you think about how pure water is made by the heavens and the earth. What happens is as it starts to rise, we know the hydrological cycle you get that evaporation condensation into the clouds and then you get precipitation and what God uses every morning is sunshine and that's what we're replicating through using heat and then also we use O zone, and filtration. So you've got this ultimate five-step process that the blue is going through, and even UV lights at the end so you get a bacteria free, chemical free, as odd as it may sound stated there's only water in that bottle.

That's all we can promise you it is it's it's really fasting 11% hydrogen 89% oxygen, and you got some your cool new bottles.

I love it says of the 1189 guarantee yet that's what that is in course you guys have had educate me and in the course. Your messages drink a lot of water but but also not all waters created equal and you want to drink water that doesn't carry bacteria water that has no virus or disease causing bacteria in it whatsoever. And that's that you and I know that what I'm holding my hand the blue what we have here at the Christian radio network at home in the office.

A lot of churches have it low Bluewater bottle water doesn't carry that. But now is a really good time. Brock when you're talking to these folks in this foodchain you're talking to me you were talking to national, international food, folks, this week there's a little bit of a frenzy to panic and you give us some assurance and some encouragement about that and what we need to be thinking about right now in terms of get you know being filled up with healthy water for immune system stuff. Well, God's people in America are shining right now. Stay while there has been some panic at the shelves and lots of things that consumers are seeing out were seeing just how quickly capitalism can refill those shelves. I've been speaking with major food groups like Dale Hayes, the, the Food Lion brand, Walmart, Lowes foods, MD, all of our partners. Ingalls and what I'm seeing with EN the food network is a lot of assurance in our systems and if you think about the thousands upon thousands of tractor-trailer loads that are being replenished quickly so I would urge everyone to stay calm the flute food supply is strong. I pulled into the blue this morning, and a Walmart driver was coming in at the same time I was we've got trucks on the road there being able to get gas there being able to get to get everything from their suppliers, so we're going out we're going to win this war and I were going to win a big okay so you're saying listen Raleigh Charlotte is some parts of other states near North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Other places your you're expanding in war, they can order the. The 5 gallon delivery like we have in our home were the bring by the gallons in a completely sterile way so that it's all clean wipe down that the drivers have gloves and others not there not transmitting aid any viruses, and they can order they need to they can't get the 5 gallon can order it in your webs of the like a rabbit. Okay, you got a little in our home delivery page are going to see every one of our distributors. That is there and they'll be able to, whether you're in Raleigh or you're in the coastal areas are you're down in Charleston wherever you may be in the Carolinas gondola I will be able to get you water okay so this is really important to stay hydrated. It's, it's interesting. I love your passion for. I think Dave Ramsey once said, he said what you want to go into business with you want to be connect with people that are that are your friends and that that you trust implicitly that a walk-through with you really care about you and you guys always educate me about why it's important to stay hydrated wise important one talkshow said you should drink water every 15 minutes because if that virus gets in your mouth or your throat if you're washing it in your stomach. The stomach acid. Nuclear right brought out and it's the miracle liquid stay wherever 70% water by weight guys right now out there think about this. This is a a an infection that attacks the lungs and your lungs are over 80% water, so it makes all the sense in the world right now to be hydrating hydrating hydrating so big okay thank you to our friends at low Bluewater bottle water Brock AG also made a God great Christian own company encouraging you to stay hydrated encourage you not to panic but but by things or to boost your immune system right now by Lou blue bye-bye water whatever you get, you know, and be wise in those decisions vitamins by the mighty musket on it's another one that is another health product which were to talk about. We ignore this segment. Learn more.

Find out download our pockets have a podcast channel to store the podcast and were working on one for these guys to wood to get the message out about good health and don't live in fear. A man live in faith is the same every day that's exactly right.

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