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His Life Was Changed by Christian Radio

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 28, 2020 5:00 pm

His Life Was Changed by Christian Radio

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 28, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu interviews Charlotte Radio legend Tom Gentry about how Christian Radio impacted his life.

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This is good Truth Network how many of you out there listening to my voice have come to know Jesus through Christian radio have been blessed. Maybe you been encouraged.

Maybe even fed. Maybe you get I get text everyday for people while he was that guy at 9 AM was a guy tonight at 11 PM. The said that message or even on occasion that happen a lot, but occasionally even states do. Who was that guest you had on your program that was spinning a basketball ensure the love of Jesus and let 100 people to Christ that giant arena well on the radio and the right now on the podcast on whatever your smart phone or your car receiver. However, you're getting this is a man of God who is carried the bright torch of Christ on radio for nearly half a century, and I can honestly say that he is a Hebrews 11 man for me the great Hall of faith we read about all these great men of God will. He wasn't quite alive at that time, but he is alive in Christ today, and for half a century, this guy's been shining the bright beacon of the gospel across the airwaves, and specifically an area known as Charlotte, North Carolina a great market home to NASCAR, home to the Carolina Panthers that Charlotte was a Charlotte staying some wonderful organizations and is on there with me right now and there are some significant things happening, you may hear about for the first time here, but we need you to be praying for the Charlotte area but we want you to go go inside the heart of and hear the testimony of mom and my brother in Christ, mentor to me and so many Tom gentry brother gentry great happy with this year on the program. Thank you and thank I don't feel worthy of that wonderful introduction but I appreciate it. Happy to be with while you and I had lunch recently. It was really neat how you L humble you said they were just that were just the paper carriers were just emerges the messengers right were just were just putting God's word on the radio and the Lord sums that somehow it has a way of working through his word, I mean, how is that even avid brother. How could be so privileged right arrived and as I hurt you man productions to about having people phone. We get the same thing happened through the years of people calling in and actually saying hey I just pulled off the highway over here on freedom drive and asked that I owe them just so it is definitely a ministry is nothing more encouraging that in course there is some potentially discouraging news there's a whole lot going on. I think that the three. The three big things I want to hit on this program is a giving hope and encouragement through Christian radio's word and actually do what we profess to do no in our day jobs all the time in our ministries radio and gives people some encouragement, especially amid all this coronary virus and people are freaking out and quarantine and death in battle and working to give some hope that's found in Jesus, so stay tuned, friends, number two were in here how Tom gentry met Jesus through of all things. Can you imagine it. Christian radio and number three, and we may start with number three Tom, you got some pretty shocking news that's really set shockwaves throughout Charlotte even that maybe I got I as soon as I found out I was on the phone with you, and I was in your office the next day and even big Stu came with me because we both like this guys the legend.

He's the these the Julius Irving, the Michael Jordan of radio and he's been doing it for half a century 49 years in Charlotte Mecklenburg County knothole Lake Norman Concorde Matthews gas Tony Mount Holly Kings Mountain on heaven radio AM 1240 and 104.3 FM and Tom but you got some rough news to give our listeners a little update on that so people can can know what's going on and then of course how we could pray for you that in the wording here.

I want to hear your testimony how it all got started on your rights to a short time ago we learned that the developer of the 8 acres of property on which our radio towers that and that means the radio tower has to go away, which means that as of this coming Tuesday, March 31, we will permanently sign off our 12:40 AM and 104.3 FM and not leave the air after actually 49 years I've been general manager of the station and sometimes seven others at one time in the area, but it will leave the air like this to date March 31, which does sadden me.

Of course yeah and so It's amazing the love you're feeling from people I just was so encouraged it. You been to lose with calls gift baskets from people calling saying hey what what what what kind of money.

Can we send to keep you on the air. A Data may be how that's really blessed you and really confirmed God's legacy and how he's use you this half a century in the Charlotte market to promote the gospel of Christ.

The feedback we received. Stu has been phenomenal.

Yes, people are called and emailed and they have indeed that they will giving money help. Is there any way I can keep the stations on him and I just can't go all know that kind those kinds of comments and they come every day and I'm sure they're going to really start coming when people tune in next Wednesday morning and that the stations are not there. But he's blessed us for the nine years to reach people via radio but yeah it'll be leaving there, at least for now. As of next Tuesday while receiving dozens of phenomenal feedback from listeners who literally many of them weeping when they call, and so we we've had an amazing relationship with you. The Truth Network partnership over the years, you know, we were were just kind of walking Kenneth like tearing your bags brother because you been doing it for so long and you were gracious when we came in with our Christian Truth Network format in Charlotte, you are so gracious you took me to lunch and you said look Stuart, we don't have competitors Christian radio orchestra and all win souls here you know and and I just of always love your spirit and and we will course work together to make sure we didn't have the same programs on the same time and and and also just you know honestly the. The idea of you know someone turning on the radio here in the gospel and in income and to know Christ and what you've done through heaven radio and Charlotte for so many years. Tom gentry is just been a huge blessing and so where were looking at ways we can we know were still there, you know everyone we never know for to get that call just like you got that call right you just don't know what God got in shoring and plan for you but working to keep it going in and were working with you we been on the phone with you a lot to make sure we keep you note so many of the wonderful programs you guys have kept on the year on our station and also I've Artie told you this, we want to keep you around brother because of you know I walk in the door like this young buck uses guy you want to do it here this big tall guy.

You know what you think and coming in here.

Tom gentry walked to the door. Like all Mr. gentry circuit. We give you some. We offer you something to eat some cake itself Saugus and I would Tom. That's what I'm saying but but were grateful for your legacy and we want were offering you.

Note that we we want to do anything we can to keep it going work. They were grateful for the friendship that will span long past. You note your the physical station goes off you a man and may I say to you, and I'm not trying to be patronizing when I say it, but that I could say the same for you. I know your heart is right, you're doing it the right reason, then, in your godly father blessed him one like kind honorable man that he has is really launched a week or so ago very clear that you guys are in it for the right reason you're trying to reach people who would otherwise know that a lot of people student won't go into a church, but they will listen to the gospel and radio yeah that's exactly right. And that's what happened you Telstra quickly.

This things going by too quick Telstra but how you came to know Christ everywhere spin records as it is a country-western rock 'n' roll DJ and something happened ~buddy well.

It is interesting that my first job was on 12:40 AM which is long been WH. Back when it was WISC in Charlotte and it was the top lock station in the city. I was 20 years old and wanted to be. I was not a Christian at the time. I later got in there country music radio even had notions of maybe eventually moving to Nashville and in their green arriving and not being a part of that is in there and I think it could the first child came along and that can change your priorities in areas I'm sure you know but yeah my mother, God bless my late mother. She was concerned about me. I went through that though just teenage.

That many boys go through and that my father had to work away from home, a good bit because there was really no industry, no in a lived in the mountains and Carolina and about my mother one day saw an advertisement or school broadcasting school in Charlotte and she said Thomas shows, Thomas J said Thomas with a big amount is you've got, I believe you could be good at podcasting and now she ordered information from that plate school is what I call it. And one thing led to another and about a year later I had my first job in radio is not a Christian at the time. I think I was a good person but I will not yet as Christ in the my heart and let them working at a country music station I worked in television in Bristol, Tennessee and the country station in Columbia and overnight went from playing Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard playing J. Vernon McGee on the old time thought to myself in the old but after three months of sitting there hearing it. Still, I've never heard in my life teaching that I began hearing on that radio station.

God bless the preachers that came to my little mountain town but say let's just say they were not people like Swindoll and Stanley Deming they did their best ideas, but I've never heard teaching like I began hearing and after three months of sitting there, the Holy Spirit convicted me to the point that I sank to my knees. One morning, and that radio studio in Columbia, South Carolina, and asked the lives into my heart think it was 1971, but I like to say stupid.

I truly am a product of Christian broadcasting. That's how I came to accept Christ. What testimony would legacy Tom gentry. Thank you Sharon, thanks for your hard work and keep praying for you and and your your days of ministry, brother.

They're just beginning because where you need your help to keep the fan the flame of Christian talk in the Charlotte Metroplex and all around in, but a big warm party.

Christ filled spirit filled. Thank you for your faithful service. Half a century broadcasting Christ across the airwaves in Charlotte on heaven radio W HPN. Thank you, Tom gentry and thank you for your amazing friendship. Thank you and thanks for having me on. I appreciate almost a special thank you to wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

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