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A Christian Thrown in Jail for Peaceful Protest

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 4, 2020 5:00 pm

A Christian Thrown in Jail for Peaceful Protest

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Justin Reeder of Love Life who was arrested for publicly protesting an abortion clinic during the stay at home order.

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This is the Truth Network. Our guest today is a believer in America who was just arrested for his faith in North Carolina and thrown in jail wow can you believe it know we've interviewed a lot of folks from overseas who been even beaten and accosted and arrested for their faith and spent time in prison but would never that I can remember.

Maybe it's been a long time that we interviewed someone in America has been in jail for their faith in Jesus Christ. But there's another wrinkle. This civil disobedience when you're told with the coronavirus everywhere by your authorities to stay home. Yet the abortion clinics are still allowed to be open to take life are you allowed if you honor, social distancing, and if you are smart are you allowed to go and pray across the street from abortion clinics. I mean, pray peaceably with that's what Justin Reeder and his group did with love it's very controversial.

Would love to hear one's thoughts on a rhino or a document here exactly what happened from the horses mouth.

Justin Reeder, great to have you with us today that were glad to run out. Let me clarify. This is in his first phone call from the jail so he is you are currently not imprisoned right is right, having been really really you are okay will tell us what happened. Set the whole thing up forces our listeners will know and then a big question. Is that what point do you do you obey God and not man. At what point what's the line Christians listing out there do you cross when your convictions tell you to go pray for and and be a force against the killing of our own young in our country with obeying the mayor and the governor's order to not go out if you don't have to.

What you do if your Justin Reeder and you gotta make some decisions tell us what happened. Oh, by set up okay for great bed and began we feel we reap administrative front of the abortion clinic in Greensboro, Charlotte, Raleigh, New York City every week.

For now, many years. It started over four years ago and that that's what we do with our dentistry go out there greatly multiplied. I walked out the gate to be there to offer hope that life resources for family we been doing that week in and week out in this ministry is called business is called love life just those two words correct correct yet love find out more about it. Believe we mobilized the church at the old Michigan Dynamo black church. Culture of love and light that will redevelopment into abortion and Orphic right, we, God called the church to shape the culture allocation legislation that downstream all of the culture is really calling upon the church that the bulk of your light of the world that shape the culture that the mission were on the need to be on it but there it all kinda came to a class. Saturday at our group without their prayer, walking people from the local community, local church year prayer, walking sidewalk games out there ministering to comic proportion and the police really divided you to get that pretty regarding capital all that we come to be careful what you say that, but no, they enforced you know what leaders believe are really pushing him to give it that would allow us to walk the world were operating under social distance, anger abiding by the recommendations not gathering his group were walking in individuals can be plucked apart and were not doing our typical gathering like we used to do before the virus is spread in individuals out there walking and praying on their own and it was shut out of 50 Dr. car go home. He cannot be here are sidewalk in the way yet, while the abortion center remain okay over 20 people were in that abortion center out on Saturday, Greensboro, very tiny building needed. I would say not more than 1000 ft.² very small building over 20 people packed in that building, which is very hypocritical if you think about it really about COBIT 19 why are they allowing that many people to be fact that building.

When we are outside right out individuals in open-air, but that's what took place and so I was in Charlotte ministry in the upper apparel walk there.

We got the call that Greensboro is giving you a lot of resistance or prayer walk. We went upstairs he will going on and try to blame the ordinance to the police be added printed out and are turning with on site with a and began to explain to him that we have a lawful right to be nearly outdoor activity.

Provision the top of the charitable organization provision which we are where we are a 501(c)(3) of offering resources that help the family, but they did want to hear it. They had predetermined really great Eric expand on that and so they took five about the route. There are walking in ministry exhibits into custody to get the jail and that's really what started it out on Saturday last week and we came out today because you're the new that there still is great resistance to adopting our sidewalk team for their mobile unit offering free ultrasound blob coming in and they shut them down today.

Make them leave which is just absurdly think about it still be inside doing ultrasound working on a couple hundred dollars down or offering them a free one outside giving people real choice.

It noted that about choice Crawford real choice.

It is mom beat dog hurting family and they shut that down as well as shut the prayer walk down and started arresting people again today of the dog. That unfortunate situation, but we believe with a lot of clarity and a lot of attorneys look a bit odd. Work with that we have been unlawfully arrested again for your abiding but direct patient care, direct social get that thing your small groups. Seven people arrested today five on Saturday all groups that are spread out that are out there praying administering. These families and and involve all the docketing and if the children are being murdered that were unable to do what we came in for which was ministering to his mom and dad in New York City today. We had three family that shows life because our chemotherapy that the church was there. How many could have been saved. Today, Greensboro. If it we were allowed to do what the Lord is called us to do so again we we believe number one that it that we are been unlawfully arrested via clear provision and ordinance be there that operating a social get a lot but number two. Even if we did it, which we do.

But even if we didn't we.

We obey God rather than man when there's a clash here. There is a clash we are called to rescue Doug through being led to the slaughter.

We know exactly where that is happening in our city where murder is taking place. Therefore the church must be present must be there to be a voice for those have no voice through the most vulnerable among us here.

We are trying to do everything we can do to protect the light would cut with the COBIT 19 virus yet were hardly willing to do anything to protect the most vulnerable among us.

The children, while suddenly clarify Justin Reeder with love life. It was just you rested, arrested with some others for peacefully praying on private property across the street from abortion clinic which even though the mayor and the governor shut that area down to Greensboro for shelter in place. No going out.

They kept the murdering of chip baby little children we kill our younger country which is tragic. They kept on going.

Now just a minor in my correct on this that elective surgical procedures been shut down by a large like if you want to fix your eyesight or you want to do dental shoulder injury repaired there shut all the servers down the hospitals but there allowing women there allowing babies to be killed. Is this correct exactly right okay so you guys going out there there okay go ahead. I drove there today with my life alive 18 weeks pregnant right out I could get in there and adverted by child today and been totally fine. You know they wouldn't allow that. I could've gone to the liquor store on the way there are outward, it would've been completely 5.B out there, praying, administering the get go to jail and hot exotically been targeted up the point that out.

It just even while in the back of the police car with the Thought of looking out the window watching people walk down the sidewalk individuals is walk on the sidewalks were not being oppressed by the by the police at all because of who we are looking to represent your out there no thing in Disney songs and praying to Peter Pan. I don't think anybody would care ultimate because of her standing for Jesus nothing for righteousness or standing for life and I want to clarify Justin, you are this is love life ministry which we follow in ufology for some time, but different.

Steve Nobles in a dense and a bunch of interviews with you and bunch of other Truth Network folks you been on our shows on my show that this is is that this is the most peaceful pro-life ministry I've ever come in contact with friends mean you guys are not to sit and stand across the street yelling profanities you know disparaging women preaching, yelling and screaming. You are literally across the street peacefully praying correct preoperative role of our prayer walk to operate under code of conduct that were there were not there to engage with anybody at the abortion center so we did it Gerlach meeting and we dealt with local churches that exactly what we do.

We pray we worship buried people out there engaging with anybody. We got almost 70,000 people out at our prayer walk the last four years. Not one of our people have ever been guided by the these no one has ever been violent about the cover broken our code of conduct.

We have a criminal record for that we do mobilize he gets afraid to do sidewalk outreach, which is when I call out the lobby, we love you God loves other. There's other options available for you come over to the mobile unit that show you your child free ultrasound that the sidewalk he do but for the prayer walk but were not even talking about were praying work were looking upward toward seven nursing lives in changing your same moms have chosen chosen life they've walked either left the abortion clinic as result of just at prayer just passive prayer. Three rated morning and entering her car in New York City. Read your study today this morning.

I rescheduled the guy that showed a proportionate life and it's on Saturday or of them were in Charlotte cucumber New York City on a weekly fee number 1800 family that made to the church is resident over the last four years and nothing else with her trying to take away from a great group okay so now look at were out of time for the segment on this on this program but your nasty only for five more minutes in his word and put this on our podcast.

If you haven't downloaded my podcast channel. Everyone just look up truth talk weekend go to our Truth Network on podcast Google that you'll see my show downloaded in it because if you hear the whole thing you're in here. Just as the Telus on the podcast portion. What exactly happened that jail will blow your mind and overthrow little devils advocate question at him as well.

So were saved by the radio folks were in a kickstand podcast, but I do Justin Reeder with love life were praying for you and I know you were praying for all law enforcement folks in and for the witness of Christ most poorly and for the moms to make the right decision in men influence the women they impregnate to choose life and save life because God is a God of life and we want to culture of life in our culture we want to we want to advocate this graciously and with the gospel on the tips of our tongues. Justin give the website reflect as we think about our radio audience. Love life go to work okay. Learn more. Watch the videos there. What happened to as we go there next was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What was give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all the products were in all you do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors.

Okay Justin Reeder with love life. We had a great visit and he still with me because there's more things to cover because Justin you as a believer in Christ went to jail on Saturday, which was as a result of a lot of things, but your your main crime.

What they tell your crime was because I know the mayor of Greensboro shut the city down and said you know only for you, can only be out for critical things and you are out praying harmlessly and graciously across the street from an abortion clinic not violating trespassing laws, not creating a ruckus to simply praying for God to do supernatural things in the save lives. Is that correct correct ticketed for audit. Mental travel accident. First, start gathering over and but that are going five there that it correct that it may, but they wanted to write about, for which, with nine mental travel but they deem abortion that control no shut down Bennett thought that there was the church doors date they continue to be the abortion center doors wide open so we read reviewed at violating control for us to be there to offer family real choices that offer them an out and offered them hope in Jesus name. And so that's why were there to pray rock recruiter to minister to them so someone says to you like to stay home. Justin don't go pray for the abortion clinic don't do your love ministry on this particular Saturday because the mayor just issued a stay at home. Notice let the coronavirus pass what you trying to are you trying to, you know, are you trying to show boat here.

What would you say to detractors out there, even Christians. It say what you think and get arrested for this when you know you could you could just stay home. At first, I would say no weekly honor. The log on audited PDQ recommendation reduce social debt that they monitor all of that out are plots and antidiuretic benefit jog and can't either out there with the work for not being foolish cooperating with them, but the reality is that people are being murdered and that building is not a 1.5% chance like coded 19 is that you might die that whatever the exact percentages right out of around their know hundred percent chance the people that show up there reported that the children will die and let the miracle take place in the way that God always think about his kingdom and work she does it through the portal of man women you're on earth… We ushered in kingdom and we must be there to be a boy and he does for the family. Otherwise I don't know. One great example of that… It correlated a mom hold and began to minister to you by the sidewalk keying the church out there walking around after an hour of preaching to the mob. He made the choice rely guided I thought all the people out there bring working it. Help me make the choice like a video, let alone our president matters at the places you are our love cannot defeat something because they were hurt but it must be an action that the were out there were operating also under other provisions that are allowed in the ordinate there provisions for outdoor activity and that the tell you where you have to do that outdoor activity.

I live right next park in the park of implant people are all out there you were out there prayer walking yet provisions for worship or prayer. We have a provision thought them and therefore charitable organization which we are a 501(c)(3), offering resources to the family so our present.there is not unlawful that we are operating but you recommendation and above all that we have a moral obligation to be there to rescue good water citizen. I want you to talk about what happened that jail cell and that when you went to jail and tell everyone I just a lot of this. I'm learning as were talking unknown adjust and I know you for some time and I've really come to respect your ministry been the senior headquarters and you even gave me like a three XL teacher, which I really appreciated being a big gospel guy says love life on its funder where it is in her wants is what is that mean is a well, it means is thank God your mom love life is your talking to me and I can assure you good news of Jesus. Those guys are all about Jesus and I just a cause or a pro-life thing or some another another social justice movement.

They are all about bringing Christ to people and loving, not just the the baby who deserves to be born as Debbie was treated by God loving the mom who's obviously in a crisis very difficult time. But the irony before the time of the jail, just maybe comment on the irony of a culture America that is been plugged deceived by this coronavirus that has hence shut down air every kind of thing every kind of retail will in a lot of restaurants going to take out in his is shut down by a large, all the medical except for essential it Sentinel. The essential life-giving medical procedures. All law, heart surgery, triple bypass. You have that may be of a original replacement of acute kidney replacement. You know transplants things like that. They lived lately they haven't shut those down, but of all the things a shut they haven't shut down training on dental offices, shutting down elective procedures and all that heard about a Duke neurologist whose no, he's all his surgeries got table they got pushed back so all these things being close down yet the abortion clinics where you were just arrested just in your team.

They're allowed to stay open to make money in the killing of life in our country.

I just I just there's a there's a tragic irony in that that I just did should just be heartbreaking. Shouldn't the great hypocrisy that God is allowing wrote you right now at this moment.

Where were doing everything we can to preserve and protect the light ultimately might yet we are deeming a portion control as part of Planned Parenthood said it is a priority and equate to remain open and admit all that agree with the great hypocrisy is not just in the world.

But even in the church is that I needed it. We are willing to love this trumpet virus.

We are willing to use our voice. Use our resources to uproot our scheduled and everything else.

To preserve our own lives that were willing to do very little for those were we know people are being part are being murdered in the state of North Carolina alone. We have over 500 children that are murdered every single week at the abortion center over 500 every single week. I don't know the latest number uncovered 19 credit data of North Carolina about five out that my check card that matches North Carolina. This is New Year's Day and there's more abortion deaths, the killing of these precious little ones and there are Corona deaths 100% 100% year in North Carolina over 500 report every week. Where is the moral outcry.

Where are the correct conference where where are they getting Amar scheduled and shifting resources and changing the way we live to stand for the Hon. in our city on that the great hypocrisy that they highlighted right out that it gets done not only in the culture within the church, while nice is that is just Sentinel telephone what happens you know you guys you're arrested you're hauled off in the in the in the squad cars coughed and stopped in jail and so would you guys to get in jail, start cussing and Dona is angry and call lawyers and Indian turn in the turnover tables and slamming into the the bars or what happened to a knob and we thought that it been very respectful to the very thankful for the lead noted that a very difficult job, but now we do. We treat everybody with respect and honor and we had a prayer service in a worship service where started in the holding cell that we were powerful man in several pastors with the guilt that Dr. Glick jail local doctors here that one of them met at the church right next door to be important that are thought to be stoked while his brother had very faithfully and strong and you know you went to jail today local government.

Local pastors who were standing for the month vulnerable among us dominant bit is the time Firth arrived at seven will work orbit door right begin to bear thought through the and that 60 years ago, almost public debate years ago and when that took place and I believe God is doing something again that area. While the pray for Justin Frank Christine pray for love life where you come out on this with when it comes to civil disobedience when it comes to Christians cross a line. I really think you know Justin I can see your heart so for me to say you shouldn't of done that you don't know your motives and in and really sounds like you you you want honor Christ and you want to be a part of saving life and you are being respectful and honorable of your authorities and when they arrested you. You went right along with them get into a fight you and you didn't even dump water on like you're doing all of the New York air duct water on coughed or stealing things right in front of copter looting in LA the children placed unseemly working in LA we were there looting a breaking of just crashing in stores and stealing stuff but are you guys are humbly praying across the street from an abortion mill were there killing little ones and you get arrested and and you take that is a is a badge of honor for Christ and I'm kinda humbled and I glad that you stop by to talk to us today and grateful free will to challenge out there for people to wake up and maybe even during this time, you know, coronavirus has a lot of folks at home is a lot of folks may little more time in her hands. They wanted a lot of the tensions are high on a bad negative news out there on a fake and false reporting to what you chose the believers out there Justin about standing up for Christ in these dark times third pole of the world level kind of trouble. Descartes, you'd overcome the world is the time for it not to shrink back but arrived to the occasion week we were built for that. The body of Christ. Note for time like that and if we want to preserve our lives. You very clear about that. It did pick up your cross all of the if you want to find your life you will lose it unit. Reserve your life you will be July provide big adopt will find it. Now is the time for the layer live down product if you're in the area encourage you to Come out your local abortion clinic and verbal operate deal with wisdom. Don't be foolish. Don't be out there high-fiving touching people operate social distancing, but be out there and be a voice for the most vulnerable among us. We don't know where the neck of the 19 got to take place. But I know where the next scheduled child murdered in Greensboro and on Randleman Road tomorrow morning at 8 AM. We can go to our local abortion clinic or walk on it and again operate in with them that it might challenge you church time to get out and move the layer live bout blessing will thank you man everyone pray for this kind involved in the discussion. If you don't agree with what he did not agree to leave Christians to be that active in the culture in the in the saving of lives. Even with these current restrictions in these current laws have a conversation about it.

That's why we have these conversations and I love to hear from you on my Instagram I Facebook my Twitter at Stu Epperson and I'm in a try to find some these videos and links and link about their to throw some shouts off her love life and in the key by advancing we wanted were praying for the advancement of the culture of life take what they let let's not murder must not kill the baby.

This can be born is gonna grow up in the find the cure for the coronavirus is a little bit. It's all just it's all just just good tons and tons of contradictions. Here are just some else in it. So what a blessing graveyard thanks really do love is his was I please download sure this particular interview is far and wide as you can. An instant and social about adjusted on his social media play places and pastors get involved got up from pastor friend.

By the way in Greensboro. Justin you love to hear this. He and his wife are going down there almost every week with your team and make any sense to have these in our Methodist Church is never really done this and we've always been pro-life in support of the pregnancy centers. The bank was we've never done this.

He says I can't believe you're doing this but he said it's awesome because he folks are spirit filled her praying in the really serving in ministering and he says it's just been a great thing for our family to really step out in faith in you know amid this this chaos and show the love of Christ.

So you can do the same thing. You can join join Justin and his family, and you your your families very much of all time just in the hole your brother and your family are there very much taken ownership of the 72 enlightenment.

The quality right now it family bed. Family call me believe that family should be out there next, the family rebuilding art that it could be applied to the bike. My children are involved in a pray and delete or that.

What a great opportunity for at the bicolor children and whether it looked like that some you guys are in Charlotte. Be sure you tell everyone if you're if you're back home by Saturday. This this coming week.

I think that's the first Saturday in April 2020. You can hear this program on at 4 o'clock on a.m., 960 and 105.7 FM the Truth Network God bless you brother, because they will talk soon. Okay. Take your life

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