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Evangelist Addresses the Corona Virus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 11, 2020 5:00 pm

Evangelist Addresses the Corona Virus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 11, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Evangelist Alex McFarland about the Corona Virus

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This is the Truth Network death quarantines suffering, sickness, dead bodies is out there. People are frightened people are anxious, people are not hugging and shaking hands and it's a struggle on Stu Epperson and on the third day I want to bring you some hope amid the chaos and I wanted to talk to an evangelist guy who's been one of my dear friends for so long. This whole interview was set up in a perfectly sterile context where no one is touching anything, and no one is there anyone in all the appropriate precautions have been taken and plenty of Lysol. Believe me, Alex McFarland, a longtime friend a long time Truth Network partner. He's on so many other networks with the good news of Christ is an author of a bunch of best-selling books. He just been a great friend analogy, let a lot of folks Christ in the culture and you seen a lot of things you seen Wall Street crash UC 9/11. We were together journaling all the stuff that's gone on this talk about as an evangelist. Your whole life is changed your normally speaking in front of thousands of people going all around the world with your conferences.

Apologist covers is debating on college campuses. You will debate the atheist at the big you know Ivy League school or wherever.

Well things a little different for you now. Keys are the biggest adjustment for you and maybe parlay that into some hope and encouragement for listeners after well, thanks to its good to be with you and that, my goodness. If I if I told you what you mean to me personally and what you and your family mean to the kingdom of God that would take up the whole time. I will say this since the first week of March. My calendar March April May June has all been either canceled or postponed. So that's been a big change because normally the spring I'm on. I had a number of conferences and colleges and places I was speaking so on the one hand, this is really forced me to trust Jesus rather than my speaking calendar because I look and if I've got you know a dozen dates in a month and I think a cow I'll preach and get this amount of income and you never really had said okay Lord your your source. But the other thing is, the Bible says that God strength. This is made perfect in our weakness for God's strength is most visibly demonstrated in our time of weakness and student by doing YouTube videos, digital content being on your radio network and in inviting people to interact with us.

We may potentially think that this, in the month of March 2020 we probably solve when it's all tallied as many people saved in the month of March as we would've seen in the entire year of being on the road merely by talking to people via social media, Internet radio, and so want you to call big call last night. Let everyone to call in and go on your Facebook page and they could watch a presentation the gospel engaging folks know that that's interesting said that because you know you could've kinda tucked in said you normally go hide out when you drop out of sight when the economy is better when the job market better when lower monies come in and then I want to get back into my veins as workouts, but you've taken this and you have your still out there spreading the good news of Christ.

But you do it safely and carefully in your honoring the all the different laws and things like that which we we need to do but talk about the need for people to seize this moment for such a time as this may be that the Lord's come back even sooner. Now in there so if you let her down. If you don't have Christ in this course right now you can be the eternal optimist, but you have eternal life, coming to you in heaven forever. That's gotta be a bad situation.

But how can our listeners leverage this like you have, to lead people to Christ. Great question.

You know Jesus said to his own disciples don't say three months into the harvest bullet.

Now the fields are white, and the harvest side asked people to pray and think about out will think about a couple of things a friend or a neighbor or coworker who needs a word of encouragement try to steer them to think about Christ and share the gospel but student may be as people are quarantined and look hey were all gonna die at some point or Christ is going to come back. Maybe there needs to be somebody you reach out to and do some fence mending and a relationship that needs to be restored and so we we love the fact that Christ restores our relationship with God. But maybe we need to have the full blessing and favor of God.

We need to restore some relationships with each other. So usually send what we have we have an opportunity and in a way in the busy busy noise of life. Aren't you glad that I'm sorry it's the coronavirus that's had to do it but the whole wide world right now is a little bit at a standstill.

Is this really a bit of a great opportunity all the time to complain about. You don't have enough time to do bling bling like like well guess what.

His analogy reacted as follows: we've all been exposed. It's from a ministry called the alliance and it's a lady name Sarah Bourns and I think this poem exposed me Alex I want you to comment on the carrier to you. You come in okay. We've all been exposed not necessarily to the virus we've all been exposed by the virus coronas exposing us exposing our weak side our dark side exposing what normally lays far beneath the surface of our soul shouldn't be by the invisible masks we wear now exposed by the paper mass we can hide far enough behind coronas exposing our addiction to comfort our obsession with control our compulsion to hoard our protection of self. It's peeling back are layers tearing our walls reviewing our illusions leveling our best laid plans. Coronas exposing the gods we worship our health are hurting our sense of security. Our favorite lies our secret lusts are missed, traced trust misplaced trust coronas calling everything in the question, what is the church without a building. What is my worth without income how we plan without certainty how do we love despite risk corona is exposing me my mindless numbing my endless scrolling my careless words. My fragile nerves. We've all been exposed our junk laid bare, our fears made known our the Band-Aid is torn.

The masquerade done.

So what now it's left clean hands, clear eyes, tender hearts, what corona reveals God can heal, come, Lord Jesus, have mercy on me.

While it's very convicting isn't very convicting love and you know what we need to think about this bit because here in the West, may we have our house, cars close good food. You know, for years now we've eaten in restaurants and in one week.

Most Americans have more sumptuous food than people in developing nations will would eat their entire life and suddenly all of that hangs in the balance. It reminds me this, they say, when the Titanic was going down with the ship first hit the iceberg. People were grabbing jewelry and art objects and things like that as it became more and more clear that the Titanic was going to sink people were begging here are giving these diamonds if I can have an orange or an Apple I'm in a need some citrus fruit. Here is this jewelry just please let me have some food or place in the life, but in there at the end people dropping everything is living just say this, all that we have in this world is Jesus.

You could have billions of dollars, but if you don't have Christ your bankrupt. Conversely, you could be destitute, poor with a terminal illness, and even if you've got Jesus your rich. This is the irony. The born-again believer with a terminal illness is actually healthier than the lost man whose body is hope that the Christian his dirt poor is richer then the celebrity is unsaved, so if there's one take away from this Jesus is our source and with Jesus we really have all we truly truly need. That's awesome what dear word Allison Farland good friend awesome author Manny God preacher we've been together long time in the ministry serving Christ two decades and he's been a huge friend and fan in the end and supporter of my all my books. I just interviewed me on your show, which is called truth regeneration and are on this exploring word show on AFR wonderful Christian radio folks with hundreds of stations tell about those two shows are quick and now they can find online. Thanks very much is my name Alex MCF ARL A&E Alex before that, we do it we are very blessed to be on six days a week on the American family radio network and throughout all the country and they have an app call to they were on the Truth Network praise God with a TNG radio and that you know I gotta tell you two decades ago when them, our mutual friend introduced us. You know I had no idea what an amazing springboard.

It would be to share the gospel with millions of people, but at any rate, I just love respect human Atlas make a promise to God and each other that as long as were in this world till we see Christ or to we leave this world will get to do more than ever to fulfill Christ's great commission is also a man whose inviting people into relation with Christ.

Therefore, he goes through pin through pulpits to preaching to young people through online Alex listen to him those news programs. Alex, thanks for your encouragement friends look up the King is coming back.

In the meantime, who are we taking with us to heaven if you know Christ.

They need to make them known if you don't know Christ you trust in the day.

He is your only hope in a dark and dying world.

And he came. We love you so much.

He laid his life down for you so you could live forever with him. Get a Bible read it and listen to more programs on his networker station or podcast or every year. This program and be encouraged because Jesus Christ is on his throne was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all of my pillow products.

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