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How to Love Caregivers in this Time of Crisis

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 18, 2020 5:00 pm

How to Love Caregivers in this Time of Crisis

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 18, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Peter Rosenberger about caring for our caregivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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This is good Truth Network. A huge shout out to all of our awesome caregivers out there and that's a whole lot of people. That's people that are in homes taking care of people that are sick with heart conditions. People that are sick with all common problems and even this coronavirus which is going around and people that are caregivers in the healthcare industry, doctors, nurses, first responders, someone is on the line will be right now to give you a whole burst of encouragement is this guy is a bundle this guy like a nuclear warhead of encouragement.

His name is Peter Rosenberger of the of the host of hope for the caregiver. The author, the prolific jazz pianists Peter you been to caregiving my friend and you have a ministry, and I thank you for coming on with us here briefly on to talk we can to encourage our folks out there.

A nuclear warhead for caregivers.

Never had that one yet have yes Jan bring us some fresh stuff fresh material herein, and it is fresh elicited up make you super heavenly on. Thanks for talk about the subject of spotlighting this group of individuals who are doing this, day in and day out. I am one of them been doing it for 34 years for my wife Gracie who had a really bad car accident on 37 years ago 8030 both her legs are gone. Pulmonary emboli multiple bouts with Mercer and now she has the coronavirus and so this is this is our journey and the American people are, feeling right now with a lot of caregivers and felt for a long time.

The loss of independence, the isolation, the loss of identity and those three eyes. I call them are consistent with every caregiver I've ever met and we go through those things.

And now the country is dealing with that particular that isolation that loss of independence is a hard thing to deal with and other ways to navigate through this and income through the stronger and in more in touch with your faith in and and with the Lord in but but but but it's not good to be easing it and it has to do with the way we think a lot of people. If you notice her. It was one to feel better knowing feeling better.

Can't be the goal.

Gracie never to feel better about the loss of her legs of the relentless pain. She lives with never to feel better about all the things that she should never feel better at Buena Vista the hardships of life, but we can be better in them yet. That's the whole point is not to feel better is to be better NS for the help comes and you push you push allow your your hope dealer man you are pushing hope like crazy brother in your your really instilling a whole generation of people a whole culture you got your national radio show which were pumped about a working network get behind even more now part of a part of your project that were that's exactly right. And a lot of you may not know this. I think if you just googled on podcast Truth Network you'll see Peter right there with hope for the caregiver it's it's a weekly powerpack program you take calls you give people good speed. I've heard you share scripture with people. I heard you exceeded throughout some tough love for people who are trying to be caregivers for folks with addicts 1300 and then all any of your euros to share with them how they need to do. You know to do it to biblically speak the truth in love, in tough situations of your door.

Now it so it's a whole gamut of things, but with the you know where it is. This can't openly come from Peter. How would you date you went to the bottom line will just say that it comes from anchoring ourselves in Christ there is there is no other place to go believe you have tried and that it's but but see hope in the English word is too often interspersed with wish and desire.

And that's not the whole that Scripture refers to this hope in Scripture refers to is is is anchoring of our soul in and what the reality of what God is done. I did interview the other night on the Fox news. I was with Shannon bringing and they asked you talk about this little bit with the COBIT 19 and all these things and and I live in Montana now we move that hereinafter living in Nashville for many, many, many years and I we set up at 6000 feet were in the Rockies and everywhere I look, it's a postcard it's it's exquisitely beautiful here is where everywhere we look, you invite me to come visit and I got to get that I had a so the Christian car guy in our families in the station wagon and we got guys helped her to see us. I was riveted to get a tall horse review assignment but but I told him bring this as it everywhere I look.

It's beautiful, but Scripture says that all creation is groaning. Even this beautiful thing that I'm looking at there's a moose out here that is just had a cast, see the tracks I haven't seen the caffeine, but even that groaning. It's beautiful it is to watch a movie and a and I want to feed the horses.

My brother live horses that he to feed the horses and they come running up to me in the snow and galloping through the snow would kick it all up and it's just like movie quality beautiful, but even that groaning and where part of that creation.

We were going to go and were going to have painful painful things in our lives. Harsh things, things that we don't like and were groaning with them, but that doesn't mean that they're still not pristine beauty in the midst of the groaning and we somehow think that we can have joy when we can have peace on the we can have calmness in the midst of whatever travails they were missing the whole point of Scripture.

Daniel fell asleep in the lines.

Elijah fell asleep while Jezebel's people were chasing it while Jesus fell asleep in the boat.

Paul and Silas can sing hymns around midnight after being stripped naked and beaten that date that that's the picture of where the hope is the hope is not in our circumstances, making us feel better. The hope is knowing that what he hasn't done has it. It is the ultimate deposit if you will that all this is going to be made new.

What he's done on the cross is so massive that it reframes everything and and that's done and in his time.

He's going to make all these things new inwardly given the glory looking to see if he had a purpose, even for all the things that are going on right now we have the hope of heaven and you interview Johnny Erickson Tonawanda my heroes recently on your show who's been literally you know in this season trapped in his wheelchair, but the fact is, she's leverage that wheelchair is a pulpit as a role in the pulpit to proclaim the goodness of God into invite millions of people to Christ through your ministry. Could that be Peter.

How could you be people like your wife Gracie express so much grace of Christ to bring somebody to Christ through immunoassay having 80+ surgeries. I just his sister Mark with her beautiful voice and all the music she's recorded with Johnny Erickson and so many others. Peter what it may say some of that real quick and then working working.

I take a quick break and come back on the other side. A break would speak to that real quick help to leverage all the tragedy in the light of Christ is not that we necessarily leverage it.

It's just that that's where he meets us in our greatest need.

While that's where he interfaces because it that point when we realize that our need is greater than anything we can bring to the table. That's when crisis now you know you get it while you all you need is need you know you don't but but as long as you think you got this in your your bank account was okay and you're feeling okay in your jobs going great. Your fans were great. You're not to cry out to the Savior that you don't think you need and this is forcing us to our knees and in worry that there's no better place to be than to be the poor in spirit beggar asparagus. Suddenly, God's grace can flow in and pour into mighty things more of what you can hear about just a second for awesome radio listeners were take a quick break and for our podcast folks listen to us and you can also hear Peter's program on a Truth Network podcast network also. It's remarkably got here. You gotta listen to it is just tremendous.

You can hear more. Just a second.

With my good friend Peter Rosenberger author talkshow host. He's like 1/20 black belt of such a thing exist in all kinds of martial arts loves Jesus accomplished a musician and a caregiver and working to talk him or just a second hang on almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well.

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The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all her products. Right now I gotta do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thanking all you guys that have checked amount supported our sponsors. Peter Rosenberger is with us right now because you want to know what to say to people. What do you say to doctors and nurses and caregivers who are working feverishly around the clock. Someone right now has a sister alarm for 2 AM for 3 AM for 4:30 AM, not just one of those times all those times why because there giving care to a spouse who they have to wake up to make sure that spouse is still grieving because the spouses on a ventilator because a spouse is fully dependent on care.

There's thousands of unsung heroes out there and there's a man of God with me right here right now by the name of Peter Rosenberger. Peter is a rock literally Jesus name that disciple went from Simon to Peter. Just like this and disciple modern-day disciple Peter is a rock for so many who are struggling. Peter caregiving is real and when I when I just talk about you when I talk about you two people who are caregivers who are exhausted their work in their third job there on the phone all the time you're on call all the time. There's no rest for the weary. When I just tell them about your show and what you do.

They just this is like a smile comes on her face and like wow, you mean there's a guy like that out there that gets us that understands it. Why is there such a need to love on these caregivers, especially right now the culture. Can you speak to that. Well you heard the story of how my wife lives with significant challenges. What happens to her.

If I go down and and this is the question I asked for everyone's involved. What I do. I am laserbeam focus on the heart of the caregiver. I don't must show that anything else. I really don't spend a lot of time teaching people how to cure gift because it would be foolish. I can't take care of your lovely morning take care of mine. My focus is on the train wreck of the caregiver's heart if the caregiver's heart and mind are squarely the wallet is not to be far behind. I just got somebody wanted to join him. We have a hope for the caregiver Facebook group. They just are caregivers out there. I have the page election stuff that this is just a group form and they said my dad anything care my mother with dimension and he's exploding when he's gained so much weight and he so angry and everything else. These are all normal things that caregivers go through and I speak fluent caregiver been doing it now for 34 like a language and it it is a language, but you know what that's what the Paul Young is that he wrote the check is good be on my show sleep and I'll have the podcast out there on the Truth Network here probably is not Sunday nights early Monday morning, but you never talk about that in the week that that's what love is. His love is speaking in someone else's link wow and and that and ultimately that's what Christ did for while he condescended to us in itself in an and so that's the whole point of this is that we are modeling what Christ has done.

And when we understand the magnificence of the cross, then it refrains every conversation with and I have about this and so you asked how you say that what he stated these people to forcing us in every color that calls in my show it when I needed to figure how are you feeling they're not used to answering that Stu there.

There used to answering how their level is feeling in their reading their level of chart but they're not used to talking from their own voice and there's an old hymn that I played at the amount by CD Soames for the curator stream and today on every service and get it wherever CDs are downloaded. Whatever.

But I put on their Jesus loves me, just an instrument because suddenly I needed to know for myself. I needed to refrain mild conversation. Jesus loves me yes I know he loves Gracie he loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so and it's a very personal relationship that I have with God through his son Christ.

That is not just yes. He loves all of us but he loves each of us and that's the gospel is that that would he hung there on the cross. He knew my name.

My name is engraved in the palm of his hand and to all those caregivers that are listing right now to this business networking into the show, and some of you got tears flowing down the you face here.

I want you to understand that he truly knows your name. He sees what you're doing in the middle of the night. He sees the laundry he sees that the struggling at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to pay for this and that support he sees all this. He hasn't abandoned you and this is not punishment. He will meet you when these things well and ended.

If so, I don't know what to do will do the next right thing. While the next right thing may be to take that's expect that's very practical but very true and a lot of folks they need a network of closer time with with you. Praying for all the caregivers out there Peter right now before we get to that point, just in a couple minutes right now would you speak to everyone out there who is not a caregiver but everyone knows a caregiver, and some folks have suddenly been thrust into being a caregiver. Suddenly mom and dad are doing so well in mom and dad are home and they gotta take care of. I got a seat of a change bedpans. I got a new stuff.

It's not that you know not so you know not so pleasant to do in the name of Jesus a coarsened trying to have a positive your outlook on that but would you speak to all of us out there and how we can, we might not be able to hug per se.

I caregiver a doctor as much on me when I see a doctor or nurse these people. I just want to go give mom a hug or I want to hug. I just want to hug you and say thank you Eileen have words. Honestly, these people are working tirelessly.

I just saw a report of a bunch of nurses from the South just drop everything and going up to New York City to just volunteer up there to help. Don't don't hug them right now. Let's write it, but what it was only how do we express give me some practical ways to express them to start some things we can express love the caregivers right now. One of the things that I feel people's look them in the eye and quietly say I see and I see the magnitude of what your cure and hurt with you and I want you to know that you're not going go through this alone.

Let us start with that and see where the conversation goes. Don't say what can I do to help. Don't do that okay we can think of something to help you know is somebody getting your gutters cling to somebody but would your grass beneath the milk of at the grocery store to get up to you whatever and there's so many different things that you can do to help people, but it starts with seeing them as an individual. But remember, you get the privilege of being the very hands of Christ to an individual and and so but you speak to the heart. Always speak to the heart to say thank you to these doctors that you want to hug and so forth. Thank you and and don't make a big production about it, you know, indeed, there little things that you can do it and have to be some kind of big thing but but the main thing is we going to have to speak to the heart and and somehow penetrate into that fear through that guilt that obligation through that resentment and let them know that Christ knows their name 11 days are you just sharing the love of Christ and in and in understanding that there's a whole set of people out there called caregivers that are facing a battle that we have no idea about and in being aware of that is huge in Peter your life of your decade life of caregiving, especially in case of your sweet wife is had over 80 surgeries and who who just recently been diagnosed with this coveting and she's fighting hard for life and God's been so good and thank you for all the reports in our prayers are with Gracie and with you there anything I got it they say I got it now attests to be on Monday and see if I have antibodies to the so they're going to take my blood than what my bloodline can help other people with lower forms on work praying for you man.

We need to we need to love on incriminating anybody student B's a lot of people to get preacher TV preacher quality as I get us on the get a sense of humor because you like the funniest person I've ever had an adolescent at winning a sense of humor this thing in our hearts can be lighter because I know that this is not the end of the story. I will leave your listeners with this if these Lord at all these Lord of a man that's so cool and that's I love that young Mary Hart do us good like a medicine what's what it takes 10 times as many muscles in the face to frown as it does to smile in Peter your put smiles on people's faces.

I turned your show on your cotton up like weight you're supposed to talk about people that are fighting cancer and battling lose their hair and in wheelchairs and paraplegics and people are cut up on the show what's going on there. Peter D because we have a great Savior and that something we are a blessing, say a prayer way for all the medical caregivers are the people that are heroes in the culture.

Say a prayer for one we got there Peter just just to lift them up. Leanna/volunteer probably got a thank you for this opportunity just to come as believers. They keep astutely the Truth Network, thank you for all the people there that are working hard to bring the hope of the gospel into people's lives will never know all the people are listening, father and white male. There are not only folks listed that in the caregiving industry. As far as medical staff and support but there are people that are in relationship to that know them. We just asked that they hear these words and father and increase their vocabulary on knowing how to speak to these folks and and be able to to speak directly to the heart.

Give them supernatural insight and wisdom to the troubled heart of the individuals they need to they can with clarity and authority minister the gospel to them.

A lot of those caregivers that are just at their wits end. Strengthen them today. Father let them know you have not abandoned this is not punishment. This is not panic. That was all taken care of at the cross and found that they have not committed their life to you.

If they have not accepted salvation through Christ.

Father just click it in their heart right now. Let them hear the tug of your Holy Spirit inviting them to the cross and an understanding what that means and that the pastors be ready to receive them, and churches.

Be ready to minister to them and and disciple them through this. Thank you for still blessing on this trip weekly through acts white male and other parts of Scripture is doing and strengthen him as well. Father in Jesus name Amen amen look like you want to pray for Peter bring healing to him, Lord, and bring complete healing and for his sweet wife Tracy, thank you that you got her thus far through this and bring her through it Lord and just may their voice be ever stronger proclaiming the goodness of the Lord to so many people in need of hope and bless them bless their ministry and Lord, thank you for this opportunity to share the good news of Jesus and his mighty name we pray. Amen

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