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Government Mandated Homeschooling

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Government Mandated Homeschooling

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu chats with owner of Gullion's Christian Supply, Dwight Gullion about Homeschooling.

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This is the Truth Network standing next to one of the last Christian bookstore owners in North Carolina and maybe American. I said one of Lasser's mother was out there, but do you White going in is been a long time friend and sponsor of Dr. Starr, Christian radio, but old all kinds of Christian radio folks and he is a Christian bookstore called goalie inscription supply and he has a lot of encouragement for you right now all the craziness going on the culture you what you guys are an essential service you're still open up well.

Thankfully, the Lord has allowed us to be able to say open and serving.

We consider ourselves a ministry and a light house and lot times when people now aren't able to meet with their church physically. We had some little bit of revival there in the in the bookstore the people, and praying and enjoy themselves and in getting some good materials, music and books and gifts and whatever else I need and love people or other churches are needed to pick up some communion supplies so they can do communion remotely, that sort of thing so it's been a real real good time where real thankful our business is down some but were just real thankful that we been able to continue to serve, and I have to say this. I have been critical of the government.

I've been critical of our North Atlantic governor is allowing you know the killing of our young with Planned Parenthood is allowing ABC stores invading stores to be open is essential services, but I want to say something positive.

He's also allowing people to go into Christian bookstores carefully and the course of you holding me and safe and clean and hygienic like glands and some good things rather there like puzzles you kinky pulses on the shelf. Kenya is right.

People are doing a lot of good old-fashioned games and puzzles and bring you again for your family to go to that one man, but getting cabin fever we need again from goalie as Christians apply your homeschool headquarters at your local that's where I was headed. That's the reason they let us stay open because it said that that was bookstores until education materials were essential so but were thinking that homeschool is going to continue to grow this coming year with all the people getting their first taste of it and I were just hoping that that'll be a another opportunity for ministry force, but the Lord really provided in that regard as well with a lot of homeschoolers. People that are having to do this temporary thing and call us for advice and so forth, that it's been a great thing there as well. When I just was thinking about I been your store couple times, even during lockdown and everyone's careful it's in a very, very well spaced apart a physical distancing is what we call it because it we don't ever want to social distance.

We would love people have mercy and gracious compassion, but physical distancing is important whether you're sick or not, you know, just not sure any germs but that shaking hands and hugging soon but Dwight, it's important that people stay sharp in the word use this time to prioritize what what what's your heart on that so many folks that are your wood on their fingers and posting on social media, I'm bored you suggest, what do you mean you give us a little chalice or maybe it's time that the people of God woke up the I think that this time were that seems like a lot of people are spending more and more time online because they don't have anything else to do.

They should reconsider and coarseness in the loan Christian radio, but they need to go ahead and get back into studying the Bible reading some good solid old materials. Not this one of the fly-by-night newest thing is it's come out with some good solid stuff and then get into it with their family and really happens more family time and devotions in instant Bible studies and prayer and things that we all need to do a bend doing anyway this is a great opportunity to get back to that absolutely. What a great word in go to connect with a Christian bookstore and I have a website with listeners all over the country of all these networks that carry our radio show this this program with a call to talk weekend is on podcast. It's everywhere and they they love hearing from the loan. Christian books are always Christian bookstores are falling falling away or or just closing you know it's tough times retail Telus what it's like to have. How can you survive with the client and economically before this this current attack and fire so that how could you get how do you have the guys we will make it's all these years. Dwight, what were not so much online we do have a website is for information purposes and you can go there. It's Gilliam' so it's a GULLI ON and that you will give your phone number and email address and so forth. But what what we really focused on rather than trying to compete with the online giants. The 800 pound gorillas you know is that we have really focused on being an experience destination location place where when you come you'll really feel God's spirit and have an opportunity to grow and it's almost like a almost a church express we have.

We had people save in our store and so forth. So it's not is not necessarily a thing where they were trying to get from all over the country to shop on our website, but if you are interested.

We have thousands of used books with a lot of good materials if you wanted to call or email. We have really a savvy sales help experienced and friendly be happy to help in that way. So you're welcome to give us a call or email us or send us a message through our website and we beat. Would love to help in a little birdie told me that you actually still sell King James version Bible's. How about that letter once in a while. I love it you a study Bible, all kinds of Bible stools music just dear souls, but in a world of merchandising in a world of Christian mega concerts and maybe people going over to over the top. Too much selling Jesus Telus your heart is a Christian bookstore owner in speak of half of all the Christian bookstores owners around the world that are really trying to see people come to faith in Christ to the bookstore, not just make a buck. How important is that the focus on the ministry through reading through Christian literature and Bibles well you have to have a budget you gotta make sure you can pay the rent so forth. So there is that the balance and we do advertise on Christian radio.

But the truth is you really just have to trust the Lord and not be into whatever the latest greatest thing is you can't make it doing that you really have to to focus on what is is solid Christian materials, whether it's the books or Bibles or or music or or gifts in all those sort of things that are you know there's a lot of stuff that comes down the pike. That is just a flash in the pan and that that's not going to make a successful business because next thing you know that's going to be gone so the main thing is is that the love on people and to have good good service and have a experience that the children will enjoy and just to really be able to serve people in a way that Jesus was Artemis. What our goal is to parents, grandparents your own school analogy like you're not because you're stuck at home so going.

As you have all kinds of things either for them to go to your website or come by the store call your store to help them equip them, whether it's another learning to kiss and teaching the kids on language keys and teaching kids a Bible story lesson trivia.

It's all available where the mess, we get your sweet spot as well.

I've always said every child is homeschooled because it's true, and in a very broad sense, but now it's for sure. Through there's hope for the homeschoolers would go is worth wherever you are in that process. That's right. And you Bible was the original home school curriculum, so we just need to go ahead and get back to that and then we can build on that with other things and so yes we have all the other materials as well. Just like he said language studies and all the math and science, and English and everything else that you would need great history materials and have eight children myself.

We homeschool in the Everett learned a lot from that.

So in the lot. My staff very experienced homeschool staff that have been the leaders in the homeschool community and are have graduated their kids and are there helping out now and so really good wealth of wisdom that we can bring to you if you needed you have a wonderful godly wife and give us the names those kids you got here it is folks uncle D white as our kids affection call nor the names those kids, Dwight Riley. They run from a Josiah and Titus Phoebe Chloe and then Cyrus Shadrach, Isaac, and the baby. Lucas is guided to locations in North Carolina. It's like for me going to Cracker Barrel a ghost on the back porch in his rocking chair. The front porch. I go grab a Spurgeon. I grab a book or a Bible study Bible. I did, I hear great music and I were in a read and it's it's a safe place to go and it's a wonderful since the Holy Spirit there. Thank you, dear wife what you doing goalie inscription supply is just a word from a local Christian bookstore owner well know we've ever had what you guys on the radio before. So here you go, but this is your day in the light your day to shine in the ratings going to go big now because of this, but you're in Statesville, North Carolina, Iredell County there and then you're in King North Carolina outside of Winston-Salem a little bit below Mount airy so people come from all over the place. They pull and they have no idea were they going to get where they're going to be exposed to people of Jesus and to potentially maybe it's the first Bible he ever owned right that's right. And we do have people come from a distance he whipping come from Raleigh and from Nashville and from up in Virginia and so forth. Because the unique nature and because a lot of the Christian bookstores of close said yes, we're happy to serve.

We be please free to come see us or if you can't just give us a call or or send us a message. Thank you DY God bless you and pray for our all of our business owners, especially those Christian business owners who are trying to use their business. In this case a wonderful Christian bookstore to reach souls for Christ because that's the end. In the end of the day you love those test was refusing hey I got a Bible from your place. I never read it before in God is change my life. Yes, well, our our mission statement about our own store versus Romans 1213 distributing to the necessity of saints, given to hospitality and that's exactly what were doing were trying to equip the saints with materials to take out into the world to their families to be able to win the win souls to Christ into help them grow in him, and I want to snap a picture of a couple books you help me get in with you. My bearded brother here this guy is some else can you homeschool your kids house that worked out. Oh, it's also my wife does a lot of the work, but all of we hopefully realize that all of the life is homeschooling. We just put our we put our garden that was you know we get the homeschool credit for that part about fast food and all that other story thinking what's at now. The kids on gadgets all the time to go to get that to get that screen no sir, we have lots of books about the book that I have not many gadgets why goalie and well in DY is why goalie and an uncle would call Michael D.

White kids do and then his brothers uncle D.

Wayne, you got a great family and it's really passed on your dad's in heaven, but he really got you guys on this kick Denny from coming from a hazard, Kentucky, appellee was right. That's right. Well I parents were in Christian bookstore ministry back in the 1960s there in the southeastern part of Kentucky is really been over 50 years that we've been and I grew up in. In it, and then when we came to North Carolina in the late 80s we dad night there and early 90s got started back, and it's been a distant of calling for me in a mission that we've been on for many years. It's really something that's a great blessing to myself, my family and we hope to the Piedmont area Northline your listeners and Utah listeners in Iowa listeners in anywhere from Charlotte all over the world to listen to this program podcast are you hearing me anytime you're zigzagging through North Carolina just dial up that goalie and's website only, and you will a lot you LL I website and look at his locations and go by you'll take your family you love going in there. He's got 2000+ used Christian books. I mean I bought a Charles Spurgeon book and therefore therefore blocks all shock at a lie, get sticker shock in the in the Opposite Way, Dwight, but that but you could talk to you could be touch a lot of folks but I'll buy books. A handful books to give other people. We give all kinds of books weighty. I'm not saying it and not excited about your store just because you sell first words of Jesus in last words but my body size. Yes sir, it's a pleasure being with you here today still in it and I will encourage everyone else are not just for our store, but any Christian bookstores that you have in your community to support them.

I know we it's so easy to shop online. But the experience and the blessing that it is from going to a old-fashioned Christian bookstore been able to sit down and look at books and shall be a part of the community were losing their sense of community and a bookstores are great part of that and I want to encourage you wherever whatever town you live in to support your local Christian bookstore and you remember were physically distancing.

Not socially distancing, physically distancing okay 6 feet apart physically but not socially because were in a loving and be kind of evil and sin Bible verse on text and air hug people and look you in the eye and smile at him from 6 feet away, and were not spiritual distancing. Most importantly, work 11 incursion disciple, especially those in her own household. During this time seize the moment.

What you been preaching for 430 or 4050 years in your family leave, the longer Dwight going to goings. Chris is applying this Christian bookstore is now the reality for so many Christian homes and mom and dad are like will I hurt us on the call family devotions heard about cynical family worship from Dwight goalie and it going to supply all these homeschool fanatics will, it looks like were to have to do this because there's no other way to control the chaos of all these kids in the house isolated stock cabin fever well but the Scripture say to draw near to God and he'll draw near, and you and it also says to draw nine to God with a pure heart, and both personally and in as a family. I know that that's been something that's happened in the last month for us. I want to encourage everyone to even if we do have to stay apart from each other not to draw away from the Lord to draw closer to him and to draw closer to your your family and your and your friends when you do get to have a an opportunity to meet someone out in public. Even now, go ahead and say some words of encouragement and and not complain about the situation but instead find opportunity to glorify the Lord and encourage one another and they seem him to go is to launch all yes we like we have a good good music playing know that's one thing I want to mention is that one of the best devotional books that you can find is that is the hymnal so and we do sell a lot of hymnals and have been selling more of them here lately through our store, but you shall take the hymnal and just go through those those lyrics and look up the Scriptures. A lot of so full of good old-fashioned hymns are so full of Bible verses. Look at those those verses and I use those as a springboard for your family.

Family timer for your personal vision for our stage this interview were standing outside the significances and with Dwight going were saying goodbye, just a second. This is where your original bookstore was one of the original locations was in the Winston-Salem area retinal rodent unite met up here for another thing, but it's kind of need to be sentimental here and see how God is Lester bookstore now and people have billions books all over the world.

Now, missionaries, everyone pastors come in regularly to fellowship, get a couple coffee sit down on your chairs, rocking chairs and read the Bible study like I can't come here. This is an confession of a of a talkshow host ready. The confession of a of an aging talkshow host one of my favorite things really do if I if I have if I have the time and I need to time by the way, I will drive out to King North Carolina walking up goings curses but you know this Dwight sometimes will tell you, sometimes I won't. There always preview the :-) I walked to their I grab a stack of books I go sit on that porch or sit on the Council chair inside here in the music and I just pour into the Scriptures right study while doing a talkshow debating atheist white give me five books I call had gimme five books on easy let you bring out Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel and Alex McFarlane books and and so I thank you for ministering to me and y'all can hear my excitement, I will. I wish everyone out there would have a goings experience work like he sets of go to a Christian bookstore, go spend some time there, get to know the owner pray for them, pray with them as I pray with you, I approve this guy is much separate with anyone because were in this thing together to reach souls for the kingdom. Yes, her and we sure are in, you know there's there's a good opportunity for us right now to influence the world for the Lord and showing the hope that we have in him and you want the best ways to do that is is to go heading and draw yourself closer to him and let his spirit fill you in that way you are able to shine his light on the community and this is the great opportunity that we have right now because of the summary people are afraid and anxious and fearful in right now is a time where we can show them what what the true hope that we have is is the Scriptures tell us today.

God says fear not, God bless you Dwight thank you so much goalie inscription supply interview with a Christian a local Christian bookstore is to locations courses online so that means worldwide to support your support your local Christian bookstore be encouraged. Encourage them and let's get the word of God are also Christian books that point to the word of God in the hands of people gospel tracts he saw. I wanted your place today. There's a gospel tract. It said had a picture of the of the current contagion on it. Then it said there's a deeper, there's a worse disease called sin you have on your part and the cure is Jesus, and in hand this to someone which will probably do here soon walking along here.

Yeah, the effective cure available at all, is Jesus a greater danger than the current virus is sin in hell. So you have these gospel tracts reviewing the people to buy hundred of those and give their neighbors talk about relevance man Halloween pictures come by.

You got gospel tracts for that Easter everywhere you and and greeting cards is another thing. Right now people are where a whole lot people come in and bind the boxes boxes greeting card and send them out mail them out to people may also run and got absolutely, and especially the older people that are stuck indoors at such a blessing to them to receive something in the mail and just write him a nice note handwritten write something in your in your actually remember that old cursive writing from back in and write him something nice and send an amp put and encouragement. Encouraging Word and into your neighbors and and coworkers that are stuck at home as well. Cinema gospel tracts in the card with gospel tract, be it be a source of encouragement solve your problem by solving someone else from love on someone else.

Also, you will feel so bad and so selfish and so guilty and so shameful because because you are trusting Christ first and you are pouring out your she says hate is I filled you as I've as the father sent me. I'm sending you so we are to be sent out and it could be through your pin can be through a phone call or text to be going pick up something at a Christian local Christian bookstore and shipping it off. I've got a bunch of Bibles and you will embroider into what's called the hot stamping or engraving and you put people's names all men were doing a lot of shipping yes art are shipping businesses become a lot a lot of phone calls on emails, and the goal for my daughters hope raise joint faith have Bibles and billions and if the Bible is not from there because I'm traveling I pick one up.

I get it there right away to have it engraved with her name on it and you always get the spelling right to hopefully no spells to STW rest of everybody's STU God bless you brother thank you Dwight it's a pleasure Stu thank you for having them.

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