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From Lawyer to Pastor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 16, 2020 5:00 pm

From Lawyer to Pastor

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 16, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu interviews Scotsman and former lawyer turned pastor Dr. John Munro.

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This is good Truth Network what is God's verdict on your life. Well, today we have a really cool opportunity to talk to a law your turn to pastor from Scotland who is a mighty man of God who is launched a national radio program called the verdict and if you haven't heard this program while you argue you missed it, you are in for a treat and he's with us right now pastor John Monroe. It's great to have you with us here, sir. Today will greatly with you. Thank you for the opportunity.

No II just I guess you know as soon as I start telling lawyer jokes. I want to be confronted by a pastor because you're both so to be real careful about what I love about people, about lawyer jokes that I loved lawyer what people don't like them, but that I like lawyer well week we we love how and I've really enjoyed listing more more your program just how you teach the word of God and how God's just just gifted you with with with that perspective. And so, man, thank you for being with us. I would love to. I want to talk to want to let folks know about, how about how the new programs going and were so excited to have it.

Many of the folks listening to my voice right now on all the different outlets to carry this program in the podcast and everywhere have a immuno memory heard you but can you tell us before we talk about the verdict and the program and how that is going to tell us about how you came to faith in Christ and then how you became a lawyer and then ended up preaching the word of God in the pulpit as a pastor give us the story would love to hear this well every privilege. But with the Lord. My mother did plan the way on October last year in Scotland, but I was right then Scotland by godly family by godly parent and that came to Christ when I was 12 years old at a Christian youth camp I went there to play soccer. I was that soccer addict or football as we call in Scotland, but there the gospel and the my life. As a 12-year-old. I knew that something tremendous that happened not only limited forgiven about that God had a grip on me. We had accorded that Campolo brings a different note, something happened to me when I gave my heart to think that love before had passed away think I love our Lord had come to state things were different and that my life was changed and that I began to follow Christ to read my Bible and in high school. My parents, someone affixed by some the second oldest of the five brothers my oldest brother was going into medicine than my parents would've loved.

I did that and I just felt I loved law.

There's no one in my family has ever done law on my my father was of the old school. He you know you but that was not a good profession but a Christian so he questioned me on to tell the joke talking about lawyer jokes.

By the man was walking in the seven train saw a tombstone that utilized John Smith, a lawyer and an honest man meant that strength to put two men in the one grain that they are the members that die within I will be straight, but that that God is your device. I do God's will. So I did that and I really enjoyed love very much the my personality and I God was gracious that the Don that FastTrack was a couple prosecutor for some time and then implied selected as a litigator and I one day when I was like having lunch with a fellow lawyer. He said to me, John, do you think yourself the law for the rest of your life and I was a partner then doing well and I think course, I thought what a silly question and as I walked away I realized that it that Betty elegantly because my life was commitment to Christ and through that was the first time I felt convicted by the spirit and in my heart the possibility of going into full-time ministry and in a short time my whole life was changed and I and I and I shared with my wife. She was taken aback because it was from a career standpoint it was suicide and I had been reading some books by right of the Dallas theological seminary and the effects of my life. I want to go there there there logs always preach the word and I believe that God is calling me the past and to preach and so we sold everything and went to Dallas thinking that when I completed my course, I returned to Scotland, which was my desire and the so and talk time my life was turned upside down and my wife and I were talking about the other day thing is remarkable that we actually did that but God called us and I kind to the greatest of privileges to Paul would say completely untouchable because of the Christ. So here I am in Charlotte North Carolina Etobicoke and the course will be part of the other former department. I thought of the bed is been in court you looking for the jury of the judge to repent a verdict and then preaching is amazing.

It calls for the response. Right there I will giving not just information but calling for a radical change for people who are lost prior to Christ for salvation. The people of God to pursue a life of holiness, but a test minus the voice of Pastor John Monroe who is is just is just talk about transitioning from being a lawyer, a successful lawyer in Scotland to being a preacher of the word of God going into full-time ministry 111 person described a pastor Munro someone who gives listeners a clear, no-nonsense examination of Scripture, offering insight and application for all backgrounds from those unfamiliar with the gospel to mature believers following Christ pastor Munro I just got a notice of so many pastors out there would love our pastors and and we love these faithful shepherds wording with but I don't know many that have a law degree also took. Can you tell us how the hell studying law practicing law in that role.

How is that impacted your preaching of the word. When you when you when you take up God's word and I miss you if you study to get a great seminary there. Dallas seminary Moon Katella tell us how that has cooked colored your ministry and in in impacted how how you deliver God's word and in how you you practice that well. I'm a firm believer in the coverage of God in the providence of God that God takes who we are unique. Where were born education or personality. The influences in her life and under my state of father and he very willfully mold that sometimes that prospect is hard for become the one to and I do think my legal background is helpful. One is not affected law for 11 years so I think quite a number of pastor struggle in relating to people at work, understanding how it is to be out in the business world of our fashionable world and struggle with that thinking in the so I think I have some understanding of that world of the professional world, but also as an attorney, where we are trained to look at the evidence to examine it and then to present it in a clear way. I remember as a young attorney head of the project in Scotland called the Lord advocate and I was in this case, and he was he was presenting evidence and he stood up and in the very complex case.

He summarized it before the judge and the rest of us younger lawyers look like without which we could there that will regulate no you don't understand something is difficult to explain it and I thought yeah I want to be that kind of lawyer and I want to be that kind of preacher under the power of the spirit take passage of Scripture. I think that some descriptors about difficult to understand and to be able to communicate them to not only accurately but clearly so that even if someone doesn't agree with what you're saying. They understand what you're saying. So I put a great emphasis on clarity and then calling for the verdict is the difference between the picture and the teacher were not enough indemnity classroom I left. I love teaching I love information. I love the study, but Christ called to follow him and and delete the New Testament. I think we can fall into a trap of just giving information but is the call under the inspiration of the spirit of God's people hear the word and then we think that but what are you going to do, so that were not just hearers of the truth, but doers of the day, so nothing is been helpful. I'm sure it has come to this event by the with people don't like lawyer from the people. Failure is a bit lawyer like I was back to complement the negative. What you really saying is the wonder of itů.They could buy a gun and uses it for his glory under the skill of the father can amen we getting a quick break really come back up. Can you hang with us for a couple more minutes a pastor be glad to do that work and ask you what God's verdict on your life is in before you run away. There's a lot of good news. Leading up to that question from longer-term Pastor Pastor John Monroe's literacy pastors a wonderful church in Charlotte North Carolina Calvary church times a Charlotte listeners listen to this program and it all kinds are in all kinds of folks are familiar with this church right there just on the corner of 51 In re Road and he is just easier delight in your enjoy this next segment is were talk about the importance of expository preaching why that's so important and why there's a famine in the land in how this man of God is addressing that with with grace and truth.

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You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors from practicing the law of the land to preaching the law of the Lord. Pastor John Monroe is from Scotland, of all places, as it has a lovely accent loves Jesus and he was a successful attorney in our first thing we talk to him about that testimony and how God called the full-time ministry. Now he takes of God's word. Any any feeds the flock now want to give a quote directly from pastor Munro is with me right now were so glad he's here. He says this quote where the gospel is preached, the lives of men and women and boys and girls are transformed through his death and resurrection, Christ gives us peace with God. Present power for living in future hope for eternal life. Pastor John Monroe pastor. It's great to have you with us today. This really is your passion to preach God's word to to proclaim the gospel to all people. Is that correct yeah I would put my passion in life is to glorify God through the exposition of the holy Scriptures and it is privilege, which is been comfortable and I'm so humbled that God would use me to do that for his glory. And you're doing the pulpit of this wonderful church in Charlotte North Carolina Calvary church, but you also love the Lord is is really put on the heart of your church on your heart and your team your leaderships teams are to to share this with the world and what a delight that's been for so many people, including myself. I've been enjoying list in your program.

Yet this national radio program.

It's fairly new, called the verdict, it's a daily teaching program and also week implementing a telephone little bit about this. This new daily 25 minute program called the verdict were buried by the divided and that it's taking really expanding God's great the poop administrative Calvary church.

What I'm privileged to the Lord and to package it and what I don't know if I like the wood packed but that is no way which is called by, and though we have little introduction to the message which I do to our young people to the particular scripture or topic and then at the end of the presentation.

I always asked the question about what your budget so I called Benedict for the people listening are asking themselves before the Lord.

What is my response to this. What would the Lord have me to do so.

We are very delighted to get that out and to have it even locally, and you've been a great help to us doing that and as far as we can.

I we have a the little Christian radio station in Scotland that is that going to be using the program as well thought delighted that we can present the field. That's fantastic you so pastor Munro.

It's so interesting when you study the word of God in you, what you done for for so many decades. You see these lawyers describes Pharisees and lawyers Sadducees Rhodian's they come in Jesus hard and by the end of the.

The narrative it's not Jesus is on trial but it's as they were on trial and then that then you transition the book of acts like an acts chapter 4 where the Sanhedrin again. The lawyers come in to grab Peter and Johnny just you'll disclaim in the temple. It you know of an indisputable mighty miracle of God. Peter responds to their attacks. They want to know one thing about what name or by what power so they hear Peter and John in this field manner their own trial, but suddenly you find that the the lawyers in this for the Supreme Court of Israel, the Sanhedrin, they are now on trial it's it's it's it's the other way around. Because there's a greater court.

There's a greater universe. There's a greater God there's a God on his throne can can you speak to the power of how God's word takes us to a verdict that is far more important and that it is all, and a hold of their Echelon owner level then then then we even can understand here on this earth well absolutely because we believe, I know you do like that we do that the Scriptures are in fact the word of God, that in the pipe leak repaired John and three father your word is also the Bible doesn't just contain the truth of points of the truth.

It is the truth and it is eternal is coming from the liberal living God, and I think you so often we forget, as we open the Scriptures and the pastors preach that would be willing with the voice of God that when the Scripture speak God is speaking to us, but there's a tremendous power their greatest power in the universe.

That's why the hourly chart you mention Peter and John that in a very short time become the world outside done. I want that is the part of the work of God's code of the risen Christ, and that voted undiminished, and that's why it is the potential that we got the word and thank you for doing it through radio, which is so much used by God that we in the different ways of attending the word of God, not your views are my views and a political message social message but the message of the gospel. Jesus stated that that there is only salvation found in the Lord Jesus Christ and perhaps it up that the greatest part about that is why something I we so hesitant to declare the untouchable but of Christ.

And everyone is humbled under the pilot of the word got out that I'm not ashamed of the gospel is the part of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also at the great while pastor I'm just John, John dropped Aaron off just what you just said. I hope everyone cost that and I hope everyone you know works were looking for churches, but everyone's looking for this more charismatic pastor that you know has noted that this jump all over your breakthrough that that did reach a verse from the Bible yet. I got the Bible open a reader verse but then they jump into their whole motivational spiel and are talking about all this other thing, and it's all about you and your happiness in your dream and your vision and and this and that pastor you know the folks just please hone in on this.

You're listening to a man of God is not just a pastor basic training attorney trained lawyer just have his M.Div. is God is he's got his JD and if anyone can figure out the best techniques for building a church for building the big numbers for success. You know it's going to be this guy in here this guy just said the word of God is what's powerful because in it. You have the will of God, that pastor just as we go as we get outta here.

We challenge everyone in terms of being under him and maybe you know the minute it wasn't showing come to your church or or in end up in the new, the neck of the woods where you are or a unit or some other great expositors in your area to maybe people listening this show what we got the multicultural rootlessness on the our truth app and everything what your challenger wanted to sit under the teaching of got that. The other healthy exposition of God's word.

Would you please give us a give our listeners and want to challenge and how important it is well with you.

Without the word of God. There is no salvation innovative from by getting a knitting by the word of krait all the enrollment 10 and the word of God by word of God is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction or training in righteousness, so that we will never be ready to be used by God. Apart from word of God and that somewhere is a testament in spirit. No, a great emphasis on social justice or emphasis just on the programs of the church that that ultimately is not going to feature and edit potential that we as well as reading the Scriptures on the wrong one that were part of the church with the word of God is present is likely that people, when you go to a new church and find out that the place for me. Ask yourself, how is the word of God handle what is the place of the word of God, not just your best on the screen but the word of God is the portrait smiled and ended their souls from the Christ if they look mature in their fate.

A minute and that's honestly if that's happening then it's also to inform the other key axioms or or paradigms that church like discipleship church discipline like you know he implementing that the that the different ordinances of the church all those things flow out of having that having a high view of God's word is our right pastor, absolutely under Christ as Lord of the church and all authority in heaven and on their white people that the church belongs to Jesus Christ because I will build my church, still in church. Let's listen to what he said so that the Lord's work is done in the Lord wait for the Lord glory uniting about ideas we can talk about them, not opinion. But what is essential are we going to humbly bow the authority of Scripture and remind ourselves that the church exists for the glory of God and that Rahmat we are there equipment like Thomas world and to be salt permeating the corruption light illuminating the dark and that pointing people to the Lord Jesus Christ. While what a blessing. Calvary church is his is where this man preaches it safely is been faintly preaching.

There is a senior pastor. He is Dr. John Monroe. He is also a host of of of a fairly new really cool radio program that you got here called the verdict and he's been our guest today were so glad have a mindless in his program get plugged in to a solid Bible teaching church and were so grateful for your pastor or give us the final verdict frivolous and out there is a this is the that the verdict of our eternal destiny is not going to be declared by the president. Whoever the current president is, or by the that the the state courts, or by these even the Supreme Court of United States is not in the good news declare that the verdict on my soul. Can you please tell us or as you do on your awesome radio program. Every day take us to the vertically well important verdict is what God and the little boy in Scotland. I learned John 316 looking to God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life, and you, whoever you are to call out to the Lord Jesus for salvation. People think you know that the vast that we shall not perish, and that does mean that if you ignore Christ and put it off and died without krait you will be conscious, but all of the time today of eternal punishment, but here is the hope of the gospel.

Christ came and loved to die for your sins.

He rose, he conquered that and will save you not only save you, but will transform you that when we stand before God we will hearů Well done a good and faithful apartment and that is all of God infinite, matchless grace, not of ourselves, all of God's grace and friends. What's your verdict can be. Do you know Jesus as your Savior.

Have you bowed to him.

I have you call upon the name of the Lord to be saved, thank you so much Pastor.John Monroe.

What a blessing you been to us. God bless you likely thank you thank you about

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