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An Evening With David Jeremiah

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 30, 2022 7:00 pm

An Evening With David Jeremiah

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 30, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu interviews Dr. David Jermiah's son "David Micheal Jeremiah". Listen as David tells us about the amazing tour his dad doing.

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Hey this is Jim Graham from the masculine dirty podcast where we explore relationship instead a religion every week their chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sarah but most of all, thank you for listening you for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network are you ready for some encouragement, my friends, you are in for a treat.

If you're able to get there Thursday night October 6 now this is going to be a series of big events with my friend Dr. David Jeremiah who is written a brand-new book the music to be amazing and I wanted to sit down real quick here in advance and talk to my other friend, the son of Dr. David Jeremiah David Michael Jeremiah 8 David Michael good.your brother thinks are hopping on here with us. All graduate thank you all were excited about these events.

He got a lot of folks on your out everywhere I go it's buzzing their people come in from many states away to Raleigh. The PNC arena which is going to be Thursday the sixth just coming up not too long after the airing of this program then you're going to be in Orlando, Greenville, Buffalo what what is it with these events because I have been in the house with you and something about the message of the word of God from your dad. The music what what is it that you been doing this all time and your kind of the master of ceremonies. What is it that begets so many folks to come out to these things. What what what what's that what's the excitement around thinkers when dad gets behind the pulpit, an event like that Mary dictate 10,000 people in arena Egypt supercharged. Even at this that I watched I don't understand. I know the week you had or what Me know in his life, and I skipped up on that data be like you like the Energizer Bunny and in Columbia like there's a plug from the Lord right underneath the help and when he stands on it is like wirelessly charge it right is pretty awesome.

He's been doing it for four years now to we come to these events and he says you look like clipping coupons of life when he comes in and get defeated. People that have been listening program, five, 10, 12, 20 years to the Bible teaching that come from turning point in from that such a way for you to touch actually connect with a whole bunch of folks that just tear you through the radio channel to hear you they see on the TV.

By this is a rule. This is like a press the flesh kind of event where they actually get to come out and see and hear from Dr. Jeremiah so I guess that that's a kind of a neat dynamic, especially in this day and age of the impersonal social media devices and then Covidien others. Sin is all underground right. In fact, with for a long time to really we were even going to church so that dynamic. What's it like for you to see all that man. You're probably buzzing the whole night. Arjun 20 article that you note in the office to take out it fixed 30 California right now, but not in the office today. Yet, but there's just about our people are excited for 4 o'clock tomorrow our office you TVs will be live streaming out of it in our people stay and watch it because it got so much invested in it and it makes for us to put spaces to the names that we talked to on the fall did write a letter. They do all that is. So we always bring different staff members that they can be encouraged. We come away more acreage from these event. Everybody just gets so excited to go because they know how they're going to feel when they leave and let's get a meeting for them personally now and you may still be able to get tickets. David because there are events, Raleigh, North Carolina. I will be in the house with the him pumped about that this Thursday, October 6. It was right around the corner. The PNC arena. Then you got Orlando, Florida October 13 my sisters down in Orlando course are praying for them.

He got a lot of water, a lot of flooding and were just pray for all the folks in Florida while just a been through so this will be a well-timed encouragement night is just of recovery and refreshment is Thursday, October 13, Thursday, October 20 Greenville, South Carolina. This is a beautiful area. The upstate of South Carolina, Buffalo, New York. The final event. Head north on Friday, November 11. So this is you guys are going to be hopping around, but each of these places David Michael Jeremiah have a special place in your heart and your dads are guilty of every one of them and there's so much work celebrating 40 years of ministry and so some of the key areas light Raleigh probably being the first in that list brought are places that have just been strong strong Christian radio in those areas where people respond and we get the letters in the testimonies that come from those areas is about the places we want to go first, and dad gets excited about that. I made the history of turning point on the radio in Raleigh and on television. Raleigh is law and it is pretty funny story to tell and feel to to learn about for us. I'm Stu Epperson this is true talk on the phone. He is a is a friend of many, many decades, David Michael, Jeremiah, who is one of the key leaders in the ministry of turning point in that his father's founded years ago would turning point with David Jeremiah. You hear him on the radio you hear them on all kinds of radio stations that carry this program that are brave enough to carry truth talk AFR Wilkins radio network. A lot of the sailing stations. The Truth Network all across the country you listen to Dr. Jeremiah's teaching just a wonderful Bible teacher mean who would think the 20,000 people would pack out arena, David Michael Jeremiah did they hear a guy open up a book that's, you know, 2000 years old five or so old and start preaching from it. What one when the what what in the world is going on there bro every time we do know that that made me do I give you hope) when you come in the 10,000 people there that they are studying God's word and it's important enough in their life for them to be there you go back out of your community. And even though you may not know all about the people you don't feel like you're alone and that such encouragement. If the huge encouragement and I know from testimonies of people that we talk.

But if a huge encouragement that we hear it from our radio partners like you who say you hear it from your people and how much they they have loved those a bad thing to go and get a night of great worship and Bible teaching very unique in today's world, and it's exciting to be a part of it did not to mention the you get the Gaither vocal band and Raleigh you got each event, each venue you have a different music attraction. You have your own Michael Sanchez who is like 1/2 high level appeared and it appears on the voice and he says amazing job in the worship given the worship team out you know for turning point in everywhere, and if I because with you guys this summer for some some events with him and with your dad talk about this new book, not the end of the world but the world of the end. And this is another thing the skin when I can dictate when I can add you know that and no spoilers here. I want you to hear on Thursday night October 6 and Raleigh in all these other nights in Greenville, Buffalo and Orlando. No spoilers but David Michael is a pretty intense stuff your dad your dad is emailing a brother is sucking the corn when it comes to what's going on in our culture and what's going on in the Bible wanted a lot of lot of things or listers can be looking forward to. I guess what, what, give us a teaser on that real quick on how this book has just taken off amid this this chaotic world.

So much of you. Night morning you turn on the news and see the devastation of it happening down to Florida and like you are heart goes out to those people in an lot about that family in those areas as well so were you will pray for them, try to check in on them like everyone else.

But dads approach in the in this book is it's about hope the world of the end that there is hope. And so every chapter ends with the hope in the story of how we can get through this and I got it still on the throne of what it means for us as believers and how we can move forward in what seems like sometimes an impossible time possible is a great word man we get this horrific storm bearing down on Florida, destroying homes, destroying lives you got people in South Carolina, North Carolina, Scott is is getting it. We got a lot of people praying for that in an a in in then you know your ministry goes through a lot to get here and you bring you. It takes a lot to an event that takes a lot of planning months and years of planning. It's a big investment but we're just great, say thank you to you and your dad and altering for ministry for coming to North Carolina to South Carolina to Buffalo, New York to Orlando to bring a night of blessing.

It's a free event in full-time. They were talking about. It's free. You gotta go to David and you can sign up for tickets and then I guess you guys will drop ship the tickets to them and even though it's not charging them.

I David it's important that they get those so they can they can get them scanned right so we can keep track and make sure we were not overflowing. The facility correct that the big thing that everybody had all the time and venues wanted to have some level of understanding of how many people are coming in at that really what they can do for a do. They're all electronic now you go online you can order it and it'll it'll come. Bottom and you have to wait for shipping. So what that may visit never too late. Even on Thursday afternoon.

You can still get it taken account of the event and be a part of it except that in your schedule changed and make that available to you then, I know I say this pray please all of our prayer warriors out there.

All of our churches. All of our pastors.

Please pray because I know people personally who have given their life to Jesus at the David Jeremiah events okay and so there will be a lot of folks there that maybe don't know the Lord in their checking like have called free event with a big national speaker and awesome music by the Gaither's and the other different musicians are to be the other different venues. I get to go to this thing a name that may be the night, or they may bring a friend and you may bring a friend will come to know Jesus through this special evening with Dr. David Jeremiah so encourage everyone to be praying. Although we have the event after the event AI David Michael Jeremiah. We are praying for you and for your team and were praying for your dad's got repairs is hard to give a message and were so grateful any words as we close you just to the listeners out there and everyone about invite everybody go ahead and do the do the invitation everybody. Let us know the best way we can get out there to be a special time you got dad and Bill Gates are on the same page in the same night down there to be really special this trend to go back a long long way to men who have reached probably billions of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ together having a great night worshiping the Lord and making it fun for us but educational for us. I think we all have friends.

It would be impossible to invite them to come to a church because they're not gonna come to a church that you have. Maybe they feel like they been duped before something, but you can bring a bill come to an event for a concert at an arena where they know that hockey is being played on the weekend they go to hockey games there while Iago so invite those people because the gospel will be presented and it will be clear, that's why we go. That's why we want to be that while we want you there.

If I want your friends there.

It's going to be a great night a lot but we have some great surprises for the night and that got a great message prepared and Bill Gates are still already standing up funny videos about thinking at the time. As a kid were Dr. Bill Geiser Dr. J on the stage. I can't wait. I'll be there in Raleigh. I will try to be these other ones and I can't wait to meet all of her. Also, listers, Raleigh, North Carolina, October 6, Orlando, Florida Thursday, October 13 Greenville South Carolina all over awesome upstate listeners all over Western North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, to be there in Greenville October 20 and then finally Buffalo, New York November 11 is a Friday, and while it hey David Michael, Jeremiah, this is gonna be awesome an evening with David Jeremiah your pops and meeting with you because you're going to be your get your kind of the Geiger that you're the glue guy try to keep you keep this thing on track so we really need to pray for you. I don't know how you do it because who knows what can get thrown at you with all these the characters on the stage know when you show up on Thursday. What a great what a great talent that it is looking forward to it, do it. None of it was possible without great partners like Truth Network and in Stu Epperson so mad you… Thank God were so grateful for you and for your team.

Such a great team making things happen and we'll go to some cities because they don't have people like you and networks like you in those areas to bring people to an event like this. So thank you, still a very kind say that will work for grateful and I want to give the websites easy.

Remember this David and I guess all the information is there some is likely what is this about since you shoot a little video from their order your tickets right away while they're still there and it'll be an amazing night and I will see you Thursday night on October 6 and I'll see these overnights to their put it on your calendar you will be thoroughly blessed and encouraged in pray for God to do everything. Hey, thanks so much David Michael for hanging out with us me that I picked it up N accomplishing this is the Truth Network

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