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In the Trenches with Lantern Rescue

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 29, 2022 7:00 pm

In the Trenches with Lantern Rescue

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 29, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu and the Truth Warrior Interns are joined by Mark, Lantern Rescue founder and host of the Lantern Rescue podcast, and Whitney, Lantern Rescue's Director of Public Engagement, to talk about Lantern's work in Afghanistan and Ukraine and the level of violence and human trafficking occurring on the ground.

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This is Robbie doing more from the Christian cargo. I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that work. This is the Truth Network the light of Christ in the light of rescue is shining in the darkness right now.

You are presently in rescue and I've got Mark living his head initially directly for interns is a little bit loud, have your director of communications. All utilities are marked give us an update of what God is doing in later rescue and takes over Ukraine.

You have a lot of folks over there trying to help Sarah appreciate let me get on your show you because you know it's just like we get so heavily involved in tragedy and conflict in the world inside of our counter tracking efforts like Afghanistan, right, and in the world forgets about of Afghanistan will guess what were still in Afghanistan were still taking risk rescuing people all the time doing extractions everything we have to rewrite introduced me to a guy who can't make his name or anything who's involved in any just give an update on if there's average of our task force leader and he's doing incredible work right now. Right now while I'm doing this show we are moving a mom and baby.

During high diving for it will since August of last year within the whole world media forgets about that right we keep working in the Ukraine. Like that's the same thing like we are employing an enormous amount of people running warehouses, being the first point of contact. Feeding 500 600 people a day plus advising them on route safety.

How not to get traffic where to go in different countries that were doing all this work is is like the world I live. I forgot about Ukraine to get his move on to the next thing and we just stay in the trenches and appreciate my team and my people, and especially my foreign employees who are task force members doing incredible work. Just this week one of our warehouses was pretty close to some really hard shelling mortar shelling attacks and forcing nobody died in divorce, but still tell you your audience needs to know the people defending our our points of interest are pastors I've had to put body armor and helmets guns in their hands get them training the old you know bunkers do everything we can to defend that these are all pastors in every path running America go think this could be you one day to check this out.

You know they're just blown away, but it's Christian pastors and ministry leaders stayed in the fight in Ukraine and I know there's a lot of hot topics to talk about the funding and money and all that Leona signed by that. I'm just talking about the Christian mom, dad and children who are suffering. That's who were helping.

That's who are risking that's who were feeding. That's were giving care of her and watching over and it's going to come a day where this is hopefully getting in and we have to rebuild churches and would have distribute Bibles and have to help people in that way so Christian audience. Be ready for that untraditional quick to. This is our director public engagement who workforces well and does incredible job and she's been very deep in the Ukraine conflict and effort as well and not winning. Send us tell us about that because one of the big casualties of war or children in human trafficking young men young young boys and ladies there traffic as result of war that's the war underneath the war that we found talk about that little bit winning I think that was one of the key points and then later sent fast to get to Ukraine is starting to see things unraveling my people in place as quarter-point in places where you see these women and children that are coming across the border, seeking lackeys from what's going on there, signed their own Ukraine fighting standing for their grandparent fighting for their country that leads to vulnerable population coming across the board and the wrong people in the right people at the wrong people are in sales anywhere you have an opportunity for evil intent. The rise we see it we know it will lead and we got a group of people together and we have material together really we just try to become that this is what you need to look for. This is what you need to want These people are okay. These people are not picking up a sign that situation. I know we can hardly imagine what is really going on that we are so blessed and Ukraine serves as a wonderful reminder to hear. But it is also a call to stand up and do something for a moment. Being a mom with a young child and put your child on a bus with you under gunfire and all of these things right get to this this rally point is made it your beginning of your destination out of Ukraine. You know where to go. Talk to you in the right person the wrong person and I see someone maybe putting anything and in that moment your Hon. mind screaming child on your hip and you're just think that person and now you're not your victim trying to break your with your baby and another transport going into another country and your traffic like animal they tag you and you could never see your baby again you could be killed. It's all which I remember truth or interfere. You guys have a question for Mr. Barker is Whitney with later rescue lighting the way to freedom. They need your support by way later is our right, Mark Blanchard Do we have right now we have an open case in the Caribbean that involves Ukrainian women the right to track that far.

There already in the Caribbean south of the US are being held in brothels in there for sale in their passports. Documents have been taken. They cannot leave and they are only given accordance or undercover agents are given food and water was barely barely existent all the archery printer not a quick question for these guys. Yeah, I was gonna say give us a little bit of background about how this all started, and when it started setting is important for everyone to know and unique. You have multiple shows about our beginning that people can tap into our podcast and research that I would encourage and justice of all the gods done to bring us to where we are today, but I did some encouraging will check out the land rescue podcast back in the beginning podcast you get all the same for keeping it simple on a simple note there is no doubt in any of our mind that working intricately to sign each person table in this organization to be the hands and feet and operate the body of Christ is something that would gain everything you want to disguise their old teammate. A lot of folks within pastors, leaders and pray for the front-line people in real quick mark, jealous a lot of folks are wondering, honestly, what's going on Ukraine like is this. Moreover, is, like been this long drawn out affair. The no one really knows, what what you see is is the next thing to happen there and how can we be praying for Ukraine people what's really happened. If you just follow the facts and you know if you would understand war without understanding the political reasons and all that is happening you just want to look at a straight war Google the crisis maps showing where every missile is landing and just watch that play out over the last few months how much attack occurred in Ukraine. The size of Texas and those were real cities real towns rowhouses that are being decimated. That's a real fact people were getting shot shot at their missiles there landing.

There's no fight severe fights on the ground that's that's occurring right now there is no conspiracy about that anybody thinks otherwise is completely and utterly wrong and needs to buy plane ticket to Warsaw and go see so the other factor that is obviously what is going to do what is the international community going to continue to do all of those things that that's for other mines and other podcast not this one. We just need to pray for those in harm's way and update from the team and later rescue were with her interns were wonderful establishing near one of our Truth Network partners here North Carolina and Dario you enjoy your hotdog to do. We we we talk a lot effectively market is the best of your arteries or injuries. I had a big scoop is always at Colby Rado big scoop of ice cream chocolate eyes. Right in front of the sweltering heat. Pray for later rescue the pastors pray for Ukraine. But this will give you share this podcast to other people that you know what's going on these social battle dear saints, there some great Christian schools and seminaries. Some great churches that are being bombed and there's a lot of traveling, some 8 million people are staying not leaving old people in our prayers and the website one more time for the Berliner Instagram based on the following people can get involved right absolutely not something your heart without a volunteer form on our website. Let us know what your desire is and where you still like to help know it is like role. This massive dark room was dark it was like this massive arena seats you know hundred thousand people in its pitch black.

Someone turns on a little flashlight someone like SU turns on a big light what is a bunch of other people listing right now to my voice. They decide to shine the light of Christ themselves and start praying and start giving a supporting and going to know what you what would happen. We want to write what we are constantly believing Christian ability absolutely finds you know it's going to check out think it's important for everyone to see that there is the capability to do so much more and what we do currently right on your heart.

Any time he's ever called me and I left me behind the praying someone's art was to buy this interview to all Russian affiliates of Truth Network are our friends all over the place.

Wilkins radio Truth Network all the stations carried Jacksonville 91.9 down in St. Augustine on 1.3 Brunswick 91.7 sexual listing to this, go to some about to go to later know I don't ask us, ask God what he wants you know God is the God of the helpless is the God of the home was he's the God of the widow, and the orphan and there's a bunch of them out there.

They need your help by helping these folks you can help them and be the hands and feet of Jesus and you can shine that light light up our world with good news of Jesus that you guys fellowship. This is the Truth Network

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