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The Lord is Working in China!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 15, 2022 7:00 pm

The Lord is Working in China!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 15, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu interviews Chinese native, Mark, who talks about his journey from Communism to Christ, the state of the church in China, and the importance of the Great Commission.

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This is on trial from the finishing world podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network friends in the segment were going to where the action is you want to get fired up your faith in Jesus Christ. Let me tell you, but I give you one word China, the Lord is working there is movement of the Holy Spirit of God thousands a come to faith in Christ every week in China and I'm sitting next to a man who is has been impacted going way back to even Hudson Taylor.

His name is Mark is actually from that neck of the woods that part of world, and he's my guest right now Mark God bless you and venturing out with us a little bit here on truth.

Okay thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and that I have is an opportunity to share what about God is doing in China and is still amazing about the China elimination actually. They worked in my hometown province before the company's coming to power as of the 1949, and even though they had to leave the place but the word of God the Holy Spirit is still working there. So I talked at times that you know when the pastors were arrested. The Bible as Laverne and mission are kicked out from China and by the word. The word of God never stopped and saw my mom. She was only 16 years old my grandmom a trendsetter you know and now when my mom was very sick, you know, and that my quit mom tried everything to heal my mom but nothing happened. Mom almost died, but in the last minute she heard from her relatives because China is very relational. You know you if you have something good. You tell your good friends. It had a family so and then they it that you know, I know some of their of the family members told my grandma believing Jesus Jesus Cahill, daughter out of mother's love. My grandmom took my mom to this remote village. That's where the elderly Christians do remember the missionaries.

The China unit from 10 AM and told them how to break they pray for my mom. My mom was cute that news like this. Dr. couldn't heal her daughter. But Jesus healed her daughter so my grandma begin to, you know, like to share the gospel. Ever see visitor patients and so that's where the house church started my home, so, and anything for Hudson Taylor century ago or whatever. Went to churches and said support me in some churches that are you crazy Mr. Taylor wire you China. There's needs right here, the God: there the China inland Mission was started and he actually learn the language and now today thousands of come to Christ as an estimated massive number of Christians are in fact Mark.

I love to ask you this, someone told me once that there are Chinese Christians praying for us in America that we would wake up that we would have revival here in America there's a lot of persecution I know to what it what about that was just like the hunger for God among Chinese Christians. I think God means near the circumstances like persecution is like the wintertime the wheat has to die in order to produce a harvesting analysis springtime. You know, I believe the early missionary date. Amazing work even doing the culture of motion, you know you in the 70s and so many Christians are being persecuted. But you know is the seat died and then you and 80s when China began to open up you know there was such a harvest time. Also, the Holy Spirit working on and you know but you even though I grubbing the Christians I'm like my mom. I quit mom, you know, but I was brainwashed in China because the company is enough, but 99 happened at the gym.

The students movement in the massacre that even shook our faith in communism so that you went to college I began to ask a question what is freedom what is truth about me because were taught. Communism was the truth, but we would like to. So that's when I met another someone from this country, Texas, and how I know everything there is a big doctors but mine is a lot bigger deck it out because he watched the young man was spend the tank God begin to smoke speak to him to go to China share the good news was the time students it was studying Chinese in my college and I saw him was so different. You know the joy I said why are you so delightful in an instant good about it and he said because of Jesus. I Jesus that's my mama mama quit mom for people who didn't have good education in a blessed knowledge in America load load of college students assigned to suckers and so I told him that my mom equipment Christians my grandma my mom. They had been praying for me all these years, you know. And now that the Lord use another one from this country to share good news with me and because I you know my generation was still so disillusioned was the government you know is the control and net so I was asking him your from America. Tell me what is freedom told me the real freedom is from the truth what is truth. You know, little did he know that I was searching so hard I was studying electronic engineering, but I was not interesting that anymore. I was so interesting philosophy and then we had a Bible study in a one-on-one and were reading book of John, Jesus, that you will will know the truth.

The truth will set you free churches and I am the way the truth and life. No one comes to the excessive father that really got you know that's the early 1999 to 1. About this time and I receive Jesus into my heart I know that's the beginning of my new life and because of that my mom my grandma. They're so grateful they begin to pray for America because someone from these countries wonder China sure gospel was beat up this losing the young man. That's why we have the gospel that you know the Christians in China. We know we received so much from missionaries when you pray for England. You know that where they send Hudson Taylor would prove America submissions. So what happened you came to Christ. Now you are just on fire and I can hear your passion. It's inspiring me but Mark your from China came to America you really gave your life to Christ years so you know someone American share the gospel with which your mom and grandma had been praying for you to pray Lord awaken young Mark to be saving your save set free by Jesus. What happened next to where you are today and now you're part of getting the gospel back to China. You know, tell us a little bit about how you end up from that year we came to Lord to now you know I I think he sees I come to Christ. I iPhone the new freedom in Christ.

I knew that's my countrymen.

You know they were looking for door searching for so that's something the love of God compels us, you know, and I think Lord calling on my life. You know, I see that's the beginning of the campus revival in finding the 90s and then in a 2000 you know that China joined the WTO in a lot of business people come to Christ because money cannot satisfy them, they began to have a sense of purpose in their lives.

Use money to get behind the great commission.

So I think God has blessed China all these years you know a higher purpose to send omission race for the Lord continue the great commission. That's our mission. In Isa Chinese window part of the great commission in a cell and II feel the America guy has been using these to be ascending mission, and I pray again that God will continue to use this country and to wake up but in another great awakening released the young people to go to the mission. We can work together you harvest time and so so that's what you're about.

Now working mobilize to equip young people to go back to China to lead people to Jesus and would you say to Dennis Pearson. Was there some great Christians in America on fire for God, your region souls for Christ, but statistically it's like less than 10% of born-again Christians in America are even telling others about Jesus. It's very sad. The church in America. We've kinda got a little bit soft. We kinda got a little bit comfortable of the church. When I hear things for the church in China and it could be the persecution it could be the other into the hunger for God. There and I know no church is perfect. Obviously if you find one, don't join a casual mess it up, but Mark, what would you challenge Americans listening to this program about getting on mission with God about going in the great commission, what would your challenge be took to motivate people listening about just how this message is just too good not to tell someone you know this is that you know it we acknowledge Jesus is not our Savior, but it's also the Lord of our life. You know a visa Lord at all. He should be the Lord of everything you know that's the great commission you go use earful make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you know not only we are going, but he sent the Holy Spirit to come upon us.

You know will empower us to be his that witness, you know, and I believe that's how we grow as a disciple were doing our finances. Working at that.

That's where you experience abundant life you know that Jesus has promised and I think American dream is good but is nothing can compare with that and you know that Jesus is in the kingdom size dream you nice and even the China dream, you know. But you know, Lord. May your kingdom, your will be done. I believe that's the only hope fall know every nations you know that's Jesus. No other name. You know, but the name of Jesus over a billion people in China Christ is coming there. People are being saved. The church is growing.

Mark is a big part of that he and I are this conference here were networking with other kingdom minded folks about how to reach the world is really not about my mission or my dream or the American dream like you just said is really is about the gospel dream. It's about this gospel will be preached in all the world and then the end will come. There still billings you have not heard the gospel yet, they need to be set free by the truth of Jesus as we wrap up our theme verse for truth talking Truth Network is John 832 you shall know the truth. The truth will set you free. That we say that Chinese everyone here because I want him. I showed all of our programming in Chinese in our happiness of people in China can listen in manner in other languages, but was saved in Chinese Goya, the truth shall set you free or that person with human beings and exiting thing. The present document uncial. Amen. This is the Truth Network

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