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Not Ashamed of Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 8, 2022 7:00 pm

Not Ashamed of Jesus!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 8, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu visits Awake Church in Winston-Salem, NC and catches up with Pastor Matt Peterson and Dr. Michael Brown, who joined Pastor as a guest speaker. Dr. Brown talks about his upcoming event, Not Ashamed of Jesus Day, on April 14th, and Pastor Matt shares about his ministry, Hydrating Humanity.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network there is my friends a profit. The land is not about his need to be like a couple of them stayed with them right now and so the really cool just happen in his church were this brave pastor. It's a lot of passionate. Have you had Dr. medical record coverage. Matt Peterson why would you have this culture Crusader in your pulpit for 50 minutes and bring the wording well that I am respected and loved him for many years and of the message that he brings the heart that he has is really one of love that sound in the in the word and he has a love for Jesus. For the Scriptures and on what he brings is been really helpful to us and to the whole community is an and all the radial community as well and so I just trust him and I really appreciate this church is called away church is not awoke churches away church and there's a difference. But pastor Matt loves the Lord and and a lot of black guys do a lot here and working on new facility all kinds of things happen. Dr. Brown is speaking on lot issues.

A lot of Christians are free to touch what the Bible says about sexuality what the Bible says about pro-life and so he's really Dr. Brown you've accumulated acquired aggregated some enemies over the years, having his or yet will I mean they they passionately believe in their cause you know that they really think that abortion is a decision that should be left to the to the woman and and if two people love each other whether the man women. Why should they be able to marry so they look at me as the enemy. They look to me as the hater. The bigots organ overcome that.

That feeling of hatred towards us reading over the overcome that with love overcome lies with truth so I understand what we have enemies as a target on her back, but the good news is, God is with us and and Jesus said if you want to follow him.

We have to deny ourselves, take up the cross form and if we save our lives, so we want to be popular want everyone to like us.

Except as we lose them, we become slaves to the opinions of others. If we lose our lives than we save them. So the way to be free is to obey, stand up, speak out and they got to be with you on your challenging Christians across America. Maybe the world to do something on April 14. It's kind of a big day. It's the eve of everyone's most hated day tax day, April 15. What's going on April 14. This is kind of a big deal. Yes, in honor of Esther 414 where Mordechai says to Esther look if you're silent in the face of danger for your people help will come from another place within those may be coming to the kingdom for such a time as this.

So Esther 414 national not ashamed of Jesus day. Take a minute going and not ashamed of not ashamed of On that day were asking every believer in public do something to draw attention to the fact that you are a follower of Jesus hears the message were here were not ashamed. Love Jesus love you so you where the spring of Bible it's reaching out to someone if you're in the home only do it on social media get word out national not ashamed of Jesus day good and not ashamed of together will raise our voices and we are by God's grace and mighty army in the land go to that website and while maybe it's time for some Christians come out of the closet was average. Christians is a this is I know whom I have a leaving and I am persuaded that he is able to do that which is promising committed under that day is that days, Christ is coming back pastor Matt you gave a very gracious shameless plug at the Truth Network and 97.7 you guys brag I'm gonna walk out his church so blessed I came to sit on the back row and her workers radio host and I get I get you you you you pray for me. Dr. Brown gave a gracious shout out that to me but you brought me on stage and was so kind but pastor Matt, what's it like to hear this on the radio you need to do this out to 97.77's lawyer presents with, but to have them come in your pulpit and preach a share that we will share that with all these people you know hunters are to be on your delegates. It's wonderful and it's you know what I think you of Dr. Brown.

You know it is one of these guys that I feel like is a voice of the space for so many who don't have a voice in some ways and in a broad sense in the way the communicates truth and again loves people and that is because we get labeled so many times as haters and it just not the truth, and so I just it's a blessing to us, and I'm really thankful thank you for the radio station. Thank you that you have them on here and keep them on. I had him on very the very beginning.

There is there is that I got an article on know how it hit me, given McLaughlin the crazy man up there somebody you know said can you be gay and Christian fellow who isn't asking a question and I thought that the guest editor who it would be but I still Dr. McBride seen that name connected with other things and so the Lord work to get them on and on listening and talking like why is it the scanner radio crazy, you tell us relive the David Dr. Brown. I think the thing that incurs me mad to set it pastor meant to set it. Is it we we have these people are enemies the cross which I was in and across one time before Christ. I was on the way in a bad direction you were somehow 9071, but we talk about how Christians and how your China model is on your show from the pulpits and from the microphone to engage even the enemies of the cross with the grace of God with love of literature like he's talking how they be nice to him.

You will. God treats us with incredible kindness along the way incredible patience and I want to show that same patience and kindness to others who differ within the body and differ outside the body and and we we know that that that message it's a compromise it's the truth because repentance validity.

Season with love well and what your challenger one out there especially is big April 14 day from Ezra 1414. You know, 414 and epic verse at Esther Esther for whatever get that wrong from a Hebrew scholar just had a draft of all that with Doug around what your final challenge did not hear and for Christians to do the same thing like wherever they go to intuitive just one day really everyday that we but your counties want a baby to really stimulate something with love Jesus we love you let that message get out.

What's the website again for that. Not ashamed of While Dr. Michael Brown.

Check out his books he loves Jesus he sign a revival time of the resurrection of Christ and pastor Matt, your challenge, you take away after hearing the sky preach on the resurrection without the crucifixion there can be no resurrection. Psalm 23.

How many pastors can presumptively frequently Hebrew and the English right there and in some of my thought he was being entirely interpreted reckless spot what your take away challenger, one after the sermon today will you know Jesus said he was the light of the world while he was in the world.

Then he said to us you are the light of the world. And so it speaks of this day. Us being the light and standing. We would let shine people actually are hungrier than we think. There needier than we think.

And they're looking for what we have we not realize and so weak we we've got a list be that hope for other people by pointing people to Jesus rain check out the line of fire in your really unlucky, you might hear David. I'm just toasting or or or Matt may be a guest on their you you you got a greater voice, my brother know maybe we all have a vase radio. God bless you, April 14 and go to the website get involved share with your family and let's let's let our light shine.

The king is returning. Who will you take to heaven with his right. That's right, he will be with them always since… Let's sign for now and hydrate humanity or ministry real quick plug at a quick yeah hydrating humanity work in East Africa providing clean drinking water, hygiene education and we show the Jesus film the 20,000 people year weekly meeting to the gospel to hydrating to learn more, go to that you'll see Matt.

There is a great ministry that in this is scary. The number of people that don't have clean water in Africa and through water. You're able to deliver the water of life, right absolutely let's all but living water but we first got to keep them alive for you given clean water first and then begin the living water. They die before you share the gospel with is not a good thing.

So he's taken that all over get This is the Truth Network

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