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The Truth About Ukraine

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 9, 2022 7:00 pm

The Truth About Ukraine

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 9, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is on a drive to Nashville, TN with two Marks... Mark Smith, founder of Lantern Rescue and host of the Lantern Rescue podcast and radio program, and Mark Sanger, Christian radio friend, colleague, and mentor. They discuss the truth about the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network Sony hearts are broken for and so many people are praying for the people of Ukraine as an all-out war is being assaulted on them. Russia is attacking as a whole lot going on geopolitically is a whole lot of talk of nuclear war from the Russians. There's what you see on TV and there's was really happening and I am I'm in my car with the founder of lantern rescue Mark Smith who is a lover of Jesus as a host of lantern rescue amazing amazing radio show broadcast podcast hurt all over the place were 200 radio outlets signals Mark first of all, why would lantern rescue be involved or just be excited about helping Ukraine to hear what you want to hear the news immediacy of what's really going on there and what brought you into the into the engagement things there for having us on the show and just talk a little bit about the everybody's talking about. So first calculator rescue is primarily focused on human trafficking contract, but we all have extensive backgrounds working conflict areas in war zones and ask especially how do we help those in harm's way and we do a lot of that still doing that for you stand.

So when he came to this issue that we got a little bit ahead of the curve lease.

Recognizing this may happen and develop the network and network got online and really what that is. It's incredible incredible volunteers and heroes who are willing to drive in harm's way to extract people and your command center in our route evaluations and intelligence just networking different people together. We have been moving people every single day from some of the worst positions that maybe using one of the things I say a lot of people are. Don't how to feel about this or scared different things personal no don't get lost in the propaganda on either direction. Don't get lost in the conspiracy theories that social media superstars like to get your clicks on and all that. There's space for you to think of nothing.

Don't be a thinker and don't be an evaluator. Bottom line is the day there are women and children who are dying and who are in there in harm's way so we have to do something. I do not want to save Ukraine and we want to save the world but we gotta first save. Some people were stuck in a really bad spot, you know, and they have no help in so we trying to be a solution to that. I don't know who else is doing that. I'm sure the baby saw just using incredible. I'm not talking about something about 25-year-old girls are willing to to commandeer a vehicle that we gas up fuel up which is a really hard task to and willing to drive in and get these people you know and is just been remarkable what they're doing, you know.

And yet we have relationships and higher levels but I would say the most impressive group right now driving and going under harm's way. And that's going to evolve into something more, but with a lot of orphans and a lot of that's awesome. I am driving about a drive up mounds on the way. The National religious broadcasters convention to tell more people that they can cure this awesome program lantern rescue without one of my other Christian radio friends, colleagues and mentors Mark Sayer got to Markson here and were doing this interview because both these guys are too hard to pin down. There is a lot going on. I saw this interesting name for prospective Mark Singer, someone posted next time you go to complain about the price of gas. Remember there's a there's a small group of believers hovel huddled in a bunker in a subway with no lights on their knees praying that there family will be spared the little bit of perspective is that your first for problems answer is a really sobering time when you realize that creature comforts you have all the time it is taken away when something like that happens in we want to blame or try to shift and sell what what if we did this, what we did that.

Probably the biggest things going this people praying and asking the Lord intercede and it's no.

Hopefully our compassion levels go up for us to try to do things in us to be involved in.

I think being in the media really trying to let other people know what is really going on how to decipher the truth in this world of fake news and all these other crazy things of the first truth. You start with is the Scripture and start with praying and asking God for clarity and to get sermon recently on the smell test. It is a really is the information your learning from your pastor really need the smell test is a really doctrinally correct and then from that you you discern better in the world. What is the real truth going on out.

So the smell test in one of the things is not pass the smell test right now is why the United States of America is funding this war by being Russia's number one customer for oil so our leaders are all saying Mark Smith S your leaders all saying all so bad for Ukraine are present.

All these people, yet they continue to spend billions paying for all and they won't drill our little we have billions of gallons of oil underneath our soil. Not trying to cut right there, but it worked pretty good there today and yet we won't drill for whatever environmental crazy reasons yet. It's just seems like common sense but the fact that we are sinning billions of dollars to two Russia every day for their oil. You cover this on your news network Mark Singer is kind of a, it's it's almost laughable, and in it again I'm not I'm not talking about Democrat Republican or independent or unrelated but it's almost laughable that we still find there were still funding this, it's a travesty as they laughable to travesty we have all the soil we were energy independent under the previous administration, analysis, and we have to buy oil from everywhere else really be involved in Venezuela and just follow the money on what's going on here with the oil it's why are we buying anything from the Soviets why they will say will you just don't understand your little small mind is a big enough we understand what's going on. Worse were buying oil, thereby munitions. It's pretty simple that this is a difficult thing to just cut it all, all of them there to buy it for someone else will we know they are but they're knocking to do with our money. In the meantime that fuels their no pun intended.

Their efforts to destroy the long one large democracies and all the Slavic states, Ukraine, which is I'm just so encouraged by lantern rescue. The ministry seen slogan is lighting the way to freedom and so literally when Atlanta rescue bat phone goes off. Mark Smith you try to help people. Whether it's a no rating a brothel in the in the islands and saving a bunch of little girls out of a horrible and slavery situation or whether it's in the Ukraine where there's there's orphanages and other people that they need to get out there about to get Bob to talk about how we can pray for your ministry and how we can be wise we just talked about ministries raising millions of dollars. Now there's only Ukraine flag up and there's a call this number and give us your credit card but how much of that money is really going to helping people on the ground. Mark Smith lantern rescue is always a question my mind because I know what it calls for fuel and know what it takes to be vertical in order to mulled over Romania like I know what that is.

So for us if you want to pray for us and if you want to be a donor to move somebody at this point we can do that and I can know we can easily report that back to that donor so when the Sears but that's how were operating on Lena doesn't make money is not the monies in and out because were just trying to move people and I know the real cost of that.

That's as transparent as I can be, you know him and I don't know if others would be that transparent I'm just telling you will will take your money will rescue somebody with that money and reported back to your on back channel lines marches all day and I sleep tonight. Your phone staying in every night you just it's just been nonstop you're about to take a little catnap ears we drive. This drive Madrid driver will safely for you to sleep because you Your sleep deprived, gravely agreed to this quick interview, but we talk about what the price your team and people on the ground in Ukraine are paying to rescue other people are laying their life down.

I think that verse.

Jesus said, greater love is no man than this man, late in his life for his friends. We talk about that as we get out of here Mark Smith lantern rescue yet that verse is so key it was incredibly important about that verse is that you and I understand that versus Christian Americans right but then I get to see it not only exemplified through our working team, but I see it, a live example of it from somebody that maybe doesn't fully understand that verse two, you know, these are these are people who just want to rescue somebody there see their country destroyed and and it opens up the door so I that I get to tell members I get is that you are a hero you are family. You are our brother's eye, and I love you and I want you to know this. Not sure that that type of verse with them and they need that you know it, so I don't if that's what you asked you what we get, we could to introduce the gospel with our our task force on the ground. These volunteers and because that's what encourages their spirit to do that, you know what's powerful is that guys I will tell you this right now Stu Epperson here. This is true, thought on the road driving to the nationalist broadcast division and natural were broadcasting in the car were were redeeming every second of every day with little devotion with little prayer with two of my very close friends Mark Singer who was the head of the great radio network in North Carolina, central North Carolina and then Mark Smith is the founder and head of lantern rescue you support people like men rescue friends don't by the way, go download your podcast.

Listen to the radio program and get it get a box of tissues I'm telling you the time to break your heart there talking to victims who have been saved work crying out sing any know my name. I had no idea what was happening to me and now I'm in a Christian home and got delivered me you listen to stories.

Your donation to him rushing in to hear the testimony you hear the test was on the radio of what how that money was used. That's real, so be sure you support. Whether it's interesting what a great ministry to search first-aid lot. Other great ministries are on the ground doing things. Be sure you support those in pray personal starving Mark Singer taken so pray for the lantern rescue team and in all the different functions engaged in this battle, and the church in the seminaries and so many believers and saints who are praying I saw a giant missile just embedded in the ground outside a house, and with people around on their knees praying it didn't detonate it or just pray and ask God for the site we pray for our daily bread there. Pray for God to be daily. Load up you know it so marks or just close out prayer we actually are. Join us or we just want to come up for you thrall these concerns. All these worries know these opportunities to you and pray for the discernment to know where to help, and how to help lift up this lantern rescue and all the people are part or just all the things you see all the things going on the ground there. This notion that people are sitting in a subway just praying your people are in holes in the ground just trying to survive. We just prayed help these people help help the people are trying to help them.

We just pray that you would just intercede in great ways and let you be glorified give you the glory and allow you to shine across this nation of Ukraine and help these seminaries of these churches a lot of churches on the ground there. Lord need to see your hand they just need that word of encouragement they need that the guiding light that only you give Lord through your word is pray this bring them together just lift up your word as they go through these trying times and help them to see a greater picture of glory that the kingdom to come is much greater than this one were fighting for the day.

Just pray for these folks.

Lord give strength and wisdom skip safety in ways that that only you can give it the stories it will hear some of your hand. We just prayed help on is pray for Mark Smith ears. He leads all these people that you help Linda and that wisdom and discernment that he needs to use the resources wisely allow him to just always be ready to give an account of the hope that lies within him that this work is not his work with your work for this your work to bring other people into the kingdom is prayed. Help us Lord help us all help these nations help our nation bring the light of the world back in here Lord, take away this evil that's just driving these crazy things going on, just prayed.

Help us Lord we prayed in Jesus name.

The only one that can heal and say we just prayed help us MLS website for lantern rescue lantern lantern district.Stu Epperson this is the Truth Network

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