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Best of: Go Share Good News!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 16, 2022 9:30 am

Best of: Go Share Good News!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 16, 2022 9:30 am

From our Archive, Stu sits down with Jeff Chetwood of International Commission, who shares his testimony and his passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the two billion people in the world who have never heard the Good News.

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This is seen from the mask and journey podcasting or go with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network we got all kinds of problems friends in the church today disunity division. We have people fighting people splitting people arguing lot of facts is not a friction but I'm glad you're here right now to talk live on Stu Epperson, your post and while we obsessed with our challenges in our light scheme in our brand and all that stuff. There's 2 billion people in the world that are never the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2 billion people who are bound toward hell, crisis eternity, just a little study on hell and realize this is serious business. How can we reach them well as a friend of mine is guys radically ticked off just about everybody we know know because he just so radical he's been at lunch with her trees were interns quite a bit through these guys. He is Jeff Chet Wood and he is with a ministry called International commission on Jeff put that Mike right in your chin. Okay, correct and build here you can move that that might little mover a little bit Jeff what tell us a little bit about your testimony and the warrior introduced her to ask you one question about missions. Also little bit about what got you your living the good life for kids living on country club Road heaven in a nice home making good money and suddenly something radically change your life. Can you take to get to that point rogue or ES God called me to tell the world about Jesus that didn't make any sense to me. I didn't have four children had three children wanting college in the tube out to go to college and one need in braces than in a house payment and 901-and two dogs and nothing made sense. God call me the tell the world about Jesus.

Nobody understood what that was but FlashForward a number of years, quit my job went to seminary for three years to get a masters of India southeastern planet, a church with Calvary under Marquart's four and half years and then God call me to that of the sow the world that 20 countries in Asia, seven of them had 2% or less, Christian 12 of them had 10% or less Christian for Muslim with sharia law for communist one is this wacko Miramar where were leaving for relieving to go there tomorrow and another one is in Mindanao and with the Al Qaeda in the Philippines, so we go we share the gospel in the power the Holy Spirit. We leave the results to God we take people with us from churches here to partner with churches there, and God raises up thousands on the other side of the world to go out and share the gospel use and operation entry Billy Graham technique that international commission is use for 44 years and millions upon millions have come to the Sagan relationship worldwide so that you and Jodi went to India.

But before you went all the pastors a while back. All the pastors got together, prayed for nine months right ahead of time and fasted the cigarette you get there and what happens what happens is in 2002 we went on our first mission trip we went to India and we had 7710 prayed receive Jesus within two weeks that a grown to 17,000.

It will triple in three months and go to a multiple of five. Eventually, except in India where they continue to pass that operation Andrew cards and people who accept Jesus continue to pray for Tian and what that does is it's like a tsunami wave. It never stops. And so the waves keep going and it's an incredible thing you can be a part of it.

We get so comfortable and I hate to use this word, we get kinda apathetic in America we get our little problems man we got we got probably more shrinks and counselors know that we do have a people you know that you know of, be it in a week. You know big because we we were so obsessed with our we have these problems. We do have a lot of challenges and is not undermine the need of. We only counseling, but we all need discipleship and we in boat but we have what I guess we call it first world problems right where we are where we have these issues that are nonessential to eternity and here you have countries like India where there's people have never heard about the saving grace of Jesus and that's what you your call to with international commission which is so you guys an aggressive evangelism we we planning this. You don't go over and do a lot of social work you go over there and you pound the gospel to people getting saved to get them reproducing right away. That's Greg this is intentional evangelism. This is not sharing. This is not social gospel. This is sharing the gospel. Okay, I gotta get my trees were entered senior organ turn on Noah Williams got a question for Mr. Chet Wood. We met with the sky couple times. He always fires you guys have any yes. So as a young person today.

What can we be doing that is radical and in today's society as like that as a young person well. Would you believe that them tomorrow morning at 545. I get on the plane for me. Amar and then I go to the Philippines. We will go into high schools in Manila. There are 12 million in Manila proper and 5 million transit 17 million and we are working with 35 churches and will have 105 elementary schools, high schools and universities that we will go in the average size 5000 we have we have two teenagers who are actually we have three teenagers who are 15 years old. They are going with this. They will be standing in front of a high school of 15,000 share the gospel. That's radical and and I really hear the positive in their gonna they're going to get an invitation for them to pray to receive Jesus and you're going to have thousands come the saving relationship and then their caring materials home and so the families are going to be reading this material and you know you may have 10 in a family so the multiplier is taking place and that's by the Holy Spirit of God while okay so let's get Davis here are other trees were introduced as a quick question for goods or someone is a follow-up question would you say people can do in their daily lives because some of us especially about there were countries and thousands being saved. It sounds quite intimidating. So what for someone especially if they have obligations to stay here in the states and maybe stay where they are, what you people do in their daily lives to continue to chair and minister the gospel in the place that God person currently is put them in. Will they answer that was given by Jesus in acts 18 that you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses first in Jerusalem and Judea Samaria to the ends of the earth your Jerusalem is your hometown, your Jerusalem are the people that you and within your family, your mom and dad your family your cousins your aunts your uncles the people you go to school with the people you go to work with the people that you meet at the grocery store the people across the street that at this the mailbox across the street. You have an opportunity to share the only message that will change in eternity and that is the gospel Lord Jesus Christ. You do it because you got her a relationship with them, but it's out of your relationship with Christ that you share this gospel and it's in his power and he does he does at all doubt what a great answer or great question and I think Jeff you know some people can go over there but when we hear about when people do go over there and they see that it's pretty jolting it, which is a wake-up call. And that's why we encourage people to go on missions trips. We encourage people to go see for themselves what God's doing. Can we go to a country where it's illegal to own a Bible you go to a country where you meet with people whose pastor was executed the week before does something to sobers up a little bit in, but it also challenge these people are not running because of that there running into the fire there running into they're not running away from of the running to it to reach more people for Christ. That's right wing. When you ponder the fact that the what I am seen over there. I have never seen in America when the God of the universe shows up and he shows out and and thousands come to the Lord is what this is the same one who saved me here. He is the same one who calls me to to be here in my Jerusalem. We do travel with those who are willing to die for the gospel and in going in the places we go. My life is on the line.

My wife's life is on the land, the people's lives are on the left one of one of our contacts in me Amar.

He said you have risk your life to come here to share the gospel. But those pastors behind you are going to take you out and they're willing to die to protect you and so we are going and and and these are the brothers and sisters in Christ who are following the directions of Jesus not of the government.

They live under, which is so oppressive a middle thank you for what you're doing. International commission just googled out of Dallas Texas. You go to Louisville text every time is guys with me we talk he always tells me this is with this is quite a wake of voices I got a 50-50 chance of it not, no right 50-50 chance of not being allowed to Christmas every year for the last 15 years. Pray for Jeff Jody.

I taught his son Eric and great site school years ago. Now he's on fire for God. The workplace in the Durham Chapel Hill area loves Jesus and listens to us on our wonderful Truth Network affiliates there in the triangle area 105.5 105.7 a.m. 1030 were just grateful for you were to pray for you while you're gone, and we love to support what you're doing if you would like to go with the international commission were going to every continent of the world. We are attempting to go into every country every year by 2020.

And that means 50 international projects with Americans and internationals go when the end of these continents you want to go to any continent. We have projects in any continent, and most likely in the country you want to go all right as a challenge to go you can't go pray you can all pray in written auto soy act together on or you can go give a get give pray but try to do all three and watch what God does. I met known people have gone with this guy on trips and come back just chant life changed really not by what they've seen and what they seen got God do is like taking a trip back in the book of acts or was it all a study acts final was really going on. The church was a firewall go go to me Amar go to the Philippines. You walk right in the book of acts. These Christians in China of someone comes to faith in Christ. They are instantly going to another village to plant a church to delete other people to Christ there reproducing like crazy and in America.

Someone comes to faith in Christ and sometimes like a slowdown, a quick talking to that person about the Lord. Take what passes gospel tract what you think it separation of church and state income on you can be doing that, but this is a great fire Jeff think your encouragement. Learn more at the international commission's website and also word

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