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Evangelism Boot Camp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 11, 2022 5:00 am

Evangelism Boot Camp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 11, 2022 5:00 am

Everyone has a purpose to fulfill the Great Commission in their own life! Stu is joined by Jesse Connors, author of "Evangelism Boot Camp," in a coffee shop for a lesson in sharing your faith.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network evangelist and author and entrepreneur radio talkshow host mechanic and three college students before really walking to a coffee shop. What happens truth talk and he vanishes written a book called evangelism the Jesse Connors your part of the funeral in the world to know about this because so many Christians are not sharing their faith, we have the greatest news. The greatest message about the greatest Savior to transfer alive yet. Why are we telling people tell everyone our special guest unit one.

What got you going on this evangelism and telling your Jesus story well first of all I want to say thank you for being here with us here on our circle that you are in our hearts and so he wants you to know that God has a plan for everyone. You can't capital the great commission unless you take a commission in your own life and everyone has a purpose to fulfill the great commission in their life and it looks different, like we have mechanics. We have caused have entrepreneurs we have radio hosts in.

We are all different and in many ways that were all part of the same body, and so there are some generalities that we can all use to help let us go off and share our faith the way that God wants us to do in any situation. If you have literally five seconds. If you have 10 minutes or an hour that what about to explain to you is applicable and you can find a lot of this on evangelism boot this is a book that's been forwarded by Josh McDowell a great author and and writer for the Christian world and were honored to have him say this is the best, most comprehensive and fun worldview study that you can ever imagine. And we just highly recommend you going to so we're just talking about was how to share your faith to people like just very quickly and and not in an and not overwhelm them in one of the basic elements that we teach in evangelism boot camp is that you have to really level them with them.

The Bible says if you humble yourself will lift you up and that's very true when it comes to anyone that you're dealing with it. They get humbled then though. Then Jesus can lift them up.

So how do you humble them well it's actually a lot easier than you may think of angina boot camp really hones in on the fact that we are created and it is creation is an incredible reality of God, but just to slow down and think about what God has done in your own personal body helps us to be more open to what God has done so let's go ahead and apply this when you're sharing your faith with evangelism boot camp.

We first talk about why we were talking to somebody like Noah is here with me. Noah just go ahead and come in and share my faith human act like you're not a Christian. Okay so your aunt pretend that you're not a Christian.

Okay alright so what I want to do is I want to just basically run through with you a gospel presentation that I hope is going to help you in the future to share your faith and to not be afraid because this is an easy this is an easy path for us to go and share our faith okay so I'm in a go ahead and just act like I don't know you know. So here goes high.

How are you today get Sega, I may never see you again, so I wanted to give you this. It helps it to explain how we got the Bible now getting give you true card on Trileptal orders all free video answers R questions Buddhists and atheists. A Mormon Jehovah's Witness, then there's a special video there for you go through and see those cards, but a digit. I wanted to say this, you know, I did you know you go to church her entire life and and not know how we got the Bible can I tell you how we got the Bible really quick. Yes okay. Great.

Well, the Bible was written down by 40 different authors, most of them never met each other over a period of 600 years and it still tell the same story that lines up perfectly with archaeological data history and psychology every other holy book doesn't match the same standards. Any teach that you have to do some type of work to earn forgiveness for the bad things you've done, you don't even know if you've done enough until you die. But the Bible tells us you can know if you are going to heaven right now. What is arty know your name so this is asking, what is your name and you say no right was nice to meet you Noah can can I tell you what helps me to believe in the miracle of God in Jesus and hell and heaven. Okay, well, there is a miracle happening right now as I'm speaking to you invisible soundwaves are vibrating on your eardrum. On the other side of your eardrum. There are three little bones that lineup and attached your cochlea is a small snail shell structure that is filled with water and has thousands of hairs on his walls. As water moves. These hairs act like piano keys and create electronic signals to your brain can just begin to understand what I'm saying right now. So this helps me realize it doesn't make sense for me to think that I have the authority to say what God can and cannot do as I have no idea how my ear was created. While the Bible says the bad things you've done like telling a single life separate you from God because he is perfect. This means you can't go to heaven. God loves you so much that he wants to be in a personal relationship with you so you can go to heaven. So, do you know what God did for you because he loves you so much Noah, God came as Jesus to live a perfect life for you so he could take all of your punishment. He then died in your place, and he rose again from the dead, so you can have forgiveness. The Bible says if you believe God did this for you, then you will receive forgiveness in the presence of God will fill you. You will have true wife and go to heaven. So I want to ask you Noah, will you believe right now that God did this for you okay know, is Artie done that before the great and yet so you know you did a great job at that kinda gives you an idea of evangelism boot camp and what is able to do to it very quickly in and by the way, and eventually camp there is nine different worldviews. It tells you exactly what to say to them, it doesn't give you like the history like the dates and the times that that is these religions were probably looking at Wikipedia okay were talking about specifics on what to say to do this to hand you a Catholic, a Muslim and and in their spray QR codes to follow that that actually take you to a link untrue like a word we can watch these videos that have been remade for four Mormons to watch for atheists to watch.

You have to learn the end that the people talking to are converted from the information they just got done sharing.

So it is an incredible tool of instant boot can't I can't encourage you guys enough. We have to rise up right now as a church. Our window is limited. If we don't take our role in the great commission seriously, then we really do deserve it working to get the passionate voice of Jesse Connors is an evangelist and author TV production guru.

You got a whole lot is been an issue for many years and you. Here are some like that. Another dear brother in Christ Ted Williams is been a pastor he's been an entrepreneur you just invented a major new app focus your mind when you hear Jesse just passionate sure is worth amused coffee shop in Lynchburg Virginia with a knee to array of friends here. And no, I think you're being a good sport.

By the way, but what you hear this. Yeah, it's really important that we share the gospel and it's not just a lot of people think that is the job of the pastor.

That's the job of the pastor to go out and so my job is to maybe bring my friend the church. If I could just get my friend to come to church, maybe they'll hear the gospel and leave that's not the way dataset of the church. The church is the church we as laypeople in the church are called to do the work of the ministry and in the church when we go and were under the leadership or under the authority the pastors who are there. They teach us and they put things in her heart. I say I was at a conference probably about five years ago and this conference was for a bunch of college students and somebody said something that just put me on edge so much mainly so angry to be honest in this. This was the story in a nutshell, this guy was talking about a family member who came in was confiding in him and saying hey I got a big decision to make. And I'm not sure if I'm supposed to go in the ministry, meaning a full time like in the church -type engagement or if I'm supposed to go in the business world. I think maybe I'm supposed to turn. So go into ministry full-time or be an attorney logos with the two options in this particular individual, said something that set up something called a false dichotomy and it made me so angry.

The answer was this why would you ever choose to do anything besides wake up every morning and go to serve the Lord know what that person was saying by that was you need to go in the ministry, but the false dichotomy is if you're an attorney you can't wake up every morning, serve the Lord. That's false. So in the business world, which is where I am right now firmly rooted in the business world every single day is ministry opportunity. My eyes are opened to the gospel and if we can walk in the spirit and we can look at people who we see through eyes of compassion through lenses of compassion, then we are in ministry every day and it doesn't matter what little badge we might have on her shirt doesn't matter which Caleb student at liberty Senior touchup broker just graduated actually would ask Brad hereto and enjoy him and know each of you want to share your quick word about what he sure you heard him give this very practical way you know and know will play the role of an unbeliever, and he and Jesse share the gospel with we don't do that whole Sally lesson Severson believers really be with Christ. Would you put your heart about that Caleb yeah so I have been a Christian all my life and I think most of the time it's easy to fall into convincing ourselves that we can share the gospel simply through our acts and I think it's easy to be passive about that and to set a good example for people, but not always to go out of her way and actually share the truth of the gospel, in the words liable and because it's uncomfortable for most of us until you have the resources to do it and are confident doing a practice doing it. Is this guys gave him I gave him the copy of the camp go to the instant boot and get your copy to there's a video that opens up the book 3D see everything in it so good Kayla survey were you and I just know for from experience when you when you are able to do it first time. It's uncomfortable but you learn and you see the blessings and the fruit of it from actually sharing with people not just living as an example so what you're naming me in what year you attended liberty monies Brad and I'm a junior liberty what your what your take away from what Jesse assured about sharing the gospel to just have a conversation.

It may be five seconds.

It may be like Ted said in the middle of it all and you know I'm in the middle job work some. I mean, it's a lot easier than most people think as to what you are saying is the first time is awkward but when she did it get down. It's easy like you got it down, got all these handouts and pins and everything but what from my personal experience and being growing up in the radio and television ministry that five minutes changes lives time and 20 years later they'll come back and they'll tell you about that.

How my grandfather my dad or mom change their life long ago. Just by taking that quick five door was made you think it you could sure something was someone to change their life forever to be the different heaven and hell for them courses God do the work but God uses us what you think. I think it's amazing and I think that the most important part of the Christian faith is the fact that we are able to share and we can help it transform other people's lives the way it's transformed tires and I think I'm blessed to have a father that can't help but share it. No entry no Lord will word your life be today if no one had told you about Jesus of these at all what I can buy the church until about going to camp were to be today. I think I would also find my own way to God a lot sooner.

Actually, I've been in the forcing to believe in God but now I found my own way and I like to go around and if I see somebody else struggling especially liked the circumstances I've been in before I can really relate and I didn't have God in my life at certain a lot of those times are bad negative times my life. And if it's easily going through some similar I would like to help them and incorporate God into that but also leave that up to them as an option for what they would like to believe you have bad experience of being a kind of being force-fed and turn it into a way to leverage toward Christ.

So Mason also want to point out that he was he's just sharing a major part of his testimony as a beauty from ashes testimony and what that means is, is when someone used to look at no day they looked at him as a failure. They looked at him is as set like that was his mom's real mom would say that or his his his parents could say that Tim is his real life scenario and now you hear him on the radio telling the world that he can go impact other people with what used to be ashes have now turned into diamonds.

That's the business of who God is God.

God makes beauty from ashes and know what you are a beautiful diamond and God has such a great plan for your life and he's just beginning his path is so so much better than what you can ever ask for. Imagine the sort turn a corner here coffee shop, Lynchburg, Virginia and Jesse is trying to equip every Christian in America share their Jesus story while Jesse tell us how that works. You talk in the first segment about evangelism boot camp eventually given a book, one of our special awesome graduates of Liberty University here in Lynchburg. There's a great background music and are you having got the coffee machines in the background and user's are not planned sound effects for this pot down in the grind, and that is the voice of Ted whose entrepreneur loves Jesus is been a pastor is been a Christian musician plays the guitar and and just a great man of God in you. For some just noise but you guys can take your phone or one is listening on your phone your older phone or grab your phone and you can literally impact millions of people just don't how quick by sharing your Jesus story. This is so critical school and this is like it's a chattering off from one to the other is not is not really like moving into a different world is actually all is all dovetail together, but if you want a true right now you see that this year my Jesus story sitting on top of true and what that allows you to do is it'll. It allows you to easily share your Jesus or if you're comfortable sharing for just 15 seconds, 30 seconds, it allows you to do this if you're comfortable sharing for a longer than you can obviously do that to the reality is if we don't share our faith were in disobedience to God told us to do and so this is what the great commission is all about.

We have to be active in sharing your faith and I also emphasize that we can't wear the armor of God. Effectively, we don't have our shoes on.

The gospel is that the shoes and so I want to just that's right so anything about how effective is this Sheila soldier. We all if you're not sharing your faith actively you're not experiencing the joy of Jesus in your life right now. Do it or will grab your phone and should just tell knowing all these guys here. These young guns even even to talk and ensure that you story would noise you write on your phone just Telstra but practically, because this is this is going to go viral and then all of a sudden you weapon eyes every believer in America and the world took to throw little video and then when there sharing the gospel is given will track they can put their links. Aaron goes, the website has her story is right and I want to go ahead and do this right now. So if you're listening. Grab your phone if you're driving don't disturb I'll do my best verbally to do it. But on top of true that there is a place that appears for your Jesus story and I want you to go ahead and type this and if you know how to do that.

Just type in true Okay that's an example of Lawrence testimony.

Everyone gets their own URL they can posted on social media. They contacted they can email it now. The beauty of this is that your sharing your Jesus story on top of other videos that explain with Ken ham. How do you know there's a God, we have Jonathan Falwell talking about is there really you have and we have a seminary president Danny Aiken at Southeastern Baptist auto seminary talk about is Jesus God and we also special videos for Mormons to watch her atheist water Hindus to watch. The list is very long, very conference of and you know that we have done a very good job in order to be able to bring this to you today. True is a place for you to go so what what you can do is click this year my Jesus story and then you get your own URL that you can use in a text message and email on social media and you can also use this in a way that is really nice with a QR code so every single person that shares your Jesus story gets their own QR code you can hit the you QR code button and then you can hold your phone from somebody and all of a sudden they see your Jesus story and is not just you trying to help that person come to know Jesus is everyone below you trying to help people come to know Jesus. The key though is is that every single person that shares her Jesus story is able to do this for free, but we do require one thing that they say at the end of their Jesus story you can share Jesus story, like me, just click the share Jesus story button right above me right now. That means if you have 100 people see your Jesus story you will be able to impact other people to share their Jesus story and if you multiply yourself five once or twice or three times. You can imagine that same progression will continue and we can easily get to millions of people, the technology is releasing this month. In order for that to happen and it's ready for you right now use coffee shop S Voice of Jesse Connors, author of the all-new evangelism boot camp Joshua Dowson Dorset is amazing, founder true and he is helping her when sugar Jesus for no people play pray to receive pressure site and user charge that a been there should be a charge for receiving Christ eternal life.

Forgiveness of sin. All that truly are. Should be some kind of charge hundred bucks or something for someone to save any Jesse what you're missing opportunity but well they try that a little. They tried that a little earlier and then the Reformation happened so but but I will tell you it's wonderful to know that Jesus saves, and that this is going to equip you to share that message easier. There is no more excuses.

There are go to true go to band and make a difference that Jesus is called you to make is in your heart is already there. The seed is there just put some water on it wiser and see what comes out generally is what your final judgment on the porches to share faith of living this out incarnational you know you and I both have kids are asking tough questions all the time you were limited. Would you say take his home Ted Williams was a good challenge accountable put a bow on it or bring the airplane in for landing. So there are two things that I would say in final versus this is we aren't walking in the spirit for not walking the spirit and for not doing what we do out of love, where a noisy gong or a clanging symbol so it's not about numbers is not about man. Guess what I did today is about opening ourselves up to what the Lord wants to do through us and if it's anything else were just thrown spirit. The Lord will use us on the second thing I want to say is this. Without faith without faith it is impossible to please God without faith it is impossible to please God, to walk in the spirit and walk in faith. Faith is required in anything that would cause us to what a blessing it is awesome to see these young people everyone with her phone out in this coffee shop. I wish you could've seen it. These liberty kids and students and one young man here who is trained to be a professional candy can also go to school. He opened up his phone and they downloaded so now they can do little video Jesse and I can tell her Jesus story to their phone uploaded now everywhere you go. it's all for free and I want to encourage you right now. Don't miss out on the planet God has for your life. His plan is for you to go out and share your faith does not priority to you and your priorities wrong true letter.

Don't wait. God bless you guys truth talk learn more in our website. Amazing, huge thanks all Ross and Phyllis worldwide nationwide to cure this program over the listen 51 Germany other people in other countries. India the demo. This is one of the broadcast blood test.

Thank you guys, young people for what been a part of this thing. Some use coffee shop in Lynchburg Virginia this is the Truth Network

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