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What Is Your Jesus Story?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 26, 2022 5:00 am

What Is Your Jesus Story?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 26, 2022 5:00 am

Stu talks with Jesse Connors, Founder and CEO of the ministry, about how to share your Jesus story.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network were excited to talk about your Jesus story we can't get our all the gospel. We can't get our eye off the target of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. And let me tell you about Amanda God who is passionate about that.

Who spends every waking moment with his wit in his ministry. The ministry of true talk about how to share your Jesus story and he is Jesse Connors. Jesse is great to have you line a fireman you tell us about us sharing our Jesus story today. What's with this is what's really important. Right here. It really really is and after listening to the previous segment. I was digging." My vandal and I thought be a great great for our segment is from Leonhard Ravenhill Leonhard was a incredible evangelist during the second world war, were rounded give evangelistic messages to people and they responded in many became Christians, and also gave their life mission, but this is what you is quoted to have that.

Are you ready for this. Yes, America is not dying because of the brink of humanism but the weakness of the vandalism. While that is strong that is trying to I will yeah yeah I will tell you that in the midst of where were at right now that cultural calamity is worsening the moral fabric of our country destroyed. We have to stay with a humble heart that the church has not done its job and we know that that's the case because if you look at that lightweight before COBIT life way had a stat that only 2% theater. Bake on a regular basis.

How in the world that happened when Jesus was so though authoritative when he told us to go.

You talk about how beautiful the fee are those that bring good news, he told us to go when when he was ascending into heaven to go there for and make disciples and I I don't know why people thought that the work of an evangelist, but only for a particular person like me amenity and what but the work of evangelism is for everybody working the vandalism is for every body.

The evangelist is what equips people to do evangelism. I love you and that is what we have done with with our wonderful ministry with true where you're able to share your Jesus story and I also have written evangelism boot camp go to vandal to do cannot work with… Hope a little bit more here about that everyone needs to get a copy of this book to you. Tell us Jesse your Jesus story how you got into this and then working to challenge listeners, maybe even call in and tell us there. Jesus story go-ahead slow start off with the founder of his awesome history. How did you even come to know the Lord and how did you come into to starting this this wonderful ministry helping others share their Jesus story well. I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home and my parents were not black to NASA listening right now the hi mom and dad. My father, one of the first memory was his mom on the floor bleeding because his father had beaten her and he came back from work you actually and I was very there is a long story to why that happened but but my dad had a really rough childhood. My my mom not as bad but still not a Christian home, but one day somebody walked up to my dad on a pure gait and this is your life now track while he was in Houston from California. Now he is over and serving in the Navy and someone randomly hands him a track he opened it up and by himself he get five knee in excess Jesus and then he goes and tell his bait. He knocked on hundreds and hundreds of doors over the next couple weeks just telling people about Jesus and how he had a life changing how they can have a life changed and so that's really how true was born in many respects is the product of my my dad's testimony. We have all three video answer life hard questions.

Now I know that from the Jewish side of the broadcast. Thursday and if you go to true. I could order the special duty is infection with the former believers in Judaism that are now missed messianic Jews that believe the Messiah is Jesus and that their stories are there and then we have. If you're if their Mormon atheist Jehovah's Witnesses, Buddhist Muslims, whatever they are former believers and that they waiting for people to talk to them or to actually look at the video so they can hear people like Dan to them because we know that a former atheist and more likely to convert another atheist and a Mormon like Bert Osborne are more likely to convert another more info. Where were at right now with with this, share your Jesus story is we have combined our website with the opportunity for you to share Jesus story and so on through you're able to have your Jesus story fit on top of all those wonderful video though won't be just you sharing your story, your Jesus story, your testimony, etc. it will be those that are below. You also helping others. The coming of Christ know when you do that there's a link that you can put on your social media.

There is a link that family can be put in an email. The family can be put in a text message, and you'll be able to copy and paste this and thousands of people can see it and it's free so we encourage all everyone to go to true and go to shared you story now our church network doesn't even really know about that yet. We have churches across country to partner with that we make invitation cards for them to hand out because people are afraid to show their faith that we combine our website in the back of their invitation card that people will be more likely to share their faith you're mobilizing people to share the gospel your mobilizing pastors a pastor sitting in front of the congregation of two or 300 people, 400, 500, whatever right you statistically 90% of those people sitting out front of the pastor are not sharing the gospel actively more than that and I think okay.

This is a twofold reason. Okay number one that they can go to church their entire life and honor how we got the Bible there's a failure in Christian education 40 offers most never met over.

The interviewer that the other thing story it metal… Perfectly and you National Geographic has been really bad on a lot of things but part of docketing the authenticity of Scripture and the authority of Scripture is been doing a great job archaeological of it though even seen even seen a lack of education and then people think that other religion might have might have competition for when in reality you look at what we have all other religions all over the world. You may break down and out the archaeological level and many other level when there being a character Ginny Christianity is a no-brainer, but unfortunately we haven't been telling people that are churches. We been going verse by verse, you know. Through the Bible not talking about how we got the Bible that you like the board has a Bible section on refuse the people can tune in and listen and learn for themselves but also never they recommend.

True somebody.

It also carrying that same information to the unbeliever and even their Christian friends.

Of course, will benefit from it to college, let's do this if someone calls and ensures your Jesus story can be in 30 seconds ago be longer. We want to send you an amazing book.

The evangelism boot camp that is written that I find Jesse Connors. He's only her with his right. I was an awesome book I read he gave a signed copy to me and my daughters. We were up in Lynchburg having dinner.

It was on believable in it's a powerful book mobilizing teach you everything you know putting on that are just a euro to take us to that book.

We come back from his next break, but I want to give the phone number if you want to call and assure Jesus story.

The first person to do this today is to get a freak. I was book will drop in the mail to you from my friend Jace Jesse was helping people Christians across the world share their Jesus story the toll-free numbers 86634 truth 866-348-7884 share Jesus story due to free books, and amazing book as a workbook so you actually get involved with the church is doing it in a small group form got some sensational big time endorses this book Jesse why did you write the book and I want to get into that more on the other side is break. We just got about a minute Telstra click why you wrote the evangelism boot. Her aptly while dropping doubt that it really good, or that you will learn how to share the gospel and what day when you have five second five minutes or an hour he prepares you for the most probable worldviews that you will encounter like Mormonism and Yvonne you will go on training mission and you will become who God created you to be a soldier in his army that regularly shares their faith with other soldier who had been trained to battle through doubt and fear. They get to the front line for stair the staving gospel of Jesus Christ that is Dr. McDowell's word you my friend that you're listening my brothers and sisters across the country right now evangelism boot evangelism boot those books as of the hundred and 30 page book is an incredible resource doesn't follow recently just told me it would want this on herself. This is a great resource.

It's only five dollars will get a single dime if you go to true start.

You go to evangelism again.O RG $35 from Amazon.

If you have a fine account. It free shipping. This is a no-brainer for you okay this book, guys. It's a must read is a book that's what I love about the book is actually, it actually encourages you to put two to put like like James the book of James. We talk about is the shoe leather book. You know, putting your faith in action 10.

What do you think of a better way.

Even even hailing back to that quote the Jesse from Ravenhill that you started this segment with your faith in action to do something to make a difference to solve how many things are solved by people coming to know Christ everyday that quote what work please do America is not dying because of the strength of humanism but the weakness of evangelism is something Leonard Ravenhill Jesse Connors as our guest. He is with a ministry called true life, true He also has launched a whole new initiative called share your Jesus story and he's in a tell you we come back very basically seen it easy to take these were really good were both boot camp.

You may not have a sensational testimony filled with biker gang stories in drug dealers and prison all that and by the way, I love hearing testimonies from all kinds of people God has given her one story, but if you know Jesus you have a Jesus story and today working to bring that out of you. Now if you know your Jesus story and you have one you are sure with the world you: right now it's a toll-free call really to give you a book and you don't do it for the book but due to a for the book is supposed to be a blessing to you. It's the evangelism boot camp by Jesse Connors who is all you're with right now this guy is an author. We have a long year with us right now all you do is call the number 866-34-TRUTH all spelled out 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Call and tell us your Jesus story to share with us how to tell a Jesus story we have Jesse on the line.

He's written this book for this purpose, to equip pastors people in the pews. Everyone believers to tell the good news. Tell me the story of Jesus. Tell me your story, your Jesus story Jesse Connors so good to have you with us. We are getting out of boot camp that you gotta get us fired up your me. I read your RFRA walked in I opened to the very first page you said all right folks you're ready to grab your armor. It's a battle. This is a more right that's right so talk to is Vegas or Ground Zero. Go ahead or not start if you do not get really fast talking over you.

I like my boot camp older man, then yes, I want to tell you right now that even that 10 through 20 is where were talking about our spiritual armor and did you know that in the in the verses that precede the list in our spiritual armor. At that that we must be ready to stand firm. It is that Dan confirmed white list your armory know that human salvation but they right biblical truth for the spirit, and of course the shield of faith in then it goes into the gospel people to do and then at the end of that. Like I'm talking like 19 and 20, and even fixed 19 and 20 is saying to Dan to speak boldly though the first part of thing to stand firm. The second part is paying for speak boldly and though it is really talking about your two and how important they are because you have to ask yourself how effective is this to let soldier while back. To do this thought or are you really going to go to battle without having your shoes on is something God says and does it say in Romans 10 how lovely on the mountain or the seed of them that bring good news. You have beautiful feet, if you're sure the gospel of your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. While Romans 1015 and how will anyone go and help it without why the Scripture that how beautiful are the mixture habit that's exactly right. Romans how beautiful are the feet of messengers to bring good news. And again we Proverbs 1130. He was wide when bolt if you guys are 20 talk about why were losing the battle of America today is because we are not sharing our faith because were afraid because we have been trained that's okay it's not too late.

We can stand together and make this happen.

Let me go into detail now just for you. We have a call really want your book to salvation story on the line right now Larry is calling and we go talk to him unbelievable. It's is happening in real time, and by the way, for the initial Jesse to talk to us about a path for revival to blow your mind's right of the good book. Hold on, let's get Larry on the line.

Larry, are you there, sir. Welcome to light a fire Stu Epperson with you filled in for my good friend Dr. Michael Brown, Jesse Connors, the author of evangelism boot camp is all here and you just want a book, great. Thank you. That is were so glad you called to tell us your Jesus story Larry is so good to hear from you okay this is close to 50 years ago, I was separated from my wife living with another woman now and a knock came on the door at her apartment open the door and there was this man there telling me about his church and my my heart is completely open up a blog, so how much is your church need you need some money so pulled my wallet out to look for is like maybe a five dollar bill, and he looked at me and said celebrations free want your money and he said thank you very much for your time and I close the door and I thought oh my gosh said about a little later I was in a mall set them have an ice cream cone right beside me was this chick correct. I picked it up and start reading it talked about salvation put that down to my car one day little bit. Couple months later was something stuck to my windshield talked about salvation. I'm on somebody's trying to tell me something so I found a Bible little book of wedding Bible in the apartment and I started reading it and it convicted me that I was a sinner and right there in the apartment. I dropped down on my knees and all, except of the Lord and finally had to move out of the apartment with my girlfriend and eventually make a long story short, my wife and I got back together and does she receive the Lord and our marriage was saved and another one email represents beauty for massive well Jesse what what is it doesn't do in your soul to hear Larry share about how he came to know Christ somebody God is somebody banging on his door. Someone put gas in the car, yelled his neighborhood so much time tempted to take a shower, brush their hair and in and go in canvas and ghost go share the gospel. Someone left a gospel track up should try to highlight the billboard bill Larry I love you brother thank you for sharing that with in line with that, though true, basically, here we are. Larry the guy knocked on your door and he is the recipient of your closed-door you thought you close the door and if they pride on him and know that you became a Christian right of him and know that you played that he played a role in your life that I was that significant. That was really foundational to get the momentum going. I cannot. I cannot think that man enough for knocking on your door and taking that corn that came in that while God in your hand type approach and still going is that the work of an evangelist you an add-on that I just am just so encouraged and I just am so encouraged it to everyone. Here's a wild thing Larry included Jesse Stu are also producers in their of the light a fire everyone who has a Jesus story has a Jesus story because someone else had a Jesus story. That's right.

Think about that in so we hear the Rev. Billy Graham Weir Ravenhill who you quoted. We hear about DL Moody in the millions who have been impacted by him and CT stud and Jim Elliott always godly people go find out who led them to Christ. Ask yourself this question who brought you to Jesus so that you're able now to share with the nationwide and international audience on this radio show. The good news of Christ. Larry your story is gone out to hundreds of thousands of people because someone share their Jesus story with you and I'm so accursed Larry were to put you on hold so we can get your details your address so we can drop a copy of this this book, you'll love it from Jesse were to get the author decided himself and Larry God bless you thanks are called in today with you for sharing your brother Larry I love you brother thank you God bless you and God bless Amanda knocking your door and gobble up. Next day Macek track but is so mean, a God blessed them, praise the Lord. Yeah, you know, it's fun to do a spiritual genealogy at some point your life Jesse Rego faculty who led them to the Lord you live in the Lord. I was with a buddy who I had helped lead the Lord and we were seeing a man who helped leave it leave me the Lord was a pastor. We were driving through actually stop the guys church. I gave him a good hug you know my buddy said to him, Jesse. My buddy said, he said he said he said grandpa grandpa Gardner and I said grandpa why are you calling white: Mike grandpa why you call him grandpa because she led you the Lord you led me Lord. So he's my spiritual grandpa Jesse were almost at a time.

Talk about how what you're up to.

This is such this is the God's golden secret of revival right there in the good book talk about some little change our culture our world. Jesse laid on us about how revivals become others. Alright everybody a quickening stop what you're doing right now I want you to think about how we will get a revival going across the country very important okay Larry story that you just heard with probably 32nd when you go to true

They share your Jesus story button. When you click on this. You the story button you put in your information, the offeree, and then he can simply take what he's bad and put it on on our system and you can do this on your on your phone record on your phone and then you can upload it from your phone and then you can place on top of the true website and again, if you recall from the previous segment.

There lots of people and answers by Ken ham Josh McDowell job and follow many others of the well at answering question is not just you trying to stay or fading out of 32nd testimony, or a 10 minute testimony that you do listen. The key element here is that the end of every single Jesus story you're going to stain you can spare to the story like I have click this. He's a story button right above me.

I'm a friend just because this is the Truth Network

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