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#Lead Well

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 21, 2022 5:00 am

#Lead Well

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 21, 2022 5:00 am

It's a new year! What is your vision? What is God calling you to? Stu talks with Pastor Reginald Holiday of Bethany Fellowship Church in Greensboro, NC, about his brand new book #LeadWell, a 31-day leadership development devotional.

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This is Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network it's a new year. What is your vision for the new year. What is God calling you to what is it mean to have vision whatever Sopranos a convict all of us were there is no vision, people, peers will find a mine, a pastor in Greensboro, North Carolina, has written a book hashtag leave will I, like pastor holiday.

I like how you put a hashtag on there because now your book is going to be searched for even more people.

But the 31 day leadership development devotional pastor this thing is blown up manufacturing. I was here to talk this to be here. It has been wonderful just connecting with you and I appreciate this opportunity to talk to you about this book that I believe is going to really not just help pastors but Christian leaders everywhere. Business executives need to read this book. Dad's mom, football coaches, whatever it is. If you if you lead.

If you're a believer in particular, we know that will call delete it so passionately. Talk to you little bit about your 22 years you been pastor tells little about your church and tells how you came to know Christ well up in passing, as you said 22 years wonderful congregation of people in Greensboro, North Carolina. I believe that's where God lives, but that the fellowship search and it and it has been unlearning ground for me. I mean this is where I've develop as a leader.

God has taught me many things about leadership. Give me the opportunity to not only to leave but to develop other leaders and not just in terms of my personal testimony.

It came to know Christ over 30 years ago. God has been faithful he was at a very difficult time in my live site. It's amazing how God lets you hit rock bottom. Sometimes and and then lead you to his son Jesus Christ. But I was saved in a wonderful church in Greensboro and that my wife and I departed SA ministry and then seven years later I found myself pastoring my first church, and so God is been doing glorious things in our life.

And I really got some great endorsements were endorsement from Congressman Mark Walker give me all kinds of pastors and leaders.

But this leadership thing this idea vision and in you don't tell tell us how important that is just in terms of King of God is a vision for us and we really need to to intuitive think about folks out there kind of struggle like you how to get my moorings I got all this covert mess going on I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my career and try to figure out what is God's will for my life mean that there can be a more important question that right right note you exactly right in leading with vision that they want in the book is you know you've already started reading it. Proverbs 29 and 18 a very popular familiar verse where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint. You know, and so vision really is one way to see it is, is that thing that so far all of that keeps us alive. Jesus Christ is the revelation of all revelation so the Scripture tells us in order to keep from running wild on losing focus, we be vision. We need revelation from God. He gives us insight he gives us direction at the trajectory of our lives is determined by the vision that we pursue. And so one of the things that happens most often is, people are led astray by these alternative visions and so is voices that are competing that, especially now you look at this would Covert and this pandemic I mean that all kind of voices that are appealing to people, leading people off in different ways but we need to stay true to that which God has called us to both be and do not start vision of the book is a lead well hashtag lead. Well, a 31 day leadership development devotional essential qualities for those who desire to lead well. The author is Pastor Reginald M. Holiday. He's really right here on truth. Talk about leadership talking about the power of vision and how can solicit backup you just real basics in a kennel.

I just just know keep the keep the cookies on the lower shelf. Like they say right pastor holiday.

How can our listeners really connect with God and get his vision for their life. Getting okay so they can have that vision and and have some focus and not be like aversive visas. Let us not be like babes, tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, the next thing that comes along.

The next the next craze next fad. Sometimes Christians is can we just get excited all know that you know someone says something the Lord come back you know next week we get ready we are to stock up on food. How do we get grounded in his vision. Well, I think that the important thing is, and we can take you know the local example from it in in the book of in the book of Haggai and where I'm not Haggai have a back where he talks about you know, waiting before the Lord to watch and to see what the Lord would say you got to spend time with him in prayer and meditation specially in the word seeing what was near and dear to the Lord's and Lord's heart. You know the most important thing is what he desires what he wills. If he is playing in a you take someone like Joseph. And note, Joseph received the vision that he had from the Lord early. As a young man but he had to develop from a character standpoint, you can take all types of leadership courses and they can tell you how to lead and what to do but then you can screw up one time from a character standpoint and just throw it all away. That's what this book is about this book is about helping you get the character that will go along with the vision that God gives you, but it takes time and typically vision is progressively unfolding. He didn't give it to us all that was because they know we don't have what it is that that we can handle it and you just mentioned, you know over in Ephesians chapter 4 where it talks about not being children, tossed to and fro, you need the help of others, those spiritual gifts that are there interfaces for an 11 they come alongside to help build you mature you and grow. You to someone who could take that vision. You know ultimately what the Lord is after is a family of sons would just like Jesus Christ. And that passage is about us becoming adults so that that's the vision that's the goal. You know, everything else is a means to an EN for that. So we talk about the great commission. People need to be saved" me to be safe so that they can become adult sons of Jesus Christ spent time with him.

Pray, sit with the word of God and God will give you direction and vision so good pastor holiday. I love how you have the will to God all throughout your book coming every time I turn Scriptures are is really important important truth that our hearts and our lives should be saturated with Scripture.

Yes you know you was a Marine to the Bible year reason the Bible in a daily just getting the word listening to the words hearing the words starting the word memorize in order to got how important is God's word is to daily walking near Jesus said man shall live by bread alone, but by every word of God, how important is our vision not go past what God wants but we also daily walk with you. He wants us to think about this little child I wanted vision for this child to be a great no woman of God. One day her man of God one day but it doesn't mean that I'm not daily.

What is it you take daily walking with God so that that those long term visions are fulfilled. I think about Joe. Joe said he desired the Lord's word more than is necessary food. So that for me. I think that establishes a baseline most was 83 square meals a day, and some have two snacks and let you know. Do you take the word in like that. Do you take the word and then you take Psalm chapter 1 the first three of the first saw them in the first three verses it talks about the blessed man, the one that prospers advances, increases. You know, before the Lord is the one who meditates on the word day and night and God promises prosperity as a result you know of that individual taking in the word. The word becomes that person's context becomes the filter if you will. The measure for everything Joshua. After taking over quote from Moses. God specifically details and meditate on his word day and night.

Keep this word in your mouth. You notice a keeper before you is is then you you will you make your way prosperous, and you will have good success. We cannot succeed without the word of God.

You just said I and Jesus reiterates what Moses said man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. So we need God's word.

We needed more. You know, even in our churches, and even in our pool.

Someday we know people don't need vein philosophies and they don't need counseling sessions in psychology we need the word the grass where there's a flower freighted with the word of God will abide forever. Everything's going down but the word, and so we got it lift word as a standard made this this is the sword. The only offensive weapon we been given in the whole armor of God is the sword of the Spirit the word of God is all throughout his book.

And that's really what's driven this whole part in his vision to help you find a vision without which the people perish right, so he is pastor Reginald holiday pastors in Greensboro North Carolina and the book is hashtag lead well of 31 date of leadership development devotional and pastor holiday. This is great. I'm enjoying it so far. Thank you for sharing this and I love the for just point me to God, and it makes me ask God to question Lord, what is your vision for my life for my family for Christian radio ministry for the show tell us how we can get the book.

I know you're on Facebook as were faced with regular general preservation you get the book into place. One the course you get it through Amazon is Certs hashtag lead will throw my name in the come right up or you can go to our website www.own target OEM TAR GDT 411, like you get order the book. There and I will get that to you as soon as we get your order, but we'd love for you to get it passed.

As you get one for your whole staff if you were running up a business and you got aboard our staff members about LUT will be better leaders. As a result of this venture blessed us with this and were excited and deeply sure this podcast is what comes out of pockets or friends with your folks want to but I but you know beef up on their vision and really connect with the Lord on that and will in the legal course to lead. Well we serve well write that in.

This is full chock full of all kinds of really good nuggets, 31 day devotional that you can go through multiple times throughout the year. What a great gift to blessed maybe your pastor with maybe someone that you want to encourage hashtag lead well is the name of the book, the author pastor Reginald holiday publishes or they could even bring in the wording for blesses all of this book presages to thank you for Truth Network and for you have a me today to talk about this. Go get that book lead with word Dario, one of my second studio.

That's why there's a little bit of noise guys are still fostering got Christian music play in the background, but I had to get this guy.

While I could was an honor to sit down with you and not in a good time to work with you guys this morning to delay.

They all got to meet you too. That was fantastic until you view it anywhere near one of these eight locations of Dario.

These guys at Wednesday in the word. It was phenomenal to sit in the mist and were mere men of God worshiping the Lord first thing in the morning we had a tremendous teach a student at us, but the others engaging in sharing men you talk about a way to kick off today dictate winds Wednesday is hope that is a difficult day. This is a good place to get over word is fun for you to be able to share your booking or just to give a quick plug for your book.

A lot of guys were excitedly came about holiday on you guys reminder book from a resigning book so honored and free to be here awesome.

Bless you brother thanks are you doing man. Thank you. Betsy was with this is the Truth Network

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