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God's Word on Gender

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 12, 2022 5:00 am

God's Word on Gender

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 12, 2022 5:00 am

At a time when gender confusion is at an all-time high, Stu sits down with Bible teacher, author, and speaker, Alexander Strauch, to talk about the roles of men and women in God's church, how Christians should respond to modern-day gender ideology, and Alexander's book, "Men and Women: Equal Yet Different."

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This is Sam from the masking journey podcast of our goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast of starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network gender confusion is at an all-time high. What is going on.

It's chaos and then you enter transgender is and then you enter all these initials in all these folks that are pushing this agenda and that and what is the Christian do, how to be gracious and loving to people that are different from us. What about all the hate and vitriol. One of our politics. What about those that believe the Bible what God says about the genders that are accused of hate crimes, which is exactly the legislation that the current party in power is pushing through right now. Did you know that well with me to clarify from God's word what God says about genders, men and women as relates to genders themselves and as a relates to ministry. What about ordaining women in the ministry without women preachers when I women elders and deacons. What are the roles of men and women in God's church.

These are the questions nothing controversial Alexander Strauch about dataset you have for the sake of my friend.

Well, I think there is a lot of controversy not really the issue is this everybody's got their opinion, whose writings were we start with the authority of the Scriptures and the Genesis creation or that's where we start. And that's why we can differ and why we feel that there is a word from God on this really fundamentalist subject of marriage in male and female. The Bible tells us, and by the way God is very interested in the subject.

I don't know if you know it quite a bit in the Scriptures about this, even in the New Testament.

But anyway we have an authority from God that we receive our instruction from. So that's where we start. That's the important thing in religion. The big question always is authority who has any right to say who God is. Well, I've seen God, but God has revealed himself in a book because it is holy word. And that's how I know who Amanda is and who women and I know about marriage and children fundamental issues of human life.

By the way, never in human history have these basic things of man and woman ever been so question is where living in today is sisters it's it's really chaotic you know you were to use describe the beginning I'm Stu Epperson this is truth talk.

The show was truth talk live in his Genesis, I was in the host but when I started hosting with my brother-in-law John Farmville he found you. He found this book. Men and women equal but different in the yet different, and I read it and it just made so much sense and not a basketball player just a lot more time in the gym that in the classroom. So for me to understand that book I had read a few times Alexander Strauch have the forthright about that but also helpful. What led you to write a book on glad you asked. We found a number of our young people coming back from Christian colleges is feminist and they were very angry at us, saying that we like to them and so I aim this book specifically at college and high school students. Here's why Dennis is why did this. I've read all the big thick books. In fact, in 1973. Her Dr. Paul Jewett from Fuller come to our seminary and lecturer men and women and I knew right away.

This can be a hot subject because he said Paul was wrong but was inconsistent with what he said in other portions of Scripture and so since 1973 I have read all the major works on this. I knew no college student would read a Biblical manhood and womanhood is about what 400 pages and they may not even understand it.

So the subtitle to this book is the verses on gender in a very simple way. In other words, is a direct, clear presentation of all the verses and most people don't even realize all the New Testament says about this.

Do not even informed and a lot of it hails back which help me to pre-Paul pre-lawn profits even pre-Noel Inouye community goes back to the Genesis he goes back to how God's of the things in the beginning because it was tries to contextualize within the cultural that was a cultural thing was a first century thing but Alexander Strauch's report on your book.

Men and women are equal. There is no we know men saying you're inferior and there's no women saying the other the same to men.

This this feminism is got some danger to it it again terms of going to guess the word of God. Yet even Christians by Intuit will you bring up a whole other issue that just is serious and that is the secularization of evangelical Christians. The pressure from society is so titanic that few people can stand against it and what I see here is that were being secularizing our young people, particularly the movies and television and Internet and colleges and they're not reading the Bible. Thus, their minds are being filled with secular philosophy.

Neither question and here's what it is. Who wants a Bible that says one thing but mean something different.

But that's what all our brothers and sisters who are egalitarian or fake feminists is what they're telling us that the Bible says this, but it doesn't mean that one more book like that Bible means what it says is very clear. One of the clearest passages is the passage on marriage. By the way, as we said earlier, God is very concerned about his creation order male female he made them in distinct ways brought them together. Marriage is oneness is God's creation. It is good and wise creation, but in Ephesians 5 when the key passages on marriage, and many women it says is for the husband is the head of the wife not listen to the analogy, even as notice that nothing cultural, even as Christ is the head of the church is Christ the church is he is yes thank you is right there in a book written about write this letter to say what it says, even as Christ is the head of the church that it goes on the sake now as the church submits to Christ, so also women should submit everything to their husbands, so there's no cultural at argument out of this. The analogy is Christ and his church, and again we see the importance in God's economy of the male and female, and then you go to first for these 11. The analogy is the Godhead, even Christ, he is his head as the father in the bed of the man is Christ, and the only one is not ahead as the woman of the males, the head of the woman so it isn't that difficult.

If we just believe and we just take the straightforward common sense meaning of the passage of act without your book. You never you never back down on the fact that men and women are equal but you say that they're different. They have different roles different design how God assigns them. Their place in the church and that whatnot is is going to be different, but that doesn't mean an article no on the right.

In the Genesis account are both created in the divine image of God and personhood are absolutely equal. His salvation were absolutely equal but he made us all so different and that's beautiful. Why are we denying the differences when it's so beautiful.

Can you imagine if the whole world was just men would be awful. I would want to be an oral at that there wouldn't be if it were for women to give birth to anybody is another thing is downplayed but even first Timothy elevates the woman because of that childbearing things right and we have no idea. By the way, don't ever let your wife when she is about doing labor and say I feel your pain is not a good thing to do. You must have done that. How I learned a hard question that you are right on that. They did say some people agony know this is a subject dear to the heart of God, and he wants his children, despite whatever our society said that he wants his children to honor his creation order to enjoy it and see the beauty of the differences. Let's don't deny the differences. Let's embrace them and enjoy them but again, we've got a come back to authority who says what we're saying that God, the creator has told us what he wants from us. Okay now this is voice your hearing is Alexander Strauch he's written a bunch of bookies and tells mother's books is and tells how to get those books. I strongly encourage you just as a baseline book that should be in every bookshelf of every passionate pastor and you're with us. This can help in a psychic unit keeping us accountable here incursion is a key was on the rails. Your pastor Jay, thank you for being here with us Alexander Strauch.

The one I'm talking about is that your your my favorite book of yours. Men and women equal yet different which I had you on my show.

It's been couple decades about that book and now were having you back now you take a break we come back, do this in complete reverse master question. Who is Alexander Strauch has come to the Lord. What will you do. People might might want to know little bit about you by graphically whatnot how you serve the Lord now and then I would ask you the least controversial question ever on the show that is what about women preachers actually open. I can or cannot organically come back right here in truth talk all digital picture of the sky to put it on our Instagram and our Facebook and our Twitter and whatnot and will talk about the important roles that God has designed in his book the Bible and what about a major denomination that has just ordained a transgender person to be a pastor of their church isn't even really a church when they violate God's law.

God's word like that. What about that more with Alexander Strauch on truth talk with Stu Epperson coming up. Who is Alexander Strauch.

What about women preachers.

What about his book men and women equal yet different wants it now. The man right here right now where in person, he hails from Littleton Colorado, just outside of Denver. Let me ask you that first question Alexander Strauch who argued tells little about your testimony and what all you're doing is dumped on Sunday was radar just for the first scenario truth talk. Well I was raised in New Jersey, the great state of New Jersey, was raised in a non-Christian home and when I was 11 years of age I was invited to a Bible I did know was a Bible camp I went simply to go fishing and I went to this camp is the very first time I heard the gospel and I have no problem with and I realize that your sinners need to be say Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, so I receive the Lord is my Lord and Savior. There 11 years of age and that's why I'm still today. Interesting camp work.

We have wonderful camp in Colorado and over thousand young people. The summer and we just see such fruit from Bible camp work. So anyway, I was in a very liberal church and it was until I was about 16 of my parents would actually let me leave that church in the letting go to and I went to an actual Bible believing evangelical church and for the first time I heard real sermons from the Bible. I just loved and the people of the Bible that we scoured the Bible. It was such a contrast to the church I went.

I don't think anyone even owned Bible. If you cared about would probably think your fanatic or something.

I went to college at Colorado Christian University in Colorado and I went to Denver seminary three years received a master of divinity and I didn't actually 51 years in the Littleton Bible Chapel on retired from the main preaching, but I'm still very very busy in the church. So back in the early 70s I became very interested in this topic of the church being led by a plurality of elders and so I wrote the book biblical eldership which is normal of the world. I think what made the book so successful is that it was simply a Bible exposition, I literally took the reader through all the verses of Scripture. In fact all my books are Bible expositions as my love and my expertise. So right now I go around speak like at this conference and amount right now here in North Carolina and I write and by helping our church anyway I can help support the elders do visits whatever they need. I do is tremendous. You really stepped into what we didn't win unknown in the 60s or 70s, even would be such a crisis. Talk about rocking the roles you know, this idea of men and women. A major denomination is just ordained the first or first transgender minister what you say to that you have or have any idea we be in this big debate and what's led to it and how do we fix it. What is led to this is a very aggressive hostile secularism that will not tolerate any difference.

And again, as I said in an earlier interview, all religious questions come back to one thing, authority, what authority do I have to say anything about a man or woman or marriage or God or salvation me. What authority do I have an anointing if we believe the Bible is as it says his own self claim is all Scripture is second Timothy 316 all Scripture is breathed out by God.

Where is your breath come from those from inside of you, your lungs well the Scripture is breathed out from the mind and heart of God. And then it goes on to say this, all Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable for teaching correction developing the man or woman of God so of course the Bible is profitable because it is breathed out by God and God doesn't breathe out error so my authority for saying anything about God in creation and in man and woman comes from is God breathed book outside of that I guess were all the same boat. Do it everyone and that's what we have a society today that professes some form of Christianity is sort of a pagan form of Christianity that rejects the authority of the Bible. So I guess they can do whatever they want, until of course they meet the Lord that he will correct them so in a highly secularized society.

We have a secularized religion that just basically parents what is in society. There say nothing giving them a society where Jesus told us we would be persecuted if we followed him and followed his Digi so that's what I expect and I think were going to face a persecution from our very radical secularized. Should I call it religion will you you do this in your book. Men and women equal, yet different, which is been very helpful to me. A lot of pastors that I know can you give us the quick condensed version of what the Bible says about women preachers well. The Bible is very clear in first Timothy chapter 2 we are told that let the women learn quietly with low submission. I do not permit this is the apostle. The buzz of the Jesus appointed to reveal the great doctrine of the body of Christ and the church that was his special mission visas chapter 3, I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over man Rosie to remain silent, that he goes back to the creation order.

Adam and Eve and then in chapter 3 of first Timothy, he goes into elders and then deacons and the context shows clearly the husband of one wife that he assumes a male leadership in the church now society is very angry at this, they will not have it. But what they are rejecting is the straightforward clear historical Orthodox teaching of men and women.

Roles are this is not something we made up recently for 5000 years Judeo-Christian view is always taught there is a role differences between men and women. It's only since the late 60s early 70s that this came into the Bible believing evangelical world.

It's basically taken over many of our seminaries certainly flying through wind influencing our churches today, but again I'm tell you that's a secularized were secularizing. Our churches were just copy what the world says because were frightened. But Jesus said we are not of the world where in the world were not of the world and so it's really a choice between the teaching of Christ and the teaching of the world and I want to make one more point. Jesus utterly failed women was a total coward when he appointed 12 male apostles so people say this reasoning .12 male apostles. He had to agree with the culture well on the Sabbath. He didn't agree with the culture that one kill him because he stood up to their views, so if we say that Jesus gave into the culture at the key moment when he could've helped women be totally equal with men in all their roles. He failed them were insulting Jesus, so he chose 12 male apostles, he himself is male fall in the Old Testament the types and so your bring a real question on the authority of Jesus Christ our Lord. And then his chosen apostles is not men elected himself.

He chose them to speak as his emissaries so were rejecting Jesus were rejecting the whole of the Christian faith and we bought into a hook line and sinker. Secular dogma Teresa to go deeper and hear what you say to women preachers out there or men pastors that have local women pastors other staff that are already kind of in the throes of this there any Kevin preach on Sunday they turn on this radio show they say weight as I get this done as was be doing this that he unscramble that egg for them. You don't on the scrambled eggs you don't fix it broken airplane when it crashes its broken nose.

Nothing you can do once they've accepted that it's very very rare to hear of someone who's accepted a full egalitarian view of the ministry and men and women's roles to unscramble that egg we have to do is teach our young people that God loves male and female special part of his creation and we should embrace his creation order and enjoy it thoroughly and have the blessing and the goodness of God upon our our relationships as husband and wife. The other quick argument is those that say will the men have completely wimped out for for lack of better word. They've relative their roles are not yours.

A missionary situation where there are no man is just a faithful woman reaching the word to a bunch of tribal people in there is no man that would go that would go to this unreached group are there exceptions. Is there any counter room for what what how do you handle that those kind of situations which you know how many EMAILS. Others interview people from the 70s printer we might ask you. I hope to send you the set on a little bit. Well, your scenario of a woman alone with men with the gospel. She's given the gospel in teaching the word of God. I mean, that's this is not a perfect world, the church is not perfect were roadrunner imperfect. You do what needs to be done. They need to hear the gospel they need to know the word of God and if she's a woman of God. She will help develop men that they can take this, but this may take years in a very primitive society. I have actual examples of this. But anyway I don't think people that already have embraced the full egalitarian view will in any way change and is too embarrassing.

Their pride is hurt. Okay so just the linear here just to clarify terms you have feminism which of time on the left you have the egalitarianism and then you have the biblical rule, I guess, which is complementary and is and is a written so egalitarianism is the same thing is a feminist doctrine so they use both these terms basically synonymously. Yes, the complementarity of you and there is a tremendous website that maybe we can introduce right now call Biblical manhood and womanhood where they are doing such excellent work to answer every book that comes out.

They've got lots and lots of material which is our book is on their I highly recommend that really what we have to do is teach our churches and teach our young people God has his plan for maleness and femaleness and marriage, and even in our own confusion.

The word of God will straighten us out. There's a lot of confusion about maleness and femaleness today and I read an article I could hardly believe it. That 23% of the high schoolers in California were confused over gender got as much confused over Ginger.

Now that's if that's true me.

I don't have any way to notice what I read. Well we're confusing young people today if we believe the Bible is breathed out by God, he will un-confuse us untangle the knots that adults are tying up today. Whatever the controversial one, but he's holding to the word of God. He is Alexander Strauch, toaster books, how to get your books rubrics are one second I'm not the controversy: I'm holding to the historic Orthodox interpretation of the Bible and the church that there are men and women equally you different that is the standard teaching throughout all of church history, it's only really since the 60s and 70s in an evangelical world really starts to head in the late 80s early 90s that a start really penetrating the church and a cell. I'm not the rebel I'm not the one outside I'm inside the box of God's teaching and again as I say to you what is happening is we are capitulating to secular thinking and the church will be more more secularized and you won't be able to see a difference between society and God's people now among those who profess the evangelical faith, and the Bible.

This is very sad very sad about getting a goes back to the word of God. We need a reformation of people taking of God's book in living it out and trusting it every bit of it, not just the parts that we like right it's one of our 20 say says it is not the parts of the Bible. I don't understand.

Give me a hard time as the parts about Ledoux understand that have the most difficulty with housing to Strauch. Thank you for being on. What is your website or what's the best way to get all of your books.

This book, men and women equal, yet different, is critical for every pastor to have everyone listing understand this is a central place really is new you. Or you can just go to and all our books are there or you can go to biblical biblical and see our books yes thank you for being with us before you wrote your book men and women equally a different there were so many genders to deal with. You might have to write a sequel to address all the submittals that most of us don't know what they mean, but is just so sad if we just get back to you but it shows man's attempt or just run from God and create God and you know we've we've got great us in his image and what we do. We return the favor right create God in our image. This is the Truth Network

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