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Seeing Life Through An Eternity Lense!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 4, 2022 11:34 am

Seeing Life Through An Eternity Lense!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 4, 2022 11:34 am

How do you live in the real world with an eternal perspective? Stu is joined again by Bill Coleman, author of The Eternity Lense, to talk about the brevity of life, God's sovereignty, and how He desires for us to rise above temporal circumstances and view everything in light of eternity.

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Hi this Roy Jones man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network is one of the most down-to-earth Christians that I know he loves Jesus.

He's just the kind of guy that if you have something you need and it's a shirt on his back and giving to you. He loves lorries in all the world preaching the gospel he's pastored a sister in the book to kind of talk about his life and what God is done in him and through him and his doing it right now seems Pastor Bill: the book is the eternity lens living in the real world with an eternal perspective in rocks last couple years of an applicant.

Pastor Bill: you wrote this book, God really download this and you'd been overtime before Osama put it on paper is right long time, and a lot of it came out of counseling people, and the stuff the evil.

It is mainly within the church people be is bound up with their circumstances and this is long for private army is everybody deals with just getting caught up in the circumstances surrounding them and realizing that trying to point their eyes and focus towards the things that are eternal, not denying the circumstances. The word never does that.

It's it's very honest about the circumstances very honest about the flaws of who we would normally call here is Louisiana chapter in the book, but people that we would call heroes and the end of the Bible lifts up by Joseph Lawson. Everyone but Jesus you know and so it's not a denial of service, not some type of Buddhist or Hindu type philosophy. Were you just, deny suffering or existence or reality of the Bible is very clear reality and even the negative circumstances, but calls us to view them through a lens of eternity. This life is but a vapor and so how do we view the things that are happening to us through the lens of a sovereign God who still sovereign Lord of history, moving everything toward a final culmination and eternity anywhere in a little bit of noisy area.

This is a restaurant called Dario we just had Wednesday work like 70 minute going to the Bible together. Talk about love edifies and builds up knowledge puffs up. Love builds up so many struggles.

Christians have you really go straight to the second previous chapter 4 that's kind of the formative foundational verse passage of your book we quoted for short quick take heart, though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us a glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal. And that's a foundational passage for the book but as a show. Throughout the book that principal of an eternal perspective is seen throughout the word of God and man. The attorney lens is the book Bill: Pastor Bill Coleman is the author. You have really you you slug it out the Christian life must go to the sexual quick. You can give me like a one sentence Kino of summary of each section will start with section 1 that we talk about the war ourselves is wasting away. You talk about broken jars of clay stop blocking the light workers know what's is section 1 about yeah I mean that's that's where reality kicks in the main life is not all a bed of roses and when you give your life to Christ, everything doesn't automatic your circumstances don't automatically change you know and so that the bottles very honest about that and also some real life experiences some some disappointments, but also face-to-face reality with the frailty of of this physical life itself. Section 2 our inner self is being renewed day by day. Chapter 6 this I know chapter 7 your funeral the prescription for peace, the holy thoughts sifter the heart of service give us a quick snapshot of that section 2 so we know that we are more than just our physical bodies and Paul relates is a lot in here. He says outwardly wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day so those those passes, talk about that that transformation. What happens from the inside because the whole eternal perspective goes from rather viewing life from outside and you view it from inside out.

11. Section 3 for this light. Momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of beyond all comparisons of Chapter 11 the holy tapestry chapter 12 whose boy is he, 13 Hall of faith 14 breaks the core 15. Pressing on how to summarize that section. Yeah, that section is you know it's not God is glorified despite herself, he actually says God is glorified through our suffering and so the glory comes through the suffering, not just outside of the suffering is not like get through this too thick to get to the glorious that actually getting through. This is part of God's glorified working well in section 4 to morsel in a relatively quick as we look to the things which are seen, we look not to the things which are seen but to the things which are unseen, so you have chapter 16 the jerk prayer chapter 17 reevaluating the underdog yet that you have reading part two of that chapter 19 where's my miracle in chapter 20 dumb idols… A little bit today was in the word but did give us a summary of chapter of that section 7 section 4 also looking to that which is not saying means to see past the physical everything that we learn in life is generally throughout five senses. The faith takes it beyond that and so not looking at is simply what is saying were looking at what is not.

Section 5 for the things that are seen are transient, temporary things are unseen are eternal. And here you have these five chapter 721 mastering the escape room you have chapter parking deck theology chapter 23 stuck in the in between chapter 24 all in the final chapter when life makes no sense. Chapter 25 biggest things over this section what's what's going on here.

Yeah, ultimately what is seen is temporary, what would you physically see with your eyes temporary. What is unseen is eternal. And so when we fix our eyes on the unseen. We are transforming what we see through the lens of eternity is seen faster Bill lotto life experience a lot of stuff you you have an interesting experience for the high school football team. We removed a whole new area. I love that story.

This book is full of stories, friends, the attorney lens is the book the authors Bill Coleman living in the real world with an eternal perspective that I loved you told last time you're on the street at lighthouse on their that's pretty amazing.

There's a picture there. There's a spiritual power first message on that either. So the majority of the cover is this stormy saying faded, dark lightning lighthouse and then through this really is like a bottle of water or a lens, everything becomes clear so as not denying that the storm around, but is seen it through a clear perspective. A lot of this book is so encouraging. Pastor Bill Coleman, an article Pastor Bill early in the children were Christian author wrote this article saying you know coated.

We are not. Accident is much to be concerned about being exposed to coven, but we should be asked what we should be concerned about what COBIT has exposed in us and is using this massive trial it's turned into a two year ordeal were churches, businesses, radio station, we had to rethink everything, but there's something about it that is cause us to focus is also cause us to realize we waste a lot of time and we have a lot of temporary here like you that verse 418, looking not of things are seen temporary things, but attorney things take so my commenting on how we can elevate our focus on the eternal, not so much on the temporal people are dying people are not here. There were here a year ago because of this disease and other things that I agree this is a great example. Because what happens here is the we look coated with shrink the pandemic we can get fearful same people just get, and nuts. Overall, in the end, scared and the really through an attorney lens. It's a platform what's happened is that God is put our society and in a in a situation, say he calls Brando saying that he this is everything that we go through the abuses platform.

You look at the laws of the Bible.

They all most of them all went through difficult times and they were platforms show the glory of God is merely a platform to show the glory of God. You won't give up. He poured on exactly that's the point is this, people are not going to die anyway whether Scoville or always or whatever some cases, the death rate is down because of being so careful, so other diseases or things that are killing people art art is probably is the weirdest thing is gonna die and eternities. On the other side so rather than make me shrink back: I wanted to be careful and I must say take the necessary protocols or whatever, but I'm saying like at a lifestyle of fear or I go yet people are Don eternities on the other side. What are we doing to share the truth of Jesus Christ share the gospel because eternity is, is right on the other side dying is not cause me to fear dying calls motivates me to get on it to get on with the gospel to live is Christ, the guys going to love it. He's eyes pastor Bill Coleman. He's married Tiffany to two adult children Austin Elaine arrived and I got together loves Jesus a easy associate pastor in Concorde was a mature senior associate pastor in Concord are going install he's alive, church to get a merger so I got in the book is the attorney lens talking posted about Bill. Well, it's on all the major ballots where you would normally buy books how rambling anything right now if you get with me personally to build our Coleman that he loved that's my email address to contact me.

I am running a deal right now with Christmas if you bath you get one free okay and you might find a better social media Facebook Institute Grammys all on their Meza. He's a big pro wrestling NASCAR guy, but he loves Jesus right will not start up but you are going to send you a race run right back.

Also about finding their get his book the jury was a great gift for a lot of folks you could be a blessing on absolute absolutely think this is the Truth Network

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