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How The Grinch Stole Thanksgiving!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 26, 2021 1:00 am

How The Grinch Stole Thanksgiving!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 26, 2021 1:00 am

Stu guests hosts on the Steve Noble Show, and he wants to did the Grinch steal Thanksgiving? He shares the 5 A's for an A+ Thanksgiving, takes calls, and talks with Pastor Jay and Connie Frazier of Thank You Jesus Yard Signs.

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This is Sam from the masking journey podcasting or go with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting just seconds.

Enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network happy Thanksgiving everyone. The season goes on and on because Thanksgiving isn't just a season. Thanksgiving is the reason I had a blast filling in for my good buddy Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show were playing right now on this week's edition of truth talk show.

I did earlier in the weeks that were not calling in about Thanksgiving and how the Grinch stole Thanksgiving and how we can get it back. So stay tuned. B occurs also visited with Connie, one of the founders of this amazing ministry.

Thank you Jesus while you hear her story coming up right here, right now they get all of our amazing affiliates. We are thankful for the radio signals all over the country, all the world to carry truth talk and you can also listen to our podcast is delivered. Truth talk, you'll find there were podcast are downloaded part of The Truth Podcast Network God bless you and here's our special Thanksgiving addition of truth talk. Hope you're enjoying your weekly or family know you're looking for gospel opportunity to share Christ gospel conversations. What better way to do it than talk about Thanksgiving and everything give thanks. This is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. First Thessalonians 518 and now this week's edition of truth talk happy Thanksgiving. You heard me say it. Why has this become the long lost holiday I'm Stu Epperson and I am going to talk to you.

Here's a tight if you could child today show here you go ready the title of today show is how the Grinch stole Thanksgiving. What happened to Thanksgiving.

Can someone tell me megaphone and live in 866-34-TRUTH right now my Instagram live people I love going on. I July because it's all the young folks is all my buddies and friends and bowlers. Hello there Watson and Andrew Amanda New York City, a pastor stand up for Christ up there was a man of God.

My nephew Wilson. They're coming on board were talking about how the Grinch stole Thanksgiving. Check this out okay in my kidding whenever Thanksgiving it's stuck right there sandwiched between Thanksgiving Davis or truth war intern going on. I July. Right now, Thanksgiving is sandwiched right there between the two highest grossing holidays in history.

Halloween October 31 and Christmas summer December what's a day grace in which the data Christmas on trade somewhere. December 25 20 okay thanks you got a ship that was a close call for Thanksgiving. So how did the grid still Thanksgiving what happened to Thanksgiving day, why are we celebrating Thanksgiving.

Why are we. Why, what okay turkey day.

It's a big food day I read a funny thing this morning from one of my IG. That stands for Instagram. For those of you were little older and on it uneducated and the things of youth IG DME HM you on the IG and this Instagram friend. She put up this thing.

That's just a reminder on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

Just reminder everyone just before midnight. Set your scale back 15 pounds to compensate for all the feasting of the food right well let's say something. Thanksgiving is more than a meal. Thanksgiving is more than just a bunch of turkey and pecan pie and sweet potato pie and I just put an order in for a cherry cake, homemade cream cheese icing. All it's going to be so good and I just put it over him for up pecan.

I don't pick on a pumpkin poundcake with icing. Yeah, yeah, that's right. In a peanut butter sweet potato pie and a chocolate chest pipe so I just called us in for some friends, some sponsors, Truth Network sponsors in the Nakajima flood here in the show cupcake cuties right there in Wahlberg I got there final once unbelievable ever. There's a rush it.

All the places that sell those kinda cakes and pies. Thanksgiving is more than that. How important is Thanksgiving. Why is giving thanks so important, I would tell you why today on this program I would talk to the lady. One of the people that inspired these. Thank you Jesus signs coming up next in a just a little bit good graces to get her on the phone.

Ross Brewster here and never talked about why these Thanksgiving signs.

Thank you Jesus have taken over like you're all over the place there in 50 states there and all it like 710 different countries did you know check us out Thanksgiving has this is crazy. Johnny thinks giving cars. By the way, are given out.

Check this out okay, check this out Thanksgiving cards ready for this. There are 1.6 billion, 1.6 billion Christmas cards sent out annually in the United States.

1.6 billion cousin Andrew just jumped on your on my Instagram 1.6 billion Christmas cards are hundred 51 million Valentines cards hundred 41 million Mother's Day cards 93 million Father's Day cards 57 million Easter 17 million howling cars others abuses on a card. Following this kind of, Dorothy Wright knows you do that, but listen this at the bottom of the list. Is this little lost holiday that we just kinda is an excuse to chow down before the big Christmas season's excuse to have debates actually play Christmas music.

Yet, it's an excuse to have discussions like Julie put the Christmas lights yet talk Friday between Halloween and riding between Christmas is this loss holiday of Thanksgiving in it only has of all the uses of the bottomless 13 million Thanksgiving cards at 13 million. Check this out. That's 123 Christmas cards for every one Thanksgiving card on believable. So what the world happen Thanksgiving so IG people down to the Truth Network app listen right there live right now, or listen to a Truth Network station near you to Stu Epperson live right now. Talk about things giving and phone and because I would ask you some questions this hour. How how the Grinch stole Thanksgiving. How do we get Thanksgiving back how we make much more of Thanksgiving. How do we make it the number one grossing holiday in the year. How do we become more thankful. What are you thankful for another question you can call me at 866-34-TRUTH 784 866-34-TRUTH eight. Tell me this. How can you, Howdy, how you and your family redeem the Thanksgiving season. What you do to make it real. What you do around your table 2. Go deeper into what God is doing with Thanksgiving. I'd love to hear your testimonies. Phone lines are going to be open all hour long.

We got one of the founders of thank you Jesus signs coming on the show to talk about that remarkable story how a Thanksgiving inspired message of Thanksgiving.

Maybe not the season with a message of Thanksgiving how that message is taken our country by storm. Another's yard signs everywhere that say thank you Jesus 866-34-TRUTH on to say goodbye to my IG people awesome to have you there. I want to encourage you. By the way, in the five A's are repeated twice this hour. The five A's of 518. First Thessalonians 518 says this it says in every thing give thanks.

This is God's will in Christ Jesus concerning you and everything is the amount give thanks is the action. This is God's will is the attribution in Christ is the access concern use.

The application will impact at all hour long on this whole Thanksgiving hour right here. Hang on. Don't touch that dial 866-34-TRUTH happy Thanksgiving you all you know it's true. Come on this little holiday this big holiday transcriber between the Christmas and Halloween holiday gets no respect done. Get the love it deserves.

We all know it's true, how we bring it back. How do we stop the Grinch from stealing Thanksgiving and how do you honor Christ with your Thanksgiving, your Thanksgiving celebration. How can you what some ideas you do let's see what Clay says a caller from North Carolina play good to hear from you. Thanks for calling in. I'm Stu Epperson to bring Thanksgiving back then and then we got a special guest on hold whose you tell us the founders of thank you Jesus signs we see everywhere but talk to me. Clay did give me some help your man brother. Good through it wonderful to be able talk to your men will be able to see you when we had the bobble carpet stuck in Kernersville back in March and allowed him to share the adult brain Thanksgiving coming to the third grade get this 400 years ago the pilgrims celebrated the hard wall which is called Thanksgiving and of the creek where you could all truth, ready to get old they are and make talk about giving thanks to get back to get together with Bailey to get together with branch we get together with brothers and sisters of the Lord and share our thanks. What we are able to do was sit down with me you will surely be a little stoked to be here. It's about disappearing in the people you like and I'm so thankful for you to protect brother Robbie about brother Steve told his way through end of the surcharge state, but you know brother thing give thanks for creek ready go what y'all to do so thankful for that.

Well, God bless you all.

You know I think Clay answer the question just by saying thank you, what Encouraging Word God bless you and sharing about the history of it. How there were some you know there so yeah there's a lot of bad stuff in her past.

There's some really godly people came in they shared a meal and they gave thanks to God. They gave thanks to the gracious suspendable folks of that you know the Native Americans. So what a good word remembering from whence we came, remembering what Jesus did for us and in Christ in his income you how he came into our mess, and he gave everything he gave everything to us. We could give thanks. By give God bless you Clay thanks recalled in man thinks the good word for broader coverage. That rate you have the wonderful worker, happy Thanksgiving. Remember this in the spiritual whaleboat celebrating or having a harvest Thanksgiving God's grace. So God bless your brother and I thank you so much God bless you. Wow what a cool call now working to go right now to someone who has brought this season. Maybe not intentionally, I taught you had no idea that these signs will be all over the place and in what 50 different states and just unbelievable what God's done Connie with the thank you Jesus signs Connie great to have you here.

God bless you program well were talking about Dino. Tyler shows a great digit just to catch on what we all know, but how the crystal. The Grinch stole Thanksgiving last time I checked, if you look at the numbers. If you look at the the you know, if you look at the the bank accounts in the retail trends.

There is no I don't know the Christmas is been stolen and okay there there to make some coin just ask your your retailers just ask all the merchandisers just as fuel is so Christmas ornaments but Thanksgiving is another issue. Why don't we give enough Thanksgiving. Connie and how in the world of this thank you Jesus.

They give us the story give us the whole it's a lot on this. A lot of folks listing of scene was really cool. Thank you Jesus signs every time I see him really does it really does a heart check for me. God now turned and all have been by a local bookstore wanted to do something money party did not find I am praying about it like earning and a couple weeks later I'm driving down the character 90 now. He prayed the prayer the Lord but in the Lord brought our thinking and all my path.

My public think I was crazy about why the Lord anything now. Connie carried to make me a crown that on our church secretary Carla happened to be looking and Carl giving campaign about that.

And the Lord work that I'm not a graphic ardent that I downloaded a free app on my iPad my finger in 1989 Lincoln family.

I went out and started caring about the fine and can't get over it. What we get, writing that there are a lot more people out there that love them them world thing. There's a lot of people who love and they were looking for a way to scare their appreciation by God and Christ while they assume that this thing happen that the design is very hot like that cannot grow in my finger graphic.

I cleaned it up a little bit and it would stop by a young man like a and wait out.

They are (where now in your heart that God down now when and if they find starting and 10,016, the month before their i.e. air, look at myself by delighted several thousand.

Well, we had to get a different trainer and now under any unbelievable well and unreasonably yard signs are all over there in 50 states there are not 58 country and went with one when and where I did not know when and not contact for all your contact. Take care, well will I only explore why this is taken off. What you awaken in people to cause them to purchase in massive numbers, crazy numbers, these signs that say thank you Jesus. The color yellow. The cross in the T it's Thanksgiving friends. I know I know we all associated rents with Chris and Pete say how be so unfaithful from bludgeoning on grateful the Grinch I believe is trying to still Thanksgiving. How this Grinch stole Thanksgiving is that the title is a show I'm Stu Epperson and it's that time of year and I think that this Thanksgiving is the most wonderful time of the year and some you hear me say that tune with Thanksgiving and you look at me like I'm blaspheming or something but is not Thanksgiving perennial Paramount and everything give thanks.

This is the will of God in Christ concerning you to give the five A's of 518.

That's first.

Thus, 518 once again in the last segment grace, that we would get this segment we got a one of the of the one coming up and were to talk about why Thanksgiving is so important little fun fact those of you take communion. The Lord's supper. You know what the other name for that is the Eucharist. What is the word Eucharist mean Thanksgiving. Did you know that every time you take the Lord's supper communion. Holy communion you are having a Thanksgiving feast because God gave John 316. In action to us.

We give thanks in reaction and response. What else can you give them.

By the way can you best.

What he did lacrosse. Can you best the perfect life of Christ, the perfect righteousness of Christ. Can you improve upon the resurrection know, but you can give thanks the heart that gives thanks to God. Thanks be to God for giving us the victory through her Lord Jesus Christ first with his 15 about this one Roman six MD but thanks be to God, though I was a servant of sin. I'm now a servant of righteousness through Christ we have much to be thankful for Thanksgiving is not just a season. Thanksgiving is the reason and a lot of this inspired a young man barely 15 years old, to come up with assigned a yard sign campaign in one of the people that was in cahoots with him back in 2016 to spawn this amazing yard sign message campaign. Whatever you call it crusade. Thank you Jesus signs that we see all over the place now is Connie Fraser she's really on the radio right now. Connie we love those. Thank you Jesus signs.

Thank you, Connie and Tyler and the whole awesome team for blessing us with those signs is just awesome what God is use those signs and why Charlie you know your whole gang. What a deal. I ride earlier when we got about burning and marketing meeting and all the normal thing in the world. I and Holly and what is happening a lot in the area with probably got it out and find an Astro well and we've got this new that's right now that confident they were going and he saw hundred thinking well and now it went back enough time to the Lord pricking other people are doing the same thing that this movement grew and lack of family pride marketing and away like lightning or steam on the clock.

I been all about and all about having a name out there I like about people that even if coming out of their dad the 19th of their Lord and Savior. No matter what when they go by that time they have to think about thanking. They sure do they say it and it's funny, I saw the W RAL reporter and she said thank you Jesus.

You know sometimes because that's the day with assigned us the name of the movement that really cool you told earlier about Lucas is just a young 15-year-old guy Dimas vision for a yard sign campaign.

Connie you came alongside that you got a great guy and Rodney. I talked to him early was also cut apart a team. Get them out there helping print all the signs you got these little garden deals are you going guards you got these little wristbands and they all say the same thing. Thank you Jesus. What a great message and I tell you I saw originally when they first came out as all this is just kind of a fad. This'll this'll pass Bureau by the wayside. Like a lot of things like W Joe W JD braces and all that but I tell you Connie, I started seeing more neighborhoods. IPod go somewhere random in all across North Carolina or South Carolina see what they are like wait a second. How to get there so there's what is it about Thanksgiving that is so so important, so profound so much bigger than one day and by the way I'm tickled to death.

We have a day I'm looking to get on your and knock Thanksgiving and knock everyone to just know that you know that that doesn't make enough about it. Of course I'm going to say we should pronounce it louder and more it should be every day of our life because everything were to give thanks but Connie what I'm trying to say is what is it about Thanksgiving that we need to really as it were, to use an Easter word resurrect Thanksgiving and print it back. What is it we could do alchemist is holiday. Connie's gotten title lost in her talk therebetween.

The big giant holidays of hallowing to Christmas. The two biggest netting holidays of the year round from the marketer.

I would start trying to find getting quite help for that right now the marketing side of it. Okay, I think Thanksgiving is not a one holiday problem that we've got. I think it that I'm not a pandemic that we've got here in our country where where not I want God while I think more indicative of where are our anyway. Why Thanksgiving part and I didn't want pain, and in general general idea where thanking God when Wayne thanked Eric are wacky and quiet there whenever you want to thank him for letting dad that they can't I okay and all around trying to pull it down. Can't grab it because I okay well that's a great word so so really is a God centered, Christ centered notion of Thanksgiving, because that's where it all came from in your signs.

Connie, thank you Jesus signs with the we see all over the place now. They have really little magnets as well. Those signs have either the cystic is just a just a quick reminder tells about the color scheme of yellow and all that stuff, you handwrote you told earlier tells a little bit about some of the other fun facts about the thank you Jesus signs that our listeners may not know where one may not know about. It had think about the finding. I find that I don't realize what all behind it, but Ronnie pilot printer and when he took this project over and to live without pain behind and my husband and I would get it without overwhelming David Bentley think Beverly can't handle it anymore. Anything back on making money and you need to form a 501(c)(3). I want to pay you a boil. Now how many times you know Even tell you more about how to think about God thing, while only anyway that we now have the bank's Mexican quicker than a 501(c)(3). We pray over $40,000 per mile fee and charitable contribution, and we probably given away about $780,000 and we have our mission here North Carolina been an amazing way that people like Alex. Fine I helping spread the gospel on how things were hurting so that the fund fact that people don't know about that and and that continued on, no matter what we have like we we think it would last for long in there, but maybe there's only 1500, find their thoughts all maybe 506 wristbands was just originality countries is just unbelievable to think you Jesus signs Connie, thank you, Connie and Lucas and all your amazing team or what you've done to bless us with those. Thank you Jesus for our Thanksgiving and how Chris told I would get back in your thoughts.

Your calls my battle. Are you thankful today what are you thankful for. Who are you thankful for. Have you said recently. These words thank you Jesus where you are right now. Whatever you're doing just stop and say those three words. Thank you Jesus. The lady was part of putting these words on a sign on magnets all over the country, all the world is only a real quick word to say goodbye to her first. Connie got it tells the website for folks will learn more about this amazing ministry. Maybe they want to throw yard sign up just in time for Thanksgiving. I'm Stu Epperson and it's just in order to talk about this topic today how the Grinch stole Thanksgiving and how do we get it back. How we get Thanksgiving out of the redheaded stepchild category out of the hockey penalty box and back into the real primal Paramount issue that it is of Thanksgiving. Connie did something about it. Her and her gang awesome team can release thank you Jesus signs. Connie was the website love it. Thank you Jesus you see them all over the place. Connie, thank you for Connie. We made a song okay excited okay it just just to sit me on all my when was it maybe was on Friday but here goes. Ready in everything give thanks for everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you in everything give thanks in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you, where they Connie besides a singer besides the voice what about that song when those words are powerful are his right out of his right out of first testimonies. 518.Connie Redford treat Osama to bring on Pastor J Pastor of Oaklawn church whose having an amazing Thanksgiving service tonight. Pastor J.

Lacey like a bring you I was Connie Pastor J. Say hi to Connie, one of the founders of thank you Jesus signs I Connie how are you doing doing well doing well. You have 20 signs I've seen one near your church. I'm not sure if you have one. I'm sure at some point you had one. I mean, even churches have about what a great message on Pastor Gillooly up everywhere about the great.

So cool. Will Connie pastor J is an amazing pastor worship leader is churches Oaklawn church a quick, shameless plug is affronted here for looks want to check out the service that I think tonight it that we would all live out your people, were doing a little Thanksgiving will do a lot of work people of the book, think that there thankful for the comment in the Beverly prayer need that we go they want to break what I can put that in there or farm work with like me to bring up 1/3 ball about 12 7 o'clock tonight.

You can bet our website Oaklawn 08 daylight W in | black bear, but would love to have folks doing something when I want to say thank you Jesus for churches like Pastor Jason. Other churches that are doing church services tonight for the fella great tickets to the Wake Forest game tonight. He says to you, I'm going to church and I said I'm not going to push you on this game. If you're going to church you go to church.

You enjoy that. Hallelujah. So what a deal.

Thank you pastor J. Connie and I cool. They're having a special Thanksgiving and maybe this is how we can get Thanksgiving back from aggressive stole Thanksgiving.Connie so Pastor Jason the first people I called to say my song to an end and that's why you need to pray for him okay to pray for our audience. Hope I didn't just kill the ratings of the Steve no-show would when one fell swoop. When I sing a second ago but he's putting music to it. Pastor J we sing a force is gonna suck tomorrow right you get to perform this on a massive Facebook broadcast pastor J we love it if you would, seeing with your beautiful vocal cords working here tonight your service to people that know you would've heard you these are also recording artist and seems with an amazing of an amazing dog, a Christian a quartet as well Chirag I'll try will regret here comes Ronald drumroll everything give everything bang the will of God right learning and you and everything give thanks in everything give Bay the will of God in Christ concerning you. All muscle standing ovation for me. I'm still grace of mine. I stand up stand up Connie about that. That is awesome so this is so cool and you know it's really need to put this on my Instagram and my Facebook in everywhere else I can twitter this verse is really riveted me because it's one of those verses that we refer to all the time under taught it. I've never actually spent time listen to one sermon on or written about it in so I spent a lot of time preparing and working on this in order to share with her was in the workout to before Thanksgiving, but it's 518 it's the five A's in 518 to Connie I know you want to know what these are.

Pastor JI think you hardly know what these are is coveted you would like you to say him, Connie, are you ready okay so you have five days of 518. And here they are. The have the amount in everything. Not necessarily for everything but in everything, you have the amount that you have the action give thanks Thanksgiving is an action 10 lepers were healed by the Savior.

Only one took the action of coming back and saying thank you and Luke 17 she heavy action, then you have the attribution, the attribution is. This is the will of God. This is God's will concerning you.

This is God's will.

The attribution there's no greater place in the world to be in the center of God's will, right, and then you have the access. How do we get to God who is the way to God is the one mediator between God and man Jesus Christ to use the access John 14 six in Christ. This is God's will in Christ and you have the application Connie the last day concerning you this right here is Connie. We are the reason we have. Thank you Jesus signs is because were the trillion dollar recipients of becoming sons and daughters of the King of Kings. Is there any other greater application or benefit than then what we have been given in Christ. How about that Connie does five A's of 518 arm broadband logo is awesome. Got the amount the action.

The attribution the access and the application. 518 and there's a beautiful song pastor J amazing and he had run is picking his his son up which is awesome and you have this idea of an attitude of gratitude. And so what you all did. As you all went out and made a bunch of yard signs more than you thought you never would make to put up all over the place and all kinds yards and what a blessing Connie said you so much for the thank you Jesus signs and I want to encourage people I open new show Connie with a question. The question is how can we redeem Thanksgiving. How can we bring it back and out of the fund title how the Grinch stole thanks giving. What can we do were tentatively let's ask God that assess the Lord, Lord, what can we do with our family in this moment may be the only time that that those gathered here are ever together like this again. If your time like this.

Eating this food at this place. Together, we don't know who's gonna be in heaven this time next year from our crowd, Lord, how can we redeem this moment and how we make the most of it and how can we enter your gates with thanksgiving. How can we, in everything give thanks, maybe go around the table. Connie may we say thank you Jesus for some of the more basic things like the roof over our head.

The shoes on her feet, the clothes that we are wearing, but Connie is also some spiritual things. When you have a thank you Jesus sign. What are some spiritual things. Connie some more deeper impact of things we can thank God for our well cry and I know that I can try and bring knocking My ardent Bonham and care how their therapist hello my, I challenge people and are writing an account to bring them remember all the thing and out.

This keep right now because I'm not done I found while is so good and so profound so I want to say happy Thanksgiving everyone. Connie happy Thanksgiving you give us the website will more time for you.

Thank you Jesus. Signs will you money door Harry Door locator I have on the yard on the website. I think they think I'm yelling total DY goalie and police forces applied D Wayne, those guys have your size. I've seen him in there pretty awesome.

Hey guys think about this without his giving we would have no giving of things so we can all say as we start the show or close it all say thank you Jesus. God was a Connie thank you for being on one encouraging story memorize at first jinxing it like pastor Jason force beautifully just a second ago it everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. First Thessalonians 518 the five days of 518 zero table get people engaged in talking, what are you thinking this is the Truth Network

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