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What Did Jesus Say About Hell?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 19, 2021 6:25 pm

What Did Jesus Say About Hell?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 19, 2021 6:25 pm

Stu & Robby are back...and they're talking about Hell. What did Jesus say about the levels of punishment there, and how could our behavior be leading people away from Heaven? They look at Luke 10: 11-16 to find answers to these questions and more!

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting to just seconds.

Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network were back nor talk about health unexpressed truth a word you hear a lot of the day but never related warning people that are going to go there, you know, and what the little girls you say daddy there's batterers in the Bible like what hell is it just that now that is right here.

But Jesus, talk about hell a lot of judgment. Lottie talks about it in our passage Robbie read Luke 10 and start with verse, verse 10 right here. Nevertheless right there read the passage force and regularly final questions about what it means to be rejected. Are they rejecting you or Christ. What did Jesus say about the levels of punishment in hell. And how can goodbye believe behavior actually people away from having good. Robbie read a passage. Nevertheless, know this, but the kingdom of God is come near you. But I say to you that it will be more tolerable in that day for Sodom and for that city will you course and what you beside it for the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes, but it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon that the judgment than for you and you component, who are exalted to heaven, will be brought down to Hades, he who hears you hears me, he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent so this is a real heavy passage and this is really Christ ministry is really cresting in the northern kingdom. All this miracle working is done is coming to a head, and he is sent the 70 amazing gifted disciples and their mates. Their gifted because of the giver. Jesus is put his peace and his power on them to go down in the lead the way to Jerusalem to go to the always Judean towns now they've come back with a report of what God is done but he's given this message to them when they talk about the rejection of all he's basically thrown this well out this this is a strong word of condemnation were glowing.

Just as well you christen, will you bet SATA will you a Capernaum, the workflow, it's interesting. I read several different perspectives. The two most prominent one from these theologians. These guys let's organize which you need to consult the word woe is a a word of English and will lament Jesus is heartbroken. Here they had him and they rejected him. Here the Messiah that the Jews been praying for for centuries showed up did miracles all Isaiah 61 the spirit of the Lord is upon me to do all these things preach the gospel of the poor.

Heal the sick, raise the debt. All these things and you rejected me.

So it's a lamentable heartbreaking thing O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, type art, but it's also a strong word of condemnation judgment is a woe is a curse and he same look your light was so great that you have run to the darkness, like Sodom and Gomorrah who they were in darkness, but they didn't have all this light, and Adam, the thing that I love about the word blessing is that it's a picture of God turning his face towards you and so the word woe is a picture of God turning his face away from you. Well, which gets back to the reason why there in hell is because they have rejected and are moving away from God and he's turned his face away from it because the he's been rejected and so that woe is actually God's turning his face from you in the opposite of the blessing that a Jew would understand and then losing out on that when you're face-to-face with God. It doesn't get a better man well in these rights as a man is righteous, pious, self-righteous Jews are sitting there saying hey listen were not were no Sodom and Gomorrah were no tyrants signage using woe to you, they didn't have anywhere near the light you have. It will be worse for you and the day of judgment in them. Anyone list in our voice right now, hearing us proclaim the goodness of Jesus, how he came to die that cross in your place to save you from Helen from sin and from the bondage. The addiction you're in right now. He came to save you the more you hear that the more you reject that the more accountable. You will be in the more heat and held you will experience those rough words but right from the Savior's lips and then he says this and asked this question what and will outweigh our people who reject the gospel not rejecting you.

But rejecting Jesus. Wow, what a heavy question and Robbie know you and I have been in a lot of scenarios were sharing the gospel we been in Bible studies together about inviting people over, and we been through the whole series you know that our friends up north put together the gospel conversations in your home.

We see people saved is just amazing but how does that question hit you because like Jesus said these words.

He said it, he who rejects you rejects me from my perspective it gets back to when you tell somebody that you're gonna need a Savior you're gonna need some help. They don't want to believe that they can't do it on their own and so you can't fix it form. Only Jesus can fix it form.

So essentially there rejecting the plan who can fix it, but that is the real affront as they can't they can't save themselves now and so really it's it so it's a profound thought.

No I didn't. I did a study about my a friend of mine named Ellie Rutherford is a pastor in LA wrote a book called compelled I'm reading I'm loving it and in chapter 7 or so.

That book he talks about a psychologist in many psychologist to cite carcinogenic studies on the greatest fear people have it like up there above dying and above all these things is the fear of rejection and you have heard Greg Laurie and Ray comfort in many evangelists say that less than 4% of believers have ever led someone to Christ. Here we have the greatest message about the greatest Savior about the greatest life about forgiveness and healing and hope, and yet none of us are open in our big fat mouth and share with people about it right. But in order to overcome that rejections to if we will move closer to Christ, you know, the opposite of what's going on here.

If we move closer to him, he will give us the courage and he will give us the opportunity enough. We continue to pray God to go to hell because I'm scared to death. You know once you get to that place where you admit you can do this on your own to lead people to Christ where you find yourself in that place of prayer is where you can actually do the things which is what he told them at the very beginning of the passage, and you don't start out with prayer the prayer in realizing who there rejecting which, when you realize who there rejecting prior to that you've realized who you're representing bracket and that's very one as soon as you put his and proud on using as you are marked by the blood of Christ, that changes everything.

And we've had people on here many mills. One of them who just preaches Christ.

Everywhere he goes. Number Moses pollutes this Indian mission radical hit by a truck and it flies in the windshield is got a big gushing bleeding head and he says his son Billy. Grandpa loses his footing on a car I will preach the gospel casino in India cars a car wreck is like a big event over there right front of the that many cars.

A lot of people they all came over to figure out are you located preach the gospel.

He had like 30 people saved from direct kidnappers like a up. We probably need to get you to talk to his death blood coming up but there's a boldness that comes because you realize they're not rejecting me to rejecting Jesus.

They killed Hitler to kill me, kill me, I'll be with Christ. What Paul said for me lips Christ to die is gain right living is one and so what you said is profound. Realizing who you represent that there rejecting him just as he rejects me rejects him who sent me literally goes back to that statement. The kingdom of God is come near you so sure I'm standing before you, and you have you want nothing to do with Christ are Christians you like me your nice because we both have the same shirt.

We both swing the same cut a golf club. I'm glad about that.

But, Sir, let me just tell you all of the kingdom of God is come near you and you are not rejecting me right now or some philosophical paradigm that presenting you reject rejecting the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. What happens next is completely up to you but you have heard and your blood is not on my hands and that's a pretty heavy stuff. Robbie, we think about the accountability, responsibility of sharing the good news, but the pressure takes off me to know that hey they didn't just laugh at me. They left the Savior by a listener that was some caution. I don't think that's that there for me to share with the person I just share Christ with it, it's there for me to understand God's trying to tell me you're not being rejected by I'm being rejected. So don't take this personally.

Robbie don't let this keep you from sharing it with a nice person. Sure, and don't let you stop praying for that guy right because I've got a new company with if I can try to confront the guy argue with that guy I see all sorts of issues one at the in an essay arguing that I'm saying is, is Christians need to realize that every appointment is a divine outline. Don't take it lightly. And even if you don't. In that moment, that moment okay.

He rejects you, I think you're on your knees like God. What I want to do what I do have the heart and if he says confront that man is a founder rejecting Christ as well for what he says direct Robbie here, let's try this or you know it and will and lead let him lead us to write this that's too hard. Which leads us to this question here was your love. This is this country has opened the door up now that a believers behavior lead people to reject them instead of rejecting Jesus and his gospel know how many times we seen it. My behavior, no sir I'm I'm so confused by your your reprobate behavior that I'm not hearing about your redeeming Jesus you observe ever been an incident where you, the fact is, they were rejecting Jesus there rejecting that guy who is swing in this.

This sour the spirit Adam Kuttner had off. It was allied to the spirit that is like. So when you share how you bled when you share how you struggle, where he is the hero of the story, not you. You know where where he made the difference I met for your testimony time.

I think that's the one who that's that's who's the hero of the chassis.

Three questions I test my time and remembered the go-ahead. The questions will bring out the final thoughts will wrap up Jesus, I intentionally engaging those around me with the gospel. Yeah. Is it so that it's a question of how intentional my about engaging people with the gospel to go ahead. Is there anything in my life that is a distraction if it is there anything in my life my life that is a distraction from bringing others to follow Jesus. So there you that unless I have a question I put first Corinthians 9 1923 to of all things all men that may win the more Philippians 127, 28, your everything I have is for the distribution of the meeting out the sharing of the good news of Christ and we got a really get on our knees and ask God to remove those things that would distract from him.

You know, and in it could be hell fire and brimstone are real people need to be worn but the question is are you warning people out of a heart of love is angry and try to pound him in the head with it. Really cool right here.

If you look closely, right after Jesus cleared the temple.

You might wonder, why do well after right after he claimed that to clear the temple look at it in Matthew actually he started healing and so he's got a clear our hearts to bring that shalom then people feel at peace when you walk in the room and it changes everything. He said my house will be a house of prayer right, not a bunch of hoodlums that a bunch of idolatry and how many Christians need to do that and needed to look at ourselves. When's the last time you warned someone to flee the wrath to come. So Jesus said that repeatedly John the Baptist said it the life we live is very short, we want to warn people about the wrath to come, flee from it, but we want to tell people to flee to Jesus and I think sometimes we give so much good news. We forget to tell them what the gospel delivered us from which is the bad news from our sin from our hopelessness from our shame from our guilt from our depravity. And therein lies the beauty of God made him who had no sin to be sin for us is that we might become the righteousness of God through him segment is 521 segment is 520 tells us how were to share that message as ambassadors for Christ, which means they see me they see him and so how are we intentionally represent him today. Love the greeting card. I shall Robbie because every time that my goes hot. Tina pursues all the shows you do mass and journey you are an ambassador to again bring people to him for the neat thing is the way you can tell a disciple appointed Jesus is if you love the by the love if you love somebody, how in the world could you not introduce them to the one that made all the difference in your life. You know sometimes we have to dig deep in there and find out in a while I need more of Jesus in order to get to the point where I desperately need to love others the way he left me right, that's a great word. Great way to close experience true this week. Lieut. 11 to 16. The intentional about sharing Jesus of you don't know Christ come to him and there's power in the words of continue to study the word share the word preach the word and memorize the word meditate on the word share the word with those that don't know Jesus and within your own family. We got a go's website will be back next time. On experience truth. This is the Truth Network

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