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Presence & Profitability

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 17, 2021 1:00 am

Presence & Profitability

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 17, 2021 1:00 am

Stu talks being present in our hyperconnected world with author Phil Kelley Jr., whose new book, "Presence & Profitability", brings to our attention the importance of authentic communication in this digital age.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth.

Podcast network. This is the Truth Network friends I feel like I'm holding a newborn baby in my hands for you right your hearing cooing at all you crying your hearing the sound of a book because my body Philip Kelly Junior has written this book presence and profitability.

Understanding the value of authentic communications in the age of hyper connectivity. This is a treasure. I'm excited to read now I know little bit about it because you and I sat together. It's been almost over a year. We were at the Mayflower hall and you told me about this till I thought, he's never had to write a book you never guess the finish line, which he did a brother congratulations I did and you are an inspiration because you gave me your book so I knew it could be done and just based on what's happening in the world.

I'm a very proactive guy you know you and I grew up together and we've always both, been that way. So I had something to say and it's great to see the finished work that I'm very excited. Congratulations this book is much-needed. You know, more more people are using their phones in their phones of replace relationships. There is authentic authenticity is all throughout book fill, even from the approval I've made so far of it and I'm excited take a deeper dive in affect dignity, but I have have you back on the show I'm Stu Epperson this is true talk my buddy Phil Kelly lifelong friend forever and he was really the trailblazer at Mount Tabor high school in the game-winning shot in Israel as he can't not avoid the game-winning shot is the shot, like the later site is the shot by Phil Kelly Debbie Reynolds.

They were happy were they are real's buddies 15 minutes of fame is a beautiful thing I need. I've played a lot of basketball together in more importantly, he's been a real friend and mentor to me in business to tell a little bit about who is Phil Kelly Junior I want to get into the book little bit why road would tell us who you are little bit.

How would you come to do a biographical sketch of yourself from family grown-ups school business, etc. are well, yeah, start. This is a Christian radio station, which I'm thrilled to be part of a group and a wonderful family went to church often but I really did not find Christ in that environment. I found three young life, and I went from being a very introverted kid who loved sports have always loved sports, which is where you not connected to lacking self-confidence to literally I was born again. The moment I met Jesus and just became a confident individual immediately even even in in my young days and I talk about it in the book my trajectory changed out with that level of confidence so so I'm just felt blessed with that again.

Have a great family I've gone to some good schools have an undergraduate Masters degree from Georgia Tech, a pretty good engineering school down in Georgia and an MBA from Clemson grade school pretty good at football, though not so much this year but I grew up in print. Never plan to come back, but my mother and father started a business of really small printing company in Winston-Salem.

I came back by accident to join him and left a really good job down in Georgia with a sizable pay cut.

Not much vacation and found that I just love the world of print and then of course there's minimal, new technologies, like you said we are all, ruled by the cell phone and online experiences. But again, in my belief system. I believe we are all created in the image of God, and that's a pretty major statement and that when we I got challenge lobby looking at yourself in the mirror and say I'm great at something, you'll find you have a hard time doing that most people will divert their eyes from looking at themselves and telling them they're great at something.

Well, Jesus really has instilled with me, not a self, as I call it God, confidence, and that with him. I can do all things. So with that, basic belief. I'm also a businessman, I'm a big believer in capitalism.

There's a lot of talk about how that's bad. Capitalism is a wonderful moralistic based by the way biblical based societal tool and I love the founding of the United States of America so I don't apologize for that.

I'm fact celebrate them. So this book is written from a business success standpoint both corporately and for us as individuals but also about personal empowerment. I don't believe the Internet rules me. I do know because I use the data that come from Facebook in the cell phone that it they do study me, they do try to do things that try to make me act certain ways, but I'm in control of this brain that God gave me these gifts that God gave me. I am ultimately in control of that.

So if instead of that ruling me and me accepting that I empower myself by using all of a sudden through these technologies.

I have friends that date back here, you and I happen to live still 20 miles apart. I can't get out. It was his brother, but every morning I wake up at my college roommate is a hedge fund manager living down in Florida so we might text my best buddy is a big CFO I am captain of the USA long-range rifle takes my check in with my fellow captain in Ireland are I'm going to world championships in South Africa.

I have college buddies that are the head of IT for Intel and head of this Asian district of FedEx. All those people are literally around the world will I can reach them on a text click on the spine. So how do I empower myself how to I empower a group a team or group of people to use technology in wonderful ways to change business to be more profitable and then as a Christian calling. How I do it to change the world.

I do believe one person acting through God's belief can literally change the world if we all do that if we team up and doing that is all up to us what happened. So the book is by itself is from the business perspective, but it really starts in a place of strength on an individual level well and that's that inspiring voice of my good buddy Phil Kelly Junior, CEO of Salem, one just in a company allow you describe it. Growing corporate communication solutions company and you guys are providing definitive steps forward for success my individuals and corporate board rooms that will establish an effective presence there that were presents for profitability and growth. So what we have right now is we have a bunch of tails wagging, a bunch of dogs was a smart phone kids under controlled her mood changes what they see all day changes the way a husband smarts off to his wife the way boss will remount his whole corporate office. There is a something he saw in there but you're saying let's take control and let's be the dog wagging the tail, and these devices and these social media and other dynamics of the digital spectrum are there to serve us, were not there to be their slaves. The book's presence and profitability. The author Phil Kelly Junior Philip, let me ask you this question very simply. A lot of folks listening, what is it you want them to get out of reading this book I am again I want to give them too much that they don't read it, but I want to give him enough so that they know this is a must read that needs to be on the bookshelf.

The answer that three ways because it really depends on the perspective of the reader. First, there are a lot of books of other feel-good books about communication and I really didn't not write it from a feel-good standpoint I wrote it from a success standpoint. So for anyone in a corporate leadership position a year under lots of pressure these days for success and I do believe there's profitability in maintaining presence within your company within your corporate culture.

By the way, your employees will enjoy it more presence in your corporate culture and then they'll exude that to your clients. Clients and there are lots of examples in this book of how many places do you go now, that of loss presence. I use the example of McDonald's you get a McDonald's night day and your punching in your order in a computer go to Chick-fil-A the lines wrapped around the store with an army of people serving you know which one do you feel better, though it is written corporate leaders who want higher levels of profitability. I also think there are a lot of us individuals who want to succeed in life. Okay like I said earlier, I do believe we are empowered by God Almighty.

Each one of us individually and so I want empower folks for success. The world is giving a false sense in the business world, a false sense of work from home and send an email that's a terrible place to be and it's not good for you. By the way, okay, I you communicate so much more God gave us 42 muscles in the face of talk about this in the book 42 muscles in the face. Can you can those expressions of those muscles come across in phone call or an email now. Do those muscles matter of course they do. They are the nuanced doors. Also, driving us apart through electronic communications.

The reader of an email if I write an email.

I have no idea how Sean has taken that email. If I go well. I think he should have read it the way I minute I'm a narcissist, you know, I don't know if he smiled and yeah man, I think that's right right is in Re: the premises on is nice so it is about individual success in leadership and empower and then again, I love you I do love the Christian side of it. I don't mention I do mention in the acknowledgments we come back to that is on-site about how your faith is influenced your business now really you're trying to connect folks to faith, but there's a power of the gospel with presence anywhere here because of God's presence in our life but what a tool and what a way to inspire a Fortune 500 executive or just a soccer mom who just wants to really manage the home and in in-service and in her job or business.

Maybe someone who has a home-based business will come back with Phil Kelly in his book presence and profitability right it is untrue. Thought will pop a picture up to it my website or my Facebook page or my Instagram as well, where Phil was everywhere when you're all over the place. He's a marksman wait to hear about this and talk about some gold medals in a second here with Phil Kelly coming right back on trees.what you do if you're a successful businessman, a follower of Jesus Christ, a family man, a world-class marksman and I'm not exaggerating that and you can always access what you want to share with others and you want others to be present. You want others to learn from your mistakes you want to make others better.

Whether it's a businessperson or a pastor will you write a book and the book is called presence and profitability of the author is Phil Kelly Junior Philip Kelly Junior Philip with one L and he's a longtime friend of mine were on the back porch of Mattie case it's a beautiful fall day. Phil Kelly this book is been a real is going to be a real blessing. A lot of people, but this is been a journey for you to write this this this is like birthing a baby and it really is. I've never done this before so learning the process of consolidating ideas is a real process to you and you you know who you talk a little about your faith and how young life really connected to Christ were you just people closer to your age just share the Lord with you in life and whatnot in a now you write a book to help a lot of people connect with God's presence. Ultimately, but we are controlled by these these devices you got people on their phones all the time you got people trying to have a meal in there looking at her phone and her you know I Debbie I have literally taken pictures of our family first. I lacked other people say that our family were all sitting there and I got pictures of all of us living or screens, so Phil, there's got to be away for likely use usual strays earlier for the doglike detail instead of the tail which is wagging the dog like crazy were controlled by the screens and is literally driving our country into chaos absolutely, and I literally talk about those examples in the course everybody ties but is the kitchen table, the kitchen table used to be the place where the kids and the parents came together you talk about the day's events.

The knowledge of the this senior parents was passed on to the kids. The kids asked questions could challenge politely with questions. The parents and was really time of communication. The best family time there was, and now the caricature of course, of everyone, including the parents thing wrong with her cell phone and find out what the latest car – intricate snow so I literally talk about that in the book, and I do have a passion for kids, but I also talked about in the book everybody ties about kids being hooked on technology and getting lost in my world. The adults heard have surpassed the kids in business and how we act and how we communicate with them. Some anonymously to grow up to exactly rights and I mean it positively. I don't mean that negatively, but to change your question with a focus on making sure your the word is present, but that you have a relational value in all your communications. That's what is so empowering. That's what kids are missing the other way, but that's what a lot of us adults are missing to in the way we connect with old friendships. You know, on one hand, you and I we're been a long time and you and I can text each other and for meeting up for meeting for this interview. That's one.

But that's not relational value only when we get together we laugh maybe share a challenge for both heaven and our families are our personal lives.

You can't do that over tech are our email that only comes through personal contact, so you know I think we will each keep that that push that that acknowledgment we would have relational value and things the world would change if we would all do that a lot in order to get into that in a talk about how our faith impacts at especially the book's presence and profitability.

The cars drive either.

So I just thought maybe it's all about you love these bumper sticker is run the back deck of Mattie's case in advance for throwing a beautiful fall day seven some coffee located at cheesecake renting a picture. The cheesecake is unreal and that you know this is kind of a neat time to sit down and talk to my friend who just wrote his book presence and profitability. Philip Kelly Junior now that the subtitle a love, understanding the value of authentic communications in the age of hyper connectivity and look at these chapter titles in chapter 1.

Success is always found on the dance floor. One sentence description just wants his description of each chapter. Put yourself in uncomfortable places and love it.

Okay the connectivity explosion. One sentence my success in life is not dictated by the number of Facebook friends laugh goodness.

The presence deficit.

Chapter 3 someone liking me on Facebook has no precedents presence whatsoever have not impacted their life any. The psychology of presence. Chapter 4 Jesus Christ created us uniquely and we all have unique human traits and that is what you want to get to know in life. The more friends you connect with more humans you connect with on a basic psychological value is what will determine the value of your life. While no section 2 communication deployment mistakes. Chapter 5 hiding from technology and connectivity. There lots of us older folks want to hide from the use of technology that's a mistake. The cell phone can connect me to people around the world every day. In a way where I do maintain presence. I don't hide from that. Don't reject it because it can be bad like a part of your life. You know chapter 6 picks up on that hiding behind technology and connectivity. Yes, but never let this get the way a lot of people going to meeting and set it between themselves and who they're talking to, but airplane mode on, stick it in your pocket and always have human relationship with whoever you're talking my contacts big okay chapter 7. How did my brand end up there quick sense of that when I know your joy. That chapter always keep control of where you are if you put your brand online. It's scary how quickly you, your brain will connect to evil and don't ever let it go there okay generate transactional versus experiential communication from a business standpoint we all get very happy when someone buys something okay but too many are. Let not be through a computer, a kiosk always say thank you.

Always look somebody and I the value CHL ran around the home stretch everything a time to be quick on these which I know you're doing great. Section 3 presence fuels profitability. Chapter 9 always take the path of highest value. Invest in relational moments with human beings. Whatever it takes effort and focus on relational value in all that you do, whether online or in person relationships can happen through technology do whatever it takes and whatever revenue you have to look at like this one. This'll mix it up though. Chapter 11 org charts must change. That's a very business focused. Chapter organizational charts and decision-making have to change every organization or company has to understand the totality of their communications.

Many of them have no idea what kind of different communications are going to different there's a lot of practical stuff in this book, which I'm excited about the conclusion it did take us home with this. I'll see you on the dance floor and then take us to your faith in Christ and how that is made a real difference in this sure is a personal statement is the challenge and that I'm not a good dancer.

I have lots of flaws but you can count on me, always being in the middle of the dance floor, always seeking out those relation moments and that comes from a straight that I get through Christ. And when you bring it to the Christian believer standpoint is that if I empower myself without understanding, and I always connect with folks with that intention. Just think what that means.

And if you will do that as a fellow Christian and you'll do it. Dave and Shawn if all connect that if one person can change the world. Imagine what a group of people can do on that. So it's a challenge and a statement that that's where I want to be and I hope to see her body there with you. He's trying to mobilize an army of people little put down the screen and pick up the relationship and press the flesh and look in the eye and inspire and connect and start to build some more relationship relational capital to book his presence and profitability.

Author Philip Kelly Junior.

The subtitle understanding the value of authentic communications in the age of hyper connectivity of this book is chock-full of a whole Lotta stuff more than we covered.

We hopefully gave folks a little tasty. Whether appetite photo is your take us home with maybe your faith in Christ. Talk about how we really connect with Christ, he became born-again your life change your values changed how you look at everything from family to visit everything changed how you incorporate that into challenging people about presence ultimately about priorities.

What would you say take us out here in terms of the priority of of presence and property of the Lord in all everything sure will. What I think all of us especially.

I love this country and I believe it's time for the price based community to take the world back a little bit and my Christianity. The impairment God is given the terms and the terms of confidence in nobody rules my world. Jesus Christ was the creator of the universe and earth in you and I and no one else is in charge but him. Well I see day after day I meet kids but I meet adults who lack self-confidence. I hear the statement the world gone crazy and it's out of my control. No we the people from the Constitution and in Christ, just as we were all uniquely created by by God. That is such an empowerment tool and if we all stepped in the life every day without empowerment feeling. Just imagine how the world will change. I believe there better days ahead. If we all own Matt and step into the world and not let those that want to lead us a different way go that way, control yourself, you been given that power and so that's where my passion comes from have had success in business by incorporating that I've had success and I should say have had failures to have had success and failure individually but I sleep better when I act with the power God is given a man Philip Kelly Junior thanks for hanging out with us on truth talk today on Stu Epperson. The book is presence and profitability best way for folks to pick up the book. and Barnes & Noble's on all major online realities fill Kelly you can also find how to order on that website, fill the love will fill Kelly right and in a go by. One of these books and be encouraged by presence and probably safer.

This book safer, blessedness, and for coming on a showing encouraging people to feel better about their height in their business and all these things. This really covers a lot fill Kelly long time friend got blushing Douglas you always get a hang out state. This is the Truth Network

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