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Put On Your Eternity Glasses!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 10, 2021 1:00 am

Put On Your Eternity Glasses!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 10, 2021 1:00 am

How do you live in the real world with an eternal perspective? Stu talks with Bill Coleman, author of The Eternity Lense, about his new book and how God desires for us to rise above temporal circumstances and view everything in light of eternity.

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network okay, everyone grab your glasses, your spiritual lenses and put them on because were talking to the author today of brand-new book called the eternity lens and I am only copy my hand on looking at the author. Right now it's a little loud in here bill because you have any idea brother. We walked to this one. No man, but it was very bright being with the people the pastors the word the whole deal where Wednesday in a word, Addario and he's able to come down and hang out with us and share a little bit with our guys and then I want to talk about his book. Afterwards we just turned Addario into a big national recording studio for true thought.

Gary Chapman says about you, but Billy says if you read this book.

It may well change your life, you will discover the living with an eternal perspective in the real world is the most fruitful way to live eternity lens is your book bill and the subtitle is living in the real world with an eternal perspective. Where did this come from. All I know is you direct message me on Instagram and said do you talk about my new book and and I love the title of everything out of it out to God versus in your yeah actually through Lena pastor for over two decades and do a lot of counseling and begin to realize was God had kind of uniquely. I think gifted me with the gift of faith being able to see the things that were happening around but do them through an eternal perspective, which is actually what his work calls us to do, but it seem like in counseling, I will continue to guide people towards perspective because most people didn't have it and so about 1213 years ago, God laid upon my heart to begin writing so that maybe I could spread the net water and just help people turn their gaze toward the eternal model never never dismisses the temporary things the struggles the trials and in fact it embraces those but it says to look at it through an eternal perspective. When I was 17 years old my life versus came do not lose heart.

Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us a glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen what is seen is temporary, what is unseen is eternal.

Those became second Corinthians 416 through 18 became my life versus and as I was counseling the leading people of all, I was leading me to write this now.

I think I read a chapter and then set aside for four year and I really probably up until 2019 written maybe half the chapters in there and I became convicted or convince whatever you want to say don't want us to just be on my computer that my kids found one day after I die I will finish this and actually get it out for what I thought I got it Leo. My heart so I had to start setting some time aside to really just focus in finish writing it and getting it out there and hopefully help people with their vision homelands. The book is the eternity lens author is Pastor Bill Coleman who is a pastor in your life. Your me like you open of introduction, I like real things I want people to buy this book and read themselves. Good 17 years old had my hands eyes pollen up God just tell me what to do and several just like yesterday, but then you get and I mean these chapter titles, no broken, and all these things your unit 2020, which was a crazy cataclysmic urinal affected all kinds of pastors and churches and people bill.

What's the I guess you get 25 chapters all of her superlong but you got all kinds of things geared five different sections was a big take away you want people to get this book your heart for them all stripes and flavors of folks that they may pick up the attorney lens, what is it you want them to walk away with yellow slip the book in the five sections which is basically second Corinthians 416 through 18 split in the five sites and then each section has five chapters. What I do is weaved together. Personal experience with the word of God, because my my goal here is not that the books about me. My goal is that people begin to see their own journey in their own experience their own life through an eternal perspective. And so my goal would be that the word begin to fix their eyes on the things that really matter. Things that are eternal as our lives here are but a vapor there there a blip on the screen. Their preparation for eternity and what we go through here is all about building and thus what is going to continue on forever southern drawl people close to the Lord and 20/20 was the last chapter I wrote is the first chapter. After the introduction in the book but what what an example of being possibly brought down by all the circumstances around but viewing it through an eternal perspective as much is for life is this book were to come out years ago when God first laid it on my heart.

The timing of it coming out now seems to be incredibly relevant for everything is going on in our society, jealous or silly book on Stu Epperson. This is true, talk with me is Dr. Bill: visit a friend of mine for like over 30 for my future sister in it. You threw together you always a great leader great friend. You pastored in four different churches. Currently the associate fashion already sees life church in North Carolina and I guess the Concorde area right Is an area and then you're also assistant professor of pastoral ministry at Luther Rice college. You've been on a bunch of missions trip you like dozens of missions trips Bill I guess your book the attorney lens is really hard to look through 2020 and even today. I mean, there's so much that is get madů I can watch the news anymore stew I just existed always and I find myself want to put a fist to the to the TV screen. What would you say very practically and is a whole lot back in the book and I love that passage second is for so rich, say practically maybe one take away from this book is also the kinda wet people's appetites on how they can pick it up man will personal go to Dr. DR Dr. Bill that's a website where I thought about the book and have a link to purchase it if you want and just encourage people read it if you like it did other people you know this honestly is hard to do not get it promoted myself this in about permit micelles promote what God laid upon my heart. And if you can help people fantastic so that so that's what you do it the mother Alice through Amazon. All those things.

So whatever whatever works, but there's so much and as far as stores whet my appetite. One one chaperone people look through the contents and I see the jerk prayer like what in the world is that and and really it is. It is a take on. We all encounter jerks in line and typically what happens in our flesh is jerks make us into jerks in our meeting, we raise the level of all what I found in Romans chapter 12 verses nine through 21 is what I've turned into the jerk prayer and basically would take what Paul's instructing them to me.

It's how you deal with jerks how to do this.

It's where it says as much as it depends upon you, live at peace with all people, where it says their enemies over some to drink. By so doing heap burning coals on the head. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. All that's in there, but basically it is it is flipping that and praying that turning that into a prayer to work through how you deal with jerks in your life, you rise above that. How do you take an eternal perspective eternal perspective the temporal perspective says someone is treating me poorly. I don't deserve that the eternal perspective, says anybody is a jerk to someone else is either not at peace with themselves, or not at peace with God are most likely to eternal perspective says there's a person who needs to be pitied, not deserving of our wrath and so what I need to do is say God by your power by your spirit which you have given to me I will turn out and give it to others.

Not because they're deserving of it because I'm a light for the gospel and there's an eternal me that the greatest need of a jerk is not preaching the greatest need of an alcoholics not to get sober greatest need of a sex addict is not to get pure, the greatest need of of everyone in every situation is a relationship with Jesus Christ in the group closer to them because what Jesus does is a change from the inside out to change behavior without price is to change behavior but still be headed towards eternal condemnation, so we need Jesus and we eternal perspective, says how my going to see what's going on around me throughout God's working for eternity is listen on those lot conspiracy theories is a lot of bad news is going on today but not a thing you're going to hear on the news is going change you ultimately trials. There's nothing that can form a plan of God for all eternity. And this is the process about which we get there so we can be confident we can be bold we can stand up and we can be gentle and kind that will have to be arrogant or rude. My demeanor designed to be rough because I know what's going to happen in the end, so therefore that affects how walking through this is a great reminder that the attorney lens Dr. Bill Coleman is the author living in the real world with an eternal perspective, it's a daily thing to daily put on our put on those lenses, Lord Jesus, let me see people as you see them having the eyes, the heart of Christ. Paul said in Corinthians 214 to 16 have the mind of Christ. So thank you Bill for this great man, what a blessing you look at the front. This intentional lady in my church we start talking about the book. She did this chalk drawing based upon the vision but there's a storm raging in the background when you look through the lens. Everything becomes clear. And that's the vision picture you behold his book social media pages latest podcast pressure is there one. Better yet, get the book. The attorney lens looks. I will time Dr. Bill this is the Truth Network

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