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The Veil is Torn In Two

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 1, 2021 1:00 am

The Veil is Torn In Two

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 1, 2021 1:00 am

Jesus utters His last words... Stu explores the death of the Savior on the Cross as he continues his discussion of Luke 23: 44-48.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network darkness in the middle of the day a great earthquake, the veil is torn into Jesus Christ utters his last words before resting.

This is the epic moment in history the moment the split BC and A.D. the death of the Savior. This is experience truth. Today we deal more with that final word of the seven words of Jesus Christ proclaim from across our little book about the skull last words of Jesus. I'm Stu Epperson with me as Robert Gilmore, the Christian car guy. He is a gifted talkshow host in his own right and and he is going through the Scriptures with me. I love haven't sold me on this. We have different guest each week is always fun to have him. He's been studying Hebrew on the stuff and really has some great insights Robbie. I just when you go to the cross we should all go there silly songs at the cross of the cross where I first saw the light and the birds are rollaway, was there my faith. I received my side and now I'm happy all the day. It's like communion yeah you go, that's what you communion is to celebrate what he did for us is not to is much to be myself on a guilt trip of how I failed to do for him. I can't do for him or you could meet you to pay them back what you try that shop to do this in remembrance of you.

Do this in remembrance of Brian is a beautiful place, a celebration really, you know, of course, we could we we need to be be mindful of sin and we need to confess our sin for someone. Nine but we need to celebrate the Lamb that was slain to take away our sin and the little lion that will return with a roar to take us home, not to a home of shame to stand wherever attorneys look at how we screwed up but a home of blessing and a home of honor in the home of goods. If you died for that sin on the cross that I like to stand in judgment. For thank God for that Christians you are not under the law on condemnation you are under grace and your sins have been forgiven. You know, walk in that faith walk from victory don't walk for victory like you're trying to win something that's Artie been one he said is finished. So these words profoundly seven words and across a I I wrote a little poem that's in a song kind of that's it's in the book 7 words of life. He cried seven words with his last breath seven words as Jesus died seven words of life from the tree of death in these words are so profound that tree of death he died, he hung on the tree of death so we could eat from the tree of life. So were read a passage in Robbie in order to jump down to the veil. We got two or three more questions that will wrap it up in as we look at these final moments. Luke 2344 through 49.

Now is not the sixth hour, and there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour, then the sun was darkened and the veil of the temple was turned to when Jesus had cried out with a loud voice he said, father, into your hands I commit my spirit. Having said this, he breathed his last is when the centurion saw what had happened.

He glorified God, saying, certainly this was a righteous man in the whole crowded came together to see the site seeing what it been done, beat their breasts and return but always acquaintances and women who followed him from Galilee started to distance, watching these things in here where what a wonder this was imagine being there that seem with those women. Most disciples most of his followers were wheels up had now there probably would have been running right with the Robbie racing for our lives knowing that there was there were crosses with our names on them.

You know they were scared to death in the upper room in Christ appeared to them knowing and they were afraid for their lives. But here you have the final moments. The final breaths of Jesus Christ and I really think is important to point out that it says here it says you know I love this language.

He breathed his last. Did you know that no Gospels recorded that he died.

No Gospels use of language, because as we talked about last time he fully willingly passed into God's presence. He lay down his life. The good Chevrolets like on the sheep.

No man can take my life from Jesus says in John 10, but I lay my life down.

Willie Jesus was not a martyr.

Jesus was not a victim. He was in full control and voluntarily sacrifice his life. Is that awesome.

He says in Hebrews talks about it, you know, he says to do God's will.

He did, God's will perfectly. The first Adam failed to do God's will and send the second Adam did God's will perfectly.

He ran perfectly. He he did what we could not do this over to fix our eyes on Jesus. He's the author and perfecter of our faith in the only one that can perfect our faith had to be perfect correct.

So when he said I will only take this cup when he when he refused the numbing.

One of the numbing lines earlier is offered cup three or four times across one of those was a strong and ecstatic right to take the pain away, refuse it so he could take the full throttle of godly person questioned by way Robbie about death and all that some we do what is we say RIP you like the worst thought you hated God those glasses cantankerous person in history we have people put RIP on the social media like a likely second, that person is not peace right now you know I want to be leading them to Christ today with a ghetto, but the blessedness rest in peace.

Question him. I prepare to face death and I had perfect peace with God and others whom I sharing this amazing news with some great questions but something happened. Robbie, the veil was torn with her access to God.

Last time I really love that we gotta get on this remarkable profession that was how remarkable was the centurion's confession.

So when you hear centurion. The word literally means 100. This is a higher rank of a Roman soldier he would've probably been the highest ranking soldier at the crossing of the cross was where there was a cross-section of people at the cross. It was quite cross pollinate amendment years' listening. But you have you have Roman authorities like the sintering high up you have the executed ring file. Guys Dr. in Elsa's hands constantly be no different, is that you know watching mining unit or making sure by the way there more and protective mode they're making sure that that nothing that they do these prison disease and its execution to these victims of crucifixion there. Make sure that nothing is going to take her life really no vein is cut there to make sure that nothing is gonna as they need to they need to protract the torture which whole point of crucifixion.

You have Jewish leaders of all these rabbis of these people were hurling out in socialist evils of fomenting hate, hate, and folding things but you have this band of women who were there to follow Jesus to the very end of John the beloved disciple of Christ addresses in John 19 and then you have all of these passerby's is high to pass over thousand you on this road. Imagine Ray bolts a song watch the lamb little boy of land its way in in in in in this beautiful song go Google evokes watch watch led by Ray bolts and the daddy, the baby says daddy daddy know what's going on here because he stopped looking for the land that they had bought for Passover that he couldn't find but he ends up somewhere near this cross. He looks up or there's a lamb of God in the data trying to explain to him and they realize or something supernatural that the lights go out, all those things happen and over 100 soldiers. Is this the centurion likely-guy remarkable by the way for a pagan a Gentile. To conclude, and say such things to do for him to say these words is just more of his confession may reflect salvation.

We don't know for sure deep irony in this is that the centurion like Pilate like Herod and like the second thief. All four of those guys pilot the centurion Herod the second thief all for those guys confess the innocence of Christ you think about that the Jews who would we fulfill the prophecy perfectly to the job till law they could get right really thought this guy's a blaster. All these things was killed but all all the Gentiles got it right and he said surely this was a righteous man is one righteous man that's God.

So what a statement. So here you have the three major responses in verse 47 49 the centurion glorify God and confessed Jesus innocence. The crowd beat their chest side of intense anger and emotion literally perceived by intense guilt.

They came to see a spectacle but they were met with hours of darkness. Earthquakes seven mighty sermons from the Messiah. They murdered, only to have his innocence announcing of these guys are all there, right there on there to put this guy to death. He's guilty. No one known across his innocent are you getting on prisons and is it not a closet, and yet here the tires ring official is basically overseeing the steward of this execution.

This debacle is horrible ugly fish is blood. He seemed the highest guy says he's innocent after all this, so this must have been just you know just devastating for everyone there and a lot of crucifixion victims crucifixion victims families would come watch the women see closure just like it you know it in modern-day executions.

The family shows up. We want to see this person fried. We want to see it and we want to see him declared dead by the state. Well, this was kind of this was going on here. So anyway these women these acquaintances there watching the distance and all these details.

By the way, at Luke's record are fascinating, exactly, were people are standing and things like that you know is really interesting that someone said, quote those women last of the cross of Christ would be the first visitors to his grave in a beautiful women to the dignity of women all throughout the gospel to the first Gentile convert was a woman when Paul went west of the resident outcomes but when he went west in act 16 itself is a woman business lady named Lydia, a seller of purple was the first effort of all things, these women notice a cover was a little slave girl, he cast the demon out of her just moments later in that same town of Philippi. If the wild evils about God and gives great degree the Bible comes on gives great dignity.

Women in these some photo and a radical feminist where you want to call inside. They sold Bibles mean art women were more dignified and exalted in just blessed by Jesus Christ and by the word of God than any other belief system is powerful.

See we have a here right here. So then you have the earthquake display the rock says in Matthew 27 it's in his account so it will Robbie take us on these final questions so how did Jesus endured darkness and wrath in my place so I can have light and forgiveness.

Who am sharing it with during 2021. So how does he mean this is the whole. This is a beautifully new the gospel close the scrapers synchronous 521 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God through him, so there's this great exchange. Robbie, there's this great picture that Jesus Christ while he suffered physically and tested the greed of the little Latin word you know crucify come from the word exclusions were regular were excruciating, but the spiritual suffering he endured was far greater. To be rejected. To be separated from his father to be to be treated like a sinner and become a sinner, but to be treated like a sinner so that we could be treated like a son. So it's a great exchange is called imputation got imputed arson to his son got imputed his sons righteousness to us so we can besides the glorious gospel is proclaimed as our Savior was rejected and forsaken darkness. We were accepted and forgiven to become sons of light.

He experienced the wrath of outer darkness so we could be redeemed and walk in the light, the serpent crusher has triumphed. It is finished. John 1930 and now he rests, and has the following discrete statement. Robbie, who we can tell that this everyone we can, and it's a beautiful opportunity for us in. I love with rockets and second Samuel women are running to tell David about his son Absalom and David goes well as a good Manning Sally runs. I and someone were fitting our feet with the gospel. People can see how you run like you run like you have good news while and and do you run I think his name was a hip felt that he is running man like you got something really great will of course. Of course if you experience that, life in walking in the truth and how could you not tell the real, how lovely are the feet of them who bring the gospel of peace. That's a beautiful thing.

Romans chapter 10 talks about it and we have the greatest message of the greatest Savior that the world is desperate here.

That's why were still here but yet less than 10% of believers reassuring the gospel.

You have the greatest news. So how are we taking this good news.

He died so let's take this message is time to go. Robbie it is and that's a beautiful thing that what he's done for you is your witness.

While who you tell about Jesus.

Amen as a father sent me so Jesus said, so I'm sending you go into all the world and preach the gospel. Thank you Robbie experience truth. Start by reading the word start passing out who you want me to go tell about you today maybe walk out all of your house is your fat kid down there you know and that's where it starts in your house and then to the whole world tinkering with us.

They are awesome affiliates go back next time. In our journey to Luke right here on experience truth. This is the Truth Network

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