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Enforcing the Law Like a Christian!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 9, 2021 5:47 pm

Enforcing the Law Like a Christian!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 9, 2021 5:47 pm

Sheriff Richie Simmons of Davidson County, NC joins Stu to talk about enforcing the law as a Christian, and what that looks likes now amidst the chaos in the country and the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is good Truth Network once in a while. I guess you don't talk to the sheriff and that's what I'm doing right now. With everything going on the chaos with all decoded and so many levels of crime increasing. I love to sit down with a someone is a believer in Christ is also a very important senior law enforcement person and that is sheriff Simmons. He's the sheriff of Davidson County right which is the largest Sega cities Lexington North Carolina is a right yes it Lexington, Thomasville and Denton in the county was possible to be a Christian and a sheriff at the same time how it it's amazing you know I feel like Lord has put me he raised me to do this and that's what were doing now his ears was interesting. So you can you know if you're a Christian plumber, you look for opportunities to share Christ as your plumbing is you're going to build homes and lunar pipes in your inner assisted what's going on but was a Lord help me with my coworkers or Lord we're sheriff like you're completely on handcuffs. Your breaking up drug use your given tickets. I mean how does the faith of Jesus Inc. of that whole culture that will well a lot of people are looking for a leader there there looking there looking for a Savior, and are looking for that in man. I'm not the sheriff and it's a title but it does leave me but I'm led by a higher power net that powers Jesus Christ and that's when I demonstrated my sheriff's office. That's what I demonstrate to the people I serve the hundred and 70,000+ people I serve in Davidson County to leave them to give them hope. But the hope that come from a man is not going to come from the president is not going to come from any man it's going to come from what comes through that man and through what comes to this man.

The sheriff of Davidson County is Jesus Christ sure. How did you come know the Lord.

It was about 17 out well.

I was now go back to seven years old I was saved at seven and I got around some bad citizen and that's where my program of pain come from. I took my first drink about on the seventh grade and it is much as I was saved at seven years old. I gave it away and everything I wanted to be.

I was letting it slip away just by the bad influences in my life and I got called steel and it 17 who want the sheriff to be a thief but that's when I wasn't someone had mercy on me, let me pay my bill all my walked out of the Pizza Hut in Mount Airy without pay and then I went back the next day pay that off and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired I was sick of my life and in searching and because it's seven years old my mother taught me about Jesus.

I came back to know him and ask him in my life and I've never looked back.

He really did change your life with that idea, 1/7 grader drinking alcohol. A lot of parents of seventh graders are Saturday my kid would never do that but those kids are just from assurance that what you see what your reservation not its everyday end. And if you think back the roughest life, your life was in seventh grade. It was for major change in your home of the change you want to fit in so many but that's what a program we have called same and it stands for teenage alcohol, marijuana, education, it's not heroin and cocaine in the seventh grade. It is let down your disciplines.

I: gateways: disciplines and and let down the things that Satan wants you to do and that's what we address with the same program with a lot of other things. Now we sit down with the principles of the middle schools and the administrators in Davidson County and they allowed us to do this and we patented not to sell it just it wouldn't change, but it deals with vape and it deals with character building. It deals with arming yourself with deals with relationships deals with social media.

We teach at, it's a seven month program and we have different people from the community.

I have a judge's Judge Mary Covington and one of my DAs comes in and they teach the social media part different facets in different people come together to help the seventh grade because we don't do something for the next generation.

If we have a generation like this generation.

Go ahead and send this off sheriff. I know your heart breaks these young people and by the way I'm Stu Epperson this is true, talking or thinking. Why would a national show like to thought on hundreds of station have a local sheriff on let me tell you why because law enforcement needs our prayers know you got a guy watching news of ember, the government is works in law enforcement in a different whole area but he's a believer in Jesus and God's got you guys and if you're in a be in front of dozens and dozens and hundreds and hundreds of people that they may be a preacher not to be in front of it.

You love Jesus and you're trying to share Christ, tell me about your burden for young people and how can we reach in with Jesus you're doing to your team program never and never sell yourself short for what ever you do not meet yeah right looks the sheriff is a big deal, or local sheriff you know that but I'm just a man like anybody else, I decided that I wanted my heart to break for these kids so I asked the Lord to send them to me to send me anybody that is living for this world and I give it out almost in the sheriff almost 3 years and is been the toughest three years, but you can see that coming.

What's it like being a Christian, but having to put your a lot of folks mix up in the role of Jesus and his attorney other cheek Bible when you got a guy you know strung out on heroin coming at you with a knife. You gotta react if you trilogy can be sure of deadened and we got more rampant crime, talk about the importance of your faith, but also being law enforcement, you have to enforce law you're protecting the citizenry of the United States. Specifically, Davidson County, which is a big large county in North Carolina. The book of Jude is kind of my life.

He speaks of having mercy on some and some do you know that a lot of times we go and deliver messages and people blame God. How can a loving God, let my Loveland I you know well they need mercy they need prayer and and they need all the veggies that done nothing wrong but it also talks that sometimes you got to show tough love sometimes I've got to give that tough love to get them to change but I don't get called up in their sins to pull me down said that's my theme. I have no problem with given mercy.

I have no problem giving tough love. That's what I've been called to do an end.

Just like parents have to discipline their children or you don't love them just because I discipline and I give tough love.

I think it means I love Watkins. It's easy to walk away from problems is tough to run towards him and apologize if you don't you'll just when your child you hate them and turn them into a derelict you define what love is loving sometimes is stopping you probably wish you were in seventh grade reading out alcohol for the first time we set you off in the wrong direction.

It's only been tough. There grab it away. Maybe pushing a squad car to get to jail so you could see what this is like and you're trying to wake kids up before they go down a path of addiction and always try to give the Christ you try to get them there and it's spirits and the spirits come in in the form of drugs in the form of alcohol and nothing works in Cincinnati on crystal meth amphetamine and and the dangers of violence that they commit that mean there there possessed by a wicked demon at that time and it's for real.

I can explain is seen as money.

This is all just yes. Just yesterday and eight-year-old I see it every day. It's out here in Emil needs kids to wake up before they do that to find that right spirit and we got a hit of the day or we do today are, but that's fifth grade and not seventh grade.

There can introduced to these things. It's the alcohol it's the marijuana it's the smoking and things as little things but the devil didn't come in. They didn't just bust your door that he sneaks any creeps because he is a creep and that's what were trying to spiral pressure maybe solids like a good kid over your neighbor something, but there into something and they just this one entryway drug away and I heard it baking is more dangerous and all pack cigarettes. All you don't know what's in these vape and things you know when you said, it's that kid. This kid was my pastor son, and you know he got he got away from it and this is a great story until each day or a graduation. I tell this you gotta make decisions but I was elected sheriff in 2018. Two weeks later he never got out of it. I got out of it at 17 that the Lord let me get caught something bad happen to me but it was great. It turned me around. He never got count. He was there that night he walked out with me.

I got count. He got away.

I was elected sheriff in 2018. Two weeks later I buried my friend of a heroin overdose. So it's really amazing it's it's not just the it's not just I wanted to be the sheriff. I want to be the sheriff to make a difference and I want to morph our God same kid got you and alcohol in the seventh grade did my first beer, he was in and he was a superstar. He was great back is a great athlete. I was athlete. We just got called in the things that change stands for, so I am a total team is again same as teenage stands for teenage alcohol, marijuana, education with so many different things, but it's once a month we go into each middle school in the seventh grade where I first got introduced trying to curb these kids from term and turn them around sheriff of Davidson County Sheriff Simmons. He's got a Bible right here in front of me came to our Wednesday and were that's what's allowed to get us to the audience here because you guys are still praying and talking with those guys. An article that priest is a guy that brought us together to do this interview. He's playing with another guy Mark over there. How do we pray for you real quick.

As we were out of time and quickly how we pray for you and Oliver Sheriff's out there all over law enforcement.

Please Sheriff's frontline law enforcement, even if Afghanistan you know are our soldiers and whatnot wars Marines how we pray for you guys pray for the division that you know that we got a government it is trying to keep people would be fun. Police are not just defunded their daydreaming there taken the dreams away from our young people of given in the law-enforcement fear of getting into it a that's probably the number one thing you could pray for love really appreciate your advice what you're doing.

Sheriff Simmons Davidson County, just Google. I guess team the team program we can find out about online again. Yes, I can get on our our website or Facebook page Davidson County Sheriff's office and and learn all about it and we can bring this to your County or your city.

Whatever we got ready to give it. We wanted to spread wanted to's spread from God.

Take a quick minute right now sometime today. If you seek some guys out there out about the restaurant and pray for your law enforcement. This is the Truth Network

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