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Just Ask!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 11, 2021 1:00 am

Just Ask!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 11, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is joined by Pastor J.D. Greear to discuss his new book, "Just Ask!" which explores the power of prayer, talking to God as Father, and breaks down and simplifies what prayer is.

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This is Robbie Gilmore from a Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth that work. This is good Truth Network hey you've heard about the power of prayer, law firm, I wrote a brand-new book on prayer called just ask how we simplify break down what prayer is speaking our father Abba father like Romans eight says stay tuned for this special podcast with JD Greer on the power of prayer in his brand-new book just ask had a great time visiting with JD. I hope you enjoy this hope your encouraged and hope you'll share this with everybody you know and spend time with God, praying, so what's that one thing in the Christian life that you just can't do enough it comes up every time the preacher gets up and preaches about revival your sit around a small group and someone brings this this spiritual activity up that we all know is tantamount that many of us say is the most important thing you can do as a Christian that Paul the apostle tells us to do this without ceasing.

Always be doing this.

What am I talking about. I'm talking about the power of prayer and friend of mine, a pastor and author guide known for a long time.

Probably too long. Is online right now he just wrote a book called just ask a book about prayer and I'm so honored to welcome him. I'm Stu Epperson hosting today from a buddy Steve and with me on the line was bring them in front center is the pastor of the Rev. J.


Greer, Sir. It's good to be talking to you man is great to me. I think you might win a year that awesome intro. How like how long we have known each other as you know how many years Maui always tease you about my first introduction you would cut the grass for your dad and then realizing that I was doing your job for you without you we would look good. We live… I don't remember back that far out that happening that might've been my twin uncle. I remember well I just never below more looking into the house that you wire all that God and having fun I'm out here doing his job for him. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I just left the I just left a celebration of life at of the Memorial Park for Dr. Roland Dr. John Rowlands limiting Rowlands at Salem Baptist for years and you know in their sons and course. David and I were good buddies and so Dr. Gary Chapman gave a powerful message about Christ and he read Thessalonian's you know Christ is coming back to the dead in Christ arise first and but I thought about Wilde in I saw some Salem Baptist folks and some some other Calvary Baptist folks in there and I thought wow this is probably wouldn't you know mentioned that name on it. On the national show other than its awesome mission. The name of the St. know that that in such a God example to you and I were just little whippersnappers run around that little Salem Baptist Church without making that handwriting on it in order to guide your we have a lot of shared legacy in your family, that of being your own limited big impact on mine does not know about Jesus. [Like Fresno did well yes, sir.

It's great to have Jan and I really want to get into this this whole prayer thing you really this book, you know for sure probably get in the little jab from some folks. Another book about prayer to tell us your passion about this tell us what what is there some real energy coming out your ministry. A lot of folks are buzzing about this about this book it is turned out to be not just another book about prayer, but Jenny what what drove this in your heart to to write this book.

That way your one is alluded to in there and an opening and that is that amended rationale for 20 years and before that was a missionary overseas and a Muslim country, and the reason I bring that up is because I'm your rubbing shoulders with God. The special forces, so to speak, of the Christian the Christian church in United have a Masters and PhD and that I want the best seminaries in the country and I share all that because you know in being around some of the most well-trained advance Christians in the world. Many of them still cannot confess secretly, I have trouble developing a prayer like that. The one thing the most disappointed in IDA courses that you want to embarrass the average Christian you notice asking to tell you about their daily prayer habits and you'll find that a cell phone if eaten and wishing they could do things differently and what I found is that it was a whole list of reasons, some of them had to do a self-discipline.

Of course, as some of them had to do with some theological objections does not understand why God knows everything, why praying I don't stand you dyspraxia change the mind of God. Sometimes a prayer that examines abdominal Brian and you they happen.

Sometimes I forget the brave thing that I should pray for happens anyway and in houses all work and sometimes it's it's it's practical things like my mind wonders when I pray and I end up in is in the same five things to God. Every prayer time and I can't do that people fill in for him or for me and so I just ate you every book that I've written has always been written for the church that I pastor a privilege to pastor the summit church and this one started out as just an attempt to help them develop a daily robust prayer time and that's one reason the second reason and you also alluded to this in your introduction is God really is going to work on my heart through coven and put some things back on the you like many pastors in our relaunching our church because after being at home for so long and that will regathering and just said okay let's labor them back on the table and say what can a church church. Do you want what Standing out to me. Stu what these phrases that Jesus would say like my house was to be a house of prayer for all nations. That's what she characterized the church and I thought you.

How would you describe some a church house up Regina is a great worship.

The house of the creative outreach great web presence. Assuming all those things you have it, but we known as a place where people people people pray to God and and and see these answers that the prayer and intuition of a renewed emphasis in my life as a pastor is also for me as a this is a dad is up in the make start pray like having teenage will Mackey's daughters you not call that joke that my daughters are Acoma North Koreans is not a smart enough to make nuclear bombs in a mature enough to handle, so you like me to a new dependence on prayer so well this thing's gonna combine for five delegates of the Chiron's moment for that know a man in years.

You hear many clichés about prayer. The power of prayer. You hear the year the good old well will show up for a ballgame and or will show up for a big concert you know but when it's Wednesday night prayer meeting you know two or three folks show up here to the famous one is prayer is not just a last resort, but should be a first response.

You know, stop, drop, and pray the power of an email, etc. etc. but JD can we tackle some these tough questions we get back.

This break will be dry, gonna look at it. Well I'm glad why we pray to begin with. You have a question for faster data queries written a new book called just ask for numbers 86634 truth for a prayer more of your questions why pray to begin with. Hey, how is the power of prayer change your life. I got a bag JD. I can't read the Coverdell JD were term of this book upward out what is the name of the book. Okay, lots what I'm trying to here is why early so that the title the book on prayer you wrote to Justin you throw them out at us at okay JD. Look, we've been over this territory.

If I can get the name your book on on his national radio show.

I can't ask asking about it more at the name of the book. I'm not giving you and a command at me if the name of the book is so unbelievable I tell you what these authors how to better the world but I love it. It's punchy and it's it just gets it's provocative in, and it's it's just I just had some fun in the lobby we produced Michael Zwick you been on his you know he was having on for this book, I would back and forth with him little Abbott and Costello for our younger listeners who have ever seen. Who's on first. Just google you have some fun and witchy degree of a very gracious you you humored me and Bob talk about this book because like if there's anything you need more of Meg we need 100 more books on prayer, JD, is it really something that you can write enough about that well where most Christians don't like not bright enough that they do everything they don't get enough alfalfa sprouts or exercise not, but the lack of discipline, core how great it may be the best collection of how you how you perceive your relationship with God is the best indicator light of the health of your life. Ultimately, prayer list is the result by pride in thinking that given enough time and resources you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish and it's also the result that the result of unbelief have not really been how good, how willing or have on the problem is to help and heal. So we gotta stop paying it. Ultimately the gospel has to restrict your heart and when it does prayer become vested in his breathing. That was the analogy that I will take down the book is like even the most the least self-discipline debit rep listening you like unbelief. One person listening to this program. I now you pretty consistently every day you have accountability partners.

I called you up with that as a man, once again, you greet the day. Never degree your body craves air when the gospel when you really understand how how how desperate you are for God's help and how only he can supply what you need, whether it's in parenting, overcoming an addiction (come to Christ or object discovering his will for your life when you understand that his powers the only thing that can guide you to that is how will you give it something you begin to praise and think of laser grade without self-discipline, without read 100 boxes because you're so great that he has written a book on prayer. And I gotta read the subtitle to you because I really like it.

It just kinda covers everything. The book is just ask authors JD Greer was a pastor and author and just recently transitioned out of being president of the SBC so this is the subtitle the joy of confident, bold patients, relentless, shameless, dependent, grateful, powerful expectant prayer is the subtitle of this book, which I frankly each one of those nuggets could be unpacked and dealt with but basically you know. He says a lot of cool things. One thing he says is so basic about prayer.

There's a lot of ways approaching God is different than my kids approaching me, but we need to recover that sense of relationship and ease and simplicity. If you feel stuck on where to start. Just be just like my kids to start just asked so so I want to go a little different direction.

If you want to call JD you and ask a question about prayer. We have a few more minutes within the toll-free numbers 86634 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and Stu Epperson hosting today for Steve Noble in it's an honor to have JD on JD yet.

There's a lot of tough deals, tough prayer in this in the sovereignty of God. There's why do you pray you tackle this in your book. Just ask you know this brand-new book on prayer. I guess what I like to to ask you to do is take us to the basic prayer 101. We this seems like something that we just complicate and we even how we pray can be awkward and you will see the Lord's name a bunch and we know we we have to pray with her heads bowed and in but we don't get but it swings both ways. We get legalistic you know and I and you know something to take us to just what is prayer and and just just creep at the what are appetites for which is what I think I want to do the book to begin with. What about itself… Goethe get on yet you just at that are really it comes from studying all the things that you that about prayer and realizing that the through line of what he taught was that the posture you pay child coming to a father to Paul Miller look forward to the book he wrote a book called frame life that really was instrumental in you can help me think through this that I cited several comparable could go to development thoughts.

One thing we can't come to their parents. They don't spend a lot of time trying to make sure they get the right world words that concerned about what's going on in their hearts today asking for the right reason to have the right theological understanding of what they're asking. They just ask for, and that I would be the yes theology is important' heart support not talk about all that but but ultimately it's children coming into the bedroom of their father. In the middle of the night saying I'm thirsty and I'm scared or I don't know quite what to do and the father respond in a way that no other human being. Whatever spot anybody else. The father get stop it. Does the child needs because because you love the child knows that the candidate child is not what God is been to Ashley's teaching throughout the Scriptures and so yes we need to have good theology need to think deeply about the stoppable name. We need to do is to see God like our loving daddy Jack Packer says you can you can understand somebody's entire grasp of Christianity based on how well and how deeply they understand the concept of God as father.

Well then there's this whole idea of this whole truth about the power of prayer and that the is that the missions Utah love you talk a lot about missions.

I love your books about you know about missions about sending people out and the that you know just calling on the Lord, interceding, you know the old saying you should talk about before you talk to man about God talk to God about man just being of these great revivalists just prayed for JD. What is this powerplant of prayer that taps into God's heart and is it that accesses his throne. What once was so critical for Christians to know about that what God wants to do a great question. Andrew Murray is the man who mobilizes the Christian church pray make the greatest contribution to world ventilation through the test. The westward movement were the first data and whatnot of a mission conference for both think they got back just ask the book. Just ask Jaeger J that God bless you man. Thank you. This is the Truth Network

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