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God on Trial

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 9, 2021 1:00 am

God on Trial

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 9, 2021 1:00 am

Throughout history, how many innocent people have been wrongfully tried and convicted? How many grossly guilty criminals have been set free? Stu & Robby journey through Luke 22: 63-71 and discuss the trial of Jesus.

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This is Chris Hughes with the Christian perspective podcast with Chris Hughes. We encourage our listeners to engage the culture with Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting a just a few seconds.

So enjoy it share but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network throughout history. How many innocent people have been wrongfully tried and convicted. How many grossly guilty criminals have been set free. Rampant injustice reverberates across history as a blight upon culture upon our world. Yet there's never been a greater miscarriage of justice quite like the trial of Jesus in A.D. 30 just over 2000 years ago.

Why because he was the only innocent one. He was the spotless Lamb who was tried and condemned in my place. So by his sacrifice we could be declared innocent before God and we can be saved.

Can you imagine God on trial, God accused of blasphemy against God before his execution by crucifixion Jesus Christ would stand trial 63 Jewish trials, three Roman trials and this is where we find ourselves on experience truth in our journey to the gospel of Luke chapter 22 verses 63 through 71. Welcome express truth of Stu Epperson and we are journeying through Luke in this segment. The last segment of truth talk.

We open God's word together today.

I have a a radio star national syndicated podcast or broadcaster. The Christian car guy Robbie Gilmore to take us through the word of God to go to the journey with us.

Robbie's got the scriptures there and some really titillating questions that are going draw Saul in is a trial of Jesus Robbie jump on a minute. Thanks for being here, by the way how fun down Luke 2254 63 and 70 through 71, having arrested him. They led him and brought him into the high priest house.

Now the man who held Jesus mocked him and beat him and having blindfolded him they struck him on the face and ask him saying prophesy, who is the one that struck you and many other things they blasphemous Lee spoke against it.

As soon it was as soon as it was day, the elders of the people both chief priests and scribes came together and led them into their counsel saying if you are the Christ, tell us, but he said to them if I tell you, you will by no means believe and if I also ask you, you will by no means answer me or let me go hereafter, the Son of Man will sit on the right hand of the power of God than they all said are you, then the son of God, so he said to them you say rightly that I am and they said what further testimony do we need for we have heard it ourselves from his own mouth. So in context you know how did the pain of Peter's denial compared to the pain of the beatings, while so here you have a lot going on in Christ, and they have any sincere starts of the great question. There this year is is is lead guy is kind alpha choice to be that the head of the disciples. Peter has said I'm in a stand with the all to death and then in note just to you moments later, he's denying him three times.

We spent time in that last time, which is just heartbreaking and that look, member of the look and what that must've been like for the eyes of Jesus Christ to lock with the eyes of Simon Peter, who had just denied the Savior three different times of talk rose their shame and then so there's an emotional pain there on both parts of Simon which really would change his life as we know later in the beautiful restoration, but in the in the heart of Christ, who is his own followers were with him all these years to deny him like that, so no doubt the pain Christ would endure here through the night and all live on the cross. The physical pain would no way shape or form compared to the emotional pain but look at this word here. It is pretty strong where it says they they arrested him and it says it in some versions actually says they seized him and that language indicates a strong violent laying on of hands. This is not a light episode.

This is this is violent rough men there taken Christ in, they bound him hello how interesting that they bound the one who came to set men free and Caiaphas is leading the charge.

He's the corrupt high priest on son-in-law Annis. The former high priest.

They both represented the seat of religious power. We don't have as many details from Luke's gospel about as the other gospels about these overnight your legal trials, but we do know Christ was dragged back and forth.

He was bound. He was paraded before Annis Caiaphas and others that the basic guy we know as the Sanhedrin, the elders and rulers of Israel and this was all around the same place. This compound there around the temple multiple false witnesses will be called and this next question really is is interesting Robbie about the legalities of the people that are there to enforce the law. Why would the Jews go to such lengths, even breaking their own laws in these overnight proceedings, it says so you can't even count the number laws broken. Other than that the Jewish law strictly forbade any trial at night, any trial that's during a feast like Passover was the right in the middle of Passover feast. Any trial that was anywhere near during around about the Sabbath they forbade those trials. This was a quite the Sabbath yet, but it was right close to knock on the door of Jewish law was very hard on false witnesses. In fact, the law declares that a false was that this is in Leviticus and Deuteronomy false witness when they were proved to be false.

They would be guilty of the same exact thing. The accusation they brought against that person. They were lying about, including against so really bad so if if if they were calling you a murderer in your executed, they would be executed if their testimony was found false. The motto of the Sanhedrin. This is fascinating. The motto of the Sanhedrin ready for this was to save life and show mercy so they the Sanhedrin.

The only way they could condemn a man to death by stoning or in this case by crucifixion with aromas actually were in charge of the capital punishment was if there is a complete unanimous decision which meant every member of the 70+ Sanhedrin court had to rule in favor of execution. If one person for one person said, know this, but when I'm on voting against this person, execution then the whole group would have it would have to declare not guilty because God Almighty is a God of mercy, and he wanted this court. He wanted that the death to be the very last resort. A lot of folks don't know this. This was the absolute opposite of what happened to Jesus who gave the law who is the ultimate judge in arbitrator and adjudicator of all justice. The King of Kings and Lord of lords.

Here he standing before God's representative judgeship in court on earth, the Sanhedrin, and they are absolutely aerial erroneous and miscarrying justice and it's just it's heartbroken. So this is a keep to keep on going because it gets worse for Christ in this trial, as he goes in these things before go to the next question. And as I was thinking about your question.

This and why would they buy what they and I couldn't help but reflect on the times that Satan's got in my head and got me furious at my own kids you know and how many laws of my own that I break it, you know, I kinda know why, but the terrifying thing inside of that for me is man II think I I kinda understand because of kinda been there. So what's the second question is what's significant about the all seeing line in the light of the world being blindfolded and beaten. Yes, you have Christ that you have taken. It was clear in the text they mocked him for 63 the men who held Jesus mocked him and beat him, and then having blindfolded him they struck him in the face and asked him, saying, prophesy, who is the one who struck you so this this is really brutal. You got the mocking and the beating, which is extreme physical, verbal and emotional abuse you've got the scoring Christ prophetic power. This is blasphemous. Here you have these third shift temple guards that are basically finding Christ Jesus as their entertainment in sport. They're playing this game with him. That would've left the Lord completely bloodied, broken and bruised and this somewhere in this process. By the way is when Jesus gave that look to Peter and you know it. We talked earlier about the emotional love and pain in over his followers that was far greater of pain and the pain he's receiving being beaten this way and this will be a theme throughout the entire inner journey of his passion, so there this is Christ is the all seeing line in here he's blindfolded and here they are playing and now tell you there's a real powerful futuristic piece of this because they the ones who were doing this to Christ rules will bow their knee before him one day and if they didn't repent. They will be thrown into hell.

So you can mock them all you want, you can make fun of him, but the Lord will have his day. I got the last laugh, which is a very humanistic way of saying it but solves two talks about Christ in God's ultimate vengeance on the earth, and how he will laugh the nations the nations are raising that are doing this he will laugh them to derision the rudderless keep moving through here were making good progress and work almost at the time of the segment that's a really beautiful thing I think about stupid. He didn't call her name so he was silent throughout the whole process. I mean, what a scary thing if he had called today analysis and what does this answer teach us about the hardness of the heart, and how should we share the truth.

Yes, so this is one of the rare times. Jesus ever spoke. They basically if you are the Christ for 67 tell us, but he said to them if I tell you, you will by no means believes we spoke with exactly what was in their heart same as John chapter 2 they said hey we want to make the king a safety. I know it's in your heart, and he removed himself immediately and he said basically if I ask you, you will by no means answer me or let me go hereafter, the Son of Man will sit on the right hand of the power of God and then they came out Pointblank.

Are you the son of God's we said them. You rightly say that I am in then this is ultimate a crime for which Christ was crucified for the Jews accusation that is the crime of blasphemy in the height of all irony there. Robbie is that this blasphemous accusation against Jesus who is God himself is just is that deep tragic irony where the one they have been praying for the one day, the Messiah, they bend praying and asking God to deliver them in, all these hundreds of years know all these prophecies pointed to him. Here he is, and they are murdering him right there so profound routed time for experience truth were to come back and talk more about the significance of the right hand of the throne of God were Jesus Christ will ascend to shortly after his resurrection asked talks about a two very powerful. This is the gospel of Luke.

I'm Stu Epperson this is experience truth.

The last part of our of our program. Truth talker so glad you're with us were so grateful to all of her awesome affiliates and we would encourage usually go to read the word study were memorize the word meditate on the word of God, because it's God's word did it in you and watch you work through you and let it be a lamp at your feet and a light unto your path. This is the Truth Network

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