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What Is Your Greatest Failure?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 25, 2021 1:00 am

What Is Your Greatest Failure?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 25, 2021 1:00 am

How do you deal with the paralyzing guilt of past mistakes and past sin? Stu & Robby look to a well-known example of this, the denial of Peter, in Luke 22: 54-62, to find an answer.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. So what is your greatest failure what you lay in bed at night beating yourself up over just something stupid. You said or something you did, how do you deal with the paralyzing guilt of past mistakes and even past sin.

Well, we are getting into. Probably the most famous denial of history and Robbie Gilmore really rob you nothing about a river in the lease that runs to Egypt today about that. I am talking about denial of Peter timber trade and famous art.

It's been spoken of its been cinematically betrayed and acted out in all kinds of artwork and cinnamon. Whatnot, it is in Luke chapter 22 verses 54 through 62 were to continue our study on experience true to the book of Luke, and with me as the Christian card I Robbie Gilmore, today's always fun, we can jump in with us here with his crazy schedule.

Robbie read the Scriptures in order to jump right into this study.

As we have been in holy week in Luke 22 are having, arrested him. They led him and brought them into the high priest house but Peter followed of the distance Melanie had kindled a fire in the midst of the courtyard and set them together.

Peter sat among them a certain servant girl seeing him as he sat by the fire looked intently at them and said this man was also with but he denied him saying woman I don't know him, and after little while another man saw him and said, you also are of them.

But Peter said, man. I am not then after about an hour had passed another confidently affirm saying, surely this fellow also was with him, for he is a Galilean. But Peter said, man. I do not know what you are saying immediately. While he was still speaking, the rooster crowed in the Lord turned and looked at Peter than Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he was how he had said to him before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times. So Peter went out and he wept bitterly. So this is the account and Robbie hit us with the first question it takes is right in the context. Sure, what's the danger of spiritual overconfidence.

So in Luke 22 verse 33. What is Peter saying just a few verses before this in the same time zone the same area. What is he saying he is saying. I will follow you to the death I'll never betray you and Jesus predicts you will before the car crows, you will deny me three times and so this is what happened. He Peter has just cut off Mauk is his ear.

He vacates no solid as a rock.

Up till then he does is against Christ will Christ immediately feels that year which we talked about last time is the only open wound healing of Jesus and the whole Scriptures where he literally picks up a fresh wound and puts at your right back on to everyone's amazement distilled and follow him. They seized him they arrested him. Peter had he supposed to be allowing the redemptive act of Christ to take place. But he doesn't. He takes back he's back you know and control. He's trying to run things. He's got his plan and this is the greatest statement by the way, Mavis, and every set of us believers, but how many of us has this been true of Robbie quote he followed Jesus from a distance. Peter followed Jesus from a distance. When you follow Jesus from a distance, the more and more space that comes between you and Jesus. There's a great him nothing between my soul and the Savior when things get between you and Christ. This was Paul's prayer. The author Hebrews could've Been Paul Wood River Rd., Hebrew, said, let us lay aside every encumbrance, or the thing that you know so easily beset us, let us get a cast off so that we can run the race of a force looking under Jesus the author and finisher of faith. When things block our view of Christ. So Peter is this is the first problem right here earlier.

The text verse 54 he followed Jesus from a distance and you have a real surreal challenge and it opens up all of the thing go to the second question I love it. How did Peter feel when the Lord turns and looked at it so the other thing I think about this particular is one of my actual favorite chapters in the Bible from the standpoint of here is the unmasking amulet wrinkle that season.

I hope maybe when you're hearing this and raisin mats, but this is the great unmasking of Peter.

Peter himself didn't know he was wearing a mask and so what was it that was between him and the Lord.

He didn't realize that he was posing as something that actually would be tested and fascinatingly if you look in the song of Solomon chapter 5 is low Robbie insight you really want to joy study song of Solomon chapter 5 because you'll see that the shoe might woman says after a night with her head covered in doing all these things. It relates to Gethsemane. She says watchmen on the wall. They took away my cloak. They beat me right and so what happened that night with Peter was he got his cloak taken away and he got beaten but it was actually the greatest thing ever happened to Peter because the thing that was between Peter and God was the fact that he thought he was something that he wasn't made that this is the famous thing called the look. The look of Jesus to Peter. Just imagine being on the receiving end of when the Savior. This is been portrayed in art of a dear friend of Pastor Barnes who pastors in Winston-Salem. At first trust during I was sure this was a recipe Peter how I share this with our wins in were guys uniting in on the radio experience, truth, and he said I gotta send you this picture that hangs in my study, and he took a picture of it and send it to me and it's Jesus looking at Peter.

Peter can even imagine when the eyes of Christ that walked in the eyes of Peter after Peter has denied him three times. She had this look and so you have them didn't kill the fire thrusting around a fire and Peter has denied him three different times and there's this overconfidence that Peter leads and you think of that verse in Proverbs and her pride goes before a fall. Think about how first Corinthians chapter 12 verse 17 verse 12 says he the thing is he think if he stands take heed lest he fall, and how we all get overconfident you you go you that some of the worst games of my college bashful career were we win the game thing were in a kill these guys were to destroy.

We were so confident we thought there's no way their enemies and we took a weapon on the bashful court. After that overconfident so Jesus takes a look at Peter with those eyes of fire revelations 114. Knowing what just can you imagine that it said in another decision to people looked intently. By the way Peter before he got his point with Jesus. It says the servant girl looked intently, so there is a this is the darkness is dark at night is a fire, not just to provide light to provide warmth and this young lady who's a portraitist or doorkeeper she staring at Peter she knows are some different about this guy easy didn't sound like he's from Jerusalem got his Galilean accent so is accent I was.

He gave away. We know Peter talks a lot to have longer take room to get going and talking and it's almost as though you will each denial.

He becomes more in bold and then the rooster crows in the Lord looks at Peter and then eyes the Lord.

Here are looking in the eyes of a failing center and a whole lot of things no doubt are triggering in the memory of Peter Christ were timber earlier in the garden so Peter is weeping. These these tears of repentance and you see this you know it says he went out and wept bitterly. Maybe this question here). What's your greatest failure, and when have you wept bitterly. Yeah so the one of the Beatitudes. Robbie is from Jesus that Peter no doubt heard over and over again are blue is blessed are those who mourn, who actually that that word is like a deep penitence or a deep pain of weeping and mourning can be mourning over my sin that could be it could be like one of the great Puritan said to the things that break God's heart break my heart is so there's a blessedness the morning. The question is, is in a says he what it says he went out to wept bitterly, which is a real strong statement of of the pain of Peter that he felt that moment is a very wanted. He said I've been to follow to the death of 20 followed for three years. 20.powerful works in his name. Now he's weeping bitterly because he's completely betrayed him or he's completely denied him and so I guess the importance is here. Do we weep over getting caught or do we weep over the sin, the actual fits we gave the God and the depth of his grace and forgiveness is that even add to that. That's a great question is from my perspective. Stuart is a great question. Was he morning or was he weep in and you know because morning is a little different thing.

It actually in the Hebrew sense of it require support from others, which later Jesus comes in and help someone we know with the great breakfast is coming up later, but at this point in time. You know it is he aware of Genesis right post. Judas was sure sad about what he had done as well, but was he bringing in others and was he actually facing the door of pain while or was he in no looking still to for self protection. Yeah, I love it and were out of time and only give is Matthew Henry makes these points about the look and then we'll talk about the backside of this and how God restores Peter you know why the three times by way he denied Peter three times what happened. Matthew Henry says about the look he says.

First, it was a convincing look.

Jesus turned and looked upon him as if he should say, dost thou not know me Peter.

The second thing it was a chiding look. Let us, let us think that water. What a rebuking count as Christ might may justly look upon us when we have sinned. Thirdly, it was an Xbox chili look. Now that's a big word but basically thou wast. You are it was exposing Peter for who was he was the most forward and confessing Christ to be the son of God, and now he's the most solemn, you know it in the most outspoken in denying but it was a compassionate look Peter, how art thou fallen and undone. If I do not healthy so his look was a compassionate look and then this is the fifth one is much of there's a 612. It was a directing look to go and be think of himself to go in.

You know you need to go do business or you work this out and then finally it was a significant look. It signified the conveying of grace to Peter's heart to enable him to repent the grace of God works in and by the word of God brings that brings that the mind and sets that home upon the conscience and so gives the soul, the happy turn. Christ looked upon the chief priest and made no impression upon them as he did on Peter was not the mayor look from Christ, but the divine grace with it that restored Peter how that restoration Avenue and we got around that next time. Unexperienced truth. Follow me on twitter Facebook, Instagram, it's all there and share the word of God was someone before your head is the pillow tonight.

I'm Stu Epperson, thanks for being here with us this time.

Next time will be back with more experience. Truth. This is the Truth Network


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