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Embracing the Great Commission

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 23, 2021 10:37 am

Embracing the Great Commission

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 23, 2021 10:37 am

At a coffee shop in Winston-Salem, NC, Stu talks with Ryan Fuller, a young man who has spent the last few years in Spain working on a church-planting team. He shares his testimony and how he's seen God change lives in the mission field.

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Because this Roy Jones with mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you.

This is good Truth Network financials talk might be changed to coffee shop conversations because another coffee shop and housesitting with a young man of God you would think this guy is off chasing the career jumping in the job the bank and there's other over there by the way, were all about marketplace ministry but this guys going over like to another country across the pond in this guys going into ministry working with the highly intense high-voltage church to be a part of their team to resolve for Christ in his name is Ryan for Ryan were a coffee shop. He didn't think you'd be suddenly propelled to a national stage digit. I don't know how we got connected via the Lord's doing something in it Jackson mutual friends.

When Jackson calls answer and he's got a short attention span and I have a short attention span. He always told me a good joke and nasty a good Bible question. We pray together that is gone just like that, this time to call and talk a longer piece of there's a young man see enemy is on fire for Jesus. He's doing some crazy things that most kids his age aren't really going to do in an and he's not like a Pharisee about that.

You're like encouraging people you like a jump on him in another beggar try to show the Bears we can find ready men.

That's right.

Now that's exactly how to set it just hurt a lot against reason on tell you about it. Segments were like okay you can tell me all about this and then you can tell me about this again on my national racial truth talk to everyone here are awesome losers are awesome affiliates all across AFR land and Wilkins.

Landon were great affiliates all across this country to carry truth talk.

Thank you so much hundred and 70 almost 200 folks care this program across Florida whole truth, up and down Jacksonville Brunswick.

Everything like that. So don't get nervous because you just heard why you can't see the hundreds of millions people that are hearing right okay like I think about a given company, but which article is as you share about your testimony. I want to start with this question.

Who is Ryan Tellis who you are. Man, that seems a lot over the years actually. So I grew up in Winston-Salem with the Reynolds high school and then went to UNC and not striking the know the Lord and that's where my life totally changed because first 20 years of my life. I like anybody, I wanted to be somebody but on the inside I felt that I wasn't you know Michael wanted to be successful in success is great but on the inside. I just was completely unsatisfied.

So one day when my friend sent me down.

His name is Miles. He he said his testimony with me and was exactly the same as what I is experiencing saying on the surface, everything is good on the inside like there's something missing and so he said that hey when we confess that Jesus is Lord and and that that God raised him from the dead. Like were saved and where were brought into relationship with them.

He says that you know if anyone is in Christ were made you that the oldest passed away and the new is common and that's what I saw, that he gave me this new identity. Not only is his son is his child. But as his ambassador and that's it's changed everything is straight. You're on the planet for 20 years. You're living the dream in the same hotels we wish to work on going to church but you you get to school and maybe not a bastion of Christian schools either. You know you can suggest we work on everything going on in great vascular programming language or a full-blown college coed and you find a relation with Christ. There, that's right.

And within my fraternity to you think it's probably not the place you can find Jesus, but one so happened was the biggest radical change in your life. From that what happened from the old Brian Fuller to the new Ryan floor element versing rate is 517 what a great first being a new creation. Now he what is that statement you know maybe CS Lewis said Christ doesn't make his and make a bad people better, but he makes dead people alive right were you at work.

How does your life reflect that particular statement while I'm not sure there's anything I stay the same.

I think a lot of times in a lot of ways, I probably was, was maybe to direct a lot of in a lot of areas and I was so gung ho it can a few people off, but I think that's just because it's like when you when you see that treasure and you find that treasure in the field like when you have found something that gives you life and you're like okay this is who I am, who I was made to be don't see how we can't tell people about it because like I know there there were guys my first any and there's people I'm around now that that same story if they looking for something more in a psych. I if I have the answer to cancer. I can only tell people so assertive in doing can you really be on fire born again Christian loving Jesus and be in a fraternity where your all around alcohol and women in college and the party life for me. Like a lot of folks listing might become a going weakling… Come on, what did give us that you give us a real skinnier but talk about that how it is that really is a reality.

It is everything that you see in the movies as they I think it's like it's like any other part of her our walk with Christ. He doesn't just make things better. He redefines everything a redefines and according to his original perfect good design and so without getting into the specifics and site manly weekend. We can be anywhere doing a lot of things as long as I'm looking to the Lord and and were allowing him to define like what is good and what is right is not so much where we are. It's is what is God done, and how is he reshaping wary I know since then been to college your life changed growing in Christ, Sharon correctly knows Christ can plug in your you learn, you found a new kind of community church community there. I guess in Chapel Hill right and then come take us fill in the blanks between there are now rights of my junior year before going to college. I for some reason. Well, I know exactly what I did this program discipleship program with some and we went to Turkey for a week and 1/2 just to meet people. It would set share our stories and and point them to Jesus and why was there.

That was the first time experience international missions, but even still, like I knew there were guys in North Carolina that here about what God had done in my life and so thought I was gonna be on cruise staff. The campus ministry just reaching out to these guys mentoring them telling about the bread that I found it's about to sign the contract with them, but then everything I was reading in the Bible. Everything that my friends were telling me every talk church about missions. My heart is just hung fire like I couldn't.

I couldn't stop thinking about like being overseas so I looked into this company. This is missions organization called the international missions board and yeah it wasn't necessary like this is big huge like God speaking to me. It was that tells us to go there is a need for disciples to be made that I get to make disciples and he's worthy of being glorified everywhere.

I just figure they can in my lab. Stu Epperson is the voice of Ryan for just shared about how he came to Christ in his 20s for 20 in and heard the gospel God just the light came on and now all settings dialed in. Discipleship is grown, you're baptized in your door. Now all of a sudden got called you to go you that short-term missions trip to Turkey really stuck and so now, and you don't have to talk to you. You can give as many details as little as you want of his national radio show, but you are also trying to get to help support you financially so that you can go over and tell us about what your work God called you do. Of all the things you could've done with the Lord's leading right said these past few years I've been in Spain working on a church planting team. But even within that disliked always remember that the goal is not start churches. It is, but the goal is to see God glorified and he's glorified most by churches being started and by disciples being made in a go and reproduce. And so, just even thinking about that one of my good friends. Every there. He was far from God, and we read the Bible for years together.

He decided okay going to do this now you we trained him and we disciple him and now is becoming an elder at the church that opens next week and so it's it's it's crazy seeing lives transformed like that read back over there.

I will probably end up in Europe yet. I want to work on a church planting team. So I'm doing now with Summit. It's it's all tied back to the great commission know we we hear about you know, go make disciples of all nations, but I think a lot of times were surprised when we see God changing people's lives and seeing them draw people to himself and he's doing that over there but is also doing that in Raleigh and in Winston-Salem and so if I'm called of God's leading need to be ever cease to you share the gospel and draw people together bring them together as a church to be as prepared as possible to do that.

John here with Baller nation. You see a young guy like this and this is what we were working out.

There is, is one of our younger truth and bashers. John we have a cedar line maybe will question Gabrielle about a young guy like him full-blown brand go overseas bargaining with the church is equipping them do that. In what ways do you guys go over there and and share the gospel. You can go and speak go teach English.

Are you going really share the gospel.

Have you had a what you do want to go over there in your church planning to me it's all about ships, I think, especially within Europe. You can share the gospel of someone and you hope and you pray that they come to know Christ right on spot. But the reality is it's usually takes time and so you could do anything you could be teaching English. He did go to the same concept every day and get to know those people well this is whatever you can do to hear their story and to share yours that's been redefined by Christ, by what you say to young people that are out there looking for something, looking really we know there looking for some on the looking for Jesus in your bringing that message and I love that will try to get more info to listen to the Truth Network and true thought in all our awesome stations occurs program.

What you say to parents are going to have you what your challenge this generation of which you are one in terms of really taking that step. Jesus in making all count for him. While we have such little time on this earth but I would say is that I don't think we can't just we can't just hear the gospel and then put on the shelf in and leave it there site where entrusted with this incredible honor and privilege of knowing God and making him known and that can be scary. I can be really scary. I go with what he calls me to go overseas but I always think back of I do. We believe God is good.

We believe that he's a good father that if he calls us somewhere. That's really the best place for us to be and I think it always is. I would just I would just challenge all of us to continually go back to the word – our source of truth and see who is God like why why is he telling us all of this and and is a good and even just if you don't feel like you've had that experience a few Christ is even tonight just start talking to God.

Start translate that if you really like. Would you show yourself to me.

Think out start their writing. God bless you. Thanks for sharing your judgment when you been encouraging this old guy here. Tell us what your Huckabee will connect with you luckily will so maybe someone was to send 100 bucks names or Seymour that the support try to raise your support can go on these missions trips and implant churches and all that is and is really a missionary in in those areas. What, what's the best way for people to connect to that while I kid you know what I'll do. I will give my email to you and my phone number you will take when you may reach out to us and then they can go to our website, you reject us mortgage and running. They can support what the new and I just like it and you know I would love to connect with with anybody and everybody sit down and have a coffee share in my stories. I would love to hear your story and how I can pray for you and and how we can partner together because you know missions isn't done by one person and I don't rarely if ever. But what I do know is this guy's not done saving and so you know, on the other side of that coin is not done sending either, so his love for us to work together in that. God bless bless you we are in a coffee shop where it by good coffee in Winston-Salem for Marshall St. in Brookstone Avenue and were have a coffee shop conversation on true thought with a young missionary, but perhaps the next David Livingstone the next William Carey Hussein. I want to go and bring the gospel to people who've never heard and build disciples right. Thank you for being encouraging just anybody. Thanks Tim one more listen to the podcast download are good arcs of gutter pocket channel it's all there. What you do if you grew up in church and you go off to college and you get radically saved by Jesus. That's what happened running for in now folks, he gets better. He's on his way to the mission field. What in the world is going on with Ryan floor Ryan floor you come home and there were maybe really think you lost your marbles was going on about this a little bit so I was talking with a friend the other day and emerges is discussing about howling in the past few years, especially in college. The great commission became so much more real to us.

It came alive to us is one thing to read on on a piece of paper like go and make disciples and and and baptize people and in all of that like to all nations was another thing when you see it happen.

Like when you see your best friend decide to follow the Lord answer that's happening in Spain is happening in in India. That's also happening in North Carolina and like that's the goal is to see disciples being made that are to go on and make disciples of all nations you're intentionally going pursuing relationships so you can lead people to Christ ~11 Christ and then send them out to be on commission on mission with Christ and that I don't see any downside of that I think is old folks need to be doing that to what is it that Scripture heart which led you to this to this conclusion right. I think it's good seeing lights completely transformed subspecialist within a small group context.

Being able to speak into their lives and hear their stories and answer questions and doubts and to see that he is the Jesus is just where the he's worthy of everything in its that's not a risk. It's not like it could go wrong.

It's like knowing God is going to glorify himself and his word is not gonna come back empty and that's exciting.

It's I think I want to do that internationally.

Think back to the day you met Jesus take us back to the frat house on the campus of University North on Chapel Hill to tell us about Ryan Fuller the day before what you're involved in and get to make deals in her and tell us about Ryan for the day after you met Jesus that frat house does real quick paint a picture. Yeah so basically I mean I'm not gonna lie on the outside.

Not sure if there is a whole lot that look different, but that's the thing with with Jesus.

It's not like your you don't become a perfect person right when you say God I need you it's it's a key. He takes you and your dad in your sins. And he makes your life in Christ by forgiving you, but also making you new and sending you out and so what looks different to three months prior. I'd already decided that the party scene was not for me that it wasn't fulfilling the day after I just had this desire to want to know what it looks like to walk with Christ. I went up to the guy that share the gospel with me two years prior and set Haley like you know he's gonna read the Bible and like how to you now walk with Christ and he said very calmly sure, sure, let's find a time to grab a coffee, I spoke with them a few weeks ago he was this funding into alien freaking out that the power that said, I usually go over to Europe to go over to Turkey to Spain anywhere got lead you really people to Christ like you arty have an guys now having grandchildren through his witness to what historical yeah now I means because doing a lot is due, not my life and in my heart and and I'm really hoping and praying and praying that he uses just might my yes you know to send me to people in Raleigh and Wake Forest, North Carolina, just anywhere.

I am is to be able to share what God has done for me and to train them and to send them out to do.

Cut is made us to do an assistive bring glory to his name, make him famous everywhere.

They were in a coffee shop by good coffee in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Usually this is what we maybe rename a show true thought a coffee shop conversation is because I love coffee shop. There's an amazing muffin ball nations you're you may know him more responsible theatrics on the Graham and other places varnish and jump area. One of our true thought or your masters what kind of love is at first of all some kind of banana and valuation banana pumpkin muffin thing that's very good throughout their share across all time she got like this on fire floorplan churches.

What it comes your mind. Maybe what question you have for for Ryan floor how you contacted Ryan what what's Jesus all about is fine. You're making Jesus seem like a fun person and so tell me more about that. That's interesting this generation. They think they go. I start just enough I got a go be bored to death in church know that would like your joy or delivery.

When I try to paint a picture of some easy little known all your problems are gone, but can you talk about how there's this new meaning that even using the word fun. There's a satisfaction that wasn't there before and and excitement. I think a lot of people will go their entire life as a Christian and never share their faith, but I think some of the most joyful moments of my entire life are no say in pain like this is a little uncomfortable right now but like you know like I want to share what Jesus done. I'm excited about who he is. It's not coat and tie its hey like it's going to hike and while were there like misbegotten link with you race recently known family, faith, background, or if you go to a concert and it's like you can know Jesus at a concert and a T-shirt and jeans.

It will even know she's is awful conversations everywhere looking for opportunity exactly what you say old footed at Paris like me who got kids who are living this comfortable American dream.

Less than 5% of Christians or she are leading someone to Christ as your we have the cure to cancer and I share with anybody recording and keeping herself lessons & accretions are given traverse into the church.

It's it's sadly statistics but some are shared only shame and guilt of one baby that we need to do that but jealous parents out there who have young people your age or younger. What can they do now to build that heart for the great commission for going out making this I was going on. Being a fisher of men. The soul winner decreed that in their in their youngsters. I think we have to model it and they need to see it. I think I know I'm very influenced by the people around me and think we all are insets in some ways, but I think I I are kids and love kids yet feature kids that we are we seeing like a parent sit down and and open up their Bibles and in prayer we being taught how to pray by the people that are influencing us the most. I do we see that it's not just something on Sunday but is it is something that changes every second of our life. So even just starting the conversation. Maybe it's scary to pray with her kids are the people that wear around even just starting there like I don't know what I'm doing but I know God is call me to train up my kids and in righteousness, and on try my best to do that may mutate with your childhood going. Pray for this nonbeliever, a neighbor, someone that we can pray the fruit fruit for every shape.

I think it was JD Gruden said this and it could've been him quoting someone else shall not act as a unity that he humbly than the credit for a lot of things, probably is given credit for. But this difficult. I heard from him was this like if everyone that you pray for today came to faith in Christ. How many people would come to faith in Christ is a little that many personal like back in the guest face and asked for an answer me and I think it's like anything I it's not just read a book and in the near perfect at it like you prepare for things by doing those things with someone that knows how to do it and so it's I would just say like we all need someone that's not ahead in every area. But maybe there one step ahead, and sharing their faith.

I know that's what I need and that's why need in an in ministry and church planning. I need to be shepherded to your new start wishing God lead me to the places where I can do that. God lead me. This person got. I pray for this person by name you open your heart to the gospel. Give me an opportunity. I have no clue out even open the door. I have no clue how you engage this person there. There are a genius and I'm Dolman there and talking in circles open the door and suddenly God works, but if we don't ask him we don't invite him the ruler of universities offer this to us now final point Ryan floor you're on your way to the mission field really your your your interning with the church you working it's it's a like a discipleship program is pre-powerful and you're trying to raise support. Tell us about that until it's about practically what you will be doing right Selby with Summit church in Raleigh Valley, specifically working at the Briar Creek campus which is where most of the NC State students go back up Summit and so like I said, the idea of repairing and learning how to do something by learning from someone that's done it for you.

There's so if I want to be involved in an starting house churches in the future or bigger churches in the future. I want to learn from someone that's done it and so I think of a Bible study, a small group looks so much like the church to look overseas and so what I'll be doing is leaving small groups, but also leading the small group leaders as a way of learning by failure. A lot of times but but also by people walking alongside me and say how do you you care for people by sharing Jesus with them training them and then sending them out to do the same so sending out part. It is agreed to go with this thing. This is too good not to share, and then build disciples and so you're to be going yourself at some point right I'm hoping so I'm at Southeastern seminary right now so be there for two years is that this apprenticeship is two years and six months before both of those and I'll be applying nowhere yet but no got mechanically promised to come back through talking give us updates and thank you just rely will have every penny person your age on fire for God doing what you're doing. The doors open. The welcome mat is out for them to come onto stock. What an encouragement rifle or thank you, support him folks conducting me through my Instagram my Facebook. I'll take a picture will post on the ramp support this guy send them money will go right toward your support right and toward helping you in your mission to grow make disciples ended to your charge. The next generation do the same thing us right yet and I would love to sit down with anybody and everybody just hear your story shell a bit more about mine and just care I can pray in and how it does work together so thanks guys, this is the Truth Network

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