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Experience TRUTH - #36

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 6, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #36

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 6, 2021 1:00 am

Exploring how the The Last Supper is the culmination of the Passover Feast, Stu & Robby dive into Luke 22: 22-23.

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The bread and the wine the body. The blood of Jesus. The upper room. The most famous powerful mule ever instituted by God.

It's going on today and you know what it will culminate this culminated.

By the way, the Lord's supper friends walking to experience truth the Lord's supper culminated the Passover feast that you celebrated this annually for years, years, centuries, since their Exodus from Egypt and now in one moment we have the last Passover where Jesus Christ came to fulfill it. And then one day will have a marriage supper Lamb will have another feast and haven't really feasting and evidence can be unbelievable.

Now he's at his ears. Robert Gilmore's will be bringing these questions. Read the Scripture were Luke chapter 2214 to 1514 to 23. Robbie, this is Rich, but how often we celebrate stuff over meal. Think about it if you're having an anniversary job your birthday I'll take you lunch. It's gonna be a good one right if you're having a wedding.

Can you imagine a wedding with no cake, no sirloin, no carving in a carving station in fabulous. Everyone cooks the best of what it's all made or will you cater in this bait you but can you imagine all that well and so this is the greatest celebration feast ever given by God, the Lord supper word were knee-deep in a you read this passage in order to jump into the bread and in the blood and then working to try to try to get to these questions as we look at Luke chapter 22 and the Lord's supper when the hour had come. He sat down in the 12 apostles with him and then he said to them with fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I say to you I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God that he took the cup, and gave thanks and said, take this and divided amongst yourselves, for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes and he took the bread, gave thanks and broke and he gave it to them, saying, this is my body which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me. Likewise, he also took the cup after supper, saying, this is the new covenant in my blood, which is shed for you, but they hold the hand of my betrayer is with me on the table and truly the Son of Man goes on as it is been determined but woe to the man whom is he is betrayed. Then he began then they began to question among themselves which of them it was, he would do this thing. Robbie, I just love this question were to try to go to these a lot quicker but jump right into that one. One more time because this is so rich, so what four things did Jesus do to the bread in verse 19 and how did he experience these things. How do we while Robbie, this is this is him or try to read. I wrote a poem about this, by the way I like to share that with you on this from a promise I'll do another time, but there's four things he did to it.

The first thing he did is he took and then the second thing he did as he gave thanks for he blessed it. Now that's where we get the word Eucharist the word in the Greek forgive thanks is Eucharist. That's the word Eucharistic and literally means thanks giving, so you don't get thrown off by that he go to church and they called her Lord supper.

The Eucharist and will watch a fancy name that you lost. Relatedly, just means Thanksgiving. It's a spell for.

Thanks so Jesus took it. He gave thanks work and then he broke it so it think about that. Those hands that had never been broken yet they didn't have the nails in them broke that bread K, which symbolizes body and broken, and then he shared it. He distributed not want to over spiritualize a text would be very careful about taken text description over spiritualize in it but isn't it fascinating that the very next day on Good Friday.

This is the night before his betrayal Jesus Christ would be taken. Jesus Christ, instead of being blessed be cursed. Jesus Christ will be broken and then Jesus Christ. His sacrifice, his salvation, his body, his gift would be shared. The gift we poured out in a nursing just like the bread was distributed and so no so he says this is my body and this is a matter for some folks take this to be the literal body and blood of Christ which is impossible & it's a miracle. No, it's not because the Scripture itself clarifies us and says it's broken for you so it's is talking about in the Scripture speaks like this is called hyperbole.

Jesus said if your right hand offends you, cut it off while the disciples and walk around without arms you know so but but there is a powerful Hussein treats and radically hear you saying my body is any broken for you on the report of your life sent him to die for you, genetically eating my body in Otero piece of life you know it and grab a piece of his bicep and in a rip it off and eat it. You know, or fear in them don't really know their cake anymore and judging his blood, but it's a deep, powerful symbols in Isaiah 53 Psalm 22, he was broken in his passion he would endure the severest torture. Those two words. Robbie for you ever say those words were of your for you. That is a statement of the gospel. First, in assisting other Christ died for our sins for our sins according Scripture he died for you. His body was broken for you such a great statement. Those two words Briley state and since summarize the substitutionary atonement. Christ died for me.

He died in my place. That's with the picture.

The bread is in in school looking the other application.

He takes my life. He blessed my life.

He breaks me was he do he shares me through me.

He touches over that collapsible dispatch of every believer is suddenly targeted by the way, Lord supper, teletype when the little fella came in with the loaves and the fishes. What essay did is that he took it he blessed he broke it.

He distributed Michael what he do in the road to Emmaus after these guys got that his estate he was. He took it he blessed he broke he gave identical, but maybe never thought it blows my mind that Liza came before Alicia or Harvey want to save us to fellowship you and of course John the Baptist came before Jesus well when Elisha met Elise which means by that. And by the way, it's the same word issue at the end Alicia so you got Eliza John the Baptist Alicia sort of the Jesus picture when he meets and what's he doing. He's these plowing with hemi oxen 12 and in what is Alicia do a lot of hot tub that is 12 and thanks for he blesses it is evident he shares a lot of people great and when you think about how many times we feasted on Peter how many times you feasted on Paul Downey times right feasted over to God, right nightly, at least on the other leg knew her baby's desire millwork coming is white, but I've never eaten for your biceps as I had to have achieved much. I much to my to my leaving that you install the bread of life is the living water right Peter says they were babes, as are the euros word so we talk about in a the author of Hebrews in chapter 5 says quit quit delivered on milk needed to meet and you know and so powerful great Robbie now so this really is interesting.

And then you have that this gives the blood.

But these two words you said it's is a command decision option. He says do this. He says do this and remember to me he's the focus of you are remembering, and focusing on him and who he is and what he did.

The central point of the universe. The central point of my life this that that the key narrative of our existences who Jesus Christ is and what Jesus Christ published you get your, your next conversation with anybody on that topic.

It will be a meaningful conversation because it's the only meaningful thing there is who he is and he brings meaning in every we are initially sent to do this in remembrance of me. He's the central person. He's the one giving this feast is the star and on my own monster. Seriously everything the morning. I I have my little brat I my cup. I don't have okay and I did notice is because when you are in communion with Jesus. If you're truly in communion with Jesus in your truly eating his is his flesh and drinking his blood. Then you walk into your day. From my perspective, I walk into my day file under the blood and it and it and it really gives me a sense of like where your accusers Robbie in his arms to hang out with Jesus. There are many.

So here is the something something you do that brings you into alignment with what his will and his plan is. Ellis is fasting.

Just as the Jews ate and killed a lamb to remember their exes from slavery, which was which is what exactly did when the unblemished lamb was slain in its blood covered the doorpost of the firstborn son to be spared so the spotless Lamb and only begotten of God, Jesus Christ. He was not spared God in stages.

He could call 10,000 angels guided the state's execution across but his blood sets us free from the bondage of sin and the bondage of death and it sets us into alignment with and into communion with God.

But it happened at the cross and what the Lord's supper does is it brings us a brings back and are mindful in center who we are in him doesn't change our state it doesn't wash us it doesn't it were not saved all over him except he was ill.

I got a get garage if I die before I get the mass on don't know doesn't change any of that but what it does is it reminds us that we even bought that we been change we been saved and that we been brought a voice of God so that he got the new covenant you got the blood the cup which is shed for you. So Hebrews 922 without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin, the Jews, by the way, were forbidden by God by the law of Moses to drink blood. So how are these Jews listening to Jesus talk processing this when he says this is my blood and how you think this was was thrown through their mind. We says drink this.

There like wait a second. Then Moses offer you know is he going to far as the master lost his marbles will know and in the same way the blood of the Lamb spared Israel's first were from God's wrath.

So the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all of our registered zone is close close with these these several very important points about the bread and the cup a few more boys number one is established by Jesus Christ himself as a sacrament or an ordinance just like the baptism. It's a powerful reflection of the new covenant, to be observed in the church and by the church by his church that is living organism on this earth is to be observed rightly and properly the early church calmly broke bread together and celebrate the Lord's supper, but they also got in trouble and frustrating is when a abuse this particular reason and they were focused on the food and the drink than they were on the Savior for whom it it stood for is not a funeral.

It is a reflection and celebration of who Jesus is, what is done for us. He's the main attraction. He is at the table with us in the form of the Holy Spirit.

And it's also has a futuristic eschatological piece to it. That means doctrine times because were to do it in anticipation of his return. Right in the great feast will all join with him in heaven. It's very serious. There's all kinds of false use this thing. The Lord's supper does not save you like baptism.

It powerfully and publicly points to remembers and celebrates the powerful complete work of Jesus. Jesus Christ saves you Jesus Christ celebrate this feast because you're celebrating me and what I've done for you, and I was broken for you.

So a lot of folks chase rabbits they get stuck they get lost they get sidetracked first rate is 11 2226. The apostle Paul gives us great instruction on this and when he goes back to this night. Interesting what a great deal for him, a Pharisee, himself trained in the Jewish tradition to be one of the key leaves early church. You know, to incorporate this so a lot going on here. Robbie even of the most sacred tables though with all this going on. You got a traitor in the room. As you know Justin is that you know in this is at the end of the passage says he, Jesus says, even though the betray the hand of a traitor is with me on the on the table right there meet feasting in an intimate moment Jesus was born his heart out. He's in Corbin's powerful fees that we celebrate. To this day in the betrayer is right there partaking in eating and coursed all the cycles that it was Isaiah's and I know that resounding question and then he began to question themselves which of them would do this thing so assess the final question we were really out of time. So how often do we forget what Jesus did for us. Why should the Lord's supper in communion be a priority in my life and in my church how does this prepare me to look for his great return while so it will let those questions we were out there but be a part of the church.

It really does celebrate this and get it right biblically and study for yourself and feel free to share his word.

God please share with someone else experience truth back next time right here

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