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Radical & Social!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 19, 2021 1:00 am

Radical & Social!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 19, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with Pastor Greg Locke, a radical presence on social media, discussing his unashamed defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of holding fellow Christians accountable.

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Speaking of how angry we got we got some going to Truth Network this can help the world not be so angry, just need God's word is please help to Truth Network send Bibles to Africa and we know that they they need God's word.

We have until the end of the month, just five dollars gets a Bible in the hands of a poor, impoverished believers all over the African continent with the help of the Bible league, just five dollars. Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word on 800 yes word hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network I'm Stu Epperson and this is true talk and you may or may not be aware of how powerful social media can be to impacting people, especially our youth, so I was looking at some of the social media stuff that my kids are into mainly tick-tock and Instagram and I came across this guy Facebook to name Greg Locke discussed radical he was saying a lot of things that a lot of us are afraid to say call the church out: pastors out calling Christians like me out and so when I saw him on the campus of Liberty University a couple months ago at the Falkirk center in an awesome event.

They were holding their I had interviewer him. It was really cool.

So this is the interview I had with Pastor Greg Locke know he's opinionated, he's radical, he's intense Greg Locke right here right now on true talk.

Hope you enjoy it and hope you are blessed by this guy is radical you seen on tick-tock you ceiling is ceramic Twitter Facebook. He is Pastor Greg and he's calling people out. Pastor Greg and I don't know if I can take it. I don't know if this show will exist. Maybe this is the last true talk episode ever do widely will call you soon radical in what just happened there.

He spoke on Leno. I think people are afraid of courage.

But what I'm finding is courage is contagious and when you can strike that management will follow and I told our folks that were living in the last days. I'm convinced Jesus is coming until he gets here to be a pastor but I'm to focus on being a general and guards on God's army we can raise up an army of people to push back against the tidal wave of this wicked culture will now if you talk like that pastor they might throw you in jail anyway you want. You just take the party line and you know geeky people stay home and stay safe. But yet you haven't done that in your church over in Tennessee.

Have you know, and we have X initially number three times bigger now.

Months later than we were started. We can get everybody back in the building and onto look not have a lot of handcuffs, as were all willing to go to jail for what we believe only why the church has become in your estimation, what's happened to the church today were we kind of almost become apologetic like were apologizing for not there's a good kind of apologetics right the defense of the faith is the back I were kind of apologizing for standing up for what's right, and loving God know that what's happened to the church year. I think we been sold a bill of goods that the government 501(c)(3) would have you call it, has taken away our voice and so we can't use it because if we do then there's going to be these fallouts. These ramifications will go to jail and lose our tax exemption when at the end they that's not the truth, it was never about the church and politics is about keeping the government out of the church because they cannot impede on our worship yet we can stand up and vote and pray and fast and we can impede on their nonsense. They don't want us involved but because were not getting involved.

That's why the political arena is as corrupt as it is because at least pastors to train their people to stand up and push against now.

So we will call you radical new go out and share the gospel in an abortion clinic whether killing you know killing babies.

What if a pastor says less to political view can be doing that what you say that will kill babies is not political Eskimos moral situation of the whole Bible, God hates those hands that shed innocent blood, and I went out there and all abrasive and a jerk for Jesus and were loving the young ladies that are going through that tragic situation calling it what it is and I think preachers I got a call it what it is because nine times out of 10 people sitting in the pews just want their pastor to say I just wish he would say, and he's trying to beat around the bush. When I think it is to shake the bushmeat and with no Pastor Greg was talk about how important the word of God is and preaching the gospel and you know Christina, your speech in and I don't disagree with your comment you said effectively know we are to engage in culture were some people say will just preach the gospel to engage is the gospel.

If you're preaching the gospel you are getting gauge at me like you are going to feed the poor. You close the neck Internet know you love black lives. You love it you know it's it's it's it's not isolated bifurcation but we preach the rest of it because we do preach the gospel but also not isolated. The gospel is something that allows us to go out in all the world and stand against these issues, we don't serve a dead Jew and the Palestinian things because we have a risen Savior, I go out in power and authority and preach the truth of the word of God and so we we just lied to ourselves that we shouldn't get involved in issues arise, I think because of the gospel. We must involve nations and are you one of those pastors is inviting people to get saved. They call you your cash that talk about how important that part is leading people to Christ. And no soul winning is become a bad word. Well, I can't wait. As always, it will, for Pete's sake, what, what's wrong with soul winning pastor yeah me some plant, some so somewhat of a God gives the increase in were called to be so winners were called to cast out the net we know it's the work of the Holy Spirit. But you're the word of God naturally draws people have to manipulate it I will have to make it up because the Bible has a built-in power source. Romans 116. The gospel is the power of God I don't have to manipulate. It's the power preach the gospel insight. Let me ask you about the 2.5 billion people on planet Earth who have never heard about Jesus, let me ask you about the fact that we in the last year. More money was embezzled from churches that was spent on missions to unreached people groups can you address that and what what what if we don't go when you mention Judea Samaria that was for the earth and their what what what what what what happened what happened with our great commission of echoing the world that I think churches are holding their money, their assets and their trying to build their kingdom not building his kingdom, and there are like is it 2.5 billion people around the world that have never heard the truth of the gospel and yet Romans 120 says that without excuse and I'm convinced like obeyed increases light like this obeyed increases darkness and I think right now sit in on some you know jungle river bank on their feet. There, there's like there's gotta be something more to life, and while there.

Think inevitably got her parents about his heart over here to get ready and plow their and and I believe the gospel is going to meet that person has been eager, hungry heart, the church is a waste of their money on nonsense. You know they're horny all of it.

We can have $1 million in the bank when Jesus comes into question will spend all of little giveaway you got a check. That's right, I have never heard before, but you got is that you got this man convicted at the will. Pastor Greg, I appreciate your heart and I thank you for your you. I'm sure we spend enough time together there be some disagreements may have a love the fact you want to reach you for Christ also love the fact you're taking a stand in these tough times were there so much darkness and work churches, compromising shoulder, so a lot of ways you what's your kind of summarize your passion you want.

How do you want people to think about the legacy of Pastor Greg. What is what is it that you want to communicate. Yet we know our our tagline for our churches were broken people find new meaning to life.

A lot of people because they see Marantz my tick-tock to twitter whatever the they automatically think I'm some colossal jerk that won't sit down like this and have a dialogue and conversation. But at the heart of all of my rants at the heart of all of my zeal and passion in and things like that. I'm a pastor I love people I love broken people and I want people to know you are never so broke you will not have seen the grace of the gospel integration never to say I told you so God can take you just the way you are and clean you up.

Me and my wife came out of the ditch after 15 your pill addiction and I watched God change her like a change my life. I was saved in a children's home.

My dad was in prison for the first 10 years and so I'm not the ministry because daddy was in the ministry because my father in heaven put me in the ministry asking people to love God will take him right where they're at and you haven't met Pastor Gregor, this is the first time you you've met this fireball you seen them go find you can find them. I guess you're on fit what will be will look for like on Facebook on the web to learn more about you and they went to Facebook is good. Pastor Greg Locke, LC, KE, the blue checkmark will come up.

We also have a watch page called on point with Pastor Greg Locke is our weekly podcast show and then all my handles on everything else, which is at pastor Locke do these messages on Instagram and some younger folks are always other media. We average them to that we have half a million followers on tick-tock. I never would've thought my daughter said you don't tick-tock out that it was a dance and that it is appreciative dance in the Holy Spirit preach the gospel awesome will make sure we get following each other on all these things and also will make sure you have the truth that is a lot of folks listen to this program on our many different you know hundreds of affiliate security Truth Network you were here on the campus delivery University at the Falkirk Center, which is really trying to connect faith and culture really awesome ministry here and it's good to have Pastor Greg God bless you man.

Thank you sir.

God bless you, be encouraged. Find him on all the social media he's a got a guy you want your kids to tune into and listen to because he truly loves Jesus and he's not afraid to demonstrate something, we don't have a lot of these days courage. That's right.

CO you are a GE encourage what is biblical courage.

Why do we live in fear and not faith wise, fear not mention 365 times in the Bible's one time for every day of the year. Thank you all awesome affiliates nationwide to care this program. Thank you for all of our folks and downloaded in your listing to the truth. Talk podcast were so glad you're here. We hope you will like and share and make these interviews viral so others can be encouraged and others can know Jesus Christ, not just know about him, but no him in a personal way. He's calling you to follow him. He's the only one that can forgive your sins and save your soul. This is the Truth Network

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