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When the Mission Field Comes to You

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 14, 2021 1:00 am

When the Mission Field Comes to You

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 14, 2021 1:00 am

Good News! Stu is talking with Dr. Richard Hamlet of Global Ministries Foundation and Buenas Nuevas Network about reaching lost souls in the local Hispanic community.


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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian car guy and King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network friends.

One of the greatest missions opportunity in our lifetime. Maybe in history is upon us is 20 million new Hispanic friends are either here or entering America how are you gonna reach them with the gospel. God is brought the mission field. Thus, in your about to hear all our of me interviewing a man of God who was a wolf on Wall Street.

He got saved.

Now God is using him to reach Hispanic. It's awesome right here right now on truth. August. Thank you.

All of our amazing affiliates. AFR Wilkins radio network, the Truth Network, so many folks to carry this program stay tuned. Be encouraged and follow me at all the social channels because you can learn more about the show and see some encouraging Bible verses there, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, under Stu Epperson God bless you and I hope you will do something about this mission field is coming us. Let's reach the lost any cost while we still have time. Here comes this week's edition of truth dock where the mission field is coming to us. God bless you and be encouraged all right back of those bags grab the passport.

Get your get your letters written to raise the support call your pastor.

I'm going on a missions trip and was going with me on a missions trip where the road on a missions trip and I need or want to go with me. No exceptions.

If you're a believer in Christ you have to go on this trip today. This is raw, real and happening right this second. Jesus said in Jesus in John chapter 4, he said, lift up your eyes verse 35 and look at the fields, for they are white, they are already white with harvest. So there's a harvest and here's what's cool because quite frankly, most of you can't go on a missions trip with me, most of us have not been on a missions trip. Most of us are planning to go to reach unreached people who live in countries that are 99% pagan or false religions less than 1% born-again. Most of us are going to do that when I can sacrifice anything was last time I sacrifice something to tell someone about Jesus were not doing that were not built like that were the Western church were cozy were comfortable cool.

I'm Stu Epperson honor to be here today with you calling you to action right now. Again Amanda got on the line. Who's gonna rock your world. Steve is really gifted and he aims to comfort the afflicted and afflict to afflict the comfortable, less what the show will do today were going to missions trip. Here's a cool thing.

Not one of you has to buy an airplane ticket not want to gasket your passport not only guess you get shots. All you have to do is when I'm in a do is literally leave the studio after the show and walk outside because there's 20 million asking to be harvested for Christ asking you to share the good news of Jesus with them. Who are they there are Hispanic friends that are flooding into our country.

There's not a wall being built. Yes, there's politics.

There is legalities. Yes, you're angry, sir yes ma'am you're upset about this and that, yes, there's criminal elements happening in all kinds of other geopolitical dynamics, but fundamentally, these are souls that God loves you so love the world he gave so if I so love the world as he does do I give as the father sent me.

Jesus said, so I send you so there's a harvest of souls that's coming flooding into America and usually meant to leave your neighborhood or your city to reach Hispanics and they are so friendly there so engaging in there so kind and they want to hear about. I could pass on Christian radio cards and tracks everywhere I go I grab Hispanic trucks I can keep enough of them. They want to read it. They want to go to church. They want to come over for dinner there right there asking us to share Christ to share the love of God with them.

What are we doing about it will one man is due as of at about and he is involved in one of the fastest growing Christian Spanish radio networks in the country.

I am dialed in with him were trying to put his network on a bunch of stations where were fully unsupportive of him before even that half and this guy was a wolf on Wall Street in your love, Dr. Richard Hamlet who is with us right now to bring monkeys here. These are awesome producer Dr. Hamlet is that you sir, are you there too good to be with you this afternoon pay.

It is good to be with you and the question is puzzling myself and all of our listeners and by the well put this question out there for everyone to call the number if you like 866-34-TRUTH or you can just listen and engage with us that way by listening and praying what are you doing to reach Hispanics. What are you doing to reach this mission field of 20 million people in our population that are coming and going in our newly coming in, or have been here sometime. What's your plan of attack. What's your plan of reaching them with the good news of Jesus Dr. Hamlet.

Please help us understand why would you a in American successful Wall Street guy businessman why are you suddenly very successful doing all kinds of sectors of business. Why would you care about Hispanic souls about these these thousands and millions of people in our country what's going on. Tell us what what killed your forester tells a little bit about gives the background on this the opportunity in the last 20 years. My wife and I have been most of the country in Latin America, Central and South America preaching the gospel and equipping church leaders and in great commission strategy and about four years ago we came back to United States. The Lord, but a great burden on my heart that that one about the 60 million+ Latinos that are in the United States whether there documentary or not, God has them here providentially as the Wilder here how how would you rate your when less than one in 10 Latinos in the United States even profess to have a personal saving relationship with Jesus Christ the heart approaches meant to vote. Thank you for asking. The first one is that we set up training sessions here at our EMS developer center in Memphis Tennessee will be trying, Latinos, church leaders of evangelical leaders and how to rightly divide the world and preach the gospel the whole counsel of God so that they can leave their congregations and and in true biblical proclamation that's been missing from Latino community for GERD with naming claimant Gospels and institutional perverted gospel all over the thing though, as we have lost out on my break in our businesses missions portfolio is called the bow line is the writers network DNA in not to be confused with planning we are out there preaching the gospel in the Spanish tongue bilingual preaching and teaching and Caleb quality Spanish music and work adding the satellites working with groups like yourself and your parent do and our desire is to reach Latinos all over this country with the saving Gospel of Jesus.

Wow, so, so surely you're like a Latino you and you and your wife are are are Hispanic, your minorities, that right that's kinda what triggers all this well actually I am I my long-term Anglo-Saxon site and look at me. I am a wise man okay and it is our culture today. You and I like 5 gallons okay what is a lie guy for Memphis care about all these Hispanics you hear more folks just didn't even how you can be involved. Wow call asking the tough question it.

866-34-TRUTH Dr. Richard Hamlet's journey from Wall Street to ministry what we can do about this mission field, us every believer in Jesus Christ. Every follower of Christ, called to be a witness to the world. One pastor put it this way every human being on planet Earth is either a mission field or a missionary. Which one are you and you don't have to go far right here in our North Carolina alone in the night, early 90s, there were 88,000 Hispanics today. There's over a million, probably over 2 million.

Truth be told, the numbers growing. These are wonderful people sweep people and they are here and they need Jesus and do I really care my Selangor the politics I so in mice you know yelling at my screen all the stuff happening in the illegal immigration battle and other geopolitical strife and tension in all that the economic holder to my jobs this and that will we care more about them than we do about veterans or not you were not fighting that battle today on the show I'm Stu Epperson I'm talking about how to reach souls with the good news of Christ and leave them to Jesus and then equip them to go in all the world to go in all those countries shortcuts. Dr. Hammett's been in preaching the gospel all over Latin America. This guy loves Jesus.

He's a white guy from Memphis who has a passion to reach Hispanics minorities who are becoming majorities rapidly in our country and he's asking you to join them. Will you join in this in this amazing mission and he's asking you to join him because Jesus Christ Dr. Hamlet he asked you to join him your wolf on Wall Street pull another big dollars you and for me in the biggest donor to church to be the lowest paid guy at the church is at right. That's correct. Wow. Tell us about that your testimony real quick and then did and I did take us back to this this mission field. How in it. What you're doing about that.

So I was a bit here and will study really entrepreneurial 15 years of financial guy Capital Market and the Lord called me into the pastor my story picture. Don't and I was so wonderful for that deacon, teacher, and you know that's God calling someone like that is the highest privilege and honor like an within the will. But sometime God does give special call to businessman to move into the kingdom business realm in a concentrated strategic way investing all of their time and their resources everything they have all the oxygen to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and being intentional in the market and so that's what happened.

I pastor the church two years, the Memphis area.

I was on the mega church staff pastor and now Atlanta, Georgia will write up, but the nations Omaha then for 20 years now we've been on international work and got it brought the world to America. Now America is a melting pot of ethnicity.

Hispanics are here almost 20% of our constituency and so the marketplace was all of those never going to a church. They will never point and click on type of the bottom of the body's intentionally but we have a way to get to them through the regular way of the way outside the church walls.

One heartbeat away from me before their creator under the wrath of God and they need to hear that Jesus Christ based on and so that's what's about God uses ordinary Christian to do extraordinary things, in advancing the kingdom of God in his intentionality and knowing every day brings God with their divine appointment with those we encounter wherever we are in the grocery store.

Jim library board room I civic room where we all we are intentional about gospel conversation and trusting God to open up those doors and horns to receive the gospel. Amen and thanks this guy is the real deal. Dr. Richard Hamlet was global ministries foundation is an awesome program material was Truth Network called ministries in the marketplace. Interviews kingdom leaders who archiving on their Philco who's been on there some great, great, just a bit on their talks about how you how are you utilizing the marketplace to restructure Christ and also mission field, and God is really burned his heart receives Hispanics to Dr. Hamlet here, you know, just just not too long ago years ago your your all over the world. 200 countries, all over Latin America, Central America, South America, and now code hits and now they're flooding in here we can sit back and be angry because a little late on this is my country wanted to go my country and in eating my food intake and a real estate or we can go the way of the master. We can have eyes like Jesus eyes of compassion and you have actually lost a soul boy is no way this network. I got the app on my phone.

I flew to Memphis. I was blown away with learning you got Irving this this Cuban believer who fled Cuba couple decades ago me to tell us a little bit about this network. It's, it's Christian's quality Christian music but great Bible teaching solid teaching to write yet solid preaching and you know we have programs that you know some of the best known national Anglo African-American preachers who are translated from English so we have those we have a lot of other sporadic pastors that you would never know about this panic, teachers, evangelicals that you would never know about the start of heaven, but were able through the hub in Memphis. The satellite studios they open up local border able to bring in these voices of Christ who can proclaim in the Spanish Tom everlasting gospel of Christ, the whole counsel of God and the purpose is to rally the evangelical Patino community were every satellite station is a within the band with the been able to hear that. With that contact area so that they can come together and this can be a rallying kingdom collaboration across denominational Spanish can come together all the essentials of the gospel. We can rethink Hispanics and then were planet when it panic. The great awakening to the gospel in the favor of God in the anointing of the word of God that this panic would lead into the Anglo and the other ethnicities in our country.

God uses what even the church that is foolishness in order to bring glory to himself. I do it through the Boeing's Newegg network. That's also been in Jack's Melissa John Tommy Jackson on 102.3 FM urine madness on what I believe it's and AM 830, but we are original flagship station for many people listening to my voice right now Stu Epperson in for my good buddy Steve Noble maybe listing notes it to the show right now on AMA 30 or flagship station to be here. You AM 830 this big torch of the station the covers parts of four states right out of Memphis right Dr. Hamlet is that your flagship. That's flagship. And with it over the Internet fee at you know we have a high quality gap book. We've used some of professionals that it literally allows the working website and the mentor evangelist for many years. The son Andrew throughout Latin America. As I learned to preaching the evangelist and open-air festivals we have that technology now we've invested in for our app and website.

We can deliver services for shuttle services to businesses and churches in all types of organizations that need to get the word out about their products. Every Hispanic situate in a holistic way.

The product, but also things that are more esoteric through the wonderful Patino people came in 33 toll-free 866-34-TRUTH if you want to ask, how can we reach racetrack we reach Hispanics with the gospel.

Hang on the ceiling as we call it studio housed here on the GMS developers in Arkansas is liking Jim everything is now a national audience out of the satellite cities time utilizing bikes welcome and I want to welcome of course our English-speaking hero message there.

Go to the website or the Facebook page global ministries foundation every Sunday night. Dr. Hamlet drops a powerful message. This week it's in Corinthians is really could just live brings the word God challenges both English and Hispanic pre-speaking friends in the gospel invites you to get say people come to Christ you will like ensuring is all over Facebook. Dr. Hamlet you and Irving. The awesome director of the Windows network you guys do this in tandem tagteam.

It's really cool to see me Grandma don't have other things to do on a Sunday night.

Besides getting a duck increase of millions of people be told told told us what drives your passion documented the other day wake us up a little bit.

We were listening, I read a statistic recently, less than 5% of believers even share the gospel. It sends people from hell. It fulfills their life you can save their soul for ever, it's better than the cure to cancer. The gospel is yet less than 5% was even care to share with our neighbor were lethargic. Listen to percent of cruises even give 10% to the church United tunnel time and how can we raise more money people to give your ministry money and reach Hispanics with the gospel all over the country, yet were so kind of lazy.

I said we everyone's about knocking on my list are zero Metro Drive you away. I'm just trying to claim on my I'm guilty as well be an apathetic Dr. Hamlet wake us up your preaching your heart out on Sunday nights or Facebook your your preaching the gospel you're going all these churches try to reach Hispanics 20 millions and honoring your 60 million are old country. Tell us why driving this well is very clear that the door of the door.

Great price remains open and the door one day brother would be shot and that door of grace through the door of salvation, and by the way is nothing mechanical or program ritual like Jesus Christ and the door of salvation is open Jesus and whosoever will like him and awarded a season of grace and know that door will shut down looking it will shut on Anglo little shut on any son of Adam Elvis image bearers simple by the fall.

Original sin, and the actual thing and we are under the wrath of God and let God in his mercy comes to us and for God so loved the world of the gods about Latinos he gave his only begotten son so that door is open and we must proclaim the gospel because either the door will shut it will live with Jesus come, and those in unbelief wherever parish all that door will shut it all lie. We have an encounter with our appointment day with their and we will then each of us will stand before the God of the universe and only those who are in Christ to a born-again you have imputed writers of Christ with the bike bike only those weathers panic or Anglo or any of this will be able to enter in eternal fellowship with God. It is the door of grace that filled may we proclaim that from the airway Street in the stadium in the sanctuary until we have no more words share because we're leaving this world while so there's a sobering urgency that were appeased and I can walk outside, you know, in an insurer just get shot you and in America, Christians are being tortured, beaten at a higher level than ever before in history around the world. We don't feel that you're necessarily but here God in his providence. There is there is a shifting of things geopolitically, geographically, and there are Hispanics coming.

What is the church going to meet them at the border to leave Jesus to feed and clothe them to get gospel and you're doing this right is a powerful tool radio You love radio for the same reason I do, you can guess you could preach the gospel. Right now I can sit here in one room with one mic in indicating you could talk to working talk a whole bunch of folks that we could never go one-on-one with it. Take as a Harley to talk everybody were taught here, newcomer and play coming.

I've been a programmer with the marketplace thought it was bought six years ago now silent truth and other stations around the country's national blonde I am a new guy in this place of the consumer user and then with Dan and we stepped out of the actual ownership and operation of the station, then it's a real good like you have pay the bills well and is all spent about. We need as for me, and every evangelical driven media company organization. We need the public. We need the public to come together and that give birth to themselves and sharing the gospel but then come together and share the resources so that we can reach more people with sustainable businesses missions models marketplace ministries and those nonconventional ways. According to the institutional church. We can reach them and so that's why I am so excited about being in the radio at the Internet and also we have in connecting with people where they all who will never come into a church. I like you taken a great risk you want to you that publicly.

I want to go on the record, you're saying some things are going on right now friends. If you're in the Durham area.

Raleigh-Durham, you can turn your radio right now to AM 1410 Truth Network just took that station over AM 1410 to lawyer Hispanic friends is Christian, Spanish, and you're about to hear the Windows network on and work on the satellites he know that the put Dr. Hamlet's whole network on their with high quality the highest quality Christian music and powerful teaching from people like David your mitral Stanley all the great teachers you hear in English on the Truth Network. You can hear them in Spanish on the Wednesday was network therein were trying to go to some other places but they need your help. They the goal of having him on the byway with open your eyes to the harvest is out there and see what one man saved out of a of a successful Wall Street career he still of a businessman, very much so.

But God's call reach Hispanics in East Tennessee. Hey can you guys help your little bit you know.

Join us in this crusade to reach Hispanics. These dear men, women, children who are coming or country. There are new neighbors or new friends, let's share the good news of Jesus with them and let's build into them. Let's wake up share with them and watch what God does through them because they have thousands of family members all across all those places you preached 200 to 200 countries all over the world's best and let America diagram of the folks that are here there connected up soaked all those people so your if it when you when you reach Jos in Memphis or in Durham you're reaching his whole family back in order to strike. So there's a connection in their communicating all the time and all of a sudden he's not just sending money descending lobby where the public have a La Plata videos were God's adult grandmothers a come there's a compelling there's an urgency.

But there's a window right now we and reach so many dear people with the good news of Christ to work on a sound the trumpet Truth Network is involved or partnering with these guys did you guys have the awesome content you have, you do work to refine Irving in your team you refine amazing schedule host around-the-clock preaching the gospel playing solid teaching on the prosperity, pablum, and in mishmash with the truth that the loving God sent his only son, Jesus, and to Diana crossbar says was risen from the dead, and is coming again in glory, and you can know him and you can repent of your sins and put your faith in and be saved. Your you're putting all this out 24 seven in Spanish. I got your app right here. There's nothing that guy divorce, but it wasn't with Alexis, our manager in in in Durham at AM 1410 I was with him that you and I called you afterward about this Dr. Hamlet and I open the app I list. He says that's good brother that's good allotted to him as soon as we get the Internet connection were to put that on Irving's been working and he's been provide equipment quicker we can pay for it. But we gotta get it on right you know what we know the Bible for all all radio operators around everyone anybody to preach the gospel out here but thought antenna in the back of their truck out of their preaching Jesus. I think Donna book, but we have at it.

Being in the be a large and structured scale businesses missions broadcast company that the rings together. This panics panic, businessman, aspiring entrepreneur back pastor. You know, Hispanics from different countries that speak Spanish that maybe the past will libeled within their own territory where great way to come together will be in any obvious because but same language Spanish baby baby it's bilingual. You know you know English and write. I think that more Americans than go to myself when he did teach Spanish as a second line to go to those with no English because I think we need to find a way to connect more within the opportunities that God is given us obsolete blessing upon its Alexis Alexis Nellis and my grandkids are likely to be working for your grandkids so you remember Dr. Hamlet Medo and when we member the little people. When you call in a climb to success in this guys really a go-getter and I'm just so encouraged by that, but we have a unique window unit opportunity now done Hamlet what is the website for folks to learn more about Ms. Riley. We have a little bit. We have 30 seconds left in this break in the dock stay on with us. We are for just a few more minutes after this break will be her last segment would give the website going into the break supposed to check you out is it that when what is west side of global me down every W.TM online.okay fantastic yes you want to sing on quick break. More Stu Epperson everybody Steve Noble 86634 truth calls with your idea and how to reach Hispanics. The next so if you are in Boston to subject to Memphis, Tennessee coming soon.

Lord willing, Albuquerque, coming soon to Durham on AM 1410 you are hearing the boys that I was network, which is what I just played for you. You can download the app. I love what lighting this app up on my phone and playing it for my spending frenzy.

They may understand. Look at what I sales be great space, and try to learn.

I felt little cup with her spatial work tonight and did pretty good actually.

I brought back.

I took three or four years in high school. Dr. Hamlet are trying to learn that language.

Why not why not. So make 20 million folks are here more than that are in our country 20 million you know new friends are coming.

How are you reaching them with the good news of Jesus Christ on Stu Epperson honored to fill in for my buddy Steve Noble on his wonderful show called action today.

Steve, the Steve Noble show. Check them out on Facebook online everywhere huge following Steve's always turn it up and I know he's passionate about what I'm passionate what you we will leave it on a missions trip and Dr. Richard Hamlet is been our our guide Dr. Hamlet.

This is been a pretty cool missions trip. We did not leave the country because the mission will has come to us there.

Here what we know about it right that's right you members Billy Graham is the greatest. On page mission field is the marketplace and the marketplace continues to have many new are more. Even pagan in their beliefs than tallest and world religions, and yet they have not even heard the simplicity and purity of the gospel in my mouth so we're the one to go out and take the gospel into the marketplace. But what got you excited about this program back Hispanics as we wrap up Dr. Richard Hamlet is the founder of the plainest latest networking awesome Christmas mass network is taking the country by storm, reaching expansion good news the gospel reaching their real needs, no reason. There is no help in giving advice and in exchange in legal advice and they like but also give them the word of God and finally save it got conversions happening all over the place you condoning the specialty. How does the bit but don't hammer the other gear. The other lane you're in is this in the really they all kinda converges is all about Jesus is this ministry in the marketplace. National radio show.

I love your initial I've been I'm adjusting because I've been one of your highest rated guest user doctrine but understand that.

For that reason, I mean that you know that that that I was on the show but this is tremendous. Tell us about the passion, what is it it fired you up that we have Billy Graham quote about this ministries the marketplace radio show you it's all over the ton hundred stations well as a different format. One is 26 minute diversified and not 20 minutes of preaching, although I love doing that in diameter and up. Many of those you can hear you are in heaven, that are preaching you all their way. What I wanted to do was have a program that was broken down in the first 10, 11 minutes, the homily challenge that I give the word of God, exhorting believers to the marketplace to embrace the intentionality of the gospel and so I'll share from my heart and the overflow from those verses that each week we have arrived what I call the kingdom practitioner a Christian who we have on the program who from different professions, diversity and training businessman Dr. Law your pastor or laterally, whoever and then, Joe and Jane. You never heard about God using them know got people bordered bring it yes on a Q&A which I really enjoy hosting that can love and then withdraw the land of the end of the challenge in prayer. Benediction to charge audience to go for and proclaim the gospel as witnesses wherever they are. So we loved this format to get the good I think it's a good quality for my level one immediately near good luck and so was Michael.

How God, opening doors for this is outreach program to go for. I can't think of anything more strategic in a ministry marketplace program.

You have a heart to reach you will marketplace everybody's got a job everyone you don't want and and then this other Hispanic partner you have, because we've gotten millions of Hispanics coming in that are here that need the gospel gospel Jesus Christ date the date if there are here illegally.

They got a bigger legal problem that is to be justified by faith in Jesus, they need to be say were all in this well Uriel I want you doing illegally what my schedule. How about you know Christ because I would.

I would rather someone be the you know I would rather not be legal and spend eternity in hell right then not know Jesus be Dr. Hamlet is it is not even a mule. What the world's going there.

Yeah I'm in God is a God of all, but you have what I believe the law border. I believe that everybody should enter legally. But when that will be poor here. Their image bearers and whatever reason they're here providentially and while they're here. We want to reach him with the good news of the gospel were reached that for such a time is now and know God is a God, God of justice. The God of mercy, and the gospel mercy to go out to anyone. Everyone you will come to Jesus Christ in true repentance site. This is the call is going out right now. 24 seven on this amazing Christian Spanish network called DNA and that stands for Buenos Nueva's network that you know that means that means good news network she learn Spanish today.

Everyone don't don't don't play dumb or don't you learn anything today when this means good Nueva Smedes news good news network and the gospel is good news and you have a chance to share the good news with people who I guarantee would love for someone who's maybe a native of America who's a citizen to plot to engage in talking. Here's a cool book and I can't.

I can't speak your language to well but look at is happy or give me your phone or to know if you download this free app and I play the out for folks. You can even lead someone to Christ through this apt and that's what they're doing and the blade is there a website with plainest waivers.

Is it just point the slaves Dr. Hamlet for people to go in and and how can be well given financial there's people that want to donate but see this, if they can't I put on my Instagram is now the post of our show today. I tagged Irving. I tagged you know be and then in Truth Network, but I put on there no pray. Given go.

Those are the big ones right dock and so there's a way to further want to be a part of this thing.

You have a good website has a link to that of the and in special domain okay and I can let you navigate you now through the language yet.

We would love to have anybody God prompting to come alongside of us in helping poor the professional call so we encourage her to bring out of excellence message out the to this country and the Latino people donate your businessman your supporting yourself.

You are a by vocation. When I consider my vocational ministry is for yourself, your preaching more than doing business, but your preaching through business which I love about you been a great example of the model.

I told Mike my entrepreneurial real estate brother-in-law, I will. We want to grow to be like Dr. Hamlet one day who's now big deals with real estate and successful, but he's using it to share Jesus with people you put evangelism together for these housing units you going to try to leave you prices pretty awesome.

So you see the harvest you're engaging but socially gives you is a gift to the really I give you the good Lord but if they give the boys there was network to go to GMF that the global ministry foundation website GMF they can.

They're donating they can donate. We just don't Truth Network your donation this morning, your ministry, and we clicked on when slaves network is very easy and what your Facebook page and click on your link. Your website is winner made a donation through Truth Network to the blast waves network so people can do that very easily and it's all going toward keeping this format on the air right to reaching the soul through the Gossett correct okay that's great.

It will print it.

It takes money to do ministry. I just try doing without.

And we have we have generated funds to our businesses missions all be able to invest in heavy development infrastructure call to be able to deliver the product to the public that were the product of gospel proclamation in the Spanish online and so the dying brothers, you want to stay the velocity of your dollar dollar you want to see your dollar. Get a great return on investment buried with a total dividend we've already paid the freight on the structure. We just need folks to come alongside help of man with that of the satellite within our DNA and no model that we have base the Memphis angelic great opportunity we have to to multiply the gospel so that's why there is a job reason for crisis we make that money to give back. God gives to you so we can give through you and this is a wonderful ministry to support and by the way, Dr. Hamlet, your good homework is that the listeners of this program of this Truth Network and all across the country are very generous, very supportive of this kind of thing because we really see that we had when I can give to someone else to live and hear the gospel as others of the markers." Give us your life or shrink with Dr. Hamlet. I love this entitles interlinking as a Philippians 161 or you have you have justification site okay simple, he who began a good work in you that grace of God that justification by grace of God brings us to Christ and on world then you have will continue to do a good work. What is that that's like. That's think she's that walking Parker's band at that the that the walk of faith. And then glorification year began a good working you will perform in the day of Jesus Christ that mean you'll we see Jesus when he comes again of what live or we die we leave this earthly transition. We will finalize in his presence and we will have glorified spirit because we will see Jesus just as a year and you mean God is giving us the privilege while Jesus tarries before the before that the return of the King. He's given us the privilege to. So the good news the gospel out there to rescue the perishing to care for the dying to put the gospel in any language love in any language stray from the heart one is the way it was.

Network is doing it. Dr. Richard Hamlet early on.

Give my love to Irving, Dr. Hamlet from Franklin popcorn prayer for it with a stronger play with the right aurora hold hands spiritually across the country.

Stu Epperson is the noble show closing prayer First Bank Frederick would really have about 20 seconds are cantilevers and equipment will easily hold for your Holy Spirit right many Hispanics that they might be 20 can they make truly repented and be a part of the six-hour website. Learn more GMF global ministry foundation, minus waivers. The mission field is coming to you. This is the Truth Network

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