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Convening with Believers!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 5, 2021 1:00 am

Convening with Believers!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 5, 2021 1:00 am

How important is networking among believers & getting together to advance the Kingdom? Stu is with friend Matthew Currin, CEO of Convene Communities, a comprehensive, online platform for people to connect, communicate, collaborate, and educate... and they're talking about it!

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How important is it to network with other believers to get together to help Joe to move the kingdom to advance the ball. The good news of the gospel is going out millions of never heard a friend of mine, this guy has been in the military. He's phone helicopters. He's actually doing that now we started a brand-new community called convene community real-life real people, real experience is name is Matt Curran met welcome to the to the program I think is damn glad to be here is so good to have you tell us about to be what ledge he was a believer to go back to the Bible college is your degree and start all the stuff man. Yes, I went to my just recently finished my Masters degree from liberty University love, a love liberty and I got my Masters degree Christian life coaching so you have a background of you know, working with people in on the aviation community we really learn how to make decisions and learn how to train well. As I was going out and speaking about your human error and and decision-making. A lot of people would come up to me and they would say hey Matt, your message doesn't just resonate about flying helicopters your resident a your message resonates about being a Christian, or being a parent, or our marriage.

And so you know, the more I spoke, and the more I talked about it, you know, I was just called to go back to liberty, and you no further my degree in my Masters. In Christian life coaching and that's you know, to include that. That's what the website goes along with well that's awesome and so you started is so what is convene tells limit about that. I want our listeners. I love the innovation of the spirit of truth to talk weekend. We try to do as we talked it to believers who are missionaries and entrepreneurs and how just how God's birth. There is no vision in them to change the world will have this come about in it what is it what you do convene communities census do we you know what, how do we learn how we learn in life. How do we learn in church. How do we learn when were parenting wheat we learn through our experience and you know as as we gain more experience.

We get better at making decisions. We get better at parenting are better at being a Christian, you and I just got done with at Wednesday and the word with you this morning. You know, we are were in the word of Christ in you know, learning about it so that's that's how we learn.

So what convene communities is is it's a website that allows people to come together no matter what your passion is. So there's communities based on parenting. There's communities based on you know that have to do with marriage sports being a first responder.

But one of the though, you know, while were here talking is as one of my favorite in the community I'm most excited about is convene Christians. I think that you convene Christians across the world is always just sit and as you did another interview you know it's time to that we bring Christians back together. The future of your brothers and sisters in Christ again. Truly, your family and through you really are a body absolute price. Your process is being beat up beleaguered attacked embattled, persecuted, tortured, in some cases killed and yet we have no idea that our body is suffering like that in there not saying hey send me money either Sandy necessarily but there's any pray for me and that is little note. Come visit me in prison. That's her thing. But we know they're there because we are community we were kind of fractured. There were good commuting in other ways, right out of ball games all Apple what about well that they let me give an example.

You and I have something in common. This is one of our reasons that were friends and that's our daughters in our daughters have been dancing together for 10 years and now they you know we can talk about their just left for college. You know both of us to have now freshman in college and so we have that in common. So we you know we talk about that sort of thing, but were also Christians and you know in the world today. I think that you know is not so easy to be a Christian you know what, the persecuted church. All of the world and we have it easy in the United States but but we also get you no question then, and we don't like we go out and talk about it. So convene Christians.

This is allows us to bring together Christians in a place where we are like mine, and where we are Christians and and we all are believers and you know we can share our story. We can share our experiences know for the good of each other. And you know through groups through experiences. You know I example, this morning we do Wednesday in the word but I'm also a pilot so I travel quite a bit so I can always be at Wednesday in the word so what I can take Winston the word the video that you did on Facebook alive and live it down your face. Okay, so what we can take that, plus the a handout that you give us.

And what if we put that within convene communities and now when I'm on the road traveling with my job line. I'm still able to be a part of Wednesday in the works is going on there Bible study small groups or people to have something in common. A common hobby capital in the next year in OC.

The goal is to encourage, enrich and bring people closer to God.

How is your time. The word is just a whole, but your you're trying to get your trying to leverage the social media context. I guess into a deeper spiritual journey for folks. That's a neat that's very popular really like what you're doing that. Yeah.

And so it we all have a life experience right.

We all have stories in life and so what convene allows you to do with and whatever community is it allows you to to share that story or it allows you maybe to put a question out there. For example, may be a parenting question. You know, one of the things as parents that we have to deal with nowadays a social media you know in our kids. We didn't deal with that when we are young so as parents it I I like to say it's a catch 22 and this is part of you know my life coaching that I've talked other parents about.

So it's a Catch-22.

Some people might say Wyman I'm not gonna let my child have a phone will that's it.

That's a double-edged sword right if you don't let your child have a phone they get picked on and so we don't really understand next were trying to protect our child. But in on the flipside of that they're dealing with the repercussions of not having a phone and not being on social media, but so how do you handle that and sell it with convene there's an experience that we wrote and we talked about that and other parents have gone on to given their opinion of why I would handle it this way and so there's that you can put experiences out and in groups out that really have to do with anything and I guarantee if you're going through it, guess what somebody else is going through and are able to talk and share any and all the stations and warning sites don't go see this movie. There are some atrocious Netflix movie out the short of this, that's horrible. It pornography is gang refers us. There's this Netflix series called 13 reasons or something word actually collates the kid commit suicide and in kids are watching good Christian kids is right. Mom and dad your kid a 13 acre.

They're probably watching that right now, or so they probably seen of their friends.

They've Artie talked about it and watched before even realize it existed or what we doing a watch that what appears doing to communicate to you. Make sure that's what we have Christian radio to critic of you need to have these programs on our network like Focus on the Family like these great shows and bring that to life. But you're at your trying add another layer as England meets people in the world of Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and all of this so that there is that there's a deeper connection right well yeah like to say that it allows us to continue the conversation.

So you know you as an example this morning with the video from you know Wednesday in the work. Now we can take Wednesday in the word and now we can continue the conversation. You know were not really asking by to do anything different with thinking they would do what you Artie do but bring it into conveying unless let's continue the conversation and a meaningful way so we can learn how to know each other you know what handle things because the way you might do it still is not the way I might do it doesn't mean that your way is the best way doesn't mean that my way is the best way we can learn from each other and that is that the goal of convene and convene Christians in other different communities. What is the website was the way folks get involved another people want to connect and want to support you they love you… Who died love the idea of this email to better their walk with God devotions, all those things was the year to put the Truth Network on their to our chaplain is a Truth Network to be on there we can get Wednesday and the word on there so when you know you're in different parts of the world you can you know watch you know Steve's videos and you can go in and interact with the question is a good Bible teaching the truth out. What's the best website for coming so convene is very simple. Convene, and you'll be out to see the communities there the communities it's it's a free website so you can go in and anyone can create an experience, and we encourage people to great experiences.

Anyone can create groups, so it is just a wonderful platform to bring people together and whatever community that they like were always adding communities will continue to act communities groups, although that different stuff. Love what you're doing that current flies helicopters as a as a heart for God when he got his Masters degree in the biblical counseling ministry.

And now you want to serve the Lord you want started community this redemptive.

I love it. I mentally how anyone cannot support everyone's got ideas. Let's encourage this kind of thing what your idea has God using you.

Who knows what you know who knows what you could do you do with the great potential. God's putting use of general people encourage that right absolutely be part of the Christian community. Let's bring Christians together all over the place. God bless you my friend that you can't thank you this is the Truth Network

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