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Vision Wins!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 16, 2021 1:00 am

Vision Wins!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 16, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is at Panera Bread in Cary, NC with Dave Jones, author and professional hockey player, talking about his new book, "Vision Wins: Seven Strategies for Mental Toughness in Life & Sports" and finding God's vision for your life.

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Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network where there is no vision of all parish parish and this man in front of me right here in Apex, North Carolina Carrie apex below Raleigh somewhere over here has written a book called vision wins. I love this book. I love this man.

He's been a huge challenge in encouraging to me over 20 years we been Truth Network and entrées talk Dave Jones.

Not the famous pirate of the famous hockey player play pro hockey is at his nose broken his bid on the ice bin in the grind, he seen the park he's done the face-offs and he is help thousands of people, businesses, pastors, leaders, even don't tell anybody reset is Steve Noble develop and really crystallize your vision of the subtitle. Dave really like seven strategies for mental toughness in life and sports vision wins. That's the big title personal congratulations on this book.

Thanks man appreciated something they wanted different lasts for five years and John Gordon has been a big influence in mine over the years and I have chaperoned several years ago through FCA hockey and was able to disaster my rights but I love John's philosophy in life training can think his big big but the roads and an energy bus insight is really influenced by tell story so so thankful for and is able to pick his brain. How to write a book in about five years now, but I figured out the format and everything okay so I'm inviting you to be this body check. Okay like run hockey hockey ice and I want you to tell us the problem like that.

The glaring lack of vision. Now this is good and was really good news was at some point in the second or the next. Give some practical takeaways now our pastors. Our leaders help our moms, no moms and dads can have a winning vision for the name your book vision wins. So to get there but talk about what what pain maybe in your own life you know let you see me and I got it we got it we can address this vision. She why's it so important, what were you going there is a Gallup poll several years it came out that said 60% of the US economy is disengaged, so one in three people don't like doing in the model that we have is this idea that we go to school we get good grades. We get a job.

We learn a skill get paid from that skill for a skill, there's really no fulfillment praise Larry's in-kind model. What I believe is that you were put here for right you are put on the planet to glorify him. Your talents and your abilities glorify the Lord. Great. What is it that your picture excited about every day that you passionate about going after and so vision is a short portable, easy to understand, memorable, inspiring statement that is your Norstar is something that you aspire to do or become.

And so when you have vision and you have this is this this in valuing your life then you can you can conquer great things you know you just have that internal motivator to get up every day is really kind of where you're going to be. We complicate vision you hear all judges to truth in my lifetime time again that even we first connected and I'm hearing things like you really need a vision statement literally can't offset me like I want to procrastinate is also like although I understand that I picked apart but simplify force what is what is vision like it in a simple basic rest a lot more time on the gospel quartet in the classroom.

Okay so just to give me another brightest knife in the drawer. I will in your annual list of what is was a good vision in the Bible to say without vision is no vision, and so is important. Also, the reference to these packing to back it was upon the watchtower and frustrated with God says God replies with right, the VAT rate division on tablet make me run running by can see it and carry with cell in our times today. Think about like a billboard driving down the road to billboards is McDowell's next exit. That's something that's easy portable Simplot 7-Eleven words no conjunctions right McDonald's next exit we get a billboard has more than seven words and conjunctions. You can read it again when the community is like 20 different things so make this a political conversation but everybody is familiar with politics. I so let's talk about what inspires Nice perhaps world we go back to Obama, Obama memorization change. Yes, we can very simple person right now. How valuable technical geek out on your little bit but like the vision is actually different part of the brain. It's the limbic side of the brain where emotion so any time of change is can write something as emotional. The how-to's of what Obama was exactly was going to do.

He really didn't know you know but he changes began password to Donald Trump make America great again, rightly, that was something a little short so something aspire to do right and some had an idea what he wanted you to think Obama is on the ideas that political state. It's a matter of what is this statement that you can gravitate to and having Norstar.

One of best ones ever worked with. This judgment on he he sold his company for some money and said okay what am I going to do next in my life and deciding on a modern slavery anti-modern-day slavery so that visually came up was was to and slavery is not something that that simple leg and how inspirational is rightly who doesn't want there is a very simple but it can also be also be hollow when you think about that motivational speaker is a great slogan about no get-rich-quick and you got a thousand people sign up and give Ms. their $500 in the guise of being a charlatan or incipient but so the how-to division sounds good right. The how-to could be crummy may not ever into slavery you wanted to actually you want to be a limited no Joe's case lot actually tear that out right up. A lot of Christians say my vision is to be a vibrant witness for Christ. But maybe like if you fall around the vision as you leverage the payment made to order churches says we will love and build our community. Others, like this holy huddle never get outside wall right silly application and it's gotta be rigorous is gotta be detailed. You gotta follow through.

So yet another example is man learn I want to not able to school, no school yet but my looking at all things in Christ is not a student with the Rev. wrote that gotta be some detail. Vision is worded starts the vision when so you will be seven strategies for mental toughness in life. This is your book. I'm holding it yeah a beautiful signed copy with a notice to chemical dated and everything I'm with Dave Jones off this book. This is to be so encouraged and I pray that you will share this story make this podcast with all your friends just about important vision debut help a lot of people a lot of folks that are in bad shape, like maybe struggling to deal with bankruptcy dealing with no loss of job loss, marriage, know this and that church is dying and you help them really you come alongside and been a part of this been up all a lot of these guys like what what's acute or like what were you start someone to come in like I want to yeah I need a vision like is a great question and it really starts with awareness, simplify my aware that I really am just going through the motions right my aware that I'm may lack some inspiration if you can get point where like I'm aware that the what's what I'm doing right now is working that's first sure where to then you can have empathy towards okay right so you have something, give it some credibility and you can slow down start to think about. I this isn't working and what what is it that I need in my life so we have visions were driving down the down on the road we go. You know what I want to go do this when I think that's all the singing of this idea idea is different than a vision statement. That's where you have this short, portable, easy understand, memorable, inspiring statement.

711 words really you know this is I do this I want to become my Norstar that is something that will stick with you that's short, it's portable, short portable phones like this don't keep vision statement should be short, portable, easy understand easy understand 7 to 11 words, no conjunctions and and help wellness. Talk about blind spot is this is a big thing and I love the potholes part of my life. I don't like him at the moment they're exposing their doing something for sharpening iron there but I love those faithful friend from Farms 27 will come back and give us some good practice guides to having a godly vision statement is going to make a difference. Talk about that with the back with Dave Jones book vision wins. I'm on location. Apex.) The middle area beautiful day on the patio with their regulators, coffee cups, clinging to Baker's 70s music and you are here Dave and Stu. We come back right your true thought. What is your vision even greater question what God's vision for what is he calling you to God is put a unique DNA in every human being and I really didn't get a lot of flak for that. I really like some the places that Rick Warren with his book the purpose driven life.

People criticize all that but just fundamentally help people think about what your for what is God's design for my life and I have a friend that you all get to sit on the front will listen to right only talk to Dave talk to Skye pro hockey player dad is a coach.

I don't know many things your doctor you got a lot of degrees but I wrote this book vision with the book blind spots how to identify them and what people say about you behind your back that may or may not be true, but how can you leverage that to a good Christian vision out your vision statement gave a regular telephone book, almost in a real stylist.

I really like the vision was in general don't give away the punchline. Talk about your approach near the seven strategies for mental toughness in life and sports so I want to write a book. Not that there's anything wrong with John Maxwell on the scene a seven step style leadership you know I don't kinda like going to write a book that was more along the lines of a fable, and so Kelly and Elliott Baker opening Dyna Minnesota Dyna Minnesota is the Mecca of hockey is right think upon arrival so Kelly goes up and Minnehaha Boulevard in LA because of you.

In between is on right on freezes over rivals and high school sweethearts and Elliott Kelly goes on to win four state team since Ellie winced to the Carolina hurricanes and you will drop you the truth was parked outside because it broke down the promise keepers we were like on the front row right outside the Coliseum promise keepers the night before game seven of the champ of the World Cup was the next night and we had two flat tires we had not we could find a big enough so we sat there so we got exposure to drug drug market like implement them is good company is social start, that will be the second but going back so this couple to me that he's playing for the children were quite a strap is not playing give too much away, but basically tragedy happens and he challenges his vision of template which is a challenge of the talk about pitfalls landmine things that you are having a blind spot blind spot so in a blind spot in our world right now is his identity. So how do we see ourselves based upon our bank account only houses we have how well our businesses doing and knowing in the score world is having a hockey time when I said I have asked about free-throw voice I have is on identity of who we are. Based on our performance social media drug that likes insurers like us..

Like all the sudden and then my daughter how a lot of young ladies and young men will post things that the body image identity stuff going on and it's it's it's a real challenge is really is a very big issue in our world today and you know is the truth is that identity you are is a lot line. Where is your identity in Christ is who you are right, God loves you regardless of what you do.

So we wait what we do with who we are so what you do not you are one another said sometimes we become doing ensuing mass with I just activity the mass with our bank accounts. A lot of times the biggest talker in the room is one of the poor self-image right so it's a knowing. Thinking back, and my rights right and that's what Ellie and Kelly have to deal with in this book is my right which the shift in the performance world just like you would help disciple of another Christian to give them what God says about their identity in Christ God's vision and what their vision statement. The in the book is vision Lindsay offers Dave Jones seven strategies for mental funds in life and fortune. Of course he's in a tight hockey because he's a hockey intercourse is a start in the hockey epicenter of the world. Minnesota course is down in North Carolina so I really like that one you want to get this book will be a great read JJ. Like JJ so that's the secret of the program that I am JJ. We were supposed to show that getting the detail of people discovered narrative in there about that and how that really that's something that I want you to really hone in on his God calls you in the space of whether it's pastors whether it's business leaders with wild and crazy talkshow host know like Steve you know I'm here but you have been a real catalyst got jealous about this phone way back I got call you how to get say and how is your up in this coaching space that's really blown so I play pro hockey in Europe.

I came home and I started working on selling TV advertising with Fox TV as my cubicle one day this is back June 2000. So thanks.Mike. 1998 off there just is really sitting in Cuba but I similarly have my leg. Is this a net and I just immediately gave me marketing and I said okay that's a dumb name marketing ministries to very common way and so I know what I was doing. I hired a lawyer lawyer.

Basically found out that the names available marketing ministries.

Is it okay so I register the name now since 2009 rebranding company selling this guy went on the same philosophy the same vertical men and women of God across the world, their vision, mission and core values 17,000 website development on messaging, email today demands a lot of Facebook ads in Google ads management and so on. Yes is really listening to the Holy Spirit next to my life.

People say what's next, what have you figured out. I don't know I just you know you got it figured out Raley's tuition is right.

Did you grow up with a Christian home, like with the faith background. I do not.

So who introduced my brother went to Moody Bible is God. Yeah, and I won the state championship in Pennsylvania went out for drinks with my buddies and we won the championship in the next day I was hung over my brother had to be home on on break and said Dave you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. I said anything that I is that it's what what what interesting contrast, the Dodge drop versus my heart is now Ephesians 518 not drunk with wine and went from that being controlled by something else important early your own hard rock role centers like role, just a different role raised from death to life. So not to be controlled by occupied by the body became life changed totally change I chase and she's performance and identity next five years or so and then I just realize how miserable I was in like myself practical steps to developing a godly vision and then implementing not just talk talk is cheap for Québec with Dave Jones. What is your vision what is your I just heard Dave Jones share a little bit about his how God called him to help other people find their vision.

What's the most satisfying thing at your coaching marketplace ministries ministry M is holding five courts. Other companies holding small 100 member congregation has to what's the most satisfying thing I think providing clarity on where were going I is now you are emailing bungee jump jump off and you know you're going down is that spring back up, you really don't know going up or down you. I like grabbing linkages stressed now anxiety year and what the heck next and I don't know. So I think the most gratifying thing is just direction to get that Norstar that the you know you have the direction and then you sure it up with mission statements and then a brand promise and then use the curriculum behind it and now now you can move somewhere. I create something you can have value in your tethering. All that finding your which is really a it's a switch is a fine identity what people say about us and we write we bump into someone due to time. Say what you do what you do and then all of a sudden what he says next, I have are now passing.

I internally lightning on his whole life is to really use your father, your grandfather now regular business owner somebody says what do they really saying you make money, which is not what you do more to make money so it's a little bit common phrase that we just really not so through this. Maybe your goal of the secular client you know about God using the principles in your kingdom minded way and you have probably had a doctors appointment through old things felt personalities and for your consulting hockey in the camps, the clinic you've done all that stuff yeah and I would be remiss in entering this Rick Randazzo and FC hockey. This book is like Shannon are just amazing men and women of God gone out all things.

So they went away and their leading other men. God to Christ, found as beautiful. North Carolina were sunny but also maybe a little bit of noise in the U2 song thinkers will try to find what they're looking for some Rick, the founder of FC hockey with Dave Jones of Stu Epperson think you'll talk about vision 30 about seeing your blind spots. What's God's plan for your life.

Just a fundamental question is so profound and so the Davis really hit a home run with his vision wins seven strategies for mental illness, life sports, put it in the form of a fable or a story about Elliott and Kelly in their journey to find a ride to find God's vision for their life is what Rick, the founder of FC hockey just give a shout said about said Dave really inspired. I love the story of Kelly your faith walk and how vision can win when you apply to your life.

A must-read for coaches and athletes and all believers told what you say it out there. All the coaches, athletes of believers about why they need to get a copy vision with why they need to dial into this this idea of having a true clear vision or vision statement for your life no matter where you're at, you know your SCS is social economic status. Am I making pack through the lens of God's call me think that's a question I matter how many cars out how many houses you have, Jimmy bank. It really doesn't matter right field. God is called is probably worth it boils down you want to go to use my so we talked about Joe earlier in United and slavery is one word, slavery, what I wanted to land that's aspirational but you had a you would do a lot of holding conversations.

A lot of you do this with our team is very healthy is very painful because we had asked was wrong. You survey to watch our listeners.

After talking to your Christian radio and say what you like what you like great back really need to do this, you make sure your your communicating this truth know this and that and so I'm holding a brochure that's a fabulous you never give us. That is what we came up with. Thanks for your time. Our team of very simple vision statement experience truth Truth Network truth talk.

We want everyone listening one world to experience truth and the truth is that the Bible does work. You said you shall know the truth. The truth shall set you free. John 832, which is our theme vertebral company in so you help us get that 30 so that's a thank you autograph matters. But Dave Jones wrote his book vision, which give you some practical advice to people with what everyone put your thousand dollar an hour consulting must bless everyone out there was give them some start from Gibson take away steps that they can take away to improve their vision statement really did that check and it cleared her on that bunch either. Hang in there in midair. Not sure then God since Dave Jones in her life through truth talk yes the seven strategies of Italian bearing on December 5 seven my purpose. You have to understand that your learn to with my vision. Number three strategy how my how I get asked that Hattaway communicated what's the brand around my praying about steps one through five steps. A lot of times action will be work on the vision strategy. So to simplify one where Lake is one thing to say. You know everything's fine, but is not the charismatic movement, says, you know like if you're not doing good.

All times are probably no prosperity gospel flooded money your secure center select up with the deeper issue is what I found is that this is not here is that we all have some mentally and emotionally, physically, spiritually, we are sometimes on a peak sometimes life is an awesome there are peaks and valleys and so having that awareness right is one say no. Some things need to change what is changed while you change something I love this vision works just a note to your offer vision statement check without inspiring simple, actionable, very good stuff questions you can answer, but I think bottom line is Dave Jones. We all got a look in the mirror we go say okay what you aware of what's his was the state of the state right now and where am I where is God calling me to and then we don't have to do this to me there's a thing called the body will challenge her. One other coach couldn't disciple don't use that word.

That's what Jesus ago make this disciple knew who you disciple speak about where we were built to be in community.

One of the things that the world has notices though isolate right be by yourself 3 feet whenever it is no biblical standpoint. From my perspective is built in community fellowship over things really mess up there some some people are like the elderly people are like, you know, I'd rather die and not hug my grandkids or not. We see like give me all the code you want, but I want to see him and love him and him in the end Dina loneliness right now and that crazy final challenge or wealth or listening just in terms of, you may not even know the Lord, and you got that round who is God, which is will like you did as a champion you hockey player hung over your brothers you with the King James Bible and Christ will you save people out there right now just the very basis as we get out of your will is there something in your spirit says there's more in the answer is in another car answer is think about answer is that another house something in your spirit just hear my voice today that element of a higher purpose. So whether you believe in God or not. Something inside you change the word of God is true may still there so that whatever is in your belly right now you need to do something don't mask it with you. Your status, your job title right so as unction love the Lord Jesus said in John he sat on the door on the good Shepherd. They said these words record long time but he said the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy the actual if you look at St. logo arrows in every direction. Everything you know soon as you some good happens, the Lord is right there to steal it away drive-through try to pick the seeds out and plucked out fruit and destroy you and remind you of your past all that Jesus said on the on the on the second part of verse in John 10, Jenny said, but I have come that you might have life might have so many Dave Jones at our website to put on Instagram as well and on Twitter and the book is vision wins seven strategies for mental toughness and life's work to make sure were following childrenis an underdeveloped followers like you are who we are, Christ).

I am who he said Dave Jones is the author of a book you.

It's an easy read love it and will challenge you on your vision. Make sure you share this podcast with someone today would make as a podcast we could hear the whole interview this cockatiel went and do a little bonus material with Dave you want here to really push two on blusher truth is our website follows all the social media channels and share the truth good news of Jesus and that he can give you a new light sure that was someone before your head tonight. What an awesome visit with Dave Jones in his new book, vision wins, everyone get that book. Read a book.

Dave agreed to hang out for just a couple minutes I can put them in the hot seat and asked one of my favorite questions about all kinds of people and Dave the hot seat question is who is Dave Jones.

Jones unifies excellence in the marketplace, said Dave Dave gravity messes things are messy and organized street like you see below so cool but that's a giftedness that people select let me ask you about that I want to come back to your identity back to you like you to put the bow on that on that package before I do that it's like I seem to because I'm in a lot of things and I'm multitasking the dictionary. Now there's a picture of me on to cell phone still not as bad as meds right that but so many folks doing silly things is like were to get to the finish, and even as believers were to be like okay so what did I do what you like and I'm not trying to shame, but I just this is been me for so much of my life in God's given me face to friends like you are willing to, you know, knocking heads a student listen now is your focus where you going, what are you doing what you remain one of the power of one written by one of Steve Jobs top executives is a huge best-selling book is not even a Christian book, but it's very Christian right know you this one thing I do right forgetting was on 315 pressing for Marco.

He was laser focus that I may know him as five so the question is how you get all out there, like I have been maybe it will be tomorrow to get to stay focused to get back on track. In a world of ADHD social media world of invasive know the social experiment of the movie the movie about how algorithms and all the social mind. As soon as you say, I'm not going work pops up. There's a birthday is late at night and I'm supposed be doing my prayers. I think I bring up something like you like their enemies there on how you get clarity in a world of chaos.

Yes, I had a lot of counseling classes pray and see really needing something to sell road questions so that you come to yourself and help say no raw filled with nice and so is really just leaving people down the path we doing this makes sense were we going how you make an impact here. We want to make a measurable you know and see come to conclusion yourself why are you where you spend your time with the same person you keep get sucked into the same situation farther back is toxic. Yes I still have this conversation last week how to change this week that it is your hanging out over here you drank this in order really likes. Okay, how remove the ball last and enough of those conversations becomes focus like that, but you gotta stick with you care about your book vision wins Dave Jones is not you saying okay here's Dave Jones vision for your life. Here's Dave Jones plan for your life you're trying to help point to Christ to creative them in creating their plan but to get to get a clear vision through questions, through some tough conversations through a whole beautifully articulated story to get to that with her focus and they know either on the planet. They know what they're supposed to do, and that clarity will just positively said Sosa really concedes what am I doing. Does this make sense.

Why am I doing mainly thing spend time with myself for mask something that I'm doing Kelly and Elliott asked the right sport tray happened which we all upon sport or corporate jobs. We are on the ice. Everyone screaming, yelling shoot off you won the game.

Daughter Karen you know that in your later.

You know your your hospital bed is over and is not always.

Which is why a lot of these former athletes are Indo. Not just trying to find get back to where they were and so that's what we gotta be grounded in Christ and the gospel and nailing basketball is pretty frightening statistic out there that says 65 to 75% of all the players go bankrupt within 3 to 5 years of leaving, and why is that because a bodily voice talent they're done getting having income the MBA toys eat them anymore. They overextend themselves surrounded by my by Christ identity there surrounded by performance.

I their lackeys as soon as you lose the money they're going to like the prodigal son you all the money from his dad going on the party. They were there they say no, you find yourself look it over with his arm around her. The fixed which is unheard of for you, especially Jewish that is so good, so get this book.

Vision is running out tomorrow at work. This place is and you are also all the exhaust is always a blessing and it's it is a work in progress like so my challenge used to challenge me. One input is treated like always, you're clarifying your emails like this. You always like were not fully arrived right there so just like I got absolutely no saying around around around that's really good that is really good wow.

The Peabody market is like herding cats.

What we want to go to visit with your website, your best website for folks that are still on the spot was that the bucket on Amazon but it is there as well.

You sign on and M stands for emphasize for whatever you want to be ministry original industry name was part marketing, I really like that you like how you folks here in Raleigh got two kids kids 16 and 14-year-old married for 20 this is the Truth Network

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