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Reaching Gypsies in Romania & Prisoners in North America!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 14, 2021 12:29 pm

Reaching Gypsies in Romania & Prisoners in North America!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 14, 2021 12:29 pm

Stu is with two men from the Wednesday in the Word Bible Study, Pastor and Prison Chaplain John Priest & Pastor and missionary Rick Reynolds - talking about reaching both Gypsies and prisoners for Christ!

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Thank you. This is the Truth Network traveling to reach the Gypsies in Romania and the prisoners in North America with me in the studio on a special interview are two men of God who I love dearly, who are part of our Wednesday in the word group pastor and prison chaplain John priest and pastor and missionary Rick Reynolds guys is good to have you here today. Thanks so much about in students good to be your pleasure being your brother John priest. I love your name.

Everyone wants to know how I have a personal priest and they don't.

Well, that's his name Scott free stuff.

I should've status of it or just an interview with a priest like what the world want to get a go go to the Vatican or something, but John priest 29 years old, something rightly happened. You can change your life or total your testimony or what I love to hear this. So on New Year's Eve 1984 I was at mass, had no intention of doing anything other than checking off the fact that I've been to church and the Holy Spirit spoke to me through the Lord's prayer and it was the Lord's prayer our father who art in heaven. These are God is our father.

He's holy. He wants us to forgive our brothers and most of all he has an eternal plan, and the Holy Spirit spoke loudly and clearly to my heart and said John quit playing. It's time that we have a real relationship. I bowed my head and accepted Jesus at night and then the Lord had a road ahead of me for sure did in Canada. In summary, we will of course you've been on before to talk about some other wonderful events and things like that but God's got you in a real unique space and I even called you out today and Wednesday in the word this morning. Earlier in order by our weekly Bible study with the book of Luke.

I said what you think and want to go to the Parks and Recreation areas resorts. What are you doing on these prisons were these these loser criminals are quarry going there what what what you think and priest.

Tell everyone know this is really cool also for I am a Gideon chaplain in Davidson County jail system and it is a privileged will ensure the gospel you know when a man is in prison. He is often his very least, is very lost and is very most desperate situation, but what we do find out is there is a heart ready to listen and what matters the most is that it's not as much what we say is the fact that the Holy Spirit is doing the work and so we recognize the fact that when Jesus was on the cross. His last human ministry is a full blood alive human being was to share the gospel with two criminals, one who would blaspheme the Holy Spirit and not repent and one in his last dying breath would ask the Lord to forgive him and Jesus confirm with this young man in Luke 23 verses 39 through 43 that this man would be in heaven this very day with him. What a testimony in God's given you a heart to go to the people Jesus went to. He said he said that he came to set the captives free, and these are people in the Gospels as they give your testimony will you as a guy who has also been by the way a chaplain in the in the in the for the folks that are imprisoned are Rick Reynolds and you're also more currently underway to Romania. Tell everyone to your story real quick brother. Wow, I was saved the 20 years old. The readers digest version of mind as I was chasing a young lady and found Jesus grow.

I used to chase around on the playground I had when I was in fifth grade and always liked her but she did never have anything to do with me that I found out when I was about 15, that she was a Christian and that didn't mean much to me because I was raised in the in the Catholic Church and I thought everybody was Christians and 20 years old, went to church with her and heard the gospel for the very first time in my heart was captured and have not let go since I and more importantly guys never let go of me and that he has changed my life. It's interesting to understand that when you hear the gospel and you receive it truly it changes your whole life.

It's not fire insurance.

It truly is life insurance. It makes all the difference in how we approach things and it sets you off on a course that course. We've got decades of faithful ministry. In all these different areas from prison to church ministry and missions, but your for some reason is that occasional white ball retirement brother you're on your way to Romania. Telephone broke with what's going on there. God is doing amazing work amongst the Roma. Lisa gone Gypsies most commonly known as and I'll give you one little illustration. We were there in October and we'd already been teaching and discipling for about 1516 hrs. that day.

I was tired and went to my leaders asked me what one of my Gypsy leaders of been working with for about 16 years asked me faster.

Rick, can we go see this villager just want you to see where it's at. That's all I want you to do so, we went to this little village on the border of hungry and a little city called Torchia and while we were there. They wanted to hear what we were doing why we are interested in the village. I preach probably the shortest and most simple gospel message I have ever preached in my life and eight people accepted Christ at night. Since that with no one there to train them or to teach them.

Those who accepted Christ continued to speak of God's glory and grace. And now there are over 60 people who have accepted Christ, and were in the process of trying to build them a place of worship because there's no place for the church to meet the Lord wanted testimony and you're gonna head back there and taken the gospel right June 1.

It's it's a privilege it's deftly a call of God.

It's not something I sought not something I even desired.

As a pastor.

My elders asked me to go and I told him I wasn't interested. I had already been to Russia undoubtedly been the Ukraine. Re: Benda hungry and I taught enough overseas. I didn't really have a desire to go and they said too late. We bought your ticket and I've been going since 2003, and God has laid this on my heart to the point where I can no longer do it part time gods call me to do it full-time and to continually get these guys to grow where they can be the indigenous leaders of this movement, equipping them to do the work and exaggerating the language they know the culture your building into them, and then God will help it spread that way right discipleship and that is exactly what happened in Tarcher 11 the Holy Spirit moving has led more people to receive Christ and in daily I'm getting reports. I have the privilege of when I go in June of a being part of a baptism service for 45 people unreal.

Praise God I love this.

You know we can be can be 15,000 miles away to be in the middle of Eastern Europe or it can be 5 miles away. We were just just maybe a big Bertha shot away from a prison right here in Forsyth County in North Carolina, priest, what's it like when you share the gospel as you have done in the last 48 hours and someone comes to Jesus and gets radically saved.

Tell us you go to these prisons and you preach and what is that like ticket taker listeners are real quick. The most important thing to remember is that if not for God's grace, I'd be a cellmate with a lot of these guys he's forgiven us for so many things that we even think about. With that in mind we go with the attitude that everyone has worth, and we are all God's children. We going to share the gospel with inmates for the simple reason that Jesus said look you have an opportunity to lift somebody up, you have an opportunity to help them overcome over at our lease were at our lowest go find somebody that needs our help and God uses that opportunity in a big way. Every time a man a man one guy who's name is John priest. He just shared his in the prisons. Pray for him as he reaches inmates of all of the real place and end in shares and then another guy, Rick Reynolds, Rick finger being here you're challenged everyone out there about going insurance cost wherever they are made they can't get to Romania may not have a password what they can do today to take Jesus to someone or a lot of people think that you they don't have the ability to do such a thing.

The thing that I learned a long time ago. It's an old adage of not heard for a long time, but the greatest ability that God wants from all of us is availability to wait to be the most successful in sharing Christ is just to be faithful in your witness, not only with your words with your life because people need Christ.

No matter where they are. God does not call everyone overseas.

Sometimes he calls you to the house next door. Love it and so pray for priest John priesthood is my own personal priest. Pray for Rick as he goes Romania is John here ministers and thank you for you guys and I love these guys is when I'm in Louisiana word and and and I get stuck or write needs and feedback.

These guys pipe in with profound things and so not only got as far as it is so honored to have smarter theologians than me in the room when I teach the word. God bless you guys think some of your ministry.

Thank you buddy thank you as well. Stu, this is the Truth Network

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