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Experience TRUTH - #26

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 28, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #26

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 28, 2021 1:00 am

It's all fun and games...until Jesus starts asking YOU the questions! Stu & Robby continue their journey through Luke 20: 39-47.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well.

We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network up until now the ministry of Jesus. They were asking him the questions try to trip them up, but suddenly it's all fun and games until Jesus starts asking you the questions. Who is Jesus walking to experience truth of drugs and back again for another week of time in the word is Robert Gilmore, the Christian got a Robbie think about in here and join me with his menu would make it better me is also the joint the other like Paul and Barnabas, etc. try to figure out which ones, which is more encourager. Hey, how about this probably this word of God is so powerful and hones in on the identity of Jesus Christ if we just ask anyone one question a day everywhere you go that question. Who is Jesus house at a game changer. Why is it so important is faith because at the point time you actually believe he is who is young at that point in time you can be safe if you can you can spend eternity, you know with him and and you know we enjoyed in on stuff. It's a game changer.

Talk about your eternal destiny impacted their daughter question is other person that directly impacts your eternal destiny in your life right now. Quite frankly, then the person of Jesus Christ who he is what he did and this is the front center of his question to the Pharisees religious leaders who had been after him in and they been dogging him all week long and holy week. It's Wednesday enough the Good Friday story read the passage and job then what you hear. By the way, is a the radio teaching version of the podcast easy version of our weekly teaching of Wednesday and the word at a local North on a restaurant. Awesome restaurant called Dario. We do this with a bunch of men every Wednesday morning and find on Facebook at my Facebook page at Stu Epperson. You can find it honest and Instagram is one other places, but this is just our journey through were Robbie read a passage and let's let's take a look through this passage. Luke 2039 through 47. Since some of the scribes answered and said teacher you have spoken well, but after that they dared not question him anymore and he said to them, how can they say that the Christ is the son of David. Now David himself said in the book of Psalms the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Therefore David calls him Lord, how is it then that his his son.

Then in the hearing of all the people he said to his disciples.

Beware of the scribes, he does desire to go around in long robes love greetings in the marketplace and the best seats in the synagogues and the best places that the fees who devour widows, houses, and for a pretense make long prayers. These will receive greater condemnation while so you asked this question last week that you know the seven marks ask it again. We won't go into all of those again but I want nice as a jumping off point. So what seven things did Jesus say in condemnation of the footstool arming under the scribes.

What into it with the irony of that Robbie is they would be under is the footstool of Jesus because he seeks says that in his assault on Dennis talk about me as I'm out later time you hear now but later what will happen is is you will be you will be staying there naked and exposed for who you really are on this earth on this earth. You have you have covered with the fig leaves of just like the leaves, and you know Adam and Eve covered with you covered with the fig leaves of the pomposity and the pretension of your religiosity in the seven things long robes never to love greetings number three the best seats in the synagogues number for the best place at the feast for five devour widows houses the ones theirs was the till to love, encourager, blessing, feed and support these guys it exploited. The scribes were also lawyers and they were handling the estates these widows and they were using it for their own selfish personal gain. The long path, long prayers, hypocritical prayers, probably just to be seen of men not really be hurt of God, greater condemnation will fall upon them was a seven thing here some other questions. Robbie just provocative questions for people think about how is our religious country where we live in a country where people of the world here this by we live in a country that's very religious. Your time magazine.

Over 80% of Americans call themselves Christians of some sort. How religious but so full of superficialities how religious but so devoid of a true relation with Christ. How easy it is it to be like these guys and we were were quick to condemn the Pharisees older were so callous and mean and brutal to kill Jesus while how much of us have pretense in our life were were more concerned about how we appear were reposing like John Eldridge is what are your talk without suffering. My drug but have we gotten there in and like the Pharisees who we quickly condemn every one of those guys had father wounds are one of those guys had deep issues that they had basically put Band-Aids on her soul was opposed to letting Jesus in scary stuff in it really is and all the things that we and who doesn't like the Bessie.

I mean who doesn't want to dress nice, you know those things. All you know it's foot still footstool time and I think about that. Yeah very much is in this is what Jesus basically this is the what Jesus is encountering here and what is confronting in these guys is he trying to bring by exposing them he's trying to expose everyone to the question of what is authenticity what is genuine, true non-people pleasing and pretentious faith that wins souls not wins arguments.

How is Jesus changed my life.

You how am how my living on the inside truly in him, not just on the outside read the rest of these will have a couple more questions to is with Alaska's really penetrating what was the basis of the scribes and religious leaders identity so he he he is gone right there at, you know, what was the basis of their identity and why. So the same we have Pharisaism and you have prowled pride. You also have a thing called false humility where I'm constantly my life's costlier rack because I just need people to I'm I'm trying to soak people and sap people for them to fill my need and feel sorry for me and it never ends mean there's folks you talk to maybe him what he spoke. Sometimes religious asked him how they're doing during a throw up all over you reflects a deeper issue of not having those needs met in Jesus thinking that I can really I can really meet that need. I can't leave my wife's knee-deep his need of the best marriages with husband-wife relies only Jesus can fully satisfy us now working to serve each other like crazy love each other in Christ, but trusting him to complete and fill our empty soul that only he can do Robbie but we get off don't we on either those extremes of either a false humility, false piety or know this hyper Pharisaism config and antimatter and you you you illustrated it well earlier that you got people that Herodian's and they think they're smarter than the Pharisees because they have an angle on Scripture that those guys don't have any other Pharisees who think they're smarter than the Herodian's good faith in all this is the authentic stuff this is the real stuff and I know this and you don't know and that you have described, which is not whole group.

You know these people all had you know, to an extent. They were Episcopal's and they were Baptist or they were Pentecostal you know they all had their thinking that they felt like they could stick the claimant and and say that I am somebody because I know this stuff rather than I'm nobody because I know him. That's not like the guy right here and I'm identity that I'm that I'm drawing from my confidence is in him basic. I was I was a rising senior in high school at a Christian camp and actually loved this session we went to on where pride comes from your pride that the ultimate sin right the pride of life and the guy got up right away and said hey listen there's nothing wrong with confidence, but he said sometimes I like to refer to it as God finance. I like that instead of being self-confident. Let's be God confident. My hope is in him my sufficiency. Second Corinthians chapter 3 or four right near the beginning versus 45 it says pauses, but our sufficiency is in Christ. So who completes me how my truly finding my sufficient on what's on the outside but inside my heart connected to him, and then all of a sudden I can be a resource to others and bringing them out of either ashamed dark sinful addicted past or an equally a shaming religious posing, you know, self-righteous past only answer is the one who sits on the throne, the Lamb of God who Jesus talked about back to Psalm 110 the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand.

Jesus Christ is at the right hand of power of Almighty God in his 40s out of these guys who had the same Bible memorized and suddenly realize he talked about him and they missed the forest for the trees read the final couple questions were about stereo how much of my identity is based on outward appearances, like the scribes now pretty easy to fall into. I'm a Christian card. Oh this is that I do you get the superficial.

How do you get past the superficial in our public church is our personal lives and how often am I asking or answering the question, who is Jesus while still at the end of the day may be like Jesus being dog with questions people hit and no nipping at his heels wanted wanted taken down really and they will they will drive nails to those feet into the sands on Good Friday, just a couple days away from this. This is passion week, Jesus is teaching through I make Stu Epperson this experience. Truth uses has been dog with questions. Up to now from all these different religious groups ready as a Sadducees, the Pharisees and Sanhedrin are all there. This is the epicenter of the only theistic place of belief in the whole world downtown Jerusalem never was there for the Passover, the seas bulging with 2 million+ people in Jesus Christ the Lord of the harvest, the King of Kings is there and he's teaching awareness see the widow's mite next time were to go through these more teachings on prophecy in him, that we just really rich stuff leading all the way to that that that apex. That Moment of down the Via Dolorosa torture. The trials will feel that Luke and into the crucifixion of Christ. Then follow the course by the resurrection and the birth of the church. But what you have is Christ turning the table on them to turn right back to them and says I have this question for you.

They were silenced. Verse 40 says do not ask any more questions of Luke chapter 20 and Jesus says this is who I am.

I'm David son but he asked in a question. Who is David son and that's what were asking you today. Who is Jesus Christ. If you don't know him were asking you to search them out. Don't take my word I can save you. I'm not him. Robbie, you can save anyone out. Virginia we know who can. If we introduce them to Jesus. Right. So if you're not a believer you you check out Jesus yourself you check them out if you're a believer here's a pressing question on convicted by Robbie on what you is is how does my life daily answer that question.

Who is Jesus. When people see me they hear me they watch me. They see how I treat my family that you can come on home and you'll see the real Stu come out right. They see my social media posts in my answer that question. Who is Jesus Christ and by taking people to him, even as I struggle even in my sin, my pointing people to the one who paid for that sentence set me free guys like the picture that he was painting for them who's the big deal with the long rope was the big deal set number of good places the big deal that's taken in the control of the Windows all and stuff versus is in my life. When you look at that. Does Jesus look like the big deal so you sure that word stay that word. We wrapped up Luke 20 today will start off in Luke 21 next time. Unexperienced truth. This is the Truth Network

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