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From Him to You Through Me!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 12, 2021 1:00 am

From Him to You Through Me!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 12, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with Dave Compton at the Maple Chase Golf and Country Club in Winston-Salem, NC, talking to pianist Donna Jo Abernethy about music, Jesus, and the story of her life! Hear a few of the songs from her album, "From Him to You Through Me," including, "Amen," "He Touched Me," and, "This Train."

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This assumed from the masking journey podcast of our goal with the podcast was.

Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world.

Your chosen Truth Network podcast was starting in just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network music. You just heard was performed by the will of God sitting next to me and I am a very extinct place and with a very fascinating person actually couple people. Her name is Donna Joe Abernathy and she is battling cancer. She is a church pianist gifted musician.

She has her own album and she has a story you hear your love for Donna Joe were at a country club not consider myself a country club Christian, but I don't think I've ever done my show from a country club to level where we are in North Carolina. God's favorite state when we are at the Maple Chase coffee country club in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for several years I played the bar here before I move my piano to the lawyer in the every time I talk you. I learned some else, somewhere else.

You played and Dave Compton is a legendary multi-decade DJ broadcaster manager we go way back man of God loves Jesus Dave Donna Joe has a store you showcased her on your program recently on WPG and this is an exciting moment is that they Compton will it is to Donna Joe and we did an interview for the community focus was the day we went through the ice storm and we were worried that with we might lose power, Donna, but we didn't. During that interview, but I really enjoyed the conversation with her and we really found out who Donna Joe is and we were going to find that out today. Donna Joe it we get back. I know you do that? You're one of the more fastening the leather that tell us who is Donna Joe Abernathy me that's probably a long story that I do enjoy music and really enjoy southern gospel and Christian music. But hey girl the 60s. I like Motown and the Elvis Presley but I love music, and as I have grown over the years from a little girl who learned to play by ear to the last few years. When I made the CD thinks it's been unique has been how God has scripted my life as a little girl in music to have been playing piano 71 years and so God has opened opportunities that would have never planned. If it hadn't been for him and when I was diagnosed, I will hone in the cancer have leukemia which is a blood cancer not something that I would die from that. I was out with it and I thought you know since I have that kind of prediction and who knows me and I like and I thought what can I leave my children and my family. That's a part of my music Lords opened up all kinds of opportunities for you through music and you just love gospel music and there are some cool songs even from the secular charts on your album. If we listen to her music. Her CD which I encourage Earl get worse looking and praying for ways to make this available to everyone, but you put it on their Dave. This takes you right to the throne of God. Amino happy day in these sacred songs are bizarrely songs about the Lord, you know you played and were in a play.

Some of the songs during this program today so you're going to hear what were talking about from the gifted one here Donna Joe Abernathy to the have been thinking about a love song.

He touched me. The Lord text me in so many ways through my music as a little girl now that I would never have trained but it has to be his tact.

I don't think anything else could have done that hissed, you discovered a front from from the show interviewed with David, it seems like it was like four years old. You started packing on the piano Kiel telephone, what happened Mr. Murray found out that God put some DNA and you just didn't land and anybody else not everybody else really. I grew up in this cost of the church in this little community in Clingman and we were fortunate enough to have the piano and nowadays a lot of families don't have the piano QuickTime setbacks but anyway I started picking it out playing with the case and because we were in church all the time. I remembered some tunes and hymns and I found that I could pick out a tune or two of the him because I recognized it and I can play some simple chords and at first song was the nail scarred hands so that had a real imprint on your life and we told everyone. Maybe your journey of faith. You know, and because you had some really cool pastors people of God that influenced you. You heard the gospel. Young age and I guess your relation with Christ in music, they all kind of kind of are woven together little bit on your journey yes because we were always in church.

My parents were faithful to the church in many ways squinted me from missions to keep in the pastors who were therefore revival for a week in our home because his is so I grew up with music and I grew up with Christian music and when they recognized at four that I need to be in lessons well it sort of took off.

Please, I really appreciate NDN when none. I was in high school or between the junior high, maybe back then it was, probably around 12 years old.

I made profession of faith and we had some wonderful pastors at our church and will help Baptist and I feel like that, that when I can't remember exactly a circumstance that made my heart just want to burst with the get and save in finding out what that meant. Then I re-lease started having more meaning revealed to me through the music because the stage was set. When God made me he knew what my life is going to be in that section different frame of reference. When you grow up knowing that God made you and he's scripting my life. I think it just kept quelling the growing place.

All this is not a music program but this is true talk is talk rivalry play a song from your albums.

You can hear how God has inspired this woman to God to touch and lift many to the throne through her music. What's on your plate from your album, which is was a sacred song we can play right now as we go out of this break will do was recommend thinking that God has scripted my life something that he touched me the words of that song says shackled by heavy burden 'neath the load of guilt and shame and then the hand of Jesus touch me and now I'm no longer say in the powerful hard to say those words are to sing those words without getting emotional because of what Jesus has done for us will listen to that right now is regardless break in true talk will come back and talk to Donna Joe right after this thing on the list and enjoy and think about how God touched you as you listen to this beautiful music.

That right there is the music by a woman of God who is how younger you and him this question because this is a testimony of someone who is still serving Christ. Caleb set up take an amount not taken the Giants mode. He said Joshua give me the tough assignment even say Joshua give me you know. Give me a set of clubs. And let's go hit the little white ball and keep doing that.

There's nothing wrong with that little white ball.

Recently Chrysler golf course with Don Joshua Abernathy, you are, you know, got God blessed with many years of service to him wealthy put together. I started played for years so I just turned 75 and I am so grateful that I'm in my 13th year of remission, leukemia and my doctor in the research lab told me sit down if you can come in here in 2000 and I was to get your life. He's the doctor to Drucker from Oregon health and science in verse important that created can't do all came out and I take everything your chemo and it's it's something you're battling cancer and you nice I look at you, Donna, Joe, you know, and I look at the amazing life and how God used you so much and I think wow Dave Compton you been up broadcaster you're still broadcasting as a lot of guys did, Eurasia retarder figured out you know the next chapter you're still playing gospel music in leading people to Christ on the radio you been doing that for decades. Usually, Donna, Joe and Chris interviewed her for show but what are your thoughts, maybe a question you might have or don't you want Donna Joe when we talked, you know on the community focus.

We talked about a lot of things but just navigating through your life and what you share and after we completed that program I sent this to you in a minute. I mentioned it to you Tuesday that out of all the years I've been doing the community focus looking by that program is in my top five because she really made an indelible mark on me talking about her life and how all the pieces of the puzzle together. That's true in my life to something.

Well, Donna, Joe, you have it were having pecan pie and hot coffee. Dave and worth the Mabel Chase country club just on the north side of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, tucked away here, halfway between Monaco's daily bill Winston-Salem neurologist in a beautiful area and you're so gracious to host a serious woman of God is blessed Christian radio. Plus a lot of ministries were grateful for that so many people been touched because of her because her music you still show up every Sunday morning.

You can find a piano at the Crestwood Baptist Church and in what happens to start and if I know the focus of the Scripture I try to pick songs that support that but sometimes that's hard to know because that certainly within the departments in the ministering God if I don't know what's happening.

I always got but I just love playing and I hope that every song I play number one gives thanks to the Lord praises him and worships him and helps to lead the congregation in worship because we so she is not only leading worship, but she is one of the lead worshipers are also worshiping yourself and in and in and enjoying everyone it out and get all of us are going before his amazing throne. Are we and it's just a beautiful thing. Let me ask you this adagio would you say to young people who, as you look back in your life and all the stuff we haven't talked about the famous train depot in rural Hall North Carolina you gave Dave and Arturo. That's a whole other story how God brought your family and the contactor set up one of the most historic sites, and in America really well is amazing unique retort to be people see that amine in a couple sentences. How would you describe that I just is part of your family's history and how you been able to use that as a way to share Lord to write well. I believe that the Lord can pick any better man than my dad because he was a builder he knew how to move huge projects. He had the resources to move them and happen to the property tween the rabbit tracks perfect in and down. I consider that a blessing that the Lord has given my family and I pray each day that the Lord will guide us as we educate young people about the history of the railroad and have built America and as we offer time and place for folks who are I love it owed her to come and reminisce about riding the train in those days and what's gonna happen to see well how was named after the rabbit came through as many towns develop as the railroad came so as we think about what God would have us do. In terms of passing on a legacy of the railway to honor and honor dad's legacy to honor that. I believe God that had the Smith amen a lot of her music and a lot of music in general is been so gospel train you got no course I was in the say-so trailer that might be love is not the drug but but the whole the glory train arrived at glory, train that's riding one of the song.

Steve only album is this trying is bound for glory and weight. We talked about this at the depot about all the songs. This train is bound for glory of this tray and blow the whistle train is bound for glory. All aboard only because he makes his holy right is righteousness. We can go to glory a man that's exactly what and that whole see the ball away from start to finish is just a story of Donna Joe's life through all of her songs. What is your favorite song on that same is she shaking her head.

You know that might be. I don't know your loss for words. It's a rare thing on Joe. I don't know that's a tough question is are so many good ones on because any of those are my favorites that represent different pieces of the glory. And so it's hard for me to pick out one song that is that I like better than to play a song as we get out of here, but I first I want you to talk to people out there that a lot of folks listen to this program.

We got a podcast broadcast all that stuff Donna Joe Abernathy's bitter awesome guest on Stu Epperson to my right is Dave Compton legendary gospel host across the country to W PT and worldwide on the truth talking Truth Network after you listen to all the stations and but let me ask you, Donna, Joe, looking back you know young people listen other folks maybe searching your tribe may be struggling.

Maybe the there there there down and out and they don't know where to turn in this oldest covert mess.

Maybe they're battling cancer. You know what word of encouragement would you give even if you're thinking about your awesome kids and grandkids to know in terms legacy. What kind of word of encouragement would you want to share out there from the from the words of wisdom of a Donna Joe Abernathy well I'm sure there are a lot of special words one the things that I keep in my prayers every night for my grandchildren is the Lord will keep him close to him and I encourage my grandchildren to say to prayers. Prayer is so such a potent way to communicate without the Lord and you know sometimes we don't realize the importance of what the moment is that God hears every prayer, even if were saying, oh God, thank you card didn't hit me in something like that. He hears it, and he wants to take care of this. If we will just met him so I'm a firm believer in prayer and I always pray that my children will know that I won't hide to keep watch over them into draw them place, and one of these days I'm not going to be here.

I want them to that. I left my little and you know, sometimes, in certain parts of the country.

Christianity is not as respected and widespread as it is. Maybe here in East Coast on sound but that doesn't mean I don't want my grandkids to know that there is a God and that he will take care of them and that he's a script in your life. Just trust that in Dave. Just the fact of a St. Louis grandmother. The thought of her praying for those grandbabies. They may not have a clue about the war. Right now another prayer stroke probably try to remember pray with them, but the power of a praying mom and praying grandma. Can you ever underestimate that power was very potent and that's for sure that communication with the Lord, and there is another song. This is in times like these need a Savior that's for Revel and now that when that song was written. So true were in place music right now as we close of the segment from Donna Joe's album and Donna Joe Tiller will the name of your from him to you through me and all of my albums.

That phrase is in there somewhere from him to you through me and the music of the 60s publish it on Joe be encouraged to listen this going out and share this broadcast podcast show with everyone you can is a blessing and be a blessing. Other people in pray connected got maybe you're stuck out there. You don't know where to go turn to God. It's a free call the roaming charges and he says in the book of Jeremiah calling to me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which thou knowest not try Douglas Dollinger, thank you so much he appreciated and well here get together to spread his word. This is the Truth Network

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