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Bringing the Good News to the Next Generation!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 10, 2021 1:00 am

Bringing the Good News to the Next Generation!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 10, 2021 1:00 am

Stu sits down with Reformed University Fellowship intern Christian McConnon to talk about his heart for reaching college youth with the Good News of Jesus Christ and how RUF works to accomplish that.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network how are we reaching the next generation with the good news of Jesus Christ the future. What are we doing to bring you up into the fear and admonition of the Lord to equip them. What about the college campuses we are sowing bad and scary things about the partying.

The intellectual attacks on the gospel and on God and the deity of Christ, and so on so forth. But what about the good things going on.

Well, that's work on my right now Stu Epperson here to talk weekend to talk we can podcast this is going to go all over the world and with me as Christian McCall Christian, you're doing something about this Archie buddy yeah that's me today for having here today. It's an honor to be here great. Have you something broken your heart for kids that are college-age twentysomethings, 1819 the morning in their impression were sitting there in that classroom got a professor, they gotta make these. These are your life decisions.

You might even have a wife decision going on in your four years in college.

How did you get here this point were you are fully blown up going in with RUF on the college campus here not too long from now is a great question when I said growing up. I grew up in a Christian home, but didn't resurfacing my faith until around my junior year of college I would commute because the first two years of my college career and then transfer to University of Maryland and was a transfer University of Maryland's. I got plugged in her Christian commute for the first time in Gasser to transfer my life to the Christian community.

I start diving the wording start convicting me and opened my eyes to the things that's been my hope in and was there to transform the desires of my heart to be his desires and as he is transferring my desires. I started to notice that there are three things every Collison is looking for, among other things, but are three major things. The first thing is that every cost is looking for a way so their decider choosing their major based on considered gifts of their passions or the potential for a successful career to to choose where they want to go with life.

So they're all looking for a way. The second thing you looking for is what is truth so they're looking to their peers professors to figure out what is right and wrong to figure out what they should believe what they should not believe, and to just give me a foundation to live their life on the third thing you're looking for is what is life all about his life about seeking after pleasure is about seeking after visit about joint destroyer fraternity so I have friends and family. Is it about this relationship. This guy or girl is by getting good grades so I get affirmation from my parents or my professors over my peers so they're all looking for an answer to what life is all about.

And when I realize intelligences that they're all looking for the way the truth and the life and who do we know that's the way the truth and the life Jesus and oftentimes in the looking for these things. The looking all the wrong places, and when I transferred Marilyn. My heart started being open to these things and just started breaking for these Collison start seeking after the way the truth and life and a lot of these wrong places. So I graduated college from University melons say philosophy and I join this Christian leaders of the Velma program for the past year to figure out what to do with my life as part of the program. We had to write a mission statement and I rip my truth remit truth resent his mission statement is that she said that I want to teach people truth and give Nathaniel.

It foundation of the life on shown on known and loved. Thereby, the most time. So what that statement is meeting with people for lunch around the same time forgot to do with my life and met this guy and he described RUF commuters reform University Fellowship. The college campus ministry need describe the job description to me and it meshes with my mission statement and my passion for college students, so this upcoming fall and removing to Harrisonburg Virginia to be going to James Madison University with RUF to disciple cautions for the next two years, and to show them how to know and love.

They are teaching about the way the truth and the life. What a deal. So this is that's the whole journey right there like so you you were there and are one of those college kids University, Maryland in a different place you went looking for the way the truth of life aren't looking for direction in and now guys like he's cocksure he's he's he's drafting on the team.

Your yeah you have you found that rest in the arms of heavenly father do you want to take it to other kids of what we be doing to James Madison yet so there's three things that RUF does really well.

We have some called large group, small group and then one on ones and a large Ruby of ordained PC pastor that comes up every week and teach the sermon. We do worship these large groups and then at the small groups which I'll be involved in a lot, we will be breaking down that sermon every week and kind diving to the word and dissecting the truths and see how they're applicable to each of the students lives.

Then my major role in the college campuses meet with 10 to 15 college guys every week one. I want to talk about the sermon and just see hundred and life and disciple them, or life, and of them, and to spend time with them subduing large group, small group one-on-one's allergist also be trying to present her life in whatever way I can from intramural sports to just different clubs that are part of just can walk alongside them and show them what it means to be a man of God and what needs to be logged by the most high, insert fall in love with Jesus about how big is that figure of someone in your life may be closer you're a jeweler who found Christ, and they have an influence on you. Who's been that figure in your life is, is a Christian buddy list in the word man show me what your spiritual gift man, how you treat and young ladies reprint your wife every day just basic 101 who do that for you and why is it so critical for young people. What exactly what you're doing. Yeah, I've I've noticed over the past few years that most people have their friends and family that Canada are mentors than life. But they don't have any outside mentors in their life in college, my transfer to Marilyn's eye got plugged into local church and my pastors took interest me and start pointing them everyday. So every week I go to his house with him and his family and some of the people in the church and we discussed diving the word and pray for each other and every week. I just cannot walk alongside him. He just got to know me and love me and that played a huge role and where I am today and is taking me just on this journey with Christ that is so cool, so someone comes along and really called mentoring, coaching, we call it big brother big sister. But really, it's that word we don't use a lot but discipleship. Yeah, it's really living the life of Christ. It's it's being the hands and feet of Jesus and take an interest in someone I recently schedule lonely and depressions rates high suicide rates high on the screens all time. Your inner self image from posting pictures and likes and shares in what your challenge right now to parents out there people listening in on time.

A lot of time left on a Christian, MacCallum on his way to James Madison University to be a campus pastor to share just for people in the weeds life manipulate Special probably isn't the way you like to be enemies says little bit.

I do have a pastors loss. But I'll be in interment. Yeah. Is it just that with RUF only photonic cams. By the way, there are 21,000 students on the campus and around 1000 and there plugged into ministry and to the run 20,000 students are funded any ministry which doesn't necessarily mean that they don't know that orbit there is just so much room for growth. Georgia challenge author to parents other people like in terms of coming alongside a college kid or lonelier school maybe a family's income. The house you have in a hot meal what your challenge would be whether in in being sensitive, administering, and that to that segment of the future leaders. Really yet take interest in young adults and reach out to them.

I don't know a single, young adults and college, high school recently had a college that doesn't wants someone to give them wisdom and teach them and their semi-students that need an older person like the skeptic interested them and is so that's why licensor turned gratefully at the professor started an interest in them because so they can get people to take interest in them as is so heartbreaking to some kids are so loss and the only voices that the hearing our voices often as a don't know what they're talking about and semi-challenge to adults is to reach out to students reach out to young adults, they they want to learn they want to grow and they need someone older than them and wiser than them to take interest in them and love them less well.

Like having you on this program won't have as many young people like you on the show.

We had all kinds of you having a real young ladies are ministering all the way doing the same thing but in the Ukraine and other college calves around the world. Immerse yourself: wherever so you have an open door here. My friend come back and want to pray for you and pray for Christian everyone. He's a Christian friend of literately, literally and spares and pray for him and his ministry there with RUF and you try to raise your support to give us the website will find out more about supporting RUF missionaries all you do is good at site type in Christian: right.

You are; always do is go to give RUF.orc or give to so G IV E DO RUF.orc to us guys trying to send some support money so we can pay the bills and live in in in minister on campus full-time build relationship small group teaching group taken gives the church's love and I got them where they are right absolutely awesome what you doing think that me so encouraging man you are, your legs, your exactly what we want our young people to grow up and be indigo. We want our young young men to find friends like you is as a game changer are. I pray for these kids ministry in colleges these kids at college. I hope you are encouraged by our time with Christian. Please pray for him. Pray for all the young people on these college campuses in these college ministries. This is the future.

My friend, how are you pouring your life. How are you pouring Jesus into the next generation to build them up to encourage them to pray for them to leave them to Christ, so that's a huge prayer request and I hope and pray you will share this broadcast with someone else lets Windows know about this radio station. You're listening to right now whether it's online on your mobile phone or on your radio because people are listening and lives are being changed by life-changing Christian review. This is the Truth Network

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