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A Business Titan's Faith

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March 3, 2021 1:00 am

A Business Titan's Faith

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 3, 2021 1:00 am

Stu, joined by Robby, is talking with Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow, about the movie, "Unplanned," the Gospel, and Mike's business!

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network Stu Epperson and are sitting next to a man of God who has so much energy and you know he got his energy when he is awake because he sleeps really well because he invented my feelings, Mike Lindo, Mike. What in the world is going on. My friend now it's just amazing. Here, however, I found out as closely with one of the biggest platforms to reach out to people and I pray for wisdom and discernment every day to make sure I do this right with his plan, turn on the Truth Network adrenaline is radio network.

I charge her on television. I can't believe this guy walk around I see a car work. Michael I turn on the side. ICI's groceries movie on planning driving a bulldozer got this really awesome movie. There will need to see when you're this program maybe telling the DVD were to place all year round. But this is a movie called unplanned that you are part of yeah yeah they called me I was on my way to Israel.

This is the sky and talked for three years. He called me up with is to produce and said that we prayed about your to be in our movie is that why we prayed about it, what's it all about here. It's a movie about the true story about Abby Johnson. You know what they and she worked for Planned Parenthood was the director.

She finally seen an actual horrific abortion and distant. I'm out and I got a similarly pray about this.

I got the phone prayed with my dog Kendra got back called about three minutes later and I said you know what I'll do it. I said but I want this movie to be amazing and quality done and everything I said said you need any money and they said I got were short $1 million. I literally wire the money before I have a contract. Before I took the plane took off and those guys told me later on they said we prayed we prayed they needed the money that day and they said call Mike Lindo and if I do know now the footprint were in all this time later and in war were sitting whether killing babies that even buy more now they want to and this movie is is saving so many babies and so many unborn unborn babies and changing people's hearts at the end of the movie.

There's a thing.

There were if you need counseling. If you need if you need help. If you have an abortion, the forgiveness of Jesus.

Kevin forgive yourself. Forgive the outward system amazing. There was a seeds planting seeds for years from now we can look back and say abortion is going to strangle what was that for these people that why what what word we go rethinking number one of the 10 Commandments is what thou shalt not kill all my got a note wishing you money for something just change the subject is praise the Lord will want to do that is talking because it takes to actually syndicated talkshow host to interview this guy because he's evaluating the type Mike Lindo Robert Doherty Kristin Carter has joined me on the set of truth talk live to talk we can Robbie jump in your guidance. One of the blessed Mike a little bit because my father went to the Lord last but I can tell you what we hadn't taken in the intensive care. I did get on the gurney to go to the amendments is like I need my pillow, my pillow and so he had his pillow seriously in the sky am I here invented in intensive care. Whatever meaning he hung on to that thing like it was because for him it had all kinds of neck and polio when he was a kid so I mean just huge. I thought that you note since I had some to do them get to my pillow I was and I when I was blessed with Abbott also met movie unplanned when you see the scene where the girl takes the pill and I had no concept, no concept of what horror that abortion pill has in it so much through that movie that you understand it's the and install in is so true and so real you know that movie was filmed Ashley that plays Abby and she she said I said hello, how did you do that with those tears and without and she goes, she said I just put myself in the you know in Abby link in the inner mind and she said it was so real to her and on and on and then we were in all the taxes movie had given in our reading music music to get music on WinZip impositions would let the songs be played on the movie didn't want anything to do with that networks boxes from going out there from being on TV and and now you know for advertising and its know they say. You know for me I just took. I know I made the right decision without having my faith and said in a God told me to do this. I look back now and I'm going while I listen to God and it was the right decision. We wanted well the plantation but it's a good wandering is good rapid chase because were were killing our own young in this country and so I sat down next to one of my favorite media personalities and my absolute favorite filmmaker in history.

Mike Lindell to talk about my pillow in his testimony, and what God is doing this and how how you can be a Christian and have a amazing legitimate growing business as well and be prosperous and blessing others and be sure the gospel that and then suddenly, just before going hot with a Mike Robbie Gilmore Christian cargo here Stu Epperson here I find out that Mike was a part of this unplanned I find her deputies and starts to tell me that it's amazing to go see this movie. It really will promote a culture of life. It will hopefully wake us up to what's really going on with your atheist, agnostic Christian whatever religion listen Muslim, whatever you see this movie. God yes I mean when you see it, the hero, that story is God and what he did in Texas through prayer and the power of prayer, Mike Lindo, prayer is a big thing in your life you are and always this on fire for Jesus Christian movie supporter. You know you are all about the business but something happened in your life.

Tell us a little bit about your testimony. Here are just a few moments.

Well, you know, I see this plan went when I was a kid I you know little Bible study is something I believed in God and believed in God and I but I will I come from a divorced family and I and I ended up I was very shy was very I was very shy and I was very introverted, but I would do stuff to show off because you can't get rejected if you wanted this feeling of unworthiness. So I became a Chi weekend up to becoming a crack cocaine and crack cocaine addict and that I would sit there and I would speak out to Alex when we would be doing drugs and stuff and I be telling about the Bible I read about it in jail and now they find Jesus that day and quit number one life and my friends 20 people. I was in and ended 2014 and I quit everything about the grace of God. All my addictions overnight January 16, 2009, but I didn't do a full surrender that was like a deal Wisconsin. I wanted never want to have the desire again.

Do this platform thing you know because I knew my pillow was just a platform for a much bigger purpose and it wasn't until February 18, 2017. Did you hear that February 10, 2017 my dutiful spender. I was actually in operation restore warriors for veterans. It's like originally and and I left there. Jesus showed up and I left there with this with a passion I have no shortly after that I went out and spoke to 50,000 millennial's at U.S. Bank Stadium led them in prayer with the same passion I had for a pillow. Now I have for Jesus and then to see you know, here's a guy that can talk. No, I mean going to God for God to use me is just for me.

It's like living inside of a movie every day going is this really me know what a testimony. Since the miracle God's grace at work. The power of God Robbie Gilmore unities test was all time you talk to me like Christian cargo, show your other program kingdom pursuits about how God interacts what you think when you hear his testimony no crack cocaine adeno drugs to all that stuff to loving Jesus. Anyway you talk to sky you know you we were willing to do business.

Please let the Lord in a number one most people realize. I was so shy and the last thing and you know this that I didn't want to do that thought never crossed my mind, but he had ever been on a radius of God took that in my own life. I completely can identify that unit with the other thing that you I can't miss this look how God has blessed my pillow. I mean we got a lot of different things that we support on the Truth Network man. As soon as we started promote my pillow people about those people coming to Palatine. Robbie, I'm taking I'm using this bill, whatever, and I'm I'm blown away completely on what God is done with my pillow.

You know when when I was told, and I was I was a complete shutdown when I invented it, and for years center just a pulse slow pulse going in my pillow kept going and into and not on in 2011. I told my friends and family, so this pool our money into an infomercial and make it real.

We had a real audience than just a friend of mine and they said no, you're gonna need an actor in all this stuff and and I just I and my friends were still laughing at me know because I didn't know him gone anywhere and they have brought in this producer the night before and we were doing our reads and he protects you guys so this is the worst I've ever why did you bring me here you this is going to be a disaster. You'll never make it on to commercial and it the next day I went out there and Eichorn nine takes for the commercial reading that reading these fleet lines was a help for infomercial I suggest take away take away the Teleprompter and I was scared to death with the artist we brought in a table like I used to do it themselves. And we did it naturally and it aired October 7, 2011 at 3 o'clock in the morning I was living in my sister's basement and we had about 10 employees. Me and my kids. 40 days later we had 500 employees. We had a two months after that, with the number one infomercial in the world are going like we need an HR department that sounds horrible and we need a lawyer. I got to CO I got a notice you is I want to make pillows and help people and I know today we souls 1600 employees, 44 million pillow sold and went on one of the things I want to say out there. What I didn't like a note in the world we live in.

If you work for someone else, or corporation.

Whatever the someone dies is close to all future uncle you better be back tomorrow officer. Maybe your parents are killed, you will come back in three days if someone sums.somebody dies at my pillow or anybody the sister, friend, years, you can grieve and take as much time off.

We pay you while you're going to come back when you're ready. If you're hurt if some happens up in the hospital. Whatever life-threatening we pay way out the last word you need is to have money, worry, and if someone we Want to burn employees. It has an addiction when we is off a little bit I get I get a call at five in my place and my direct phone number call me up on a deviation on some and save all you know what druggies I said we were going to get you help prepare mothering and getting help, so they don't have to worry about money and you say, but what if somebody took advantage of that seal helmet.

Just because somebody bumped her head on that wall were not all don't wear helmets for this interview and all that mean that's the it's a bad way. They were not in a really good thing because of one exception, and it is amazing and Amber like a big family and were ministry my pills like an internal ministry, you know I'll tell you God gave us grace. On November 8, 2016 gave us a second chance, our country and turned her back on God and now you know. I pray every day for wisdom and discernment firm for our president and for myself and for people that are put in, wearing the greatest revival in the history and history and everybody out there got to sit around and just pray right now you gotta get engaged and get out there and and take your part. Whatever God called you to do. You gotta do it and don't don't look back. Keep the faith and it will be all right like fighters businesses out there you're afraid to speak up, speak up mightily say what your best day ever.

My pillow Mike, you must get attacked all the time.

My best is right here in the day I'm set new just keeps going up. God blesses every day to keep you know me for keep faith in him getting better my pillow on my

Stay tuned to the station that your listing to dessert some instructions and follow will tell you the best way to get your my pillow whether it be they got these awesome bedsheets new keys. I want to talk about each of these products through briefly, whatever Mike talked about were not to give a call to action here about the product were let you listen in on each station.

You'll hear a way you can do it because it's what he's done as you set this up so you can support the Christian station or network your listing to our wonderful friends at Wilkins of the Truth Network by simply buying a pillow so you sleep better Christian radio get supported and your supporting an amazing kingdom business, and these are American-made products so you let let's let's let's not just telephone real quick. You got the brand-new seats Jesus she's not right right right now, here's the start with the pillow.

We all know the my pillow when it without the adjustability. That's what all the men in the USA on this and the 60 day guarantee and all the wash and dry. Those are just add-ons. Those are bonuses it works because you adjusted to fit you as an individual you get the best sleep your life, then you have my topper when I came out with that I reverse engineer what what Delta sleep as you have REM sleep at the pillow Delta sleep at the top of their amazing you start with the my pillow form that's a patentable mess right last 10 years. Anyhow, this phase change material in the cover gets you in the right temperature for you as an individual to going where your body gets his healing sleep that I have my Jesus shades. Now that is not that it does not come from the USA because we don't have that cotton. Here we have it over there this extra long staple cotton and we we cannot. You cannot make sheets here in the United States. We don't have any weavers or spinner so I so you know what we can't make it here, but I'm in a bring you the best ever I wanted anything I invent, I wanted to I wanted to enhance your sleep and help you and these sheets are the best seats you're ever going to sleep, but I do want to do one morning with a pillow in the in the topper that gives you great Delta sleep and REM sleep. The sheets will make you when you wake up in the morning and you're getting ready for dinner just going to get up you ready for you not to get on what out of bed.

You're not a lot you're gonna be late and there is that fine line between I just wish I could stay here all day. Lot of people calling for work on those. Be careful so it which is what I tell you what they had to call in with my boss to give me some leads load is how man Stu Epperson Robert Gilmore he's a Christian car guy on those who thought we get it took two of us to did to pin this guy down and asked about his faith in Christ and how God led him to invent my pillow, how he's help so many people come to the Lord and say people sleep better in Mike we just comment on were moving it at breakneck speed. Were Russian and and sometimes sleep is not prioritized. Why is it so important whether it's my college-age daughter. Whether it's just me and my wife why is it so important because just real quick for the body in in the Bible says our bodies the right to take care of it since the speed that real quick. Well let me tell you when I came on the scene and the goal we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping those were old-school Thoughts because you know what that's third of remote with that. We spent sleeping. You want to be comfortable but you needed to be quality sleep we are right brain is recalibrating in your body is doing is resting because you know what the other two thirds of your life, your doubts with that one third of facts. So in theory one, 24 hours is affected by your sleep.

How you interact with people, how you how you feel. You know I grandkids you think when I arrived, all the sinners you think you want to be sleep when my grandkids Robert know I have more energy than they do because I'm sleeping good sleep affects everything you do when you are on this country. All the money we spent to go to state go to sleep at night sleeping pills, alcohol, cough syrup, it isn't even cough syrup anymore and you get it all for swimmers Delta sleep and guess what you wake up with those headaches or neck takes her big simply want the first thing people do they go to the other industry, coffee, energy drinks know that God gave us a natural ability to sleep in this there was a device in Your next rated night your cervical nerves in your routine right all lined up and the height from your head to your bed exactly for you as an individual. If there was set ablaze. This world be a better place. Everybody be sleeping right there is my pillow hello this guy was rubbing us to. I can't help but note the 23rd Psalm. If you think about was the first thing he's telling us is right I make you lay down in green pastures. Sleep is critical. According to King David and it still is to this day and hasn't Mike Lindell. Your challenger went out there that doesn't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, which is kind of it. It's funded he does bubbles over the Lord yes enjoy Lord and robbing absolute lot of you listening.

We will first will probably want to thank you for sponsoring Christian radio. You help to talk.

We can be on the Wilkins radio network all the truth stations Truth Network all over the country. We had about 6070 stations to carry this program because they want to hear the gospel they want to hear good news. Encouragement in its business owners like this that are sowing in the Christian movies like unplanned go see the movie omits us a powerful Christian movie about life that that's a must see getting the afterword particular one, you know, but Mike your chalice if you will about knowing Christ which is the final 30 seconds. Now you know with God all things are possible. I'm a living miracle of the things with you walk with Jesus and now I can be proactive in my prayers. A lot of people out there why praying and I used to be reactive and prayers know I get my driving jobs God's will or is God's will, God's will is in the word I can be proactive knowing prayers. I put everything in Jesus's hands and I'll tell you what the things that are going on the great things are going on out there and people to this is the biggest revival ever. I can see it again in November 8, 2016 when our present got elected. This God gave us grace so now this is the time of getting people to Jesus for salvation and I'll tell you another thing about our present.

Everybody loves him some just don't know it yet in course you know everything this guy does is is gets people to the commander-in-chief Jesus Christ absolute.

I bite my pillow.

Jesus is chairman of the board and I'll tell you what every time every time someone comes up to my board I got all your little upset. My CMO comes on she was. She was my quitting.

Get this far by you not listen to God I got back about board. My son is probably not listen to God, Mike Lindell, Michael. Stay tuned will tell you how you will wear whatever network your listing to can get your own my pillow for my

Thank you to our good friend Mike Lindell. Thank you Robert Gilmore for Jeff it took to install this guy down. He still he still outpaces any robbing how I spent black my pillow. Thank you so much a whatever business you're in whatever you're doing when you're just clocking in at the warehouse.

Whatever you do, God's put you there to lead people to Jesus to work on hundred percent with everything you with all your might work honorably. Be honest. Be ethical. Sure, Jesus, lift him up and we don't know how much time we have.

So in thank you for godly men Lord like this guy here at my pillow on Mike Lindell's room. This is the Truth Network

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