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Twice Adopted!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 19, 2021 12:35 pm

Twice Adopted!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 19, 2021 12:35 pm

Revisiting a past conversation between Stu and Michael Reagan, nationally syndicated talk show host and son of Former President Ronald Reagan, about adoption and what it means to be pro-life. Stu also chats with longtime friend Dwayne Gullion about his adoption experiences.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network online culture and theology all come together this quick thing Allison is very likely that there Allison as a believer in the answer to the person with Mike. Mike you really think you call the conversation by calling 866-34-TRUTH's toll-free 866-34-TRUTH or listen on the now. Missionary disguised as a radio talkshow host. Here's your host the Christian talk radio revolution continues Walker to talk live or recover the afflicted and afflict the comfortable and sometimes we make a lot of people mad the process and guess what.

I guess if you don't get mad about something.

If you'll get worked up or exercise about something, maybe you don't believe in something.

Should we try to get folks to know why they believe what they believe and we try to pick up you actually to be able to defend what they believe in a course with all we point when one director that we we talk about of the prep are very powerful book that changed my life.

The Bible we talk about pop culture. We talk about current events. We talk about theology and today were to talk to a man who many of you are very familiar with your very familiar with his father was a great president of our great nation.

Ronald Reagan, he is Michael Reagan.

He is a nationally syndicated talkshow host a guy who little guy like me really looks up to in that area. He's an author. He is well sought after speaker all over the country in the world. He is Michael Reagan Michael Gray tablets are untrue. Talk live all that morning. I got a lot to live up to your you have the right well your you have the Reagan name to live up to and then you know and then I'm telling him that I'm telling people out there have got Ronald Reagan set on the show today, and they're like oh Jack, oh man, I don't hear that guy with the people… About the remote reconciled Reagan son. I was Jane Wyman son your parents are famous your dad's famous mother and before while Greg was famous for. Maybe he was the king of the B-movie actors might want my mother was phenomenal. My mother 28 Grammy awards. Doing all the stuff she would nominate when I went to school when I was younger 1960s I was Jane Wyman skip and then when my dad got the politics and became governor, state, I became Ronald Reagan scared the mother something that is that truly is the human human psyche tuition during the years my dad was president. I would say to people who would have to be where you spent Thanksgiving and I would say longer. Go visit my wife's family Nebraska 100% of the people would say why why why would you have Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Would you like for me when you can do with the president of America while 100% not 95, one of the mentalities human race. That is something you had you had what was it like for you making that shift being known as your you know, as it is the son of a mom and then the son of the dad. You know what Dragon grammars okay I gotcha. What Dragon gathers technology to governor boy. He became president and yet Secret Service protection. You really felt during the eight years. My father's ministry that it would been better to be a pipe for an entity living out To buy Secret Service agents 24 hours and never allowed to do anything you want to do something everything is there no spring like wake up one morning ring is gorgeous. How about we go down to our boat in the marina, Secret Service, and we need 48 hours notice your boat in the marina give them 40 hours notice and you go down to do. Maybe a little evening cocktail great romantic evening in the marina and you get down there you find the harbor patrol tied up dear Stern's defined apartment underneath your boat, making sure nobody's attached the bomb to the bottom and finish her biggest romantic cocktail cruise around the harbor, you got a bunch of Secret Service agents in the harbor boat 24 Dr. Stern following you, where we we finally sold the boat real hell is going on for hello years. Well, here's what is in their detail laugh even afterwards auto lecture, your name is Clinton Secret Service agents for the period of time, but now the detail actually ends the day, your dad leaves office in Washington DC. Alessi approved you have a prolonged period of time. We actually had the Secret Service find out Thanksgiving of 1988 because I want to see what Thanksgiving would be like without them. I want to eat turkey instead be around to make it just survived to live like you I guess you here. Hey listen, let me just tell the number out there folks you want talk to Michael Reagan sent Ronald Reagan and a powerful disguised pro-life through and through.

You heard you heard from during the big stem cell debacle thing and is still going on. If you want to call the company and join the conversation. Good luck getting into got to talkshow host going head to head to toe to toe in you no good looking and word white Gordon twice with the numbers 866-34-TRUTH toll-free 866-34-TRUTH is a toll-free number nationwide are to talk like Michael Reagan you are pro-life.

What taught how did you get in that fight talk talk is about that journey. It pro-life me I was adopted I I asked this question every time I got my radio show. I want to know how many adoptees are in the audience and I asked the question how many of you would've rather get it done rather been aborted 100% of the adoptees I've talked to not want to be able think what we do closest to it not the closest are so my pro-life I'm polite because I'm alive because my birth mother chose to give me a life and give me a chance at life. If she would've chosen the other you and I would be having this conversation, and the only Reagan child be talking to would be labeled pro-choice or well you you you you bear so much credibility in this fight because you you you are adopted and so you can you can talk about that and you also have this incredible heritage note from your father and that now is a reality or life of being pro-life. My father was very much pro-life, wrote a book in 1980 United States have a deal like the only president to actually offer a book during his administration so he was very much pro-life as my mother was pro-life as my birth mother as my birth father were pro-life. I have a book out called twice adopted which talks about the first adoption.

My second adoption into God's family all the things I went through it like I went through some horrendous things in my life. Actually horrendous things. I came out the other end of the book about it and it's on my website it okay Sean added to the Ford Ford, my pastor, Jack Schaefer did another forward board is also, but it's a life book is not a political book strong and didn't tell you what. You know that just the title of your book.

If anyone is if you mother will just listen to the time there is a powerful message Justin that I may actually haven't got really asked what God wanted to be and that's that's the way it is because you live people do ask you like what everybody likes about explain what you write twice adopted, so it's a good it's a good conversation opener if you will closer it at the same time and it says it felt like maybe if anybody your audiences ever been born out of wedlock given birth out of wedlock anybody your audience ever been raised in single-parent home gone through divorce. Their parents encouraged with the divorce and it was a child were made to feel guilty.

So now you had something to do with it what about the book that in fact what divorce is divorce is what two people walking to the child's room break everything that's important to the child brought into pieces. Walk out of the room. Expect the child to put it back together and it's like talk about those issues. So if you've gone through divorce or your child the divorce you're having issues with it for you if you been molested as a child by day camp counselor. Whoever it might be the books for you if indeed you been a child pornography books for you so it's a like book let me ask you this question. You were following this discussion with you up a little bit longer with someone who is is gone to China twice to adopt and this is this is a big thing now and yeah it it but want to talk, talk about how important adoption is and will what you know not not just what that means you but the people out there that are contemplating it in and in terms especially in terms of how hard it is to adopted in the in the solution to abortion. It will hereby luck the way… Bruce Willis one day, what with the big George Bush made it to the point, Bruce Willis, the adoption counsel of his administration. It's a laughable laughable at best. I have a niece from Uganda Rita. It is easier to adopt a child in Uganda in China and Russia in the Philippines or you name God knows where it's easier to adopt a person there while adopt a child in United States of America because of political correctness that is taken, the adoption United States of America. It is absolute constable will find out why Laskin is the toughest pro-abortion argument ever level that we connect with Michael to talk live adopted using nationally syndicated talk show son of Ronald Reagan as a powerful testimony when I can to be able to hear the whole thing today will have a back on again. Michael Reagan I just want here. We talk about how people are able to adopt in all these foreign countries pretty easily yet in America what why can't we can we kiss, we go to… The kid. You can adopt good United States of America if you're bisexual or gay. Oh well, you certainly can walk right in the door and get a child you want. But God forbid you should be heterosexual. The irregular family want to adopt a child. Political correctness is taken over the adoption United States of America. It's unfortunate and easy to talk to anybody you try to adopt a child. United States, that they have to go through hell it's easier to get a plane flight in a foreign country adopt the child from there that adopt a child. The I think America is immediate.

Do stories on the children here looking for adoption, but you all kinds of stories in the media about the children in foreign countries who want to be a doctor need to be adopted. We fly we Philip planes would go over there.

We do that we fly like past hundreds of thousands of children in this country, which certainly need to be adopted. So I blame the and I blame and I blame political correctness for what they have done or not done, which leave children languishing in foster homes and adoption agencies just looking for family time. It's time to change the process and if we don't is not to get it to have to get better. Please get the parties and say they care about children both lion. Wow. Okay. 866-34-TRUTH is a difficult question for Michael Reagan. What we gonna let it go here to second he's gotta go prepare for his nasty syndicate talk to which is coming on a little bit but 866-34-TRUTH is a toll-free number nationwide. What okay so tell us, as someone who was adopted. What difference did it make that a man by the name of Ronald Reagan came along and adopted you. What difference did that make your life yet what you say you want to hear made a great difference to write a great name and I dread actually good that I was pleased you know and not being a true Reagan my son was pleased by the late 1980s and not being the root true grandson of Ronald Reagan so much as there's a good side to it with a good name right others. Also, the downside because people kids tease and and you have to try and live through your through all of that process.

If you will. The other thing is that no onewas grew up in Beverly Hills. We spent time with her parents at the boarding school the boys going up six years old later boarding school while I find boarding school. I graduated from high school I was 19, so the relationships were there, but we today what happens is we put kids in daycare centers, which are today's boarding school yet other people raise our kids have other people raise your kids. It wasn't until I finally came to terms with God or God came to church with me and we came to terms with each other but I finally was able to build a relationship with my father and my mother but that happened after 1985 when I became became a Christian because up until then I was to blame them for everything out of my life into a systematic theology book last night and there was a whole chapter on adoption. I thought about you. I thought wow what why don't we trumpet this message. This message is powerful message of spiritual adoption in Christ more in the church today from our pulpits.

Why don't we Michael Reagan you know why things going on in church or there's a lot of things not going on in church.

They start need to be dealing with today.

I don't deal very much with with they don't deal very much with child abuse. They don't do much with pedophilia they don't do much with that with with women who have been raped you think that they go through the fear is that they don't want anybody think is happening there church they want to leave their church is perfect in your church, the one that will great outreach programs to the inner city because we think every inner-city kids in America needs. The church is up but we forget to have him reach them tomorrow and if you really want to stop abortion. You really need at that in reach into your own church and lives because the laws are there to make abortion illegal. What we have to do is parents is what can I do is apparent to know that the let my daughter know that I love her of everything as Christ loved the church. I love my children.

I know they can make mistakes that doesn't mean I don't love them.

How many of our own daughters do we chase away to abortion clinics because our daughters are fearful of coming home and facing their mom and their dad who for years and said if you ever get yourself pregnant don't you come home to my house and walk your dog to embarrass me how many how many parents say that in the daughters here it what happens they going to get an abortion because it's easier for them to get an abortion. That is the face or moms or dads moms and dads have to love their children as Christ so love that God sent his only son to die for us is about time. As parents we put ourselves on the cross for our own children, but that's where the spiritual adoption concept in this idea is that a holy, righteous, God took me and Michael Reagan both despicable centers and he made Isaac you are big, bigger one. Well, I want you. I knew that would come up as kids. Michael Reagan Jimenez Kings kids.

That's is not the story of the gospel. I like you, whatsoever we only live it on Sunday. That's right so we let me to Houston. A guy like you abused under the spotlight under pressure. Maybe depressed all kinds of issues Colson a guy like you who you know it, deal with anything without this powerful. That's why love the title twice adopted the supernatural experience. The word God the father made Michael Reagan, son. That was the answer. In my life, but it took a spiritual woman, a Christian woman coming to my life praying for me all lot each and every day and make sure I got to the doctor the right building.

So often we find ourselves finding easy wallowing in our own self-pity and we need to get out more and truly know move forward move forward we need to do a quick quick trying to think the government can assault our problems.

I want the government to change the laws that abortion would government if it changes a lot abortion at the Supreme Court level.

Go back to the state level there not a change of the court at the Supreme Court level because they very rarely will return themselves so that it comes down to what we saying about Katrina in New Orleans who should be the first responders, the federal government arrests. So it comes down to my own life.

In my outfit was the same as God lets bring Jimmy on Jimmy quickly rose Michael Reagan you could go 10 seconds request God not collect now that we were blessed enough alike that this year & brew adoption. I understand what you're saying and going for the government is affable. We went through a private eye. It was all North Carolina-based.North Carolina-based birthmother.

It was a super smooth profit. It just under a year and there are there are ways out there until it was my going. I guess it works and I worked on some ways to do it. He found a way to do it. Most people tell you the horror stories is a Great Pl. in Lubbock, TX think that I work with in other places. There are places that do that but they are few and far between my going the keys approach winning the pro-life debate was the key to what words the battle being fought in our own homes in our own homes, not at the federal level. The battle is inside my home in your home and everybody else while you're a blessing. Thanks so much for joining us today. I do try to keep that other net other around the sun under control. Yes, my dad wasn't able to check Yahoo is coming we know that there is also or he's Michael Reagan.

Thank you sir so much we notice what a blessing we got a real life adoption story next in China right here to talk live Stu Epperson here wow that guy I tell you what. What a powerful message.

What a powerful testimony of tell you, folks, this guy's got a big platform national platform. We didn't get in the stem cell I want to get into that will have a back on for that, but he's got a powerful message a powerful story and I encourage everyone to get his book twice adopted read it and pass it on to some function in. Let me just emphasize this with a lot of shows lately on this list, talk show on the gospel. The power of the gospel and think about Michael Reagan as it is the adopted son of Ronald Reagan. Think about all that he got all the you know all the attributes all of the. The name and everything that you became would be a Reagan was passed down to this. Then young man and as a son. And that's exactly what happens when you are rescued from darkness and made a son of God got adoption Windows family and he's absolutely guilty, translate you transfers you from the kingdom of darkness to kingdom of light. The key was under son is beautifully stated in Romans chapter 8 read as a great chapter in the Bible on adoption which he talked of how we are joint heirs with Christ, we can actually go to our fathers or heavenly father. Even our heavenly daddy.

The word, but in the Greek axes were daddy. The powerful statement, this guy's got a message and I hope you heard in his message the gospel. We can't emphasize that enough. This is a message of hope for you out there if you been abused. If you have been abused if you been a righteous you know do-gooder all your life you desperately need to be adopted by God and his family. The only other alternative is to is to be empty and to be you noted to be hopeless and have no true spiritual father.

The rest your life. So given those children's which one do you choose about that while powerful, that's the whole point of the cross to make that adoption possible. We've got a special guest on our show right now and I want to go to him. He is gone to this adoption process is name is Duane going this guy is been a friend of mine for some time. He's got the Kentucky got that that Kentucky accent and I but he's always he's always been excited about adopting Duane are you there yesterday and now you're executing a self acumen over the folks in Mississippi a little bit.

What's going to get some help to get some water in the water, working long meet near Gulfport and we been able to work in local churches down here it help out some of their elderly work Newark good cleanup work really. We've been blessed the lesser anybody, well below the country. Talk about how to help the victims. You acceded to drill down there with your crowded to help women in well below the country to another pro-life, you actually have gone about doing something to adopt to adopt a couple kids.

Tell us what in the world are you and your wife doing adopted kids in China had to get that point to give us the story what we've been married about three years sweetheart about a situation in town and they don't want they only allow that one child and they don't want their girls. They want to have a fine that I can get into why that is but they abandon the little girl that they're not aborted their murder after they're born as they abandon the little girl, the one that love them is what we tell our girls their mom. I love them enough to put them somewhere where somebody could find him.

Sound crazy, but our oldest daughter was left at a vegetable marketplace and we been there twice we've been badly we visited the first, we went back again that our second trip to adopt and our youngest daughter Sarah hope she was left at the gate of the civil affairs office.

The girls were left in high profile areas where that the mother knew they shoot where they would be found that the part of the problem. They have a political situation where there only allowed to have the one child and then they have the social pressure and economic pressure that has been they may want to find and if they don't get their son Dale leave the lady in the in the wife and the little girl to fend for themselves in a situation where she would not be able to work and they cannot get the feed her and her dollars really a situation it hard to fathom. We really cannot understand girls you adopted what happens to you to come up you'll come over and often 80% owned by I want.

They don't live that they do now. How is because poor facility, lack of staffing there so many children and you know you can get all the workers at the orphanage is meet some of them probably did would give anything for the kids, but they had limited great resources, and hold every child that a lot of these kids, yet they need that physical contact. They need the nourishment. The food and I just don't have. There are over 900 social where welfare Institute in China and there are only about 90 my pics are still correct that have a program where the girl can be adopted and that is just a very limited number compared to how many girls there are over there so there you know right hundred orphanages in China, where these kids are never adopted and the Chinese. It's a cultural thing they know adopt and let me know the bloodline never guess you know the ending at the problem from anywhere in the world unite America the situation if you have an adopt an adoption you'd like for to be somebody else in the family correct enough that over there it, it is unheard of to adopt.

If you don't know, genetics, and so at starting the change gradually with an education that you know you guys really need to start taking care of the kids and helping out here to so far.

That's why there's such a problem. So, how'd you find all the stuff you have no clue about that lately are just said that the story about how the little girls were abandoned, is pretty much left there to die. Remind me that no one find them. It is not in a public play lately.

Mother probably are hoping that they will be found taken to an orphanage and hopefully be adopted at percentages are so small I don't know what percentage that would be without pay less than 1% are adopted close this man and his wife went over adopted two kids in China to daughters give a question about the calls 866-34-TRUTH which are on the phone with Duane goalie and 866-34-TRUTH don't hear your adoption story. Maybe have a horror story. Maybe like an earlier call or you adopted in America worked out well.

Twinkling wedding adopted America why not, why not run. Why not take a gig.

A lot of underprivileged kids need parents. Dear will you go to that of those steps here at the great quake that we actually can foster care program started taking the parenting classes that they offer and driving up to my wife way to finish the class that I did make it make it through there and I just decided that for our family. I'd rather adopt through Ashley three China well there you know what Michael Reagan would say an area. It is a huge Canadian and United States there are 500,000 kids in the foster care program knowledge are available for adoption. There are 120,000 and need to be adopted there able to be placed your lot either older kids and mostly family that wanted they want a baby now it's a huge need an 18 19,000 a year, probably 19,000 year a gallon. This program together. Commonality foster own you know parent and I go to graduation from high school and there they don't have a family, get married, they don't have a family to go to prison gang and they do have a family right now are very similar here and other countries around the world in late they don't make insults allegiance to America. Most will adopt you hear some ugly criteria ugly what they want is not ugly it's just what they want they want to be what the baby was just exactly right. Right. Typical Democratic little baby boy was a little white boy right there that's abounding so you know it is a way which is you know what is that tell you it I don't think really better than Chinese, and that but we don't someone call me and prove me wrong 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Alan. Alan euro to talk live with Stu and are just Duane goalie and whose adopted two kids out of China now and you're on your heard that it takes a long time to adopt from China is the reason for that is about how cute you want to take it takes to get your paperwork completed date and want you bad and the paperwork it out adopt China and right now it's about six or seven month wait, you could potentially adopt from China and about 12 month are part the document that got the 11 my because we we took our time along like you to just go over to me that's that's enough time for you to get thrown out the screen.let your eyes a lot of red tape. You, the immigration here in United States. They actually make you be fingerprinted and shipped well. Like in North Carolina. We go to Charlotte I United. Each state has a different place rate at Gobi fingerprinted profits today. FBI computer yet to receive a letter from the you'd be dying at and I'm not sure what the government aid the call now but maybe one of the BCI athlete why you have to wait for all the information and once you receive all your information and complete all your paperwork in United States. The Chinese government profit you that the PAA held a Chinese dinner of adoption affairs and that right now taken about seven month we went to an airport Friday night. Welcome home with family and this K.M close to Alan? If you could call to go to China rhodopsin okay darling, I let people know one of the things people need to be aware of is the tax credit that Iran can thousand $800 right now like you make over hundred $55,000 a year that in effect whenever you look at the cost. You gotta consider that you get my you will have to pay for quite a while so it's about 18,000 just say that anyone out there, but we will talk to you in this process much like going China now those girls doing right now nothing sometime more with twinkling moron adoption onto the next to talk live Stu Epperson were talking about adoption with Dr. Michael Reagan and I were talking to a man who's going over to China and adopted and cost quite a bit of money Duane goalie but you do get a tax break on it right yet and they're working lobbying to get that increase to $15,000 in my mind that Ed give everyone know. If you are financially not make the biggest commitment is it from your family. Are you willing to take it out in your home and when people think I might mean to me. It are you willing to pay the right as far as another child in your home and are you willing to give your life right it Sally's childbearing, or even sound adopting having kids and making the commitment to them to raise them in the Lord is is is sadly almost in a popular thing in the culture today in big print big families in a popular thing but but maybe there's a lot to be said for that in let's go to another call. Let's go to Brian: line who I believe has actually adopted indoors go to the steps Brian Whirley on this thing and in and let us know your your journey okay well right now that I actually got in the thought that the right now, but right now for the really… Over what happened, but… Thing you know from around the world. Or whatnot. What in America and Britain out of the world. Well, one thing that we found out about the… Over what will the Lord little girl and I live for another couple after we write about it well when there there's no opportunity for education. Okay anything like that government want, but once they leave a lot of the children end up on the girl of about really big problem they have that right there is a similar process to China. Brian what we have to go with you but when it comes down the body about what you say till now are doing what you say to all great Valerie Ukraine. Guatemala always kind. The children they have no future here today. They don't have a number on unification number they need to get into college so it is that that's rough. Let's go to Jerry's Jerry are on to talk like us to do. Lost series.

This is Jerry or Jerry. There hello hello your to talk live. They will go. It was a question or comment on adoption had to call in and say test broken people going overseas to cleanse ourselves children right now are now just a square off right here, a foster mom's online okay will back it. We have not worked for the initial run out of time. Duane goalie and is going to China adopted two precious little girls enjoy give us the website for these adoption agencies will quickly people interested in finding out more by the skin and vertebral right to a foster mom is one way to do here quickly uses websites adopted at three dollars from China but not from any country and even here domestically and website that he has now even Cara and any outside a new website how to adopt I'm pretty sure that the correct how to adopt you went to leave you living hope living hope living hope but they also have a foundation that if you grant matter what country the crime if there ever foster mom online is fired up locates you what you say to her 20's online right now is using 10 there's there's kids here, the need parents were using were doing well and what we did.

I thing that that's where we felt like I wanted to go but other than that he drive his dad so I declined the letter not getting in arguments man from him on the said he's agreeing with you what you want to say to one another about how important is to come look at the need here in America. Anybody with Internet access will go to I.US live every child in the United States. That's up for adoption well and at age range you can go through foster care. It's a 10 week course and he had said that he had sort of dropped out of the foster care program. It said 10 week course three hours a week and anything I can do well have to get through paperwork that I'm sorry but that is bogus. If you can't we have a responsibility to take care of the children right here in the United States. I'm not saying that those other children are needy God. The last thing may God bless this gentleman and others who have… Okay, he's agreeing with you and appreciate your call and I told is just here. We need a bunch more foster mom just like you. What an encouragement while thanks much for calling that we can wrap it up. Let's go to Tony till your last color to show to your will. Duane goalie and is been to China adopted two precious little girls good Tony okay Friday two Fridays ago, I received my first child and in its foster adoption. I mean, it is here in the United States and she's a precious child she was going to Mexico. She was she was okay and and you know it. I encourage people if you can foster adopt here locally. Jesus is first first. You know you'll be where you marry runtime thank you Conan, twinkling, what would you say to people think for his was how to change your life quickly, and 22nd and most wonderful thing in our like to backup what about the last caller said think if you can contact local agencies are your local take the map classes go through the process of the need for family and I didn't think you want to see our okay you this is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned. The talked about the horrors of abortion.

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