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Finding Hope In Cancer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 12, 2021 1:00 am

Finding Hope In Cancer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 12, 2021 1:00 am

Revisiting a past interview Stu had with his good friend, Michael Lovic, who found hope in Christ during a diagnoses and battle with cancer. Now in heaven, Michael passed several years ago - this is their conversation.

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Not cuticle off the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network imagine getting that phone call that you are dying of cancer. That's what happened to a young man, a close friend of mine named Michael Levick. This is been goodness over a decade and this is going way back in the truth talk archives, but you will be encouraged and blessed as you fear the heart of Michael and his joy in Jesus. Even though he's facing impending death, but he's looking forward to heaven.

So join us for truth talk right now as we talk and go back in the archives with my good buddy now in heaven, Michael Levick W ever been on the receiving end of one of those phone calls from one of your close friends. One of your star students in your Sunday school class. Maybe who just got bad news from his doctor. Folks I'm faced with a nominated were faced with a real-life real situation real person today, a man who I've known for some time now, who was in my Sunday school class not too long ago, who is now in another man's size. Who classier to me just a second 38 years old in the prime of life incredible rising star in his career married to a wonderful woman of God to small kids that are precious that I've seen grow up 38 years old gets a call from the doctor. Stage IV colon cancer is not good news, and working to hear how this man wrestled at news now over a year later, I guess, on truth, talk live today. A regular listener.

I this guy used to jab me about this. We was in Michael. I never heard the end of it, but I want to say hello. I want to bring on Michael Levick to the show Michael great.

I got you thought my buddy Peyster Theiss Ramseyer look forward to sharing chair. What got been doing my like the past 18 months. This is used to grab music studio is shown. This unit was on the you know I got to suggest Manzo is pretty cool and poses man next to Mr. Sonja called Yemenite Mr. son his son is guilty to the great man of God and the wonderful passion man for Christ in the Raleigh area and not in imagine being here today and talk about what the journey had been on the past 18 months to get the cancer diagnosis not have this guy here with with the 600 mice high school class will eat when you lived in it in the in the air in this area and then you went on and now you're in his class and he walks through this journey with you. We found out you know, long distance about your condition, your diagnosis, your 38 years old. 37. Get a phone call from Dr. Tanya you had some pain. Well, what happened leading up to it?

Well, it goes back to an appointment February March of last year and I was starting to start to feel a little different now start to have night sweats start to lose weight and just overall just didn't feel very well.

I was that something is going on work positive changes, but but this one sure what was going on so I decide to go to the doctor and have things checked out what to my regular doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. They said I was healthy as you healthy as a horse. The only thing they found was a white blood cell count. That was just a sliver hot, but that was it and bound it get referred to a two oncologist/hematologist and we we go to meet this Dr. and we said that we start talking about today's these like there's something there something going on were not sure what, but what we like to do is to what we do first is as we do a skin and we can start eliminating things that we went and had a CAT scan done not prepared for her for what would happen later in the day had no idea what was what was faceless but back home later that day I get a call from the doctor and is is that call that you don't want to get on the other the phone. The doctor says Michael we got your scan results back its abnormal and I need you to come see me this afternoon and I was downstairs and I got the call in and on the Millie was upstairs and in our bedroom and I had walk upstairs and it was tough while because I knew that I had to tell my wife something that was that was going to break her heart and I walked up to her. I said I got a call and we need to go see the doctor there some abnormality and so we we loaded up. We drove to the doctor's office and we went in and he says Michael he says your scan came back abnormal and let me show you what we fail in your in your colon area. There is a tamer about the size of a softball, and in your liver.

Therefore, separate to the first one is about the size of a tennis ball. Next, about the size of a golf ball and and then to other smaller ones and you know you are diagnosed stage IV colon cancer and in that that'll knock the wind out of and it was it was a real blunt milling. I wish that there we held each other. We cried and but we were we were blessed the Lord took us to do a great Dr. and he told us he told us right there, he said, look, he said this is not a Sprint and this is a marathon and that that day that Friday started that started the journey and that was in April of last year and from that unit will start the process of taking test biopsies in and get really underneath what was going on with the diagnosis and from there in a believe it was June of last year I had surgery at the first of three surgeries to remove the that the softball size tumor that was; area and that surgery. Thank goodness went very well and it was it was a big surgeries you can imagine I was in the hospital. Five. Six days.

First time I never had any type of real health issues among white and so so from there we started chemotherapy process and now I was. I was very lucky that my body responded very well to the chemotherapy and its did during that time, I remain very active work and I was able to do to to delete a very normal active lifestyle like to hunt and fish out. They were good and I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning go duck out and go fishing and do those types of things but through that, you know it.

It deftly took a toll on want to make it sound like chemotherapy with a walk in the park it's not it's it's not a walk in the park and is not a walk in it.

It's very real when when you go to the doctor's office. You go in and you sit down and you see people in all different forms of their walk with cancer and in different cancer stages, and certainly I don't want to make it sound like or Lightner trivialize what the what what chemotherapy was like when I was fortunate that I was able to tell it to delete a pretty normal lifestyle and had great results with with the went with the chemotherapy drugs and the fact they started shrieking those tumors down in my live. And so, from about the July timeframe through December of last year I was on chemotherapy about not end of it it it deftly was wearing me down. But the great news is is where God is revealed power chemotherapy drugs I was taking a star shrieking those tumors and put us in position that we could do and I think we because it's a journey is not just not make it a Millie and and are my family my parents about my in-laws. Everybody was a part of this and went to Duke and they were actually able to do what they call liver reduction surgery when they took out about 40% of my liver and in that 40% is where those tumors were located and they let you court a listening that 60% of the liver that was a pretty major surgery like I wound up with something like 60 some stitches of things in the stomach front from that it was it was majorly surgery and I got a nice Lakota victory scar is in the shape of like a hockey stick. That's talked about the middle of my head right in the where your ribs come down to extended a Millie button things are right goes all the way over to my hip. He had another surgery done. More recently I want to talk about that a couple things happening between absolute couple questions of throughout their is God real why the pain just got even care how do Christians cope with cancer in the prime of life.

A man gets stage IV colon cancer. What you do if you're this man's Sunday school teacher. We were able to drag your sacral teacher in these in the day Mr. Schon you hear from this man. What is the church to is the church real bunch of thanks bunch of posers a bunch of stiff suits is that with the church is made up a date. Folks if if the other day. Show I want to hear yes that question is God real when it robberies the road is the church real when one of their members has been diagnosed with a with a worse does it get in in stage IV colon cancer, and that's working to pick up on all day long on truth talk like today know what you going to call in your situation with cash you want to say a word to Michael pray for him anything goes today with Michael Levick.

Our guest 866-34-TRUTH is a toll-free number nationwide truth talk is the website. Michael quickly now you have this major surgery it Duke… Hockey scar on your what happened next.

Well, during the surgery. They also discover several nodules in my abdominal lining that were there were cancers and it was it was it was a big point because we felt like the did the surgery depicted tumors out of the liver that was going to be yes and there's more.

There's more to we were okay.

Tell us the story remembering is this why you say basketball that phone call.

866-34-TRUTH hang on. There's a lot more creedal Christianity are there, you believe in God the father Jesus Christ our Lord, the Holy Ghost, by what about or the proxy.

What about living out the faith.

What about when you get the phone call that you are not looking forward to where there is a sudden tragedy in someone's life.

Maybe you get diagnosed at age 37 years old with stage IV colon cancer like my guest today. My good friend was in my Sunday school class not too long ago.

Now he's in Mr. Schon's classy, you got a put up with this guy. Now Michael Levick what about this guy Mr. shelties to get back on this testimony, but what are your comments thus far, you found out the news about when he did. You you will use what your first calls was he. Michael absolutely. First of all let me say that I I can imagine anyone going through what Michael Millie are going through, but doesn't know the Lord doesn't know and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as far as I Sunday school class.

Let me tell you that obviously we were all shaken to the core and humanness were shaken to the core of all believers know that God is in control but is totally worthy of my trust. But when you get a telephone call like we got, you know, I got my car and I went over to Michael's house and he and his dad were out in the driveway and I hugged Damon we shed a few tears together and then we we began to talk in and I remember saying to him. Michael is tough. Is this is going to be you know God will be more than sufficient for you in this and he's going to use you as an instrument of his glory and and then I remembered that I I said with a massive Michael. I think that you know people probably think many times I've heard enough sermons I need to see the reality of Christ lived out before me.

And that's what you gonna do because God's grace is gonna be sufficient for you, and he's going to carry this from an outside perspective. Here you have a young man whose is in his 30s who gets this, this awful tragic diagnosis stage IV colon cancer. Anyone knows any lycanthropy or theft is not a good diagnosis. So, did you see a man here Mike a lot of good to Mr. Schon honest-to-goodness… Be transparent. This is truth talk live to tell the truth. Did Michael did you see a man got bitter against God stood on his housetop and shook his fist at God's. And why do this to me and cursed God in an Indian walk away from the faith is that we saw absolutely not. I wish those of you in this radio audience. You don't personally know Michael Lodwick. I wish I wish that you had the opportunity to see him and looked in his face. This is a young man that loves the Lord to the core of his being. And while yes he was disappointed yes he was frightened. Yes, at times he gets down is as any of us would, he stands on the reality of Jesus Christ in his life in a diverse, it says rejoice in the Lord always that that's that's Michael no Michael, it doesn't mean this is been easy. You've been to the hardest thing you could ever imagine your family, your wife, your precious kids all it's it's just been a shocking it's just a distant shock for everyone as your exercise quiz.

Mr. Childress said it, but you you had him encounter it.

It do it in the parking lot at Chick-fil-A with God that just blew me away.

I guide I cannot say I have no way of describing filler listeners, what this is not far off you heard the news from the doctor that you got stage IV colon cancer sure this was probably less than a week after getting the diagnosed my flight might've just been in a couple days but I had started to play and to get some lunch and I sat back out to my car to the joystick like sandwich and a distorted view display in this is just a normal, no thank you Lord for you from food and it is just you quickly. My heart was was was stirred and I just started to started praying and and I remember just praying out loud I'm yours or did you you you got me. Not that he didn't have me before.

There's more, you got me in this situation. The situation is way bigger than I am basically was and it was for for like a better way sends me coming to the end of myself, knowing that that there was there was no resourcefulness of Michael Levick that was going to get me out of this situation. There was no one there is no that when I say hostile me hostile in a bad way. The meter there's been. There's no hard work, there's no elbow grease.

There was there was no hate looking for really good after more card we can week in a week and lick this thing is been in sales you saw he was from Julie's major companies in your job. You help them with their solutions with IT and other things in the walking Chick-fil-A is as I recall you telling me the story right you get your your your your stuff right you write something so I'm sitting there and understand and and and likes and friends the Lord, you got me and and then all of a sudden just Lord through the Holy Spirit to start washing over me and just taken me out holding me ministering to me and and understood may I'm in I'm in the car in and and I wouldn't describe myself as as it is a charismatic worshiper fee would if you asked me if you help them sit there in my car. My hands held up over my head just given praise and thanks to God for loving me for the God of the universe created the universe sit there caring about me so much to minister to me and not in my mug darkest time of a worse news, but it was when I went I just when I was a point of just complete surrender to him. SNU. Lord, you got me in. That's when just the Holy Spirit to started washing over me and there was about 15 minutes there. I guess a window watching the clock but were just bit the Lord's ministry man. He is just you know slicks on your inner you're in my hand.

I've got you. I'm in control I'm going to lead you through this and to start put in put in, but listening to my heart and praying that things across my heart and him and in and in. I'm also inner him in prayer as well and it did in that time we had our dark turkey just on that experiencing God study and their different principles and their about that and I guide you is pursuing a larger love relationship with you. Hear God want you to join him where he is working and that was just a prayer that I had that that did basically to summarize it was it was it in announcing your fellowship and with the Lord through the Holy Spirit and it's just Lord, how do you want to use me, I'm your servant, you just use me how you see fit. Through this and and and and you get the glory you know if you get Jan, I don't know why this diagnosis came about why this cancer came about, but that that what the important part.

It was God. What you would do through through this and I will say that like I was challenging God, but it was more about publishing over curiosity, God, what you gonna do. Through this I just want to be your servant and where you take this. I want to follow and and and and and and leave me. I want to join you where you're working and that was really just the a big essence of just surrendering and and and and that encounter and I gotta tell you this. There there is this tears pouring out of my house, but they were there were tears of sorrow or anger any of those things student, I was absolutely electrified on fire for the Lord and I mean I well wouldn't wish a cancer diagnosis on any but I wish everybody. Everybody knew what it was like to have that kind of intimacy and fellowship with the Lord and to be in his hands and be in his care and to be picked up and carried and energized and given his strength and his peace because it that pulling the burden of the diagnosis and for for me really subside and in it and it became more about what what the Lord what the Lord can do what what is he getting ready to touch my like my families life has even a touch of Millie's life housing.

The touch other people around what's come out of this folks. Can you help me with this. We got a situation here had.

How can this guy be excited about being close to Lord so want to take a shot that question 86634 truth more coming up with my club interface with our Christian culture cancer. More specifically, a man in the prime of his life gets diagnosed with stage IV cancer in his walk with God intensifies these all about the Savior. Loving the Lord live in the Christian life.

Where is God when it hurts. This man says he's right here for Christmas closer to God. How can this be 866-34-TRUTH very personal for me because this was I was a little guy was in my safe school class and how to put I will be teaching the word every week and now he's in your Sunday school class. Mr. Shelton, a man who went when Michael we first met you stood 6'5" and well over 240 pounds or that range and you could bruise your way on the basketball court and on the football field and these ease ease and what are you now it's earlier 65 still the what you're awake now drop in the beanpole status went down weighed 178 from the last surgery I had when I went to the hospital away 238 pounds.

That's something I really hate week. I went down to 178, which is about. I guess 60 pound drop so you drop 60 down so they went in and did some radical surgery this last time he God just work orchestrated some cool air. Oh yeah that that that that was pretty amazing. We it was a pretty intense disorder is a 12 hour certain and was in the hospital for about, seven days or something like that here in Winston and I went home and was on for a while and it was far the toughest physically eight weeks, nine weeks of my life.

This can never that surgery and and they arrived there was a lot less the millions automated and then when I way to count how many inches of earth feet of the intestines and all that stuff. They took about all of it, but I think it will happen with about 10 feet. They want to get radical to get all as much of the cash as they could and the need was intensively got much, you know, medically and in and intrusively in there to get all the everything they could take out and you had to get a one of those glass to talk to me sure that I don't really Austin yeah so you got to allow total change your lifestyle now. It total change but you know that that's part of what had to happen for it for healing in my body and that's what had happened. That's what had happened in an ileostomy is not the important thing. That's just, you know that it is not a mean it's Nina. You know that that that's that's what had to happen first for doctors to successfully do the surgery alright so be, but but I did have it and challenge with an abscess that started in about how Larry Troy causing a blockage that led to lower the weight loss, a matter fact and I would. I went back to the doctor we know what was going on in get me in the hospital for weight loss to Mesa know that was pretty well that's not nothing. I drop Harley down to 178 but anyway if you know if you want to make a comment to Michael. If you want to answer the question. You know what about Christians coping with cancer. How can a young man of God like this be even more turned on to the Lord and excited about his faith in the middle of this battle for his life and we got young kids.

He's got his wife, family, and Mr. Shelton.

Here is your assigned schoolteacher that this is not how life should be. You know your your your a man whose use more advanced in years than this man here and you said to me very candidly over coffee before the show waits two guys my age are supposed to be. Get these kind of diagnoses but not Michael houses how can this be, well, you know, let me just back up on something Michael said we talked about him physically, was that he would 65 and 240 pounds. Let me just say that as I observe Michael now is more powerful than he's ever been physically as the world looks at him they would not see him nearly as strong as he was. But when you look at him and the impact that he's having in the way that he's living his life accurately in his testimony a few minutes ago about what's going on this. The classic example when it comes show time in our life and tragedy shows up on our doorstep. There's a choice to be my and that's the choice among them run into the arms of Jesus am I going to run away from, and Michael sat there and gave us the powerful testimony of the he felt the presence of the Lord like he never felt it before and he chose to run into the arms of Jesus. And let me tell you his witness is radiating throughout our church. Throughout our community, and I hope radiating over the airways as we sit as we sit here today, Michael people to get afflicted with this kind of thing. The question a lot of times where do they go who they turned who can they be real with you renting the arms of a of a godly wife.

Of course, and family, but you ran into this man's arms in an entire Sunday school class know I thought Sunday schools were you going to get a bunch of doctrinal knowledge up in your in your head.

Here and you get a bigger cranium than you, you're smarter and but but something there, something transformational about what happened you talk about this body. These guys really what what what went on. I didn't know there's pushback a supportive estimate of jobless divorce school sure that our sons will classes just a minute been tremendous. I'm a white male and I've just been surrounded in love and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters on our Sunday school class, but in our church and bar pastoral staff and and and and by others, and we just been beneficiaries and we we have seen people that just were in love in the Lord with the Lord and in and being on the receipt never really had to be on the receiving in of of of that before and it was it it it it would.

It's so beautiful to to to to see people that love the Lord and want to serve the Lord in them reaching out to the people and in their in their darkest heavenly you know.

Yes, the others there's the food that shows up in the casseroles.

Let's bet that that's good and that was part of it, but unit unit one thing like distant distant exam.

One example our Sunday school class when I was in the hospital with with the first surgery. Million. I had no idea, but they came over to our house and they did get extreme bath and bedroom make it and because they were concerned. They want to make sure that I had a comfortable place to be when I came home from the hospital to recuperate milling up about house was a few years old and needed neatly that when you wanted to paint deputies that got to the master bedroom. Yet we come back from the hospital. There is no ceilings or smooth bathrooms are redone. Bedrooms are redone as flat-panel smear TV sit in on the wall.

There's there's unit a big unit.

It took time to arrange pictures of of our family and our kids in an intimate and is just one example, and I could go all to where where is that outreach and that fellowship in a constant calls the encouragement you know a friend of mine ever do a mean every day he's off work. He calls me is like let's go do something. Let's let's let you know. United it just it just goes on and only know what went with just outreach in love in genuine love. You know, for million people living in the that the landlord and Mr. Shelton in this time. To date, and they have been right there through every step of the way that your teacher, Mr. Shelton here so but what I thought. What if I used what you guys are totally breaking protocol, your Mr. so useful to say will push our prayer list and give us updates from time to time but you you you went above and the body of Christ. If we can't step forward when a brother or sister reverting then we just a bunch of hypocrites and let me tell you that the tangible things that were done in micros Mitch and some of those things but every body you know they had this longing in their heart, I, I, I just knew that prayers were going up.

You know, far beyond what had ever happened before. Everybody was being touched everybody with me and impact of the Lord was moving in the class and in people's hearts. Prayers for healing prayers for support. All all kinds of folks have come you put hands on you to pray for you for healing and short break prayers for milling for Millie to talk about Millie your wife in the stream but with you in a way, enter talk to Mike or maybe you want to pray for him on the show will will welcome any call at 86634 truth. Or maybe you like me or just get a taste for Sandra. How to make sense of this, a man literally face with his mortality here states diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in his 30s. In yet. His love for Christ is God so deep in God is so real to him.

The church is so real to him. How can this be 866-34-TRUTH 87, 84, maybe have a testimony you share with you once you picture and your wife we we would this is that this is the on maybe the unsung hero your talk about Millie that she's a nurse never thought she'd be nursing.

You never never thought she was doing it right now.

It is nothing to joke about when you're young and chaotic. When you get all our unity to look after brain. But you know it's hard in order to start with Millie Menzies just she she just hasn't a love for the Lord and she has a love for me that that just been is just unconditional mean that she is.

She is seeing me in my weakness.

She has seen me at that you know during the moment when I got the worst news and we we sat then we held each other and the doctors and she is just Jesus continued to love me and our marriage.

We have just grown closer and and I've seen her do things that and there's one particular thing that comes in mind, the just you and I just you know I say were she just humbled yourself. We were, laughing about it at the time and and it was sort of upon reflection after the fact that the you know when I had special head that deliver surgery in a unit you know not to be a bit too silly, but do not wash my feet and I can equipment over to reach and you know when one evening she's like you need some maintenance down here are hurt and I felt kinda silly because she went and got this little she put some lavender stuff in there or not. I was like well what we do, but in all seriousness, she was looking out million and and and only for this is because I want to get stuck with the stuff he lavender it will finish the story. Wow, what is a wife doing her husband has cancer how to crystal 866-34-TRUTH Formica mother and his Sunday school teacher. I host you do when the door knocks the phone rings and it's bad news in this case Michael Levick in his 30s gets a call from the doctors to come in the office. Bring your wife you get stage IV colon cancer. Michael is tough news you've grown so much closer to God and I'm just perplexed. I encourage the same time your silly people out there attacking Gaudio atheist ability will signal is not real, and I've been burned by the church in every note, God did me wrong this and that and yet in all of this conflict, you've drawn closer to God and you're just remarking about your wife initially said about your wife. Million in her journey and in in. This is taking her through a major trial but you both your marriage and everything is there's a there's a closeness and intimacy with the Lord that you just have never had before and absolutely never need to pick this back up. As we left it off my feet were soaking in lavender Lavender office, but that the word just on my Millie's unconditional love and just this is just one example, but you know she she cared enough United that she got down and she I should wash my feet.

She actually got the slope that egg and scrape my feet and put lotion on amended all these things and there.

My wife is sitting on the floor home on herself. You know I'm not a foot.

God also then really hit home to me that that that that that she would sit right down there and and no matter what. What need. I had even you even took to the point of the footcare that she she would. She would sit right down since it right and ended in their semi things and he just you know when when I'm sitting there. You know you and I'm in the hospital I got drains poor anatomy and you know is she sitting there make sure that I'm watching them clean. Just the fact that we hold each other you know through this and in other there's times which really tough thing ever she gets down or I get down and and we sit there and and and and you never wrote each other and you were praying for each other and and just never let me tell her but she is just a she's just been amazing. I can't say I can't say enough good things of this awesome things about my wife and just and just how she has been there because she's walked assuming I have said many times that I think I think is tougher for her, watching her husband go through this, then it is for me to physically go through it because she she she seen me yet in the hospital bed she seen me loose the way she knows what it's like to to see me with, you know like they with tubes hanging out and or or or or or see me hooked up to to chemotherapy and in in she's she's she's gotta sit there and watch that she's gotta watch me go through that and meanwhile that's what she's keeping a family together. She's got two kids went we got to get, but she's me and mom. She's being nursing to be in wife, you know she's being a caregiver. Everything and and and she is just she is just done it beautifully, beautifully okay love you baby. Let's bring Scott in here Scott, your to talk live is to call the Arkansas you're on there with Michael of the go-ahead. Quick Scott come up on a break and Mike hey Scott, looks good on well I appreciate that is good to know what your connection. You guys know each other well. This is hardly we don't a Christian talk radio show would say there were fraternity brother Cisco is very talking articulate enough I have not had the seriousness got its units also bill to say that that unit is still list your challenges in the neighborhood there's no date. They did find a few more spots, but you know what what what we're encouraged and and and where future Scott will hear your perspective about your illness going on during the race.

Everyone stay with us what it was during this whole life that were great, Michael love, a great hang on to talk live right got a young man like you your you guys are frat brothers, what about this testimonies closer to Christ to all the scouting you.

How can this be what your thoughts real quick Scott because we were going with little time. Great guy you are away from school.

There were times when it wasn't always that were never far away is getting a college buddy and it just you. You talk love you. The really love. Yet there, Michael Scott got bless you man plug Mr. Shelton to Alaska it unsolicited by way of Bailey's Baptist Church you think there are natures left to care about people that are going through difficult times is that one of them.

Bailey Bannister, Bailey's Baptist Church, and you'll hear word of God proclaimed located workers were hurt all over the world and the show was located possum track in the sit on a road near near Wake Forest, Raleigh, North Carolina paying on more to talk live will wrap it up after this also time to talk live and he's in his 30s and he got that phone call to know what good Michael Levick, the doctor called you got stage IV colon cancer here we are just over year later some massive surgeries three or so had a softball size to tumor you still have some worry right now Michael and then we want take this other call was almost as they were the clergy were a real quick right now. You love the Lord your excited about your walk with God and that's what's been such a blessing to me physically, Jack. We pray for you real quick what just physically and then there's there's more work to be done a couple spots were found to my lungs, liver, and I was in hospital with a couple weeks ago but within.

There's a strategy for perfection as I can barely go – oblations this additional chemotherapy but just just pray that you have heard effort for nothing else to show up from a merganser standpoint and not just display the just getting to be obedient to the Lord and in and and keep serving him. I say this is what we're talking but this is not about me this about God and what he's doing in my life and in and what he wants to do and and and in everybody's life and the relationship that he wants to have with them Mr. Joni Szilagyi will touch to this man.

People come to Christ have marriages been healed because they've been watching him and how you handle business he a man tell us who you see not give us your quick your take away from the facial privately outsider. First of all, I mean people look at my: and they see themselves, and they say what what I do and how would I respond if that was me and they see that Michael has chosen to fall into the arms of Jesus. And so it is had a tremendous impact on everybody that's had the opportunity to you know to be around the city.

As I say again, he is the strongest right now he's ever been, you know, we never know how long we might live. We have a fallacy in the world.

It says that you know the quality of life has to do a longevity. You know, we never know how long any of us are going to laugh but I will tell you that Michael love is had a impact in this world it would outstrip somebody that lived 100 years you didn't know Jesus Christ because he is a powerful radiant witness of the majesty of Christ in someone's life.

Nicole, you have to take us home euro to talk live is to our long. We talk to Michael Levick's battle with cancer is his intimacy with Christ through this all God is so real and so close to him is his church is wrap his arm around their arms around him. What you see Nicole Michael to wrap up like an onlooker, my daughter laughed and well not only the world but what okay well bear witness. Even the believers in our care beyond measure my lucky times and I think he is not going to go say well what he said he was shown the corner. What else is out there. What you say school teachers do when they get that phone call from Michael disclosing Mike less noise in your class what it what you do well, first of all you don't pontificate, don't you want to say I love you man in Christ is more than sufficient to what leftist watching more like his body, Christ is real and so was his body, the church got was a listener one make a comment to Michael Rita Slater Michael truth talk over there is this is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion.

Yes, it's Mike Lindell. You've heard me talk about his pillows for a long long time and no doubt big business is responding to Mike Lindell and all this generosity for causes for the kingdom by trying to shut down his business.

You can't buy his pillows at Kohl's anymore.

You can get them on Amazon or you can get them at Cosco. They're attempting to close his business because he stood up for kingdom values. What a chance to respond, especially if you need a pillow live had my now for years and years and years and still fluffs up as wonderful as ever.

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