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Experience TRUTH - #19

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 7, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #19

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 7, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is joined by Robby for another week as they journey through Luke 20: 1-8 - Jesus has already turned the money changers' tables, and now he's turning the tables on the elders, chief priests, and religious leaders in the temple!

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network. Have you ever answered a question with a question.

Well if you say yes to that. I'm not going to berate you or put you down because guess who else to that Jesus Christ over and over again. He did it in Luke chapter 20. This we got experience truth were going back to that first passage verses one through eight. I with my sidekick man a God mentor, friend who's asked me a lot of great questions over the years the Christian car guy Robbie Gilmore. Robbie read this passage and let's get right into this question of authority and how Jesus turns that he's turned the tables in the temple already at the end of 19 and now he's turning the tables on the elders, the chief priest and the religious leaders go ahead, so Luke 20 verses one through eight. Now it happened on one of those days has he taught the people in the temple and preach the gospel that the chief priests and the scribes, together with the elders confronted him and spoke to him, saying, tell us by what authority are you doing these things or who is he who gave you this authority. But he answered and said to them, I also will ask you one thing and answer me the baptism of John. Was it from heaven or from men and they reasoned among themselves, saying, if we say, from heaven, he will say well why didn't you believe in, but if we say from men all the people will stone us for their persuaded that John was a prophet so answered that they didn't know where it was from and Jesus said to them, neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things well so this is the ultimate my dropper to see this by the way, Jesus has several confrontations in the first part of chapter 20. He's dealing with kind of all the religious leaders but as we get deeper into this thing he's in deal with the Herodian's the need to deal with the Sadducees were to find out why they're so sad. You see, and then he's going to get into the scribes easily go after them in the lawyers so but this first part they're all after him. He just turned up the tail he just to just come in to God's place, God's house.

The father's house is in disarray. The merchandisers of taken over there making money on people we talked about this a few weeks ago how they were making money. Sometimes, 10, 20, 30 times what you should be charging for a little offering for little turtledove for the poor, or maybe a lamb or goat to it to YouTube to sacrifice these dear people came first. They made a lot of money in exchange rate, Jew and Ethiopian Jewish Ethiopian of come in with my family. This is the Passover feast that I spent so much of my life saving for planning for.

I got my triptych I come in I come a thousand miles. Whatever.

And here we are, and I to get him to get the currency to buy it just it just of the privilege of purchasing the sacrifice for Passover. There give me exchange rate five times so I want.

I just need five dollars right. I just need five dollars would cost me $200 to get five dollars in the current currency that's accepted at the temple so this was going on like crazy, Jesus turns all up and then Robbie jump in here with these questions now because we hear Jesus this question to him by what authority are you only sings Hoosier teacher what school are you from whose describe you said energies is not really an unfair question the Lord.

Of course, diabolical motives were driving these religious leaders.

As we've seen throughout Luke but they're asking that question. Jesus turns around, asked him a question. Go ahead. Why did the Lord employ these questions, especially in the face of unbelief. Yes, why did he asked the question about instead of just saying wham bam this is who I am. He says let me ask you this question.

The baptism of John.

Was it from heaven or was it of men was a man-made was it was it fabricated. Was it couldn't contrived and so this really puts it right back on them and it says that right there in the past is Robbie. The passage tells us the passage answers all these questions for us.

Really, because they reasoned among themselves, saying they did the calculus.

These guys weren't dummies, the by the way, these are the smartest minds in the land. These are this is that you have the, the elders, you have the scribes you have the chief priest.

These guys all while these guys were part of the Sanhedrin like they were smart they were theologically astute.

They had the whole Bible memorize. This was in their first cross-examination of a would-be Messiah that shows up in the temple and they went after all these guys and they brought all they brought their best dudes that year they were loaded to to bear to take take Jesus down Toronto you know on the attack here so there were asking so suddenly. Now there on the defense there on their heels and they said this is the calculus we diversify.

The reason among the saucing would like have been a fine as well by Willis and the reason if we say, from heaven, he will say why then did you not believe him.

Hinojosa Xhosa, he's like what it John so say rather that the it is significant that is not technically that they say timeout is going to go only to go right your phone a friend right you like the guy got to do something I get to go back behind the curtain is not at work is up to think about is now Jesus you know because they their thinking this, there think they realize that the juxtaposition he's put them in. If we say, from heaven well he to say what is the only thing John the Baptist did was simply introduce amplify make much of a musty, he must increase, I must decrease.

Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins world, follow me. I you know, I baptize with water. He comes to baptize the Holy Spirit and fire. The one who is coming after me is greater than me.

I'm not even worthy to be the lowest slave.

The most menial slave by the way, would attach a sales wash. The fee that was the lowest of the lowest of lows. John the Baptist equates himself to that person. Jesus says no greater man is been born a woman, John the Baptist. Why because he's the only guy that introduced the guy the God man, the son of God, and God the son so you think about everything John the Baptist lived for stood for he who are you, John, are you Elijah are you one of the great prophets know I'm a voice. What did that voice say what came out of voices of voice is simply a channel that amplify sound noise and what is that amplify what he say he said go follow him. He said, behold the Lamb of God, he pointed geez what happens. His disciples came Jesus disciples, so if they say this is from heaven, then they all of a sudden are receiving the one they hate the one that you know in John one says he came to his own his own did not receive him. They rejected him and so they were got, you know that there there really stuck. If they say, from heaven, but then verse six if we say from men all the people will stone us for looking at nine because they were persuaded that John was a prophet.

People flock from everywhere to go out of that desert does something about John the Baptist burned so brightly, and so truly, for God, this man who ate locust for his diet and wild honey.

This man who wore this camel skin, much like the prophet Elijah. This man, who was the of you know this in the spirit of Elijah called Israel to repentance. They flock from everywhere to come out and hear him preach and see him burn any baptize in this baptism of repentance and he became a martyr beheaded by Herod not too long.

Part of this and so these people love John the Baptist you don't mess with someone that they love you want to create a revolt that's worse than Jesus turned the current in allele will not only lose money like Jesus because you lose money just a little bit before this what you want to lose all your reputation and and create a civil war in the middle of the Passover, then you say John the Baptist was for men and not from God in you are going to create all kinds that you know what's going to break loose. So if we save for Mendel's. The P will stone us for they persuade. He was a prophet so that the fascinating thing is that clearly inside of Jesus's question is actually a phenomenally great question is what was the authority and Emma are you responding to that authority. So rather than going to actually be authority like that God the father to see how to answer the question they go back to their religious entry practice. A reason within themselves. They left within themselves and they they missed the question a missed opportunity because let's face it is right. The guy that could actually fix the thing that NAC answered and said to him, this a great answer ready.

They did not know the likeness of that right. Another the smartest theologians in history of Israel right there on the put on the table in the Passover in their element in their home court and they look to Jesus, the, the, the God man who is all-knowing and they said we don't know.

Now the question was brilliant. We can ask ourselves. Lord, give us wisdom to ask questions like that they don't have any equivocation and don't have any outs you know is he is this baptism from heaven, or men.

Bottom line is Jesus from God or man is a man-made or God made you know you ask questions like that was the Lord give us wisdom asked questions like that. They were trapped in a trap. Really they created by themselves and they were ready to bow to his authority which rings of these final questions were out of time. While so how did those who sought to ambush Jesus and that being trapped is exactly right. Dig itself, who is my authority and when that the Lord Jesus become an ultimate authority. How does his authority compel me to share the gospel ambitiously.

Yeah, by the authority of Jesus what he say said all power is given me and says no you go and be my witnesses last words with his fear on this earth would go be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, part of the earth. He's equipping us with questions just like this and he's equipping us with a message. The resurrection power of the Holy Spirit in us and how are we asking people in the world to their how does Jesus Christ solve this problem if Jesus Christ doesn't solve every problem my life and he is not God. He is not real in our phone ally, but the fact is, he came out of the grave he conquered death in the same power that raised him up fills the believer and will transform you and heal you if you will simply surrender to his authority, which will be the hardest thing for any person to do but will be the most gratifying thing in the beautiful thing that Jesus is clearly doing here for Austin setting an example of how to look into someone's life and try to discern what authority they they are they afraid the men are the you know afraid of some other you know idle that they're dealing with and and trying to go after their understanding of authority in a loving man in a graceful manner right to give them a chance to see well you know they too can experience the ultimate authority and and expend eternity in any didn't ever stoop to their hardened hearts.

He didn't get on their level. He kept the truth. He kept authority guarded. He said neither will I tell you he didn't. The cast is pearls before swine, but he did asset pressing question and the question is how are we conveying purveying how infectious is my faith in Jesus as his witnesses were called witnesses, Robbie, were not called prosecutors were not called judges when I called executioners juries were not called defense attorneys with nothing to apologize.

We are called witnesses.

How is my life, my lips, my words my tweets my post how my bearing witness of the living Jesus Christ, the bread of life living water.

The only one that can save anyone, even a wretch like me amen and amen.

So those are the questions.

Luke chapter 20 verses one through eight. This is experience truth, the Lord dropped the mic answer the question with a question and will next time will get into a quite profound pair of wicked tenants, which it really is and is a picture of his entire ministry on this earth and how God how it's all framed as we get into experience truth. Next time in our journey through local pick up in verse nine of chapter 20 read this word to your family read it, share it, study and memorize it and live God's word. As you look and live and worship the living word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Bible's only book you can read where the author is always present, so read it in. Let the word of Christ. Colossians 3 dwell in you richly time Stu Epperson follow me on twitter. I'm on Instagram, I'm on Facebook. I do a Bible study on my Facebook page. Every Wednesday morning with all these guys with Wednesday and the word which is that which is the this is really expense.

Truth is an outgrowth of that study and encourage someone in the word of the word be a lamp into your feet and a light unto your path. This is the Truth Network.

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