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Experience TRUTH - #18

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 31, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #18

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 31, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is joined by Robby for another week as they journey through Luke 20: 1-8.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network Luke chapter 20 in our journey through the book of Luke, and what a journey it's been we left off last time when God came to church, Jesus Christ cleanses the devil we talk about things like what would happen if you came to your church. Would we even recognize him. We feel at home. We feel at ease when you feel like he was the star which he is the star of every church because the church is his body, he is the head so this week we get into chapter 20 of Luke, Robert Gilmore, the Christian car guys at my side.

It's always fun journeying through the word was somebody hope you have someone you read about will you study the Bible with we said by with a bunch of guys at aerial restaurants all over North Carolina every Wednesday morning a bunch of men get together for Wednesday in the word and what you hear on experience. Truth is just The outgrowth of that journey together and we love to bring you in and we love to just go to the word of God together so powerful.

Robbie read this week's passage will you in the will jump right in. These questions, Luke 20 verses one through eight. Now it happened on one of those days as he taught the people in the temple and preach the gospel that the chief priests and the scribes, together with the elders confronted him and spoke to him, saying, tell us by what authority are you doing these things, or who is he who gave you this authority.

But he answered and said to them, I also will ask you one thing and answer me the baptism is the baptism of John was up from heaven for men and they reasoned among themselves, saying, if we say, from heaven, he will say why then did new believe him. But if we say from man all the people will stone us, for they are persuaded that John was a prophet so they answered that they did not know where it was where it was from and Jesus said to them, neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things the word of God. Luke 20 verses one through eight. The word of God. There's one word is one a word that changes everything, absolutely everything.

That word is authority and really this gets into the point of the first question which kinda hails us back to the context was going on the Boogaloo Robbie hit us with a way one about the temple cleansing and teaching led the religious leaders to question Jesus authority while so the fulfillment of Psalm 118 which we went into weeks ago and hope you get those messages Jesus Christ comes in the conquering King.

The Prince of peace comes on a beast of peace when you're coming in peace as a king you come on a donkey and under under an un-written unbroken colt coming into the city of Felipe East Jerusalem to proclaim the peace of the gospel of peace of the kingdom is a political type peace or conquer her conquest, but is a piece of soul. It's a piece of Colossians 316 with the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, and so Jesus Christ came into that which comes in and then he starts doing things he goes the temple. His heart breaks it says in Luke chapter 19 he wept over the city. He comes into his father's house he sees in disarray. He sees the merchandisers he sees the materialism he sees how they have been gripped with making a buck in a coin and not with worshiping Christ, and he just turns over the tables Robbie he got pretty radical. This is the second time he done this by we we see the first time earlier in St. John's. Chapter 2 so will you do something that drastic and you set up your your teaching podium in the temple. The first question is who are you and by what authority in that issue authority goes way, way, way back. The very first and were sitting here attacked by an gripped by sin and our sin nature today in a fallen race that's been full of Holocaust and disease and cancer and death in world wars and all that for centuries for millennial because of sin, and because of what brought it in and that is the authority issue. Satan said in the garden Genesis Street to the to the woman, hath God really said, hath God really said Satan said to Jesus doesn't God's word say just go yourself office building earlier in Luke chapter 4 and in Matthew chapter word is temptation.

The enemy always comes out the authority our children our kids go to college. The first thing the professor does is everything. You are ever taught. How do you know this is the word of God has God really spoken, and this is exactly what these Pharisees religious leaders who have been rattled.

They have lost a lot of money thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, whose house they had whose father's house they had contaminated and now they want to know you come here you teach these things. You come in here you turn these tables over from whence you come in by what authority are you doing incessantly as it happened in those days. This is the height of Passover week. The grantors of crisis just happened. We call it Palm Sunday we sold it in the palm branches. He taught the people in the temple and preached verse one Jesus Christ was a preacher.

He preached what the word of God. Matthew Henry says Christ was a preacher of his own gospel. He not only purchased the salvation for us, but he published it to us in words.

He preached in the temple.

This was his father's house.

This is the height of class of Passover and Uzi preaching. Do all who's coming to him. He treated people, but suddenly the chief priest, the scribes, together with the elders there in verse one of chapter 20 confronted him so that represents the different strata of the different layers of bureaucracy of power all the way from the elders of the chief priests to describe actually the struggle that Jesus was picking a fight over because them.

They were the authority narrative harasses that he right was yeah bitter. He had broken yet there idea of what the established authority was in the temple, which was clearly them, as opposed to what Jesus knew, which was the real authority was his father and is a beautiful thing is actually looking in Ezekiel I think is 23 were Satan's falling. You know the whole passage rate that's going down and always had the impression before read that this morning that statement gotten all in a pumped up by his own glory in his own beauty when you look that it says the reason that God confronted him was because of his trading on and what he was actually trading was alive for the truth.

In other words, Eve and Adam us since Adam made it to traded Satan the keys to the kingdom rely. It was at it and and trading was what Satan was doing all these people here had traded the authority that God had over the temple for a lot of something you in this is this is the church. This is eternally there are all there are two forces there is evil there's good there's truth there is life in Robbie. You nailed on the head and really the question is whose authority in my mind listen to him playing to be under the safety by the fear wars again. It was in this weather saving a multitude of counselors who are giving truth because that's where God protects us under his hand under his authority and so you have these two really this this immovable object right coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The rock of ages coming against the the man-made authority that had turned God's word into their traditions, traditions of men which Christ really castigated earlier, we see that in 1718 of Luke and he and he's gonna come against them again here in chapter 19 or chapter 20 and so and this, of all things to heighten this. This confrontation happens is they confronted Jesus directly know they were confronting prior to this is a site hey, don't let these people do this.

Hey, how dare you accept Outlook tell your master not to let the sinful lady in the house. Is that another confronted use directly they did. 19 is it only your people that only you worship you. I said hey they don't worship me stones Roxana Crile right here to confront him again so that there they're getting a little bit more empowered. They're getting there, getting a little more direct with Christ year coming all way to the point of his execution, which will see here in the coming chapters. Luke, but the fascinating thing is were in the epicenter, where in the capital city of the center of the only theistic monotheistic God ruling land in the whole world. This was supposed to be the light of the shining light on the hill right here from the word of God and here Jesus is confronting their authority, their people and so they want to know one question first two tell us by what authority you are doing these things or who is he who gave you this authority not asked question to Robbie regarding cut cup covered by want to keep track on this so what's eternally important about the issue of authority.

Matthew 729 how does it affect everything before and after this incident from Genesis 3 all the way to revelations right now. This is a great question asked us of your unbelieving friends asses of your agnostics, your skeptics know it's interesting, by the way, I just read this Ray covered quote is atheist. Don't hate the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and the leprechauns they will hate those people validates and yeah they don't believe in them and they say God in Jesus is the same. Fairytales those things, but for some reason they loathes Jesus they hate him is a really the question we ask of everyone is by what authority is Jesus. I went up I am going to surmise I'm going to position him a minute I'm anew to put forth Jesus as my authority and by what authority does Jesus have power and rain and superiority.

He just asked that question. And just like they did right and that's also a game changer insurance as he did.

Yeah, because it unfortunately. So often we in church begin to look at things as authority bitter clearing right we, we, as a result of why are we doing this and how does this in and God puts by the way authority church is wonderful. Our leaders are pastors or elders or deacons. God puts these leaders in that position absent, but they have a high standard know James Teresa's domain ABB peach teachers right they have a really high standard and it is in the book of actually that after Luke because they are too.

They are beholden to the authority of God, and that's really you know comes down to some some pretty serious stuff. So now I love this much graduate I really did.

These are awesome. Why am I love Western public cycles to why did the Lord employ these questions, especially in the face of unbelief. Very good. So these these questions were aimed at somebody's heart someone's heart. So show here what they say they say tells by what authority do these things are who gave his authority. Now what they asked Jesus was not disrespectful.

They disrespected price.

They blasphemed him, but what the writing was not disrespectful because anytime someone would come and speak.

Even Paul when he was defending himself. He said I am under Gamaliel they want to know what house what tribe it's very true in the eastern thought it's either it is you that you even didn't like martial arts when you go to a certain go show you say my dojo is such and such and from the Korean art and in you got a name some names of people are taught you taught them. Suddenly you have Fred suddenly like okay we understand that now it's not in our discipline, but we understand that this course we know Jesus came from God. He's the only begotten of the father, you know, he says if you seen the father you see me which is the greatest authority which also really mess them up. So Jesus turns around and asked them I will also ask you one thing and answer me the baptism of John. Was it from heaven or was it from men. So why does he invoke the baptism of John, and what kind of rumbling and what kind of real feathers usually ruffle this question. Have a wonderful thing is impressed with the beautiful questions that was really just takes my breath away.

The question itself is to phenomenal because what happened obviously is they come to him asking what college he went to yeah pretty much kept it and he answers them with a question that puts them on the real set is a might drop right if it's like here. Let's ask the real question here is exactly right and and let's get real. And what happens next is real and Jesus Christ is driving the ship and will probe deeper into that next time right here on experience.

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