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A Praying Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 27, 2021 1:00 am

A Praying Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 27, 2021 1:00 am

Have you prayed today? How is your prayer life? Most people say they don't pray enough and feel bad about it... Stu talks to Bob Allums, director of A Praying Life Seminars from seeJesus Ministries, to get to the root of this issue and find out how we can develop stronger prayer lives!

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Hi this Voyager man talk radio podcast. Our mission to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is good Truth Network so have you prayed yet today. How is your prayer life. You pray enough. Most people overwhelmingly when asked the question you pray enough.

Bob wanted a say no and I feel badly about it. Most people feel mentally badly that they feel guilty or even ashamed by saying that we mean the idea that there's something wrong with me that isn't wrong with everybody else at the same time. So one of the first things we do is establish a no prayers far. It's awkward. It's difficult and nobody feels like a great at it.

And so if you could if you start there. Now we can begin to get somewhere so it's not a shame-based or guilty based religion on a prayer will guess what you're good.

Please right now guy sit with me for 19 years as the leading seminars.

I know you been praying longer now, Bob. He's been leading seminars for 19 years. Based on this book of praying wife, and the sooner you get right in the prayer. Don't you mean you're going into the gang. This is the engine of the Christian life like this is the supernatural warfare part right here prayer Jesus's disciples came up to him and didn't say just to preach just to perform miracles arguing standdown these religious people know they say Lord, teach us to pray. Why is this so important about stepping back, mainly because you and I were never designed to live life alone. We were prayer was to be the center of how we interact with everything. How we respond to the word how we face life and so what happens though is because we try to pray it goes badly feel badly about it.

Most Christians to stop praying they just come to give into a sense of defeat about it, and the result is when you stop praying now you're living like an orphan. You're not an orphan but you live like an orphan and that's why it's your life loses its sense of adventure, it loses its joy its energy to get up.

We were the key is to the whole thing. According to Jesus is it's learning how to be a child of your father okay so it's a relationship and in that sense it's not a discipline, even though there's an element of discipline to it.

But if I were to come up on here and say prayer is a discipline, you would immediately put it in the category of flossing or exercising just loses something, but it really is designed to be this constant oneness, the sense of dependence that a child has toward their father is great what what role does faith play. Now I gotta step backward in prayer. Got Bob wearisome amazing man and God.

He's with a ministry called see now what's brought us together is uncanny but providentially prayed over series of circumstances that is brought you to Salt Lake city, Utah. I am doing my shot never done a show from right in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah and Russ East is is our our partner in crime out here this guy is amazing Christian radio manner guys of the ministry called UPS Utah partners is Christ throughout your reach invokes the good news the gospel Russ Entre Tony more about Bob and why this prayer thing support why he's the keynote speaker at your big banquet tonight but telephone where we are. This is fascinating.

A wide significant that we talk about spiritual warfare in the middle of the place were sitting.

Rhino will where were located right now is a place that the the Mormon church calls Temple Square. Now we know it's not the true temple in all in and effect that we know that that the work our bodies are the temple in all of the Holy Spirit and everything and though the temple veil is torn in half when Jesus died on the cross for us.

But let that's where we are here so we can try to show the grace and truth of Christ with people here may be a disbursement family be taken mission teams here onto this place and we spent a lot of time just sharing the gospel with people here and so I just felt like we needed to have Bob come out to talk about prayer. And as we go forward in this mission field we needed to be reminded of what God's word says about prayer and how we get our minds transformed on this topic.

If we don't that were to be really hurting people here so Bob your Russ's heart and this is really the heart of the soul ministry your what your passion for bringing bringing prayer waiting until everyone tonight what what is that what is the meteorite. Seems like we can't get enough of what you're talking about, you know it's really interesting.

The get my wife and I are our children are grown and gone somewhere in an empty nest and I do ministry during the day and she's a nurse during the day.

So when we come home at the end of the day and we are kind of piddling around the kitchen finding something the and reconnecting from the day. Invariably she asks me the same question every night and is simply this, honey, did you hear from any of the kids today and if I say no that our kids are grown there busy. They have their families okay if I say no. There is a silent pause, if you will assist client in the kitchen.

But if I say yes I heard from Emily or I heard from not she wants to know every detail of what was said and how it was said now she did not create that entrance.

The interest you have in your children or your grandchildren is not something you invented that was given you at creation right so it's the reason you you don't go to the school play in your town because you like kids, why does somebody go to school play.

You go to see your hey there all cute gay but that one is mine okay your father put that in your heavenly father put that in the that tells us something about his heart. So even though we struggle with prayer, even though were bad at it. We feel awkward.

We feel guilty about it. Our father actually loves it is deeply interested in us coming and doing life with him at the center so that's my heart and passion. I just got until people look, I know you feel badly about this, but your father loves it when you come on people into relationship with the father through the son Jesus. He shed his blood on the cross will find one crossposted and 80s Mormon temples anywhere they don't believe they downplay the cross. That's where Jesus finishes atoning work and answer Jesus open the veil for us to access the father.

He's our great high priest razor mediator in your you're simply sure a lot of good news not put you under guilt but bringing them into this beautiful opportunity what your close encounter oneness. Another you know you really can do all of life through prayer is how you were created to do life and so this would invite everyone to start praying just simple childlike prayers and get a specific as you can ask, ask, and then what what we do in our seminars is we teach that when you begin to pray about something or for someone you actually enter a prayer story between you, your father and the person you're praying for, or the matter that you're praying about and what you do as you pray, and then you watch for how the story develops. And that's where the fun.

It is a huge connection emissions as you guys you just back from Macedonia. You travel the world.

Sure Jesus in your praying for Christ to bring people to him, exactly, exactly.

A lot of people don't even realize prayer is evangelism. Oftentimes these prayer stories end up in evangelism and people coming to Christ, so it's really too bad in our day and time. We put way too much emphasis on the preacher, the teacher you know the guy up front so keen there so important, but they weren't designed to be the center of our lives are father designed this for him to be the center of our lives. All these everyone from the pastor teacher to everyone involved in the church ministry. Innovators are all pointing us to God there'll connecting us to him. When you connect with him in his presence is fullness of joy right. That's exactly right website again for one final more from Bob about you, your ministry brother Miller's book a praying life was that website. Yes it see and that's see you SCE like you're looking at Jesus and the this ministry under that umbrella is simply called a praying life and it's based on a best-selling book by Paul Miller come out and speak to folks about prayer and you come out to church to seminars encourage folks intercession phrase Thanksgiving all the aspects of connecting with her father not enrolled in some road regulatory bland exercise, but in the real passion and as God created some right we do an interactive seminar, usually on a Friday night, Saturday morning because it's more fun to discover it together rather than hear a guy lecture I would want to come here me lecture on prayer. I'm enjoying hear you on the show. Thank you. Visiting with us here on this on this interview, God luscious or thanks for having these two this is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned. The talked about the horrors of abortion.

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