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Experience TRUTH - #17

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 24, 2021 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #17

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 24, 2021 1:00 am

What happens when God comes to church? Stu and Robby find out as they take a deep dive into Luke 19: 45-48.

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The cuticle of the Russian nightmare know the devil's nightmare here from it's time to man up challenging men step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network what happens when God comes to church will find that out this week on experienced truth of Stu Epperson.

So glad you're here were working our way through the book of Luke. This is the Scripture were, but we been going through in a weekly men's group that Eileen called Wednesday in a word, it's actually of all seven dairy locations and dairy was a restaurant mortal and amazing a food chain owned by believers.

It did allow a bunch of men to invade every Wednesday morning. If he was breakfasting your invite.

If you ever North Carolina near Daria Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock we get the word together were going to Luke and bunch of guys different guys besides myself leave these grooved as I can be in all those places it wants. This week we are in Luke chapter 20 I'm sorry. Luke chapter 19 and will focus in on verses 45 through 48, and with me is one of my mentors manna God talkshow host. He does it all. Jesus produces he speaks, he leads. He prays he preaches he's got is about to write a book which were excited about the Robbie Tellis read this passage with us and think by wavering on with us today arrived, this one is Jesus cleanses the Temple in Luke 45 is where will begin at the end of the chapter then he went into the temple, and he began to drive out those who bought and sold in it, saying to them, it is written, my house is a house of prayer, but you've made it a den of thieves and he was deep teaching daily in the temple but the chief priests and scribes, and the leaders of the people sought to destroy him and unable to do anything for all the people were very attentive to hearing well, let's pick this up right here Robbie this question, we can left off with last week and must plumb deeper and that what led Jesus to such a radical cleansing of the temple. Well, so he did this earlier in his ministry.

We have this range of emotions is hosanna walking as he comes in the city. We have the, the, just the hate and bitterness of the Pharisees who say teacher, rebuke your disciples. We have the weeping of Jesus when he looks over the city and he pronounces this horrible prophecy of the city's going to be destroyed. They missed their visitation they missed the very one that they were therefore the very one that came to deliver and so then he goes into their place of worship, and he finds it so far so far away from its purpose, he finds so many things going on what we find it in. He's is it he's indignant. He's angry. It's a holy anger. This is not the feminine, meek and mild manner. Jesus that so many have portrayed him as that have a feminized them into and by the way Robbie just to clarify, not all temple trade was bad.

We look at our text it says big bases as he began to drive out those who bought and sold in it. So he's driving people out who were buying and selling. Not all buying selling temples bad per se.

People have come great distances to sacrifice for Passover attempted they gotta have something to sacrifice. And if you say came from Ethiopia or came from Libya Tripoli like Simon who will meet later in Luke, who comes from Eunice Irene you come maybe 100 miles.

You may not be able to glean animals for your whole family and your whole contingent with you that far, so there is theirs. It's good but it's bad when you have listened to this moneychangers, so you've got your currency from Africa will little except that currency here so they would charge to two major points of abuse on these pilgrims coming from afar. Thousands of pilgrims one is they would charge excessive exchange rates as high as 10 times what it would cost for someone just to buy a no Robbie or not you're thinking this is like you know popcorn in the movies administered with ups and I die I do about my.1 dollar microwave popcorn taste just as good and is not to be $20 right would take advantage of worshipers. Only the Jewish currency work so they exploit these people on the tens of thousands of people coming from abroad number two animal sales so the same extortionist would add personally added extra biblical requirements on the animals beyond just the Exodus 12 you know of male lamb without blemish, firstborn lamb, besting a nothing broken and all that stuff you know they would add all kinds requirements on top of that is a set of his racket and so they required pilgrims to pay many many times the words of the Lamb or the ox or the jobs are to reduction of those were poor people would buy turnabout is the case of Jesus family, Mina, Mary, Joseph didn't have a lot of monies they were sacrificing my steps so this is all happening where in the house of God in this court of the Gentiles, less wise after waterlogging's Gentile proselytes again.

So what is it say to people coming who were trying to bring into the faith worst shaken them down before he would get him for the days were hose and a very pretty thing get so this is a multi-acre area outside the temple.

This was meant to be an area of witness and outreach. Yet it was a staging area for these these so-called people of God to be merchandisers and to be literally trading on God's goodness, and in ripping people off. So Jesus said these words. My house is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves. Literally, a den of of brigands and Robbie. This is the height of really blasphemy in here.

Jesus Christ is confronted with it in his heart is breaking and he is angry. He's driving out turntables of what about that while that the Jewish concept of of son ship's house builder will bend, which means bathhouse and then and none which would mean builder so note the whole idea is that God would have a place that he would be able to fellowship with his people and and and and here is right and and these people are consumed with things, whatever they are. They're not simply putting their attention on their moment again. Here he is, he's arrived to his house and he said house builder. He's the guy and these people are more concerned about their wallets thing a learning outlook.

You know what an opportunity they have bit in and it really is. Can you imagine you actually had offered to have Jesus in your Darius right there at and and and he's, you know they don't recognize last our group a minute, Darius was in a word I said hey what if Jesus showed of your church. What happened in the blood subset is it we would know he was and a bunch of you would he fit right in. Woody Woody join in the worship which he would he be the star of the show is he. This is essential when your pastor preaches does Jesus ever come up does it begin with him and focus on him and end with him. Our people is Jesus glorified his. He made much of his is the beauty of the essence of who Jesus Christ is central to your pastor's preaching in Christ word or is it all about the shtick in the entertainment and let's let's dumb down the doctrine so we can look at this writer read this question is County homes in the heart of it, how could the temple/church become so corrupt and such a big business instead of a light to the Gentiles, so they were to be a light to the Gentiles. A city set on a hill or was as will Reagan said that already was quote the Bible for Pete's sake. When you start on American how America such a bright light and yes America sent a ton of missionaries. And yes, America has been a rule of source of good for our world but this is Jerusalem. This is the city of God. This is the king of peace, Jesus Christ the Lord of lords. The prophesied one, the Messiah, he is here.

The Lord is in his holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before him. But the temples not silent you got that the sound of animals you got a sound of money being exchanged.

You got people being ripped off will be in hose down your leg, and a sacrifice to the living God. Unless you pay the man less you pay the toll horrible stuff happening in the name of God. Robbie maybe there's a lesson to our modern culture, but admits that from my standpoint, who Satan is really behind so much of this and what is got Jesus so angry is he is robbed. I mean all the people because our battle is against flesh and blood and end Jesus is actually trying to get these people's attention so that they will in fact repent, because the times are times are common and and so this is and then act it still an act of love. But the battle is actually against the different enemy than you may think it's not different. It's not the money changers that he is actually taken on if the real thief is a great wrestle not against flesh and blood brothers of these key questions your Robbie with so what would happen if Jesus showed up at your insured.

What areas of light, life may need cleaning out by Jesus in what was the day of visitation in your life when he became your everything is a sweet question that I will will is that moment where you are confronted with the reality of heaven and hell that is not this life is not about the money and the materials in the name and the fame in the game. And all this other stuff that there is a there's an emptiness in me that none of that stuff can fix, so most unhappy people on this planet are people with the highest net worth. The most successful guys that are retired that have made all their money in pro sports.

They're all getting high all the time why because her empty there.

Try to get back to where they were.

You try to get to where you want to go returning back to where we were, but in all of this even in religion. Even the name of people in this temple that are supposed to have the answers distance to this was that it figured out and imagine all the will going to the temple from all over the world as 2 to 3 million people would invade Jerusalem.

Each Passover feast pilgrims from all the world, seeking to worship their God, and yet it's about everything else but Jesus Christ in that set him off, but there's also an invitation here in invitation.

This painful Robbie and my willing to let the living Lord in to my mess to my pain to my my willing to let him turn over the tables of the merchandising in the bargaining and the deceit and the pain the wounds. The father wounds that you talk about on your program in action journey and I want to let the living Lord, and to cleanse the temple of my heart because when you do everything changes right that's beautiful absolutely so if our worship is not centered on Jesus and attractive to Jesus. It will never attract others to Jesus. So when he becomes the essence of why I live why I breeze. The essence of my worship when he is a dominant theme at your place of worship and in your life, your body is a temple for string is six 1920 when he becomes the essence.

Guess what can happen. There's something beautiful that actually attracts others as God made us to know him.

So how am I connecting him the solution connect with him, let him in.

Now to be some painful visiting some tables need to turn over right and go to a church that lips of Jesus in everything they do.

The preaches the word of God and takes you through the word and ultimately points people to the living Lord, the only one who has a solution to any of our problems is Jesus Christ to conquer death and he's coming again. They missed him. Don't miss him because he is coming back. Not to bring peace but to bring judgment. Are you ready for the return of the King. Do you know him seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near Rob. They should be in on think you're overjoyed for experience truth were out with that study and read God's word sure these truths name was someone tonight before your head hits the pillow. This is the word of God. It is rich. It is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword and in the word of God we have the living word of God. Jesus Christ don't just have a relationship with the Bible a book have a relationship with its author, God himself is revealed is to this is the Truth Network

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