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How Important Is God's Word in Education?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 15, 2021 1:00 am

How Important Is God's Word in Education?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 15, 2021 1:00 am

Stu chats with Dr. Sam Horn, President of the Master's University and Seminary in California, about the value of God's Word in education.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. How important is God's word in education. What about going to college when I going to seminary. Well, I just have me sit right next to a man of God is actually been a mentor to me for years and now he is the president of the Masters college and seminary. Dr. Sanborn, Dr. Horn is really good. CME welfare is awesome to see you and I have many memories of our auto several decades.

Friendship. I remember going over to McDonald's memorizing the book of James together and Bible studies, we did together and so it's just it said it's a delight to see you again well.

One neat thing just a Sanborn story I heard you early on some mutual friends of ours started up a catalytic outreach Bible study and you just taught the word is like wow just a very decent orbiter you've always had talk about your journey little bit to your present of very you know awesome placing the master seminary the Masters college equipping you know people in the word of God. Here young people the next generation of Bible teachers and in service. But what killed what will you what awoke in a way can you know your conditioning a quick language or what look you up to that to the Scriptures. Well it I just saw the power of the word of God my own life and then as you referenced. I saw the power of the word not just my own personal life aside in my marriage I saw it in the context of the classroom teaching the word of God just opening up the Bible and endeavoring to cut the Bible straight to be a workman that is, as Paul said doesn't need to be ashamed, because there rightly handling the word of God that became a passion for me and I see the word of God change people and then, even as you reference the story those Bible studies just unleashing the word of God in the story of the gospel into the heart like the people who had never heard of before. Over the last 20 years of seeing scores of people that have come to know the Lord.

Because of that word. So the word of God is always been a very big touchstone for me in terms of ministry and out of that have become the five major driving theological sort of pillars of my life with the first being the authority and the sufficiency of Scripture because of its inherent semi we everything we do rises up out of that you asked about why I think a Christian university in Christian higher Ed is important. Christian degree from hiring station important is because of that is not just tacking the Bible on a chapel or tacking a few Bible classes it's it's the imbibing of a scriptural worldview that rises up out of the conviction that God gave us an inerrant authoritative and sufficient word and out of that comes the conclusion that Jesus Christ must be supreme over every RV like you not out of the Masters University and seminary and Grace Church John MacArthur would talk about it in terms of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of your life. Well, the way I imbibed that coming out God's word was the supremacy of Christ in all things and then the centrality of the church.

I've said many times as I've assumed the role of the president Masters University when the greatest desires I have is that we would not just graduate great lawyers and great doctors and great nurses in great business people and great accountants and great engineers, but that we would graduate and help form up great church members who would be equipped to do the work of the ministry so the centrality of the church.

The edifying and equipping of the believer. For the work of the ministry and then all of that coming together for the evangelism and discipling of the nations and and really all that comes out of that single idea that the word of God is what sources that what energizes that a what shapes that you mentioned the name John MacArthur. Now when you hear that name it.

So it's a like a lot of lightning rod. Some folks at dollars I guided the unity of their upset items of post lovingly but but what it would talk on the legacy of John MacArthur and what is it about what's it like working with him is you know your that you're the president of the college and seminary at the Masters University master seminary, and he I guess is like the emeritus date was the role in the was like working with John MacArthur.

Well, you know, I have the wonderful privilege and hearing and inheriting a ministry that is been shaped and formed in every way by the philosophy of ministry that came out of the ministry that God entrusted to John MacArthur and it has been awesome coming into that role to see the theological unity. The doctrinal integrity of all of the ministries that sit under University in the seminary.

It's just been an amazing thing and I've begun to realize again is that a been there now for almost 6 months that all of that did not come out of a personality. It came out of the philosophy that deeply deeply rose up in the heart. Ministry of a man that gave himself to one thing and that was to be accurate and understanding and exposition of Scripture. Everything comes out of that. I I had heard John MacArthur preach. Obviously, over many many years and I've read much of what is written we standout the study Bible at the church I pastor to every new believer, but I've had the unusual privilege not just of coming to work alongside John in the role that he at one time occupied.

He's my pastor and so I have gotten to experience something about John that I would never have had the privilege of enjoying that is his role as my pastor. He has pastored my family is pastored. My wife, my daughter, myself, and he's an incredible pastor and to see what God is doing in his ministry right now is he is he boldly and courageously stands for what he believes and for the essential nature of the church and following what the Scripture has commanded us to do as we gather together it it's it's incredible thing to watch a man at this stage in his life being is committed to obey the Scriptures as is any student would be an end and that that he is taught over the years. It's humbling and it's and it's actually very convicting is the voice of Dr. Sam Horn, the president of the Masters college in the master seminary out in sunny Southern California. Stu Epperson was a true thought Dr. Warren a lot of colleges out there while colleges really interested in the young people listening or the parents of young people. The grandparents they want.

They want kids to come there. Why should a kid go to and you're not the only Christian college or communal work or biblically sound seminary, but you Kaiser a good one and have a great reputation. Why should young person is listening or parent or grandparent listening. Why should they consider coming going to a school like the Masters cause master summary or or they will you call a big C Christian school liquid crystal in just Christian in name only, but truly teaches the word why is that why should that be in the cards as they make that very important decision about college or about seminary. Still, I can't thank you enough for that question and I appreciate the fact that you recognize something I would want to make sure everybody knows that two things number one not every Christian college is Christian in the same way but number two I'm so thankful that there are, as you said big C Christian colleges that are deeply committed to the word of God and I'm excited about that because I think as we go forward in the culture and in the world that we are called to be salt and light in that big C is going to be so important. It isn't enough. Now just to get a good degree in engineering and a good degree and not in English or or whatever vocation act.

I've told people many times as a pastor. The biggest problem at the state University is not the drugs or the alcohol or even the immorality. It's what you learn in English class. It's what you hear in history classes which are taught in chemistry class is the philosophy of life that is imbued in all of those disciplines and what makes schools like the Masters University different is not just that we teach all of those disciplines and then we have Chapel and a Bible class or two.

It's the biblical worldview that is woven into every aspect of the student experience in the academic curriculum so that you come out, not just a great accounted you come out as a strong Christian account, which is what I said earlier on I'm most excited about the fact that the Masters University is training great church members. My son and all of maybe close with the story.

I dropped them off at a Christian University and four years later I was in his room needing to use a book that he had eligible some of his books off the shelf and I opened up the books and I saw all the notes in the margins that he had written and I just sat there and was overwhelmed by the fact that God had been at work in his life and all I could do was wonder in my head. I wonder if I would have been reading this if I dropped them off the state University in the state where we lived, and that he'd originally thought about going to. I got a Christian young man who's married to a Christian young lady and I have a pretty good chance of having Christian grandkids you know that's not true for everybody you and you can take a Christian young person and put them in a state University and the chances are very high that you'll have pagan grandkids while about that Dr. Sam Horn.

The president Masters college. The master how can our listeners pray for you.

Pray for all the Christian professors in a Christian seminary Christian college leaders and ministers that we pray for John MacArthur real quick is everyone's listing and phone for you after pray for courage.

Pray for strength. Pray for wisdom and pray that the word of God would speedily go forth and be received for what it truly is the word of God and not the word of man and pray that God would be merciful and gracious to us and allow us to continue to be able to minister and do the mission that he's called us to do, and with regard to John pray the same things pray the God given physical strength that God give him continue to give them boldness and wisdom and and that God would encourage God's people to pray for him and to stand with him.

He is the president of the Masters college and seminary.

Dr. Sam how can our listeners pray for you to pray for all the Christian professors in a Christian seminary Christian college leaders administrators. We pray for John MacArthur real quick is everyone's listing and pulling for you after pray for courage. Even critics of John MacArthur are are are come alongside praising him for his courage, standing up on the word of God and he gives all glory to God in so is it's really hard to argue that it's nice to see in a culture everyone kinda flown in the wind.

Someone stand up and have a little bit of a backbone instead ordered Steve. That's the point being, whatever you may think when you see someone who spent his life executing the word of God is 81 years old, doing what he's doing. It's an amazing thing and it's deeply convicting, and that's what a whole bunch of guys out to be doing and I just hope that 10 years from now when we've given away all of our freedoms and we've lost the opportunities that potentially could be lost that we won't look back and regret more of us not doing what God is encouraging us to do. Through the example of John MacArthur.

We need to take a bold stand. We need to do it wisely or not. All can have same applications as to how it's done, but the same courage in the same willingness to stand no matter what the cost is what I look at when I see my pastor and I'm so thankful that my family's under his men's website for the Masters college master cylinders are what general website functionality finds a Google either one of the guy we just say Google the master seminary and the Masters University TM and we'd love to hear from you. All right there you go Dr. Sam Horn, president Masters college president, master seminary and will encourage everyone to seriously consider this type of of of destination for your young person where they'll be equipped to rightly divide the word of just as your alma mater.

So I am now very dreary, very proud of you brother and you're saying that a kid can go there in actually get excellence in all these areas of music and drama Atlanta analytics differently as we offer there and we have had unbelievable graduates that have gone really to the top of their careers in almost every making of this Christian colleges have gotten a bad rap maybe unfairly that all will the academic will they can sure talk about Jesus. There were the academics are subpar but not so there and there's salt.

There's that that the game is the bars and race has a lot of these Christian schools, better academics and solid equipping you don't have a strong academic program you're not immune to get the table so that's gotta be at the foundation you have to have rigorous academics and good outcomes and that but if that's all you have that you haven't really accomplished the mission of being a Christian University that is distinctly thoroughly Christian in its biblical worldview and that's really I think what's at the heart of school like the Masters University in the master seminary at the University. The Bible isn't just something we tacked on.

Like maybe would do you pray the beginning of class and pray the underclass and then there's there's really history is not Bible so and again there's there. It is not so much that your teaching the Bible through history but but there is this biblical worldview that imbues every part of the academic program and the student experience so that somebody comes out the other end completely convinced in every area of life that the Scripture is authoritative and it is sufficient for all of life. So there's one more devils advocate shot at you here quick touch a hot potato question. It will be as tough as the one I gave years ago in English quickly left. That's another memory another day. But the people say well it's just, you know you're in such a bubble you know the Christian school Christian education that we have put our kids in all the secular schools so they can go out and let their light shine. Oh how he responded that amine and in going back to you know, this is preparation for maybe 40 years in the real world, but had responded that that bubble attack that you're just your unit inculcating you know your kids and it is this Christian greenhouse and in the nose. That really is not the real deal. So you asked me to question him to give your really straight answer and I realize this is a lightning bolt answer. Please understand my heartedness but but since the 60s higher Ed in this country has not been Christian in any stretch of the imagination, and many of the people who teach in higher Ed have as their agenda. The destruction of the faith of your children and so when you take your children and you put them in that environment and you do it because it's cheaper, it's more prestigious. It's good, it's the pathway to a better and that's primarily what's driving you. You put the entire faith of that child at risk. Thankfully, God preserves and there are many young people who've gone the state university and they found a good Bible study are they betting the good church and God is rescued them. But the idea that you know it's really not that bad. We can just do that is you want to know the outcome of 4050 years of that look at the stated church today. The evangelical church has lost its backbone. Think about what is going on in evangelical Christendom with things like transgender is and homosexuality and LGBT Q and all of those things and ask yourself how did the church become filled with people who are embracing those ideas and the answer is the secularization of the young people and where did that happen and happen primarily through the educational system and at some point it happen primarily through the educational system of higher Ed where they went to college. That's a very direct answer, and please understand I'm not I'm not making a generalization, but the whole idea that I can just send my young person off to whatever school and in the Christian universities live in this little bubble. How is that produced for the church. It's produced very weak Christians who have been willing to stand for things and also know if I can be doing anything I'm doing right now is truth talking to Christian radio and in fact if I had been equipped at the Masters University, and in so many that that I talked to their grid and met my wife there and all that in the course that God can can take anyone anywhere and do anything but but it's it's nice to have the option is nice to have the choice of who are looking what I do, just go find out. Maybe take a tour of virtual tours at the best way of doing it about 10 just get on our website come out to California.

Love to talk with you lot are at any one of our team would be delighted to give you a tour. We'd love to see a whole lot of people from the East Coast landed the Masters University. I tell people all the time it's four hours from here.

If you get on a plane four hours later to land in LA you got no traffic to buy to fight on the way there. You know what unites us a great way to get there, were tucked away in a little community called Santa Clarita one of the top cities and the best best cities to live in intonation when a little canyon on about 67 acres of land is beautiful and it's safe and we'd love to see you young person. There, this is the Truth Network

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