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Who Is Charlie Kirk?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 1, 2021 1:00 am

Who Is Charlie Kirk?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 1, 2021 1:00 am

Stu is with 27-year-old influencer Charlie Kirk, whose young age hasn't stopped him from amassing a huge social media following that has brought great financial success. But you know who Charlie puts first? JESUS!! What a great listen. Care & share it, too.

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This is Hans Schild from the finishing well podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money.

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Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network. He's young, he's influential and he is one of the most listened to him sought after influencers of our day. He is Charlie Kurt that's it right next to me set up is getting better hope why I don't know that Warren Evans warranted that sublessee think it certainly needs toys to play basketball is you don't always know the answer is that the tall guys we conduct III used to feel the dung not consistently looking back I can do a whole podcast on what I would've done differently basketball eyes. My biggest problem is my diet.

I after high school I was able to play way better umpire she with higher efficiency and I totally thought I was eating incorrectly in high school way too much carbon is much talk as others and I went to just needs and Marines and I was able to dunk off literally underneath the neck of the 2 feet to answer one 10 foot ramp, but when I was in high school I never saw anyone I've a lot of advice for high school basketball players that are not as athletically inclined in one of the biggest is happy correctly and you have to your sleep and the other part of it is we are on seven days a week, which is not got you and in high school basketball rest just needs to happen. Anyway, I'm happy to ask about well I will you know it's it's my is my favorite sport and your God didn't invent the God did create the world and it is the ones forward. Truly a global no. Is that the shape of what you know so you gotta go there but that will have to get you better. You talk about a couple injuries that were plaguing you and will get you back on court something again so Charlie to talk is a show and you gotta awesome show podcast. A lot of folks know about you, and were at the Fulkerson. This is part of your invention and you get together with these guys here at liberty University to get these next mind thinking tells the passion, the Fulkerson how describing look. It's been an incredible endeavor and credits Orion's liberty University for believing in it which is so we have the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Western civilization in America how they all blend together do that we don't explain that at all to Americans and we will explain it to Christians and one of the reasons why I thought this was a very important never and again I don't take credit for that is happened to be at the ground phase of this God's work amazing team is about a year and 1/2 ago I started to see this woke theology really start before BLM Inc. for any of it and I found agreement with Ryan and Scott and they said yeah this is a real problem is what we doing about it. When the Christian spaces out vocally articulating that critical race theory is anti-biblical and all these ideas are not Robin D'Angelo and Nicole Hannah Jones of his people been around for years I've been metaphorically fighting them for quite some time is actually was the inspiration the Falkirk center and it's it's just beginning incredible work. This is a face on it. Ryan, your team, here's amazing. Scott, you guys are amazing team here but Charlie just to get right to it. Christians in voting Christians in politics mean there's people look there if you listen to truth. Talk Emily was a hasty. We want to hear you interview you know you a missionary and we had phenomenal interviews of people we had great testimonies and great authors with like what you doing talk about politics, but Charlie would say never to say that the that this was where Christians should lead in, but there's so much hate and vitriol.

What you say. That person says God is nothing to it.

Politics Christians should be involved at all. Leave that is a door it's it's not it's outrageous statement is a phenomenal book I'm reading called the book that built your world by the Sholem on the dolly. I never can pronounce his last name is a phenomenal guy and he he he looks at the Western and Eastern interpretations. We grew up in India and he says it is normal in India walked through the Calcutta, Hyderabad, walkover people on the side of the street is not built into the Indian ethos the Buddhist ethos, the Hindu ethos of the Islamic East Coast. Now it is not more or less but it's not into the ethos. There to actually have such high concern societal or civilizational. We live in this very sophisticated Western civilization and ask ask anyone your listeners if you saw some of the Salyer Street, would you do something about it and say yes why is Jesus Christ change the moral paradigm of the good Samaritan story was more than a story. It was a challenge.

I called action and you're not with billable civilization around the supports we get this plan, you homeless people.

We do something about is an active participant try to solve the last what is civilization it's it's an action of what you believe moral leaders.

Only one moral giver, moral relativism or moral subjectivities were the most dangerous experiments a human being can indulge in the people that want to get involved in politics.

I think I said what you talking about doing involved civilization or not. Most of the world. The exception is America and the West and the rule is tyranny, debauchery, hedonism and moral relativism while so you just set up a whole lot just unpacked about their 3000 years were tells about your faith in Christ.

How did you come to faith in Jesus Christ and this idea of being born again. Again, it's a counterintuitive thing where Jesus said you must be born again in John three tells about that for Charlie Kirk doesn't have conversation with Nicodemus. One of the most important passages in the entire Bible out of the book of John until all new believers through the polkadots. I was saved when I was in fifth grade I said the words, I don't really understand what it meant so I guess that's right began that that was not the ending. That's where I think Christians get things wrong as they think I finally got my didn't have an free card, not just the very beginning and so look every year it means more to me and were all sinners and I fall short and plain mistakes in my life.

Everyone has, but I think what has been the most incredible experience for me is realizing how insufficient we are, and what that grace actually means that you got and so means more to me now. I'm 26 and when I was 24 when I was 22 when I was 20. I think that Christians need to talk more about how it truly is a faith journey.

How it is a walk and there's going to be difficulties and trials and tribulations and temptations and all sins are very real right and so on. Yes the most important thing in my life to me and it's something that I I am trying to get more more and more equipped to articulate because I might Scott come for the political will, talking in the Christian like to the Christian world which is totally different. Usually people the Christian will taught political help. Even Huckabee didn't start in the political he was a pastor yet and so but that's I think a different approach because I'm also able to tell the Christian world why my fighting along with some of the stuff right to understand the critical race theory to woke consists of religion growing very scary and you going To Huckabee's book new three season talks about that these goals Harvard, Yale, they were bastions of Christianity doing people to face teaching Greek and Hebrew teacher by week required Bible study required prayer and now that we would have you to come speak hardly any ointment right but your message to young people in terms of thinking through a paradigm that is really theocentric. You know that what we know in terms of faith in God but why conservatism, why should young people jumped on the liberal trail in the end. And why should they go that direction. What what your big thing that all mean there's a couple things again. This is longer than you might have time for, but if there's something that came before you ask yourself why is it there and that that's something we don't do it all the young one fact we say everything before is a mistake on the tell you these new thinkers that want to destroy the melt. Mind you, what I just said some people say will Charlie is really bad example that defends all the awful institutions, defending slavery not often evils and unspeakable sin. But marriage and the family predated American. Why is that important or not. And so this is something that we as conservatives have to really take very seriously from the first real modern conservative who is Edmund Burke said don't revolutionize everything.

Very careful to, in essence, it is not just decision you should speak out against it.

But if you're going to destroy everything.

Be very careful because he might not have a good replacement might be worse than what you're living through what is conservatism actually mean it's understanding the good, preserving the good communicating the good and protecting the good and what is the good we know what is and then for any know and I atheist friends I interface of atheist they say well it's you can find the good in science.

Sam Harris made a very let's say a good old college try to define the moral landscape you can't you cannot find the good in sign can't. If you indulge in nothing but secular Darwinism. There is no defense. For example, protect the blind, deaf, or the disadvantage of the mental handicap. You cannot make a social Darwinist argument to defend those people. That's why the first academies for the blind and the deaf are all started by Christians. They were cast aside as prostitutes in the Greek and Roman empire there used as sex slaves in the Mesopotamian Empire in Egyptian Empire Dutchess example of blind and deaf write that story of Helen Keller's on that resonates very deeply about Samaritans right. Why was Helen Keller looked after, as a human being that has dignity. The Christian ethic. That's the good we take that for granted in the West.

Charlie Kirk is spoken out. You are now on radio you while you were there some things out okay so it's coming and you're about to speak and so we got we got coming up here on the dummy we get all the big speakers and the crowds get the crowds you love this guy, anti-big generator regular rating site which sound Charlie. I hear the ratings on my show going, even if you find out about you though many folks ever met you get any damage of any place your stuff. My daughter Gracie's and College of New York daughter Mary with all love what you're doing and in it, but because you resonate with young people like you. There's excellent chemical storage and let let me let me just affirm you in seven as a fellow believer in Christ is so encouraging her testimony whose it, but how do you find you. I guess you're on YouTube and granddaughter Charlie run turning point USAID ignited CP on YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, podcasting, pretties of my soon-to-be radio Saavedra blessing us super thank you for sale.

Okay Charlie Curtin order to get a little picture to put it on my Instagram page. I don't have quite as many followers as both knowledge of God bless you and thank you so much. This is the Truth Network

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