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Experience TRUTH - #13

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 27, 2020 1:00 am

Experience TRUTH - #13

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 27, 2020 1:00 am

Stu & Robby talk about Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, exploring Luke 19: 28-40.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network here comes the king Jesus Christ. The triumphal entry.

So glad you're here welcome to experience truth. I'm Stu Epperson and I got a special guest of his duties would be a lot during sessions, Robbie Gilmore, the Christian car guy Robbie B. Here is@it was especially today I tell you what man so this is Jesus. What I welcoming you in all of Jerusalem the holy city welcomed the King of Kings. They had no idea who he was. I believe some of them did and Robinson read the passage like we do every week and then we got some questions to work our way through as we continue our journey in the book of Luke today it's Luke 19 verses 28 through 49, when he said this, he went on ahead, going up to Jerusalem and it came to pass, when he drew near Bethphage and Bethany at the mount called Olivet, he sent two of his disciples, saying, going to the village opposite you, where as you enter your find a colt tied on which no one has ever sat loose it and bring it here and if anyone asked you why are you losing it. Thus you shall say to him, because the Lord has need of it.

So those who were sent went their way, and found it just as he had said to them, that is, even as they were loosing the colt, the owners of it said to them, why are you losing the colt, and they said the Lord is made of them than they brought them to Jesus and they threw their own clothes on the colt, and they said Jesus on and as he went. Many spread their clothes on the road. Then as he was now drawing near to the dissent of the Mount of olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works. They have seen, saying, Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord peace in heaven and glory in the highest and some of the Pharisees called to him from the crowd, teacher, rebuke your disciples, but he answered them and said to them, I tell you that if these should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out. As the word of God. What a climactic moment. Robbie asked his first question because it figures right in the context is happening in our study, it was a what brought such a large crowd leading up to Palm Sunday so what is happening here. This is a huge event. This is the Super Bowl week for all of Judaism. This is were pilgrimage pilgrims from all over the world will pilgrimage to this area. We have Luke 951 is really that the point that launches Jesus on his journey toward Jerusalem. He's come through Jericho's company's other areas. Neighboring areas we call it Palm Sunday is the launch of Passover week. It's also the first day of the Lamb selection process and we know from Exodus 12 God is very particular about these lands. Male firstborn, without blemish, no breaks, no hemorrhages, no diseases, usually from Bethlehem, usually from him.

That's right, that's where they kept him.

It's interesting that through this land started right yeah a born in Bethlehem to fulfill all those prophecies of the city of David, the city of bread. Verse 28 he's just told says he's going up to Jerusalem. He just told his profound parable about what a faithful servant looks like, which we talked about last time and he's he's talk about that now is going up to Jerusalem to perform the most faithful act of servitude and the most the greatest act of redemption that's ever happened.

This is a high point, a climactic point to Christ ministry. It kicks off the Passover it kicks off passion week. Think about all those things ago on a passion week.

This crisis can enter the city drive out a bunch of folks. He's gonna teach there set up camp is in a duel with all the Herodian's in the in the scribes and Pharisees religious rulers. The Sanhedrin are all there, you're talking about 20 miles from Jericho into it says going up because the journey to Jerusalem would be about a 4000 foot incline that is not 4000 feet straight up like you think of a mound Facebook about a 4000 foot incline over all those miles coming up from Jerusalem and through Bethpage which which of universe 29 Jo talks about he drew near to Bethphage and Bethany as a mountain called Olivet, and that's when he sent out to his disciples so Bethphage and Bethany were neighboring towns towns about 2 miles at a fairly constant fear cooked up the hill. Hey I think my ears are probably try to get regulated.

I try to get it and figure out that your debris little harder right and so but they have special Psalms that they sang like you were Hell else that they would sing this time of year as they actually ascended to the temple. It was a big deal big deal and is coming in the amount of Olivet incoming ghetto, down, up and then down into the city so crisis raised Lazarus from the dead were let happen it have any Bethany that miracle still fresh on everyone's mind merely passes through Jericho and in heals a blind beggar has always awesome things happen then we the wee little man he met in magazines his life. It could be that all these people that is so all these miracles from the resurrection of Lazarus. All these other things are are clamoring to him and there's an excitement in their but what does Jesus do you before all this fanfare and all the all the greetings and everything. What is he do he sends out to disciples really interesting that the Steeler docket, if this is kind of scary.

If you're one of the disciples does you would get hung I'm in your your horse.

The fear and you're being told to go be a horse thief, and you like now exactly why these people can let me steal their Nokia but with you know, obviously they were stealing that they are actually doing what God and plan our essentials. As I read his question here is this question in the know what you did keep going on what you're saying is your you want. You walked right into my trap for us. We see God's perfect and a prophecy in Providence at work here so so it's it's all it was interesting to it in none of the questions. Point is, but he sends out to disciples.

This is a theme know in early on Luke nine in Luke 10 he sends out the disciples basins and impairs to buy to highlight. I love having used right next me when I'm teaching to this Robbie because it's cool because I miss a lot of things and you you make sure you bring in the you add a lot of things with. There's a cool thing that I would go soul winning into this day, when I share Christ with you. I love having a younger man with me or one of my kids are my wife because while there sharing the gospel. I'm praying while I'm sure the gospel she's praying I was in New York recently. We were in the Of a really nice man Muslim man from somewhere in Africa and I have lost my voice and you know who shares the gospel with this Muslim gentleman who was very gracious and she did a masterful job and I'm dying because you this is what I love to do.

My wife, my wife Julie just shares the gospel and engineer thing of the Lord. I can't really talk I can grant I can clap and if I can pick other noises, but by voices.I can try to whisper in her ear and a robe. You know scratchy way.

But I prayed I said Lord working the skies heart and keep using her helper and he would say things like what we all go to the L1 mountain.

We all look the same way in his lungs is another way in.

My wife was a well now Jesus is the only way in. Look at you know how you deal with what he did and she is doing great but having two people here and so in and sending disciples out to share the gospel to spread the kingdom. But even to go gather the vehicle which he would ride into the city.

This great travel entry, he sends out in pairs to buy to. But you know these two guys and they're going out to find a colt and it's interesting because this colt the fit that in and out another question you asked was about the providence of God.

So it's that he sends to out in the prophecy. There's a whole lot of prophecy about him writing a colt is that it never been in a written or broken. Additionally, work is seen now we don't know the name of the cult. We don't know the name of the person you gave it to will know the name of the water jar carrier who they're gonna meet up with Jesus and more disciples out to meet up with a larger carrier to go to an unnamed room owned by an unnamed landlord there also use that person's unnamed garden and that you know it so that all of the ESA were to see a series of God's problem is working just you know through immuno prophecies fulfilled, but just in the in some the menial things, but God's work.

Robbie found some of the debt that the details we try to think Adele is an adult is not Almighty God's sovereignty is in the details right, Robbie. Nothing is by chance and just think what it meant for these two guys, many probably never ever been on. This is some they couldn't possibly forget that like man and we just think they just went and got a donkey, but it may be let go in and get the somebody's car that said heard like all electric either that I'm glad because Lord an interview what to take my car.

It should be real trouble and in the implications if something's anything goes out now. No doubt these things were swirling the minds.

These two disciples so it says he sent to his. I was referred he says too easy is instructions go into the village opposite use of the right down there in the city where as you enter you will find a colt tied to unifying the screen told exactly what her to find on which no one has set so this is a this is a bit unbroken on written cult colt loose it and bring it here there's gonna be questions and Jesus anticipates his verse 31 if anyone asked you why are you loosing Michael, are you taking my car out the horse out of the drive. Thus you shall say to him, because the Lord has need of it.

What a statement because the Lord has need of it.

I've use this to. I did one time I needed a toe for a lady in the Jesus labor left and this guy was not a Christian so hateful over the phone and he was like that and I said why should I give you this so I don't have any reason to give you a free tow.

I said I actually did us that the Lord has need of it because what will if I give you list all will you hang up and I was like yes sir I will and he gave to because II believe that this is one of the keys to the king. Not for something you need but for something that the Lord made that a subject that is most powerful statement you can say anyone everywhere. Any time you heard Robbie testify he did. He just came right out there. The Lord has needed that is that is our life, why we live, what with the floor because Lord has need of it. Why do we want anything that's that little statement solves a lot of problems. So so here you have it were to get these are things we gotta put a bow on this particular edition were to come back and get into all the clamor in the welcome and really get if you wind a further close down there some deep symbolic stuff there, but just just to wrap the sub it says you know the colt on which no one is ever set Jesus was born of a virgin who had known no man.

He was an unblemished Lamb of God, the perfect spotless Lamb of God, he was carried now by a beast that had never been written in a few days to be laid in a borrowed tomb that had never been occupied so the one who would bear our burdens would be the first burden borne by this little donkey is a local.

The colt was symbolize the dissent of a king coming in peace. So, in the ancient days when the king came on a cold discretion, unbroken unwritten cult E it's a sign of peace when he came riding in a big white horse that would be to conquer you becoming to vanquish foes and destroy and shed blood. In this case. In Revelation 20 comes a conquering king in this passage and in Luke 19 he comes as the Prince of peace, who rides a beast of peace into the city of peace Jerusalem shalom and and then he says these guys to get this colt in the statement because the Lord has need of it.

So Jesus Christ in his final week before even coming down a willing office himself on Good Friday is setting it all up in this statement, and here's a question can I say of my life.

Robbie, the Lord has need of it is that my heart is and how respond to things the Lord is there a more powerful phrase on his half sister so he armed them with that and sure enough as they were loosing the goal the owner said to them, why are you loosing the goal and they said the Lord has need of them and is fascinating that they said exactly what Jesus told him, say were to see what happens when Jesus mounts his colt and goes into the city next time will get into a more unexperienced truth. Figure being with us. This is the Truth Network

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